अ == and this@
अ अकरणे == in not, doing
अ कण्टकम इदम राज्यम == not, thorny «thornless,» this, kingdom
अ कम्प्यम == not, flexible
अ कर्तव्यम == not, performable - unacceptable deed
अ कर्तुः अपि == not, doing, even - even if one does not reciprocate
अ कर्दमम == not, filthy
अ कलुश अत्मानाम == un, blemished, souls
अ कामाम == not, inclined - one disinclined for lusting
अ कारणात हन्यात == without, reason, kills «killed»
अ कारणे == without, reason - to a fault
अ कार्यम इव पश्यामः == wrong, doing, we see «we deem.»
अ काश == , 'minus, leeway...' all-pervading...'
अ किम्चिनत्व == 'selflessness in the least...' This is one among the many tenets of
अ किल्बिशम == non, guilty
अ कुतः भयः == not, from anywhere, one who has fear - an unfearing one from any side, Rama
अ कुतः भयाः == not, from anyone, fearing «fearing none.»
अ कुरुते == (Ravana) is not making up
अ कुर्वन्तः अपि == not, committed, even if
अ कृत अत्मा == disobedient one
अ कृत अर्थः वा == not, achieved, his purpose, or not
अ कृत अर्थानाम == not, done «completed,» purpose - our mission is incomplete; hence
अ कृत अस्त्रः च == not, performed - unpractised, weapons, also
अ कृत अस्त्रम वा == un, trained, in weaponry, or
अ कृत अस्त्रेण == not, practised «elementary,» in use of arms
अ कृत आत्मभिः == by unconquered, selves
अ कृत आत्मानः == not, perfected, with selves - irresolute in self-confidence
अ कृत कार्यान == not, performed, deed - those who have not completed assignment
अ कृत दारः == apparently means 'not, made
अ कृत दारः च == not, made, wife -- nearly, not with a wife.
अ कृत प्रज्ञअः == not, making, discrimination - indiscriminately
अ कृत बुद्धिः च == boyish, also, not, made-up, mind «juvenile»
अ कृत विद्यः छ == not done «unschooled,» in education
अ कृतज्ञअः == un, faithful one; further
अ कृतज्ञअः न == un, thankful, he is not
अ कृत्वा == by not, doing - keeping it incomplete
अ कृपणम सती == not, doleful, I am
अ कृशान च == not, scraggy, also
अ कोविदम == not, experienced
अ कोविदाः == not, experts - artless to avoid hunting
अ क्लिश्ट कर्मणः == one with un, impeded, strives
अ क्लिश्ट कर्मणम == without, complexities, doer of deeds «uncomplicatedly dextrous in deeds»
अ क्लिश्ट कर्मणा == not, with difficulty, does tasks «indefatigable Rama, or, one whose deeds are unbigoted»
अ क्लिश्ट कारिणम == without, complication, deeds doer - effortless, adroit
अ क्लिश्ट कारिणा == without, fatigue «indefatigable,» performer of deeds - champion
अ क्लिश्ट कारिणा रामेण == without, tiring, making «warring, indefatigable one,» by Rama
अ क्लिश्ट व्रत धर्म ज्ञः == one who has - without, hampered, vows, their virtue, knower - who has never flouted
अ क्लिश्ट व्रत धर्म ज्ञअः == one who has - without, hampered, vows, their virtue, knower - who has never flouted the rules of rituals and vows
अ क्लीबम == without, fear - unfaltering
अ क्शय सायकौ == un, exhausted, those that have arrows
अ क्शयम == never, decreasing - never-draining - ocean
अ क्शयम फलम हि == not, lessened, fruits «benefits.» truly
अ क्शयम यौवनम प्राप्ता == un, diminishing, youthfulness, on achieving
अ क्शया == non-diminishing
अ क्शया तु भवेत प्रीतिः == un, diminishing, will be, satisfaction
अ क्शयान == un, diminishing «returnless»
अ क्शय्यम == not, mutable
अ क्शीण कीर्तिः च == «one with» un, mitigated, glory, also
अ क्शुद्रौ अनल्प रूप वीर्यादि प्रभावाः == not
अ क्शोभ्यम == not, be roiled - be churned - unshakeable; such a
अ क्शोभ्याणाम समुद्राणाम == not, perturbable, oceans; for them
अ गत्वा == not, attaining
अ गम्यः == not, passable
अ गम्या स्यात == not, passable, it will be
अ गर्हितम यशः च == un, enviable, glory, also
अ गाव == without, cows
अ ग्राह्यम == not, take to - unapproachable, self-centring
अ चन्द्र सूर्यम == devoid of, moon, sun «unilluminated by»
अ चल वासिनः == not, waveringly, they were living
अ चलः == unwavering «resolute»
अ चलाः == not, fluctuating ones «i.e., mountains»
अ चिन्तनीयम == un, imaginable
अ चिन्तयित्वा == without, thinking «heedless of»
अ चिन्त्य कर्मा == is of un, imaginable, exploits
अ चिन्त्यम == unbelievable
अ चिन्त्यम च == not, imaginable
अ चिन्त्यानि == not, imaginably «admirable»
अ चिरात त्वाम वधिश्यति == not, long after «soon,» you, he kills
अ चिरेण == not, long after «shortly»
अ चेतनम == inanimate one
अ च्छेद्य अ भेद्य च एव == not, be cut, not, to be slit, also, thus.
अ छिद्रः == not, faulty
अ छिन्त्य पराक्रमः == inestimable, valiant; Rama
अ छिन्त्यम देवम == not, thinkable - inscrutable potential, the god - Shiva
अ छिरात == not, long after «very soon»
अ जय्यम अ धृश्यम अ मर्शणम == to be unconquerable, unattackable, unsympathetic
अ जात व्यन्जनः == one with - un, born, identities of maleness - like moustaches etc.
अ जानता == un, knowingly
अ जानताम नः सर्वेशाम == not, knowing «oblivious of,» us, all of
अ जानन्तः == not, knowing
अ जित इन्द्रियः == not, conquered, senses - not above board; such as you
अ जित इन्द्रियः न == un, conquered, «his» senses, he is not
अ जितै इन्द्रियैः == not, governable, with senses
अ जिह्म गैः == not, crisscross, going «shoot off straightly»
अ जीवन अर्हम == not, to live, worthy of
अ जेयः == not, defeated «undefeatable.»
अ ज्ञआत == un, knowingly - by my unawareness
अ ज्ञआनात तु == without, knowledge «unwittingly,» but
अ ज्ञानात == not, knowingly
अ तन्द्रितः == not, lazily - spiritedly
अ तन्द्रिताः == without, becoming weary - unwearyingly
अ तर्कितम == not, discussed - unhoped-for.
अ तुल == not, comparable
अ तुल प्रभम कान्चनम == un, balanceable - matchless, in dazzle, gold
अ तुल वीर्ययोः == between out, weighing, valorous ones
अ तुलम == not, comparable
अ तुलम प्रहर्शम लेभे == not, comparable, rejoice, he obtained
अ तुल्य बल विक्रमः == not, matching, in might, in valour
अ दग्धस्य == when not, incinerated - with an unburnt body
अ दर्शन जम == not, seeing - find, born out of - owing to
अ दर्शने == by non, appearance
अ दात == none, uncharitable
अ दीन आत्मा == not down, hearted «level-headed even in severe trouble»
अ दीन सत्त्वः == becoming un, deterred, in spirit
अ दीन सत्त्वम == one who is - un, flinching, in quintessence
अ दीन सत्त्वाम == not, piteous, at intellect «of unfailing intellect»
अ दीर्घ दर्शिनम == not, long, sighted «near-sighted, bigoted»
अ दुःख उपचिता == not, sadness, accompanied with - not saddened
अ दुश्ट भावा == not, sullied, in intentions
अ दुश्टम == not, reprovable one
अ दूरतः == not, far-off
अ दूरात प्रत्यदृश्यत == not, from faraway «close-by,» reappeared.
अ दूरे दृश्यते == not, very far «adjacent,» is seen.
अ दूश्यम == not, reproachable one
अ दृश्ट == not, seen «indiscernible»
अ दृश्ट पराक्रमम == un, seen, «whose» valour «is, of Rama»
अ दृश्ट पूर्वम == un, seen, earlier - unseen is such a wrathful mien
अ दृश्ट्वा == not, seen
अ दृश्ट्वा सीताम == without seeing, Seetha»
अ दृश्यः == un, seen - sun becomes - evanishes
अ दृश्यम च == not, appearing, also.
अ दृश्यमाना == invisible one
अ दृश्या == not, discernable - it will be imperceivable.
अ दृस्श्ट रूपः == un, seen, are such forms
अ द्रोहाय == un, friendliness - for genuineness
अ द्ड़िश्ट्वा ब्रह्म लोकम न गच्छामि == without seeing «you,» to Brahma's abode, I am «not wishing» to go.
अ धर्म == , itself is superior to mere reverencing a god, or performing a daily rot of
अ धर्म आत्मा == un, righteous, souled one
अ धर्म छारिणौ == dishonest, you ways, are
अ धर्म भय भीरुणा == un, scrupulousness, fearing, as a coward
अ धर्म युक्तम == un, just, along with - includes
अ धर्म योगम == not, rightness, touch of - touch of sin
अ धर्म... == thus Valmiki is aware of 'good' sobbing and 'bad' sobbing in this sob-stuff, called Ramayana.
अ धर्मः == gross injustice
अ धर्मम वोढुम न अर्हसि == un-righteousness, to bear «adhering to,» not, apt of you.
