To install this software:

1) Install Word for Windows

(The program has been tested in Word '97 and should work in that and

all subsequent versions).

2) Install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You will need version 4 of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have

version 3.x on your system, un-install it first then install version 4

from the "Adobe Acrobat Reader V4" directory on the CD.

3) Install the Tibetan fonts.

Run the self-extracting, self-installing files on the CD.

4) Open the file called "Tibetan! Version 5.0 Word for Windows Manual.pdf"

with Adobe's reader. It is in the MANUAL directory.

5) Go to the chapter on installation and follow the instructions. All

files referred to in the installation instructions can be found in

the directories mentioned in the instructions.

6) Read the manual for instructions on how to type Tibetan using Tibetan!

version 5. If you have used a previous version of Tibetan! in DOS,

it is the same keyboard and works in exactly the same way.


We also have a Tibetan program that works in WordPerfect for Windows.

That program has special templates that allow the production of very

authentic pecha.