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All offline dictionaries presented in StarDict format. This format is supported by software for most operating systems and mobile devices.
This program uses the StarDict format and is developing the next version of StarDict dictionary.
There are versions of the dictionary for virtually all devices.

 - You need to download the dictionary files in a single folder on your computer and unzip them.
After installation the dictionary GoldenDict you need to specify where are stored vocabulary files of your dictionary. To do this, on the Edit menu - dictionaries to add the path to the folder in which you saved dictionaries
For convenience, you can change the font size in the program by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the row of the interface buttons.
Tibetan GoldenDict

To change the search order and disable dictionaries, you can change the order of the dictionaries in the Dictionary Management window.
To open the Dictionary Management choose Edit - dictionary. To change the order, drag dictionaries the mouse to put dictionaries in order.
Tibetan GoldenDict

List of dictionaries and abbreviations of their names
DK Tibetan Dunkar Dictionary
DN Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary of Dr. Negi
DR Tibetan Medicine Dictionary
DT Translation Probability Dictionary
EP Erik Penatsang Dictionary
GRM Tibetan Grammar Dictionary
HP Jeffrey Hopkins Dictionary
IW Ive Veldo Dictionary
JW Jim Welby Dictionary
MG Melvin Goldshtein Dictionary
ML Lobsang Monlam Dictionary
MV Mahavyupatti Dictionary
RE Roerich Dictionary
SD Chandra Dass Dictionary
TD Tony Daff Dictionary
TT Great Tibetan-Tibetan Dictionary
VB Tibetan verbs dictionary 
YO Yogacharabhumi Dictionary

You can also add your own dictionaries in the program. To do this, prepare a text file in which the word and the definition are separated by tabs.
You can send us a file or make it yourself using StarDict Editor program to manufacture dictionary.
StarDict Editor you can download here:

All dictionaries in the library work in Unicode format. Because of that བསང་རྒྱས་ and not bsang rgyas. 
Unicode is a text format that is used for all current projects on the Tibetan language and also is the format of all texts in the library and dictionaries.
To use the Tibetan Unicode on your computing system in Windows 7 and higher do not need additional configuration because it already exists in the system
In MacOS, and IOS it is also already in the system. For WindowsXP, install it (see explanation at end of text)

Also, several other dictionaries in StarDict format

To do this, you need to know what Windiws you are using. For WindowsXP you can use  
Tise program for Tibetan http://tise.mokhin.org
For windows 7 and above can be installed Tibet in the control panel.

On the page of the dictionary you print or copy a piece of text in the Tibetan Unicode Devanagari in Unicode format or in IAST for Sanskrit and Pali. The result of the grammatical and lexical analysis appears in the text box at the bottom
Every Tibetan word in the text box on full response is otvoet dictionary on a single keyword.
If you need to transfer large amount of text, it can be sent to the server and work with its translation by page.
If you have any questions please contact gomde@mail.ru, will try to help 

Sarva Mangalam!