अ धर्मान परि वर्जयन == unrighteousness, entirely, giving up
अ धर्मिश्ठम == not, equitable «iniquitous»
अ धर्मे स्थितः == in dishonesty, abiding
अ धर्मेण == by not, righteousness - unrighteousness or, by an unrighteous demon
अ धर्मेण निहत इति यत == un, righteously, killed, thus, that which
अ धर्म्यम == un, righteous «activity»
अ धर्म्याम जहि == one with infamy, eliminate
अ धर्शितानाम == un, assailed ones «not get assailed by their incompetence»
अ धार्मः == non-virtue «wrongness,»
अ धृवाणाम च == not
अ नक्शत्र गणम == without, star, clusters
अ नाअदितम == less of, noise «noiseless»
अ नाथ वत == forsaken ones, as though
अ नाथ वत विलपसि == un, cared-for, like, you cry out
अ नाथः == one without, husband - insecure
अ नाथम == without, husband - protector
अ नाथस्य == for not, protected one
अ नाथा सती यथा == without, protector / husband, «insecure» female, as with
अ नाथानाम == un, sheltered ones
अ नाथाम == un, protected one
अ नित्यत्वात तु == not, permanent «impermanency, transient nature,» owing to
अ निद्रौ == without, sleep - wakefully
अ निन्दित लोचनाम == not, reprovable, eyed «rather, one with such discernment»
अ निन्दितम == not, reprovable one
अ निन्दिताम == not, blameable «immaculate lady
अ निन्दिते == oh, impeccable one, Tara
अ निन्दितौ == unreprovable ones
अ निन्द्य वर्णा == un, blemished, complexion - one with
अ निमिशैः == without, a wink «or, those that do not wink - the gods
अ निमिशैः इव == not, winking, like
अ निमीलित लोचनैः == not, shut, with eyes
अ नियताम एवम == not, certain, thus
अ निर विण्ण दर्शनाः == non, without, spirit, «non-dispirited,» seers
अ निर विण्णः == not, completely, abashed - unabashedly
अ निर वेदम च == without, lack, of knowledge, «unrelenting, insistency» also
अ निरूप्यः == not, demonstrable inexplicable «its beauty»
अ निर्देश्यः == not, definable
अ निर्वेदात == without, worry - effortlessly
अ नीकानि == the ranks
अ नृ शम्सता न == un-mercifulness «compassion,» no «place for, unfounded,»
अ नृण्यम == no, debt - debtless
अ नृत कथः == un, truth, utterer
अ नृतम == non, truth
अ नृतम न च == un, truth, not, also «least of all»
अ नृता == un, founded
अ नृशम्शम वा == humane, or
अ न्यासाम == to all other
अ पक्शः == without, wings
अ पक्शत्वात == without, wings «owing to winglessness»
अ पतत == fell down.
अ पतिः च अस्मि == without, husband «unmarried,» also, I am
अ पर आवर्तिनाम == not, return, comers «to sanyasi-s, loners, anchorites in forests, or, those that do not retreat in combats»
अ पर रात्रेशु == not, in post, of night «in small hours»
अ परम == not, other «not in other world, this worldly»
अ परा जयम == without, re-bounced, victory, «indomitability of heart»
अ परा वर्तिनाम == and he is getting a short cut without undergoing too many other kinds of births, and he is given
अ पराजितम == not, defeatable one
अ परि रक्शता == without, completely, guarding - uncaring for himself
अ परीक्शित वीर्येण == without, examining, mettle
अ पर्वत == devoid of, mountains
अ पश्यतः == one not, seeing
अ पश्यतः मे == «if» not, seen, for me; oh, Soumitri
अ पश्यतः वैदेहीम == not, seeing «finding,» Vaidehi
अ पश्यती == not, seen «by her»
अ पश्यन == not, seeing
अ पातयत == arrows to fall
अ पारम == not, possible to cross over - not, negotiable - insurmountable obstacles
अ पिशाचम == without, phantoms
अ पुत्रः == not, with son - sonless
अ पुरः भागम == not, before, your side «at your behind, I who never blamed you before or behind you»; such as I am
अ पुश्पितः वृक्शः == not, flowered, trees
अ पूरवाणाम == not, available earlier - new missiles
अ पूर्णे == without, completion «within a month»
अ पूर्वः == not, precedented
अ पूर्वी == without, a wife
अ पृश्ट्वा == without, asking, un, asking - unconsulting «about the deeds you undertook»
अ प्र धृश्याः == not, really, challengeable - indomitable
अ प्र हृश्टम == not, really, gladdened «woebegone»
अ प्रकाशम == not, bright
अ प्रगल्भा == not, courageous ones -- cowards
अ प्रजः == without, offspring
अ प्रजाः == without, progeny
अ प्रणयः च == non, affinity, also
अ प्रति कर्मणः == of un, matchable, deeds
अ प्रति कार बुद्धिः == not, in turn, making - for requital, a mind for - without the notion for requital
अ प्रति कुर्वतः == not, in turn, rendering - one who does not requite
अ प्रति कूलम == not, going against - contradictory
अ प्रति द्वन्द्वम आहवे == no, counter, dueller, in conflicts
अ प्रति युध्यन्तम == not, countering «you, not en face» while combating
अ प्रति रूप रूपाम == not, mirrored, prettiness, prettyish lady
अ प्रति रूपम == not, similar, in form «type, unregenerate»
अ प्रति रूपाय == one with - no, coequal, in aspect «unequalled one, unique god»
अ प्रति रूपेण == un, mirrored, in shape «in a freakish manner»
अ प्रति हतम == not, back, strikable - not possible for a strike back - undefeatable
अ प्रतिकृतः == who does not, requite
अ प्रतिम ओजसम == not, equalling, in vitality
अ प्रतिम कर्माणम == un, equalled, one having achievements
अ प्रतिमम == un, matched
अ प्रतिमम रूपम == un, equalling «nonesuch,» aspect
अ प्रतिमान लोकान == un, paralleled, worlds «realms of heavens»
अ प्रतिमाम कीर्तिम च == not, paralleled, renown, also
अ प्रतिमेन == matchless «brother Vali»
अ प्रदानात == non, bestowal - for the reason of
अ प्रधृश्यम == un, deniable
अ प्रमत्तः == without, laxity - watchfully
अ प्रमत्तः च == not, incautious «cautious,» also
अ प्रमत्तान वा == un, vigilant ones, or
अ प्रमत्तैः == without, incautiously «cautiously»
अ प्रमादात गन्तव्यम == not, heedlessly, you have to go «there»
अ प्रमादेन == 'without, carelessness...' But the later time overenthusiastic
अ प्रमेय आत्मा == not, estimable, with aptitude - Rama
अ प्रमेय प्रभावः च == un, definable, in proficiency, also
अ प्रमेय बलम == not, matchable «immutable,» power - is there
अ प्रमेयः च == in, determinable one, also
अ प्रमेयस्य == not, matchable «in illustriousness»
अ प्रमेयाणि == not, measurably «distinguished»
अ प्रमेयान == with immeasurable «fortitude»
अ प्रमेयेण == not, estimable - imponderable one
अ प्रवृत्तौ == without, tidings - not knowing tidings
अ प्रवेश्टव्यम == not, enterable
अ प्रशस्यम == not, praiseworthy
अ प्रसादः == without, inattentiveness - vigilantly
अ प्रस्तवे == not, appropriate time - inopportunely
अ प्रहरणम == to be bereft of any weapon
अ प्राप्य == without, come across
अ प्रिय दर्शना == un, pleasant one, to look at «abominable one - Shuurpanakha»
अ प्रियम == not, pleasant
अ प्रियस्य == of un, pleasant - judgementally
अ प्रीतः == one who is - not, satisfied - embittered
अ प्लवगाः == not, by leaping and jumping
अ फलः == without, fruits - one who is without testicles, emasculated
अ फलः कृतः अस्मि == fruitless «testicle-less,» rendered, I am
अ फलः तु कृतः मेशः == devoid of, testes, but «though going to be,» rendered, ram «this one before you»
अ फलः वा == without, fruits, either
अ फलान मेशान भुन्जते == without, testes, goats, they are enjoying
अ बला == female
अ बहिश्कृताम - अपि समीपात == ' not, debarred lady,
अ बहिश्कृताम == not, debarred lady - Shabari
अ बहु श्रुतः == not, in many «scriptures,» one who heard
अ बालिशम == not, immature «mannerly one»
अ बुद्धिम गतः रजा == lacking, ideas, king
अ भय == not, fear «impunity»
अ भयम == no, fear - indemnity - is given by Brahma.
अ भयम कर == no, fear - protection, giver «protector»
अ भयम कुरु == no, fear «fearlessness» give me
अ भयम दातुम अर्हसि == no, fear «aegis,» to award
अ भवाय == for non, entity
अ भव्यः == not, proper - disgraceful Ravana
अ भार्याः == without, wives
अ भास्करम == without, sun «sunless»
अ भीत चारिणी == not, fearing, in her movements - a fearless rover
अ भुंजाः == without, food «foodless»
अ भुक्त्वा इव == without, taking food «starved himself,» like
अ मरा == without, death - deathless
अ मरौ == not, dying ones «deathless, immortals»
अ मर्यादः == un, seemly
अ मर्यादम == not, scrupulous «chaotic»
अ मर्शणः == not, tolerantly
अ मर्शणम == not, tolerable one - insufferable
अ मर्शात == by intolerance
अ मल वर्णिनी == un, blemished, complexioned one
अ मलाः == without, a blemish.
अ मानितः == not, honoured «Rama»
अ मानुशैः == with super, humanly «not subhuman»
अ मानुशैः भक्श्य भोज्यैः == unavailable, to humans, with sweetmeats, savouries
अ मार्गेण == by wrong route
अ मित == boundless
अ मित ओजसः == not, limited in vigour - with infinite, vigour
अ मित ओजसौ == of un, limited, self-refulgence
अ मित औजसः == not, limitable, energetic ones «wheel cart pullers, not ministers»
अ मित तेजसा == one with unlimited resplendence
अ मित प्रभः == ill, limitable, in self-irradiance
अ मित विक्रम == oh, one with not, limited, brave - oh, Maareecha untold bravery
अ मितम == un, limited
अ मित्र घ्नौ == un, friendly ones «enemies,» killers of
अ मित्र मर्दनम == unfriendly ones, subduer of
अ मित्र सूदन == un, friendly, subjugator of
अ मित्रम == unfriendly - intimidating one
अ मित्राणाम वधे युक्तः == un, friendly ones, in killing, bound up in
अ मित्रान == un, friendly ones - enemies
अ मित्रैः == un, friendly ones - rivals
अ मुकुटी == without, headgear
अ मुदितः == not, felicitous one
अ मृश्टः == without oil-baths
अ मेय आत्मा == not, measurable, souled «anima having, Vishvamitra»
अ म्ड़िश्ट भोजी == not, eating stomachfuls - on an empty stomach, not famished
अ यजुर्वेद धारिणः == non, Yajur Veda, remembering
अ यज्वा == non performer of rituals
अ यात्राम == not, possible for a campaign
अ युकतम == is improper.
