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The heads of almost all Buddhist traditions have supported a program to create an open Buddhist library. 
Was tasked to make public available all buddhism heritage in the volume of national libraries of Mongolia, 
Russia and India. Accessibility includes the free dissemination and translation into major languages. Together it about 1 350 000 volumes.

On first stage
In the first stage of the project created a program recognizing the Asian and the hieroglyphic text on the basis of which collected 
17,000 books and more than 2 terabytes of media materials on Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali and western languages.
To implement access is designed and implemented a project web portal www.dharmabook.ru with total attendance of about 1.2 million users per year.
The most important 1000 books of Buddhist Canon and base teachings of all traditions was make public available in Unicode as 
OCR result. In the first phase of the project received a grant Trace Foundation.

On second stage
The second step is to organize an international program of co-operation and exchange of funds of digital libraries.
Important stage of the project it is eBook publication of main Buddhist Canon texts free from errors and copyrights.
The main amount of books, more than 1 300 000 volumes, it is tibetan hand-write and xyllographic manuscripts. 
Development of OCR for this manuscripts make possible international state program of knowledge base of this manuscripts. 
Also it is need OCR about 8000 volumes of printed Tibetan and Sanskrit texts.
In Russia we started cooperation with St.Peterburg state university and entered into an first agreement about tibetan texts corpus development.
As very important part of project it is need make all this texts free from any lost of texts in publishing process and OCR errors.

List of Buddhist teachers and organizations supported the project personally.

1. His Holiness Jetsun Halka Damba Bogdo Gegen Rinpoche IX
2. His Holiness Sakya Trizin Rinpoche
3. Shadzhin Lama of Kalmykia Thelo Tulku Rinpoche
4. The head of a worldwide community of Dzogchen Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche
5. Venerable Rinpoche Garchen
6. The head of the school Amarapura Venerable Thero Mahindawansa
9. The Ministry of Culture of Tuva
10. Trace Foundation
11. Foundation of Ivan Fyodorov.
12. Tibetan Buddhist Research Center
13. Professor Robert Thurman
14. Department of Tibetology St.Peterburg State University.