अ युक्त अर्थम == without, having, meaning - meaningless words
अ युक्त चारः == not, having, by spies - exclusionary, desultory of spies
अ युक्त चारम == not, with, spies - inaccessible to spies
अ युक्त बुद्धिः == not, having, mind «focus your thoughts»
अ युक्तम == not, congruous
अ युध्यत == fought.
अ युध्यन == not, combating
अ योनि ज == non-foetal is her origination, hence it is apt of you to not to belittle her, anytime and anywhere... and you have to keep faith with her, since she outshines in outperforming your task in this so-called incarnation...'
अ योनि जा == not, uterine, birthed.
अ रक्ता == un, interested
अ रक्शितारम == not, guarded «ritual items»
अ रजे == un, tarnished «lily-white»
अ राक्शसम == without, demons
अ रुचितम == not, good
अ रूपवान == without, elegance
अ रूपिणः == without, form
अ रोगः == without diseases
अ लक्श्म्या == mis, fortune
अ लक्श्य दर्शनाः == not, perceivable, with appearances - unseen by anyone
अ लिप्त अन्गः == without, cream-coated, body
अ लुब्धाः == not, greedy
अ वध्य अस्मि इति == not, killable, I shall be, thus
अ वध्यः == not, killable
अ वध्यताम प्रेक्श्य == indestructibility, on observing
अ वध्यम == not, eliminable
अ वरम == undesirable «lesser» heavens
अ वशः == uncontrollable such as you are
अ वशाम == not, in her own control
अ वसः == not, self-controlled
अ वार्यमाणः == without, being impeded
अ वि च्छिन्नम == not, verily, ceasing «incessantly»
अ वि तृप्तस्य == not, verily, satisfied - absolutely discontent
अ वि दूरतः == not, very, far
अ वि दूरे == not, very, far-off
अ वि दूशकम == not, really, blameworthy
अ वि नीतेन == not, without, ethics - one with immorality
अ वि प्र हतम == not, verily, regularly, beaten «off the beaten track»
अ वि भ्रम्शाम == not, very, slippery
अ वि मृश्य == not, verily, conscious of - inconsiderately
अ वि शन्कय == without, further, doubt - definitely
अ वि शन्कया == without, too much, doubt - without a shadow of doubt
अ वि शन्केन == not, much, doubting
अ वि शह्य == in, verily, sufferable
अ वि शह्यम == not, verily, tolerable - highly intolerable
अ विचक्शणाः == not, discriminators «mindless adventurers»
अ विचारयन == without, discrimination «unhesitatingly»
अ विच्छिन्न अश्रु वेगाः तु == un, ending, tears, with rush of
अ विज्ञआय == un, knowingly - uncaring
अ विज्ञातम == not, familiar
अ विदितः == not, known - though not personally, but art least thru spies it is not known to you.
अ विदितम == not, familiar
अ विदितम अपि == un, known
अ विद्वान छ == none, unscholarly, also «nondescripts»
अ विद्वान ब्राह्मणः == no, unscholarly, Brahman
अ विधवाः == without, being widowed
अ विनयात == by dis, respect
अ विनीतानाम == for not
अ विभक्तानि == not, in an apportioned manner
अ विलम्बितम == un, delaying
अ विवरम == without, leeway
अ विश्वस्तानम == by distrustful ones «enemies»
अ विस्तरम == un, expanded
अ वीर्या == without, vigour
अ वृक्शम == without, trees
अ वैदिक मत-स == where
अ व्यक्तया वाचा == with inexplicit, words
अ व्यग्र मना == not, despaired, at mind
अ व्यग्रः == without, grieving
अ व्यग्रः अवाप्नोति == un, repentantly, one gets.
अ व्यग्रम == not, hurriedly - nonchalantly
अ व्यग्रा == not, flustering «alacritous envoys»
अ व्यथम == non, dissonant
अ व्ययः == not, spent on becoming imperishable
अ व्ययम चैव == un, mitigated «prosperity,» also, thus; as such
अ व्ययम तप आतिश्टत == not, mitigated, ascesis, stood fast.
अ व्ययम दृश्टा == not, scathed, on observing
अ व्ययम विश्णूम == imperishable, to Vishnu
अ व्यवसितः == if you are - without, endeavouring - lackadaisical
अ व्रणम == without, boils «without pimples»
अ व्रतः == non-vowed scholar
अ शक्तम == not, capable «to handle the bow»
अ शक्ता == I am not, capable
अ शक्नुवद्भिः == not, capable were they
अ शक्नुवन == not, possible
अ शक्यः == not, possible one
अ शक्यम == not, possible
अ शक्यम इति == not, possible, thus
अ शक्यम इतिउक्तः == not, possible, thus, said «to Trishanku»
अ शडङ्ग विद न अस्ति == unknowing scholar of Veda's ancillaries,
अ शडन्ग वित == not, in six branches, knower
अ शत अनुछरः == one without, hundred, followers - apprentices
अ शन्कितः == not, distrustful - Lakshmana becoming trustful
अ शय्याः च == no, beds, also
अ शरणान == without, protector
अ शरण्यम == not, inhabitable
अ शर्कराम == not, pebbly
अ शस्त्र वध्यताम == not, by «any» missile, destructibility
अ शासन राजा तु == un, punishing, king, but
अ शिरः ग्रीवम == without, head, neck - who has no neck, no head
अ शिवम == ill-omened
अ शिवा व्याजह्रुः == not, auspicious, made know - they howled.
अ शिवाय == not, auspicious
अ शीतम == not, cold «hot, swelteringly»
अ शीलः == without, character - out of character
अ शुचिः == not, pious - you became
अ शुचिम == not, pious one
अ शुभम == not, auspicious - trauma
अ शुभम अ युक्तम च == un, propitious, un, justified
अ शुभम कर्तुम कथम इच्छसि == un, holy «sinful acts,» to commit, how, you wish to.
अ शुभम मार्गम आस्थाय == not, auspicious, path - improper approach, resorting to
अ शुभानि == not, auspicious
अ शुभानि एव == not, auspicious «forebodings,» only - confronting me
अ शुभे == not, auspicious «bad»
अ शेशतः == without, a residuum - entirely
अ शेशाणाम == without, leftovers
अ शैवलाम == not, «duck» weedy
अ सकृत == not, for once - time after time
अ सक्तम == not, restrained
अ सत प्रियः == not, truth, loving ones, - friendly to untruthful ones
अ सताम मार्गम == one who is following - un, virtuous ones, course of, of transgression
अ सतीम == knavish
अ सदृशम == not, befitting
अ सन्ख्यायम == not, countable
अ सन्ख्येय == not, estimable
अ सन्ख्येयाः == not, calculable
अ सन्ख्येयैः == in not, calculable - masses
अ सन्गेन == un, remitting - unremittingly
अ सन्दिग्धम == not, falteringly
अ सन्दिघ्धम == un, doubtful
अ सन्शयम == without, doubt
अ सपत्ना == without, a co-wife
अ सम पातम == not, well, flyable - not moveable - as an impassable sphere
अ सम बाधम == not, verily, inconvenient «not congested, having enough room, seating capacity»
अ सम भ्रान्तः == not, at all, excited - unexcitedly
अ सम मूढस्य == not, together with, mindlessness «mind not yet inert, with an alert mind»
अ समर्थानाम == not, capable - incapacitated beings
अ सम्कीर्णा == without, admixture
अ सम्प्रधार्य == not, discriminatingly
अ सम्भूतान == non, existent - fabricated
अ सम्मतः == not, permitted
अ सम्शयम == doubtlessly.
अ सम्सक्तम == without your close attachment - without further delay
अ सम्स्पृशन्तम वसुधाम == without, touching, earth
अ सम्स्पृश्ट्वा == without, touching
अ सहस्र दः == none, in thousands, donor
अ सहहन == not, tolerating
अ सहायम अहम == not, assisted
अ सहायेन == one without, assistance - either by unassisted Rama, or by unsupported Sugreeva
अ सह्यया == in, tolerable - invincible
अ सामवेद विदुशः == non, Saama Veda, scholar
अ सित ईक्शणे == not, white, one with eyes - oh, one with blackish eyes
अ सित केश अन्ताम == not, whitened, head-hair, ends «hairdo having glossily blackish tressed ends»
अ सिद्ध अर्थ == unearned, means
अ सिद्ध अर्थम - अश्च असौ सिद्ध अर्थः च == 'Vishnu is one with
अ सिद्ध अर्थम == not, gainful, his purposes
अ सु करम == not, easily, doable - difficult
अ सु हृद्भिः == un, kind, hearted ones - by unsympathetic rivals; who
अ सुखम == not, comfortable
अ सुन्गन्धः छ == un-perfumed, also
अ सुरा == -s, and the sons of Aditi are called
अ सेव्यः == not, adorable «unworthy to animals or trees, a meritless mountain»
अ सौम्याः == not, gentle «not favourable, unpropitious»
अ स्थान == not, founded - unfounded / out of context
अ स्थाने == not, in proper place, or, in an unbefitting method
अ स्रग्व्री == without, garlands
अ स्व अधीनम == not, in one's own, control - not, self-possessed,
अ स्व अधीना == not, in self, restrained
अ हत्वा == without, killing
अ हत्वा प्रति गच्छन्ति == without killing, return they go
अ हन्तुम == to not, to kill
अ हल्य == is one with an impeccable beauty...' Besides
अ हित बुद्धिना == not, helpful, intent -with a pernicious intent
अ हितम च == not, advantageous, also
अ हितम छ अपि पुरुशम == unfriendly, also, even, a person
अ हिते रतः == in dis, service, delights in.
अ हिम्स == not non-violence of Jains, but non-butchery of living beings. Valmiki never said that Rama is a
अ हीन अर्थम == not, sparse, of resources
अ हुतम == unburnt oblation
अ+नि वर्तिनाम == not, return, coming «unretreating»
अ+निन्दिताम ताम == impeccable one, her
अ+भव == oh, Redeemer
अ+मानुशैः == may also mean 'inhuman' but nowhere we find Ravana taking such a lowly food.
अ+मित्र घ्नम == un, friendly ones, destroyer
अ+वरम == . The translation will therefore be 'undesirable
अ+व्यक्त == un, provable
अ+सुराः == Asura-s - those that are without, liquor
अ-Vऐदिक-स == like Buddhists and Jain-s etc., try hard to let down what Veda says, with all their masterly
अ-वधीः == you killed; «
अ-सुर-स == are not earthly demons but celestial beings of a kind like other demi-gods, namely
अśओभन्त == became more gleaming.
अśवḥ विमुच्यतāम == Ritual Horse, be released.
अंकुश == a goad (metal stick used to control elephants)@
अंकुशधारिणम् == bearing the weapon «ankusha» with which the elephant@
अंग == body@
अंगण == field@
अंगसंगिनौ == with@
अंगुलीयक दानम च == ring of his finger, giving, also
अंगैः == limbs, body parts@
अंगैस्तुष्टुवांसस्तनूभिः == having satisfied with strong limbs?@
अंजन == anointment@
अंतरंग == inner body or inner nature, feelings, inside@
अंतर्गत == internal@
अंबा == mother@
अंश == part, angle@
अंशः == fragmental particle@
अंशभूतं == has been a part of her@
अंशुभिः == by the rays.
अंशुमान् == radiant@
अंशेन == part@
अः == then
अः मूर्खः राक्शसः == he, preposterous, demon; Ravana
अओम्शुमन्तम == who had rays
अकंपयछ्छ == and waved
अकङ्टकम == free from obstacles
अकण्टकम == which is free of enemies.
अकण्तकम == and with out any hindrance.«
अकत्थनः == whose prowess is not confined to words
अकथयत == narrated
अकम्पत == throbbed.
अकम्पन == oh, Akampana
अकम्पन वचः श्रुत्वा == Akampana's, words, on hearing
अकम्पन वधम == about the killing of Akampana
अकम्पन शरानुगान == pursued by Akampana's darts
अकम्पन शरैः == under the shafts of Akampana
अकम्पनः == Akampana
अकम्पनः इदम प्र उवाच == Akampana, this, said
अकम्पनः कृत अन्जलिः == Akampana, with adjoined-palms
अकम्पनः त्वरमणः == Akampana, hurriedly
अकम्पनम == of Akampana
अकम्पनम उवाच == to Akampana, spoke.
अकम्पनम उवाच इदम == to Akampana, spoke, this
अकम्पनवधार्थाय == to slay Akampana.
अकम्पनश्छ == Akampana
अकम्पन्स्तु == Akampana on his part
अकम्पयत मेदिनीम == he caused the earth to tremble
अकम्पस्तु == Akampana
अकम्प्यः == which is unshakable
अकरवम == i made
अकरुणाम == and insenstive one
अकरोः == you created
अकरोत == and arranged
अकर्णधारा == without a helmsman.
अकर्णिका == without a rudder.
अकर्णिकाम == one without ears
अकर्ता == a non doer
अकर्तारं == as the nondoer@
अकर्तुम == avoid
अकर्दमम == free from mud
अकर्म == inaction@
अकर्मकृत् == without doing something@
अकर्मणः == than no work@
अकर्मणि == in not doing prescribed duties@
अकर्मण्यम == while I am without any work
अकल्पयत == carried out
अकल्पयत आवासम == which encamped
अकल्मषं == freed from all past sinful reactions@
अकश्टेन == effortlessly
अकस्मात == in avain
अकस्मात् == by chance@
अकस्मादेव == suddenly
अकामयत == desires
अकामयन == wished
अकामा == reluctantly
अकामाम == (a woman) without desire
अकारः == the first letter@
अकारणम == needless
अकारणम नम == is not the cause; not at all«
अकारणात == causelessly
अकारयत == got done
अकारो == the letter «a»@
अकार्य == and forbidden activities@
अकार्य करण आरम्भ; अ कार्य कारण आरम्भ == 'starter for
अकार्यं == what ought not to be done@
अकार्यतमम == which is most disgraceful.
अकार्यम == a bad deed
अकार्यम अपि == though improper
अकार्ये == and what ought not to be done@
अकार्षित == and pulled himself
अकार्षी == have made
अकालफलिनः == bear fruit even in the off-season
अकालमृत्युः == untimely death
अकाले == at wrong time
अकालेछ अपि == even in an off-season.
अकिङ्इछनः == destitute.
अकिन्चिनत्वम ==
अकिल्बिषम == and who am sinless
अकीर्ति == infamy@
अकीर्तिं == infamy@
अकीर्तिः == ill-fame@
अकुङ्ठ धारैः == with edges which were not blunt
अकुतश्छिद्भयाः == and as such had no fear from any quarter.
अकुतोभयम == and fearless from any quarter.
अकुरुणः == and who was merciless
अकुरुताम == and made
अकुर्वत == (he) performed@
अकुर्वतः == they have done.
अकुर्वत् == did@
अकुर्वन == without doing
अकुर्वन अतिथि कार्यम == accorded, guest's, works «reception»
अकुर्वन्त == and cried out
अकुल इन्द्रियः == perturbed, senses
अकुलितेन्द्रियः == and with perplexed senses
अकुली कृताः == helter-skelter, rendered to.
अकुलीनम वा == or a bad family
अकुलीना == without a good lineage
अकुलेन्द्रियः == disturbed, senses «emotions disturbed.»
अकुशलं == inauspicious@
अकुशला == being not adept
अकुशलाम == an unsafe
अकुसुमाम == without flowers.
अकुहः == without any deceit
अकृत आत्मना हि == by vicious, souled one, indeed
अकृत कार्यः == if his task has not been fulfilled
अकृत कृत्यानाम == by these monkeys; who have not accomplished
अकृत दारः == 'already a married man'
अकृत श्रमः == without effort
अकृतज्णः छ == an ungrateful person
अकृतप्रज्ज्ञाम == imprudent
अकृतबुद्धित्वात् == due to unintelligence@
अकृतम == not done
अकृतात्मना == a man without self-control
अकृतात्मभिः == having unformed minds.
अकृतात्मानः == those without self-realisation@
अकृतात्मानम == who has uncontrolled mind
अकृतात्मेनः == those who have an ill composed mind
अकृतेन == without discharge of duty@
अकृत्या == without performing
अकृत्वा == is not created.@
अकृत्स्नविदाः == persons with a poor fund of knowledge@
अकेशीम == one without hair
अकोपः == Akopa
अक्क्लिष्ट कर्मणः == who was unweary in his actions
अक्ण्टकम == invincible
अक्तः == coated
अक्रियाः == without duty@
अक्रोध == freedom from anger@
अक्रोधः == freedom from anger@
अक्रोधनाम == free from anger.
अक्लिश्ट कर्मणः == who is unwearied in action
अक्लिश्ट कर्मणा == who was unwearied inaction
अक्लिश्ट कर्मणा रामेण == by one who is of - uncomplicated, actions, by Rama
अक्लिश्ट कर्मणाम == of illustrious exploits
अक्लिश्ट कर्माणम == who is unwearied in action
अक्लिश्ट कारिणम == who is unwearied in action
अक्लिश्टकर्मणः == who is unwearied in action
अक्लिश्टकर्मणा == who is unwearied in action.
अक्लिष्ट कर्मणह == and which was unwearied in action?
अक्लिष्ट कर्मणा == who is unwearied in action
अक्लिष्ट कारिणम == who makes (Seetha) without troubles
अक्लिष्ट छारित्रात == with untroubled reputation
अक्लिष्ट बहवः == many
अक्लिष्ट माल्याभरणाम == who was further adorned with ornaments of flowers which had not abraded (on her entering the fire and coming out of it)
अक्लिष्टकर्मणः == of immortal exploits
अक्लिष्टकर्मणा == who was unwearied in action
अक्लिष्टकर्मनः == who was unweary in action.
अक्लिष्टकारिणम == who performs undefatigable actions
अक्लिष्टकारिणा == of unwearied action
अक्लिष्टम == with out delay.
अक्लीबः == the courageous
अक्लीबम == and cowardless
अक्लेद्यः == insoluble@
अक्श == is taken as the 'eye of axle...' Then the diameter of his arrow is said, 'as thick as an axle...' Some others said the size of arrow is eighty-four inches
अक्शतम == holy-yellow-rice
अक्शताम == remains uninjured
अक्शम == Aksha
अक्शमा न तावत == is not in competent
अक्शय सायकौ == ever replenishing, with arrows
अक्शयम == and incorruptible
अक्शयाः == who were beyond destruction
अक्शय्यम == measureless
अक्शर व्यक्तिः == syllables, enunciated
अक्शर समः == letters, metrically posited
अक्शि == eye
अक्शि प्र मृजसि == eyes, verily «deeply,» you wish to wipe «scrape»
अक्शुद्रः == not vulgar
अक्शे == Aksha
अक्शोउहिणि == troop, which consists of 21,870 chariots and the same number of elephants, 65,610 cavalry,
अक्शोउहिणि सेन == , for which I am the leader and controller, and fortified by this army I will go there to encounter those
अक्शोभ्य बलम == with his imperturbable army
अक्शोभ्यबलम == with his unperturbable army
अक्शोभ्यम == and imperturbable
अक्शौहिणि शतम == hundreds of divisions
अक्शौहिणी परिवृतः == with Akshauhini unit of army, encircled by - along with
अक्शौहिणीम == consisting of ten anikinis or 21870 elephants; 21870 chariots; 65610 horses and 109350 foot-soldiers
अक्शौहिनि == consists of 21,870 elephants, as many chariots, 65,610 cavalry, and 1,09,350 foot soldiers.
अक्श्तम == with grains of rice
अक्श्मीम == its augustness
अक्षतान == unbroken grains of rice
अक्षताम == and sound in body.
अक्षम == (adj) incapable@
अक्षमणीयम == to the abode of Yama
अक्षयं == unlimited@
अक्षयः == eternal@
अक्षयम == which is imperishable.
अक्षयसायके == containing an inexhaustible
अक्षयाः == which is imperishable
अक्षयाम == imperishable
अक्षय्यम == an unending
अक्षर == Letter@
अक्षरं == indestructible@
अक्षरः == infallible@
अक्षरम == and the imperishable
अक्षराणां == of letters@
अक्षरात् == beyond the infallible@
अक्षि == (n) eye@
अक्षिपथम गतम छिराय == who was seen after a long time
अक्षुद्र शीलाछ == not base natured
अक्षेशुछ == and dice.
अक्षोभ्यः == and appalling
अक्षोभ्यन्तम == becoming perturbed
अक्षोभ्यम == rendered unperturbed
अक्षोभ्यमपि == even if unshakable
अक्ष्यय्यम == giving undecaying prosperity
अखानयत == got excavated
अखिल == entire@
अखिलं == whole@
अखिलगुरु == preceptor for all, also all types of long syllable letters@
अखिलम == entire
अखिलम तत सारम == all, that, the best
अखिलम त्रैलोक्यम == entirely, triad of worlds
अखिला == All
अखिलाम == in one piece.
अखिलाम पृथिवीम प्राप्य == in entirety, planet earth, on getting «under my control»
अखिलाम पृथ्वीम पालयति == entire, earth, while ruling
अखिलेन == all
अख्याता == it has been said
अग अग्रस्थम अपि == «or
अग राज पुत्र्या == with mountain, king's, daughter «Paarvati»
अग सम्निभानि == which were mountain-like
अग स्थ == mountain, stopper,
अगच्छन == came back - to heaven.
अगछ्छ्हत == went
अगछ्छ्हति == while not going
अगछ्छ्हतीम == who is tormented by grief
अगत == not past@
अगतसूंस्च == agata + asuun.h + cha:undeparted life + and (living people)@
अगतीनाम == we being helpless
अगत्वा == without going (from gam.h)@
अगत्स्य भ्रात == , brother of Agastya, a sage in name only and any person hanging on to his brothers or relatives will be nicknamed like this.
अगम == proof of the trustworthiness of a source of knowledge@
अगम स्थास्यति == or
अगमत == (Hanuman) went
अगमाः == the trees
अगमाः इव == like trees
अगरः राजा == king Sagara
अगराणि राश्ट्रानि च == cities, provinces, also
अगरुधूपितम == which was incensed with aloe wood
अगरुधूपेन == by the fumes of agallocum
अगरूणि == Agallochums
अगर्जत == war-whooped
अगर्वितम == without being proud
अगर्ह == scolded
अगर्हयन == accusing none.
अगर्हितम == is irreproachable
अगस्तमास == month of August@
अगस्तस्य सम्मतः शिश्यः == to Agastya, agreeable, disciple
अगस्त्य == the sage; Agastya
अगस्त्य इति == Agastya, thus
अगस्त्य ऋषिः == sage;; Agastya
अगस्त्य चरिताम == by Agastya, trodden
अगस्त्य छरितम == sage Agastya, sauntered
अगस्त्य भवनम निर्मितम == Agastya's, mansion, is built.
अगस्त्य भ्रात == , Agastya's brother.
अगस्त्य भ्रातरम == Agastya's brother dadarsha
अगस्त्य वछनात च एव == by the word - on the advice of, of Agastya, only, thus
अगस्त्य शिश्यम आसाद्य == Agastya's,
अगस्त्यः भगवान ऋशिः == Agastya, godly, sage
अगस्त्यम == Agastya
अगस्त्यम अभिगच्छ इति == to Agastya, approach, thus
अगस्त्यम ऋषि सत्तमम == Agastya, sage, the eminent
अगस्त्यम च == Sage Agastya, also
अगस्त्यम सूर्य वर्चसम == of Agastya, of sun's, radiance
अगस्त्यस्य आश्रमः == Agastya's, hermitage.
अगस्त्यस्य भ्रातुः == of Agastya's, brother
अगस्त्याध्युषिताम == occupied by the Sage Agastya.
अगस्त्येन == by Agastya
अगस्त्येन एवम उक्तः तु == by Agastya, thus, said, but
अगस्त्येन वातापिः इव == by Agastya, Vaataapi, as with
अगाधः == am fathomless
अगाधश्छ == boundless
अगाधाः == and fathomless
अगाधे == in bottomless pit
अगाधे विपुले शोक सागरे == in abyssal, boundless, anguish, «called» ocean
अगायताम == sang
अगारम == house
अगारम प्रति == home
अगिरे == to Chitrakuta mountain.
अगुणाः == handicaps(for him)
अगुरु गन्ध्भिः == with the substance of true aloe «aloe vera,» its scents
अगुरुः == aloe
अगुरुछन्दनैः == aloe and sandal wood
अगुरूणाम == aloe-wood
अगृह्णन्त == accepted
अगृह्य == without taking
अगैन्स्त मेत;मम == of me.
अगोचर == (adj) unknown@
अगोपालाः == cowherd less
अग्नयः == fires
अग्नयगारात == the fire chamber
अग्नयह इव == like flames
अग्नयो अपि == sacred fires also
अग्नि == Fire-god : southeast@
अग्नि आक्शिकम == of fire, by witness
अग्नि कल्पः == fire, similar one - Vishvamitra
अग्नि कल्पानाम == ritual fire-like, those in glow - sages
अग्नि कल्पैः == Ritual-fire, similar
अग्नि छयन == ritual in 1975. In spite of innumerable hurdles, Staal succeeded in persuading the elderly nambudri-s «scholarly priests of
अग्नि जम भयम == by, caused, fear
अग्नि ज्वाल निकाशेन == inferno, tongue of, similar to
अग्नि ज्वाला समावृताम == by torch's, tongues, enfolded by
अग्नि दावम इव == fire, storm, like
अग्नि निकाशानाम == fire, similar in glow
अग्नि निकाशेन == fire, in brilliance
अग्नि परदक्शिण नमस्कर == . The animals pertaining to village will be sacrificed in ritual. Hence it is up to the priests
अग्नि परीतानि == surrounded by fire
अग्नि पुरोगमाः == Fire god, keeping afore as leader
अग्नि पुरोगमान == Fire-god, in forefront - as helms-god
अग्नि प्रवेश == self-immolation...' to all concerned. If Seetha acquired a blemish by mere touch, then Draupadi will
अग्नि प्रवेशनम == after war, when Rama belittles her. There also, she orders the very same Lakshmana to arrange pyre for her, disregarding her own accusations made at Lakshmana,
अग्नि मारुत कल्पौ == equal to fire and wind
अग्नि रूपः == Fire-god's, embodiment of
अग्नि वचः श्रुत्वा तु == Fire-god's,
अग्नि वर्णानि == flamelike, coloured «lustrously flamy»
अग्नि शरणम प्रविवेश निवेदितुम == fire, sanctum, entered, to submit to sage.
अग्नि शिख उपमाः == equalling fire
अग्नि शिख शरैः == by arrows equalling tongues of fires.
अग्नि शिखोपमैः == having fire-like points
अग्नि सदृश प्रभः == fire, like, in blaze
अग्नि सदृशम == flame, like
अग्नि सन्काशम == inferno, similar to
अग्नि सम ओजसम == fire, equalling, by his flare
अग्नि सम प्रभः == ritual fire, similar, in brilliance
अग्नि सम प्रभम == Fire, like, in glow, also thus - sandalwood
अग्नि समान वर्णैः == fire, equalling, in colour
अग्नि समीपतः == in the vicinity of the fire
अग्नि सम्भवः == one who is born out of the refulgence of Shiva through Fire-god
अग्नि सम्योगवत हेतुः == with fire, associating, sequel of
अग्नि साक्शिकम == fire, as witness
अग्नि साक्शिकम च एव == by fire «flaring auspicious fire,» as witness, also, thus
अग्नि सुतम नीलम == Fire-god's, son, Neela
अग्नि होत्रम च == for Ritual-fire, enkindler of, also
अग्नि होत्राणि हुत्वा च एव == ritual fire, enkindled, also, thus - performed fire oblations
अग्निः == (that) fire@
अग्निः इव == fire, as with
अग्निः छ == fire also
अग्निः ददाह == the fire, burnt them,
अग्निः प्रतापवान == the blazing fire
अग्निः सर्वतः == around all the sides of the sacrificial fire
अग्निकल्पानाम == having the nature of fire
अग्निकार्येषु == by sacrificial fire
अग्निकुन्डायुधान == those who had fire vessels as weapons
अग्निकेतुः == Agniketu
अग्निकेतुः च == Agniketu and
अग्निकेतुश्छ == Agniketu
अग्निगर्भः == pregnant with fire
अग्निदम == who became of fire-brand
अग्निदायक == is in an arsonist
अग्निदीप्त मुखान बाणान == some with heads bright as fire
अग्निदीप्तः == blazing like fire
अग्निदीप्ति सदृशे == resembling flames of fire
अग्निना == by Fire-god
अग्निना दग्ध == by fire, burnt down
अग्निना दीप गिरिः इव == by fire, blazing, mountain, like
अग्निना सम्स्कृतः == by Fire, beatified by incineration
अग्निपरितेभ्यः == enveloped by fire
अग्निपर्वतः == (m) volcano, volcanic cone@
अग्निपर्वतः इव == like a volcano.
अग्निपेतिका == (f) matchbox@
अग्निभिः सह == along with their fires
अग्निम == a fire
अग्निम आधाय == fire, on taking «preparing with two sticks, arani»
अग्निम इव == as around sacrifical fire
अग्निम उदाहर == to Fire-god
अग्निम कुशान काश्ठम अपः == fire, Kusha grass, firewood, water
अग्निम नियोजयामासुः == Fire-god, started to assign.
अग्निम परि क्रम्य == to fire, circumambulated
अग्निम सुराम च एव == to sacred fire, to deities, also, thus
अग्निम सुसमाधाय == fire, well, invoked
अग्निम हुत्वा == fire is, worshipping
अग्निमङ्डलम == ball of fire
अग्निमण्डलम == mass of fire
अग्निमद्भिः == by ritual-fire worshippers
अग्निमिव == like fire
अग्निमुखा == Agnimukha trees
अग्निम्छ == as also fire
अग्निम्वा == the fire or
अग्निरत्र रुद्रः == The naming of Agni, Fire-god, as in 17th verse itself is Rudra, namely Shiva. ShiromaNi commentary also puts in the same way '
अग्निरिव == as a fire
अग्निवत क्शणेन व्यपयान्ति == fire «-catch,» like, momently, takes away «lets up»
अग्निवर्छसाम == brilliant like fire
अग्निवर्णः == Agnivarna
अग्निवर्णस्य == and of Agnivarna (was born)
अग्निवर्णस्य शीघ्रगः == of Agnivarna, Shiigraga
अग्निवर्णानाम == and having the colour of fire
अग्निवर्णेन == having a colour of fire.
अग्निशलाका == (f) matchstick@
अग्निशालाम == the fire-sanctuary (the place where the sacrificial fire is kept)
अग्निशालासु == in houses keeping sacrificial fire
अग्निशिखा == even a flame
अग्निशिखामिव == gleaming like a flame
अग्निशिखोपमान == which were like flames of fire.
अग्निशिखोपमैः == arrows resembling flames of fire
अग्निशु == his sacred fires
अग्निश्छ == and Agni
अग्निश्टोम आदिभिः == agniStoma, and the like
अग्निश्ठेशु == at the corner of the sacrificial post which is nearest the fires
अग्निषु == about the fire@
अग्निष्टोमादिभिः == such as agnishtoma
अग्निसन्निधौ == in the vicinity of a fire
अग्निसम निभम == shining as fire
अग्निसमस्य वै == who was truly resembling a fire
अग्निसमानछक्षुः == with his eyes as red as the fire
अग्निसम्वृतम == and enveloped in flames (as I was).
अग्निसाक्शिकम == taking Agni; the fire-god for a witness.
अग्निहोत्र शाल == , place of sacrificial fire; 7»
अग्निहोत्र समुत्थितः == coming forth from the sacred fire
अग्निहोत्रम == the Agnihotra (act of poring oblations into the sacred fire)
अग्निहोत्रम उप आसीनम == fire-alter, nearby, sitting -- Sharabhanga.
अग्निहोत्रम छ == is the oblation to the fire-god
अग्निहोत्राणि == sacrificial fires
अग्निहोत्रिणाम == attained by those who pour such oblations.
अग्निहोत्रेण == with sacrificial fire; (even though)
अग्निहोत्रेशु == from the sacred fire
अग्निहोत्रेशु तीर्थेशु चैत्य वृक्शेशु == at ritual-altars, holy bathing places, sanctuaries, trees of
अग्नीन == flashes of radiance
अग्नीम्श्छ == into sacrificial fires
अग्नेः == of fire
अग्नेः इन्द्रस्य सोमस्य यमस्य वरुणस्य च == of Fire, Indra «the Administrator of Natural Forces,» Moon, Terminator, Rain, also
अग्नेः इव == like a splendour of the sacrificial (enhances)
अग्नेः तृप्तिम प्रयच्छत == to Fire-god, appeasement, you bestow.
अग्नेः मरीच्यः == of radiation, beams «radiational beams»
अग्नेः वचनम श्रुत्वा == Agni - the Fire-god's, words, on hearing
अग्नेः समक्शम == of Fire «Altar of Fire,» before
अग्नेः स्थानम == Fire's, sanctum
अग्नेयम == a missile presided over by Agni the god of fire
अग्नेयेन अस्त्रेण == the missile of fire
अग्नेरिव == like that of fire.
अग्नोउ जुहाव छ == in fire, oblated, also.
अग्नौ == in fire@
अग्नौ जुहाव == in Altar of Fire, effused oblational liquids.
अग्नौ परि तप्य मानम == in fire, wholly, melted
अग्न्य गारस्थम == living in a house of fire
अग्न्यगारपरा == and be interested in offering sacrifices in the house of fire-worship
अग्न्यगारम == in the sacred fire house
अग्र == ascending@
अग्र पूजाम == as prime, oblation
अग्र महिशीया == 'to the one who is my prime queen'
अग्रं == at the tip@
अग्रः == excellent
अग्रजः == my elder brother@
अग्रजम == his brother
अग्रजम ददर्श == at his elder brother, has seen.
अग्रजम प्रति == regarding his elder brother.
अग्रजम वालिनम पश्यतु == «his» elder-brother «Vali,» let him see
अग्रजस्य == of his elder brother; Ravana
अग्रजेन == by elder brother
अग्रतः == (even) ahead@
अग्रतः अनुजम सुग्रीवम ददर्श == afore, brother, at Sugreeva, seen.
अग्रतः एव == still in front.
अग्रतः कृत्वा == keeping in front
अग्रतः गच्छ == in advance, you move
अग्रतः प पात == in front of «Duushana,» fell.
अग्रतः प्रययौ रामः == ahead, travelled, Rama
अग्रतः यान्तु == in van, proceed
अग्रतः स्थितम == afore, standing
अग्रतः स्वकर्मस्थम == you in front engaged in such nefarious acts.
अग्रदीपः == (m) headlight@
अग्रम उद्धृत्य == first «part, first morsel,» taking up
अग्रमहिषी == foremost consort
अग्रयम == which was excellent
अग्रर्तः प्रययौ == , followed by u, Lakshmi/Seetha, who is an embodiment of the Absolute's
अग्रवीर्ये == of great prowess
अग्रवेष प्रमदा जनाकुलम == filled with women in top dress and form
अग्रशूरः == he was highly proficient
अग्रहतः == in front.
अग्रहस्तम == forehand
अग्राक्ष्णा == with tip of eyes
अग्रानीकम == front of the army
अग्राम्यपदवत == and polished
अग्रिछितम == who was lying on a funeral pile.
अग्रिभिः == fires
अग्रिमिव == like fire
अग्रे == ahead@
अग्रे प्रयान्तु == in forefront, let them travel
अग्रे व्रजन्ति == in advance, let them travel.
अग्रेसरम विधाय == as chief, on making
अग्र्य == (May) the foremost
अग्र्य पौरुशम == one with lofty, aplomb
अग्र्यत == fine variety
अग्र्यम काङ्छन शैलम == the lofty golden mountain
अग्र्यम शैलम == the excellent mountain
अग्र्यमालाविभूषितम == decorated with best flower garlands
अग्र्यवारुणीम == excellent of your desire
अग्र्या == the foremost
अग्र्याभिः == with superior ones
अग्र्ये == exemplary
अग्र्यैः वछोभिः == with the best words
अग्र्य्यास्तरनम == previded with an excellent coverlet.
अग्वतः == in the presence
अघं == grievous sins@
अघंमनः == (adj) evil-minded@
अघायुः == whose life is full of sins@
अघोशयन == made a proclamation of my presence
अघौघेन == flood of troubles
अङ्क == number@
अङ्कम == on his lap
अङ्कागताम सतीम == mounted on the lap
अङ्कात == from the lap
अङ्कुशैश्छापि == and goads too.
अङ्के == on his lap
अङ्केन == in his arms.
अङ्कोलाः == Ankola
अङ्ग == a limb, or body part@
अङ्ग प्रत्यङ्गजः == is born from primary limbs and secondary members of the body
अङ्ग रागम्छ == scented cosmetic
अङ्गं == limb(s)@
अङ्गद == Angada
अङ्गद प्रमुखाः == having Angada as their chief
अङ्गद प्रमुखैः == with Angada as the chief
अङ्गद प्रमुखैः वीरैः == accompanied by Angada and other heroes
अङ्गद बद्ध बाहुना == with bracelets worn on his upper ar.ns
अङ्गद भूषितौ == which though decked with armlets
अङ्गद वछः == the words of Angada
अङ्गदः == Angada
अङ्गदगतः == sitting on angada
अङ्गदम == Angaa
अङ्गदम छापि == Angada
अङ्गदम भ्रातृजम पृष्टतः कृत्वा == keeping Angada; the son of his brother in the rear
अङ्गदश्छ == Angada
अङ्गदसम्नद्धः == wearing bracelets on his upper arms
अङ्गदस्य == of Angada
अङ्गदानि == Armlets
अङ्गदाभिहताः == struck by Angada
अङ्गदाय == to Angada
अङ्गदे == a bracelet worn on upper arm
अङ्गदे सक्तम == being entangled with armlet; .
अङ्गदेन == Angeda
अङ्गदेम सार्थम == with Angada
अङ्गदैः अपि == by beautiful bracelets
अङ्गदोनाम == named Angada
अङ्गना == that Kaikeyi
अङ्गना यथा == like a woman
अङ्गनाशतमात्रम == only a hundred of women;anuvrajat
अङ्गम == body
अङ्गरागाणि == (like) cosmetics
अङ्गरागेण == cosmetic
अङ्गवय शाद्वलाम == morsels of flesh the grass
अङ्गवैरूप्यकर्शितनो == injured iwth his deformed limbs
अङ्गानि == limbs@
अङ्गार मिश्राः == mixed with particles of charcoal
अङ्गारक बुधाविव == like the planets Mars and Mercury.
अङ्गारकः == the planet Mars
अङ्गारम == a live charcoal.
अङ्गुल == a finger@
अङ्गुल मात्रम == a finger's
अङ्गुलीयकम छ == ring also
अङ्गुलीयम == finger-ring
अङ्गुलीवेश्टान == rings
अङ्गुल्या == to his finger
अङ्गुळीः == fingers
अङ्गुश्ठमात्रकः == is to the size of a human thumb.
अङ्गुष्ठ == the big toe@
अङ्गुष्ठः == (m) thumb@
अङ्गे == body
अङ्गेशु == the limbs
अङ्गेषु == in Her limbs
अङ्गैः == and with his limbs
अङ्गोपाङ्गानि == limb and bone
अङ्जना == Anjana (his mother)
अङ्जलि == folded hands
अङ्जलि सहस्राणि == thousands of joined palms
अङ्जलिम == a respectful salutation(by joining his palms)
अङ्जलिमालया == a circle of demons paying him obeisance
अङ्डजम == birds
अङ्डम भिन्दन्निव == like a broken-up hemi-sphere of the world
अङ्याय == knowing
अचक्षुस् == one without an eye@
अचरं == and not moving@
अचरत == she ambled.
अचरस्य == and nonmoving@
अचल == (adj) still, stationary@
अचल उत्तमः विन्ध्य शैलः == mountain, highest, Vindhya, mountain
अचल उद्गतः == on mountain, stemmed up «standing high on mountain»
अचल उपमम == mountain, similar
अचलं == unmoving@
अचलः == immovable@
अचलप्रतिष्ठं == steadily situated@
अचला == unflinching@
अचलेन == without its being deviated@
अचापलं == determination@
अचिन्तयत च == speculated, also
अचिन्तयित्वा == not thinking
अचिन्त्य == inconceivable@
अचिन्त्यं == beyond contemplation@
अचिन्त्यः == inconceivable@
अचिन्त्यम == unfathomable
अचिरात == before long
अचिरात सम्जनिश्यति == soon, he takes birth
अचिराद् == without delay/in no time@
अचिराद्भव == in no time from the cycle of birth\death@
अचिरेण == very soon@
अचेतसः == without KRishhNa consciousness@
अच्छिनत == hewed off.
अच्छिन्दताम == mutilated.
अच्छेद्यः == unbreakable@
अच्युत == O infallible one@
अच्युतम् == the who does not slip@
अछक्रः == without wheels
अछक्शुर विशये == and not within the reach of the eyes
अछक्श्य == tell
अछक्षुर्विषयः == for a man who has lost his vision?
अछक्षुर्विषयम == beyond their sight
अछक्षुषाम == we having without sight
अछक्ष्व == tell
अछछक्शे == spoke
अछछक्षिरे == informed
अछरन्तीम == who cease to graze
अछरे == on a mountain.
अछल उपमम == mountain, in simile
अछल कूट सन्निभौ == mountains, peaks, like «resembling»
अछल प्रख्यः == the mountain-like
अछल संकाशः == Equalling a mountain
अछल सन्निभैः == mountain, like
अछलः == immovable
अछलः इव == (he) was like a mountain;ashokaabhyaam
अछलः छ == the mountain
अछलः यथा == as a mountain
अछलम == which is unshakable
अछलम इव == and looking like a mountain
अछलमिव == as a mountain
अछलसम्काशः == equaling a mountain
अछलसम्निकाशः == whichw as mountain-like
अछलस्य शृङ्गमिव == as a mountain-top
अछलाः इव == like stones
अछलाग्रात == from the summit of the mountain
अछलाभानि == and appearing like mountains.
अछलेन्द्रः इव == like a mountain
अछलेन्द्रस्य == of the mountain
अछलैः == of mountains
अछलोत्तमे == on a high mountain.
अछलोपमः == equal to a mountain
अछलोपमम == looking like a mountain
अछवे == in combat
अछारयत == allowed them to graze
अछारिते == and began to be examined
अछार्य सद्मनि == at the residence of our receptor
अछार्यश्छैव == his teacher
अछिन्तयत == recalled
अछिन्तयन == being insensible
अछिन्तयन्ती == Not thinking
अछिन्तयित्वा == disregarding
अछिन्तितम == and thoughtless
अछिन्त्य == Ignoring
अछिन्त्य दर्शनम == of inconceivable sight
अछिन्त्य पराक्रमः == having unimaginable strength
अछिन्त्य बल पौरुषम == with unfathomable might and virility
अछिन्त्य बुद्धिम == having an unimaginable intelligence
अछिन्त्य वीर्य == possessing an unimaginable prowess
अछिन्त्यः == is inconceivable
अछिन्त्यकर्मणा == who was capable of doing unimaginable tasks
अछिन्त्यकल्पम == unimaginable
अछिन्त्यदर्शनम == in an inconceivable sight.«
अछिन्त्यबल पोउरुषः == a man with an inconceivable strength and valor
अछिन्त्यम == thought
अछिन्त्यम्छ == (that battle) was unimaginable
अछिन्त्यात्मा == of inconceivable courage
अछिन्त्याम == and who was inconceivable
अछिर प्रोशितम == whose absence though recent
अछिरदृष्टा हिस == was indeed seen not long ago
अछिरस्य == for sometime
अछिरात == before long
अछिरान == before long
अछिराम आगमिष्यामः == we shall soon return
अछिरेण == shortly
अछिरेण कालेनैव == in a short time only
अछिरेणैव कालेन == (from those) in a short while
अछिरोद्धृताम == uprooted short time back.
अछेतनम == and invisible
अछेतना == unconscious
अछेश्टौ == and lying inactive
अछोदयत == and directed
अछोदयम == urged
अछोदितः == without being prompted
अछ्छित == I hope
अछ्छ्हिद्रम == devoid of space between the fingers and toes
अछ्छ्हिनत == broke off
अछ्छ्हिन्दत == chopped off
अज == goat@
अजं == unborn@
अजः == unborn@
अजगरः == (m) python@
अजघान == (Mahaparshva) struck
अजघ्नः == banged
अजज्ज्ञिवान == ignorant of
अजनन्निव == as though you are unaware (of how to dispose of him)?
अजनयत == gave birth.
अजनयन == procreated.
अजने == which is an un-inhabited region
अजपा == involuntary repetition (as with a mantra)@
अजम्छ == Aja
अजयत == conquered
अजयम == I conquered
अजय्यः == incapable of being conquered
अजय्यम == who is unconquerable
अजय्येन == who cannot be defeated
अजरामरमपि == is undecaying and without death
अजश्छ == Aja
अजस्यैव == Aja's
अजस्रं == the unborn one@
अजह्मगैः == which were straight-going
अजा == (f) goat@
अजाः == Aja-s
अजात दशरथः अभवत == from Aja, Dasharatha, is manifest
अजानं == do not understand@
अजानतः == who does not know
अजानता == inadvertently@
अजानत् == knew@
अजानन्तः == without knowing@
अजानन्तम == who did not know anything
अजानन्निव == as though he did not know
अजानम == could not identify
अजामुखी नाम == named Ajamukhi
अजामुख्या == by Ajamukhi
अजायत == appeared
अजायमानो बहुधा विजायते... == Then Rama is said having lotus-petal like eyes, at 4-3-11, taking clue from cChandogya of Saamaveda,
अजाविकम == sheep and goats
अजि स्थितस्य == in combat, firmed up
अजितः == the invincible
अजितम == and who was not defeated
अजितेन्द्रियः == without my senses subdued
अजितेन्द्रियैः == those who have not defeated senses
अजिन कुशम == deerskin, Kusha - sacred grass
अजिनानाम च सन्चयान == deerskins, sheaves, also - they saw.
अजिनानि == antelope skins
अजिनैः == with deerskins
अजिनोत्तर सम्स्तीर्णे == covered with superior hairy skins of antelopes
अजिम == to battle
अजिरम == thresholds «of hermitages»
अजिह्मगम == which went straight
अजिह्मगैः == by those arrows.
अजिह्मगैः शरैः == with straight going arrows
अजिह्महैः == going straight
अजिह्विकाम == one without tongue
अजीवनार्हेण == who do not deserve to survive
अजीवितुम == do not live.
अजुर वेद == say, that the chariot of Sun is not drwan by any seven horses
अजौ == in battle.
अज्ज्ञातम == was promised
अज्ज्ञानस्य == with ignorance
अज्ज्ञानात == because of ignorance
अज्ञ == the ignorant person@
अज्ञः == a fool who has no knowledge in standard scriptures@
अज्ञता == ignorance@
अज्ञप्तः == was commanded
अज्ञान == ignorance@
अज्ञानं == nescience@
अज्ञानजं == due to ignorance@
अज्ञानसम्भूतं == born of ignorance@
अज्ञानां == of the foolish@
अज्ञानात == due to ignorance
अज्ञानाद्वा == due to ignorance or
अज्ञानेन == by ignorance@
अज्ञ्जलिं == salutation with joined palms
अज्ञ्जलिपद्मानि == salutation (with folded hands) resembling lotus buds
अज्ञ्जलिम कृत्वा == with joined palms.
अज्ञ्जसा == indeed.
अज्ञ्यानात == through ignorance
अज्णानात == when I was unaware
अज्वलत == was inflamed
अञ्चलः == (m) aanchal in Hindi@
अञ्जन == the name of the mother of Hanuman@
अञ्जनेयासन == the splits@
अञ्जलि == (m) folded hands@
अटताम == wandar about
अटति == (1 pp) to roam@
अटन्ति == are roaming
अटवीम == forest
अट्टहासम == a loud laughter.
अट्टालकवतंसकाम == the mansions as her earrings
अट्टालकेषु छ == from watching towers in city gates
अणीयांसं == smaller@
अणु == atom@
अणोः == than the atom@
अण्कम == in his lap
अण्के == on her lap
अण्केन == on my lap
अण्ग रुहाणिछ == the hair on my skin
अण्गगतः == when gone in proximity
अण्गदः == Angada
अण्गदम == Andaga
अण्गदम छैव == as also Angada
अण्गदम पुरस्कृत्य == keeping Angada in front
अण्गदानि == armlets
अण्गदेन == by Angada
अण्गदैः == Angadas(armlets)
अण्गदो नाम == called Angada
अण्गदोनाम == nemed Angada
अण्गना == his wife
अण्गनाः == females
अण्गरागम छ == the scented cosmetic
अण्गरागोछितम == who was applying suitable cosmetics to the body
अण्गानि == limbs
अण्गुलयः == the fingers
अण्गुल्यग्रेण == with the tip of my finger.
अण्जलिकुर्मि == I am folding my hands in salutation
अण्जलिकैरपि == Anjalis
अण्जलिना == through his hollowed palms
अण्जलिपानान == who survived by only drinking water through hollows of their palms
अण्जलिम == his palms together in salutation
अण्जलिम कृत्वा == after joining his palms
अण्जुसा == and safely
अण्डजेस्वरः इव == like an eagle
अण्णाम प्रजापतीनाम == among the six Prajapathis
अण्वस्त्रं == (n) nuclear weapon@
अण्ज़्ग्नातः == without being known
अत == that
अत एव == for that reason
अत एव पापम तेषाम्न विद्यते । पूर्वम रुद्र शिष्या अपि सम्प्रति तत शिष्य कृतम पापम नविद्यते इत्यर्थः।। == Govindaraja.
अत एव रावणस्य सीता राम भृत्यत्वेन ता उद्दिस्य तेन वक्ष्यमाणानि बाह्य दृष्ट्या दुर्भाषण वत प्रतीयमानानि अपि वाक्यानि - - वस्तुतः स्तुति पराणि एव == 'Though the utterances
अत हेअर्त,«अभवत == he became.»
अत ड़म «अल्सो धर्म == bow
अतः == 'thereby...'@
अतः अहम कृच्छ्र गतः अपि सन == thereby, I am, in tribulations, gone in, though, I am
अतः एव == there alone / for that reason alone
अतः तु == by that reason, only
अतः देवैः प्रसादितः == then, by gods, one who is besought - Vashishta
अतः निमित्तम == on that, score
अतः परम == hence forth.
अतः मूलाः == in it «in cow,» instated
अतःपरम == beyond
अतत == this
अततम == stretched out.
अतत्त्वार्थवत् == without knowledge of reality@
अतथोछितः == who is not deserved of such
अतथोछिताम == in such and improper condition
अतथोछिम == who was not habitated to such a situation
अतदर्शम == who was unsuitable for it
अतन्त्री == without chords
अतन्द्रितः == unwearyingly@
अतन्द्रिताः == free from lassitude
अतन्द्रिभिः == who were free from lassitude
अतन्द्रिभ्याम == Remaining free from lassitude
अतपस्काय == to one who is not austere@
अतरत == (Rama) crossed
अतर्कितः == who unexpectedly
अतर्किताम == not imagined
अतश्छ == for that reason
अताडयत == (Angada) struck
अति == extremely@
अति अद्भुतम == highly, amazing.
अति अमर्शणः == in high, resent
अति अर्थ विशारदौ == very, in skills, experts «very expertly skilled»
अति अर्थम == too, much
अति अर्थम पूजयामासुः == fulsomely, adored.
अति आसादयित्वाः == closely, to be approached «provoked.»
अति उग्र वेगा == by far, fiercely, speeded «frantic»
अति उग्रम == highly formidable missile
अति उच्च शिशिराः शिलाः == highly, towering, chilly, mountains
अति कान्तिनेन == most pleasing
अति क्रम्य == on over stepping - disregarding
अति क्रोधः == great anger
अति घोर प्रदशनम == very, deadly, in appearance
अति घोरे == very, dangerous; in such a
अति चुक्रोश == loudly, wailed.
अति जीवेत == grandly, lives.
अति तरति == overcomes
अति तूर्णम == very, quickly
अति तेजसम == with a great splendor
अति तेजसा == highly, resplendent one
अति दारुणे अस्मिन वैरे == highly, deplorable, in this, enmity «between you and Sugreeva»
अति दीनः == on becoming - very, miserable Lakshmana
अति दीप्तम अग्निम प्रवेक्श्यामि == highly, blazing, fire, I wish to enter
अति दीर्घस्य कालस्य == after much, long, time
अति दुश्करेशु == «even though they are» highly, impracticable
अति धार्मिकः == highly, self-righteousness
अति धार्मिकम == highly, righteous «fondly, affectionate brother»
अति धार्म्कौ == most, virtuous pair «of princes»
अति नासाश्छ == with big nose
अति नृशम्सया == which was very much cruel
अति पतिश्यन्ति == out, they fall - they go out, bounce back.
अति परि क्लिश्टम == much, entirely, difficulties - that Sugreeva has undergone
अति प्रमाणानि == too much, in size «colossal beings»
अति प्रवृद्ध अनिल बर्हिणानाम == much, amplified, wind's «gust,» peacock's «screams»
अति प्रहृष्टाः == became very happy
अति बल == oh, highly, powerful one «Hanuma»
अति बल उद्धितः == muchly, by might, arrogant one
अति बलः == and a very strong man
अति बली स लक्श्मणः सः रामः == highly mighty one, he, who is with Lakshmana
अति बलेन तेन पक्शिणा सह एव == very, mighty one, with that, bird, along with, thus
अति बलेन तेन राक्शसा वनम विनादितम == very, mighty one, by him, that demon, forest, is verily, blared.
अति बलैः == most, mighty
अति भास्वरम == highly, refulgent
अति मतिमान == noble, minded one; Sugreeva
अति मत्ताम == overtly, ruttish
अति महत रूपम == supremely, great - unendurable, form
अति मात्रैः कार्मुकैः == un, usual ones, bows
अति मानिनम == unduly, self-conceited
अति यशसा == highly, glorious one
अति यशा == who has high, distinction
अति रम्यैः पुलिनैः च == with highly, appealing, sand-isles, also
अति रूपवती सीता - अति मूर्खाः च रावण == 'Seetha is the
अति रूपवती सीता... अति मूर्खः छ रावण == 'While Seetha is an extraordinarily
अति वर्तितुम == to over, step - to transcend
अति वि प्रधर्शात == by too, much, ignominy; bhraatuH vadhaH me anumataH brother's,
अति वि व्यधे == very, much, anguished
अति विद्धौ == pierced deeply
अति विशम == a great lot of, venom
अति विश्ठितान == steadily, standing
अति वीरः == of superior strength
अति वीर्यवान == highly, braving one
अति वृत्तः == is over, bearing - transgressed
अति वृत्तम == too far, going «circumventing»
अति सम्वृद्धान == which were well nourished
अति सम्हृश्टौ == very, enthusiastically
अति स्निग्धम वचनम इदम अब्रवीत == very, friendly, words, this, spoke.
अति स्नेह परिश्वन्गात == too much, friendship, by the embrace of
अतिकाय समासाद्य == (when) Atikaya was to be attacked
अतिकायः == Atikaya
अतिकायत == as Atikaya.
अतिकायम == Atikaya
अतिकायश्छ == Atikaya
अतिकायस्य == of Atikaya
अतिकायाय == at Atikaya
अतिकायेन == by Atikaya
अतिकृतम == doing (something) excessively
अतिक्रमितुम == disregard
अतिक्रमेत वा == or go beyond it
अतिक्रम्य == and crossing
अतिक्रम्य च == on crossing, even
अतिक्रान्त == «an over stepped
अतिक्रान्तम == this transgression (of righteousness)
अतिक्रान्तम अतिक्रान्तन == over steppingly and over stappingly
अतिक्रान्तमतिक्रान्तम == going astray again and again
अतिक्रान्तवयाः == has crossed his age
अतिक्रान्तुम == to overtake
अतिक्रामति == overbearingly «torturing.»
अतिक्रामयित्वा == have distanced
अतिगते == having passed
अतिचार == Accelerated planetary motion@
अतिछक्रमुः == surpassed a time
अतिछिता == a very extensive area
अतितनुश्छ == am very small
अतितरन्ति == transcend@
अतितरलं == ati+tarala, very+unstable@
अतिताया == very much dragging.
अतितीक्श्ण वेगौ == possessing great velocity
अतितेजस्वी == having very fiery energy
अतिथि == (m) guest@
अतिथि क्रियाम अकुर्वन == guest, works «reception,» they made - offered.
अतिथि श्रेश्ठः == guest, important.
अतिथि सत्कार == , honouring guests - ' leaving 'the doer and doing' attachment,
अतिथिः == a guest@
अतिथिः च == untimely guest, also; such as he is
अतिथिम == being the guest «guest a priori»
अतिथिम प्रति पूज्य च == guest, having worshipped «with other formalities,» also
अतिथिम प्रतिपूजयेत == guest is, worshipped
अतिथिमिव == like a guest
अतिथिश्छैव == (is a) guest
अतिथीनाम छ == the guests
अतिथौ == guest
अतिदारुणम == and very cruel
अतिदारुणे व्यसने वा == or into a very dreadful adversity
अतिदारूणमन् == adj. very dreadful@
अतिदुःखार्तान == who were disturbed with immense grief
अतिदुखितम == greatly sorrowful
अतिदुर्वृत्त == of exceedingly bad conduct@
अतिनिः श्वासात == for you long sighs
अतिनिःश्वस्य == sighed heavly
अतिनिद्रः == from his profound slumber
अतिपत्य == reaching
अतिपरिचय == excessive familiarity@
अतिपष्यति == (He) can cross
अतिप्रछङ्डम == exessively furious
अतिप्रछण्डम == which were highly fierce
अतिप्रछन्डः अनिलः यथा == as an impetuous wind (taken away)
अतिप्रमाणाः == of immense size
अतिप्रवृःए == who have; exceeded
अतिप्रवृद्धः == extended fully
अतिप्रसन्नेन == by the very gracious
अतिप्रहृष्येव == appeared like over -joyed
अतिबभ्राज == very much; radiating
अतिबल == 'by the twin principles taught by Vishvamitra his strength does
अतिबलः == mighty
अतिबलम == who was exceedingly strong
अतिबलह == the mighty
अतिबलाः == were very strong
अतिबलान == mighty
अतिब्लः == the exceedingly strong
अतिभारः == great burden
अतिमहता पथा == by that lofty high way
अतिमहावेगैः == of very great velocity
अतिमात्र प्रहर्शः == great rejoicing
अतिमात्र शिरोग्रीवाः == those with big heads and necks
अतिमात्रकुछोदरीः == those with big nipples and big stomach
अतिमात्रकुछोदरीम == one with big breats and stomach
अतिमात्रम == beyond measure
अतिमात्रम ननन्द == was very much pleased
अतिमात्रया == who transgressed all bounds of decorum
अतिमात्रशिरोग्रीवाम == one with a big head and neck
अतिमात्रास्य नेत्राम छ == and one with big mouth and eyes
अतिमात्रास्यनेत्रश्छ == those with big mouths and eyes
अतिमानश्छ == you are highly arrogant
अतिमानुशम == which is super-human
अतिमुक्तकैः == Atimukta, Maadhavii Lata Gaertnera racemosa
अतिययोन == and passed over those villages.
अतिययौ == crossed (them
अतियशाम == of great honour.
अतियादपि == may overflow
अतिरथः == Ravana
अतिरथम == the great chariot-warrior
अतिरथाः == great chariot-warriors
अतिरम्याणि == and very much enchanting
अतिरात्र == . These apart many of the preordained rituals are performed there in that ritual as envisaged in scriptures. «1-14-41»
अतिरात्रि == . These apart many of the preordained rituals are performed there as per scriptural philosophical directives.
अतिरात्रोउ विनिर्मितोउ == atiraatri rituals, performed
अतिरिक्तः == greater than
अतिरिक्तम == more
अतिरिच्यते == becomes more@
अतिरौद्रम == exceedingly furious
अतिरौद्रे == which is very terrific
अतिलक्षण सम्पन्नम == endowed with exceedingly good attributes
अतिवर्तते == is passing@
अतिवर्तते हि == is indeed passing away
अतिवर्तितुम == even to look at him; much less advance towards
अतिवर्ते त == can violate (me by unfaithfulness)
अतिवर्तेत == of ignoring
अतिविद्धः == severely struck
अतिविद्धाण्गः == with his body very much wounded
अतिविद्धाण्गाः == with his body struck fiercely
अतिविपुलाम शिलाम == a big rock
अतिविव्ड़्ड़्द्ध कायः == having an exceedingly grown body
अतिविशालम == into the infinite
अतिविस्मिता == was very much surprised
अतिवीर्य विक्रमान == having too much of strength and prowess; (to go to the battle).
अतिवीर्यं == super power@
अतिवृत्तः == who has gone beyond his limits
अतिवृत्तम == surpassing all
अतिवेगः == and highly agitated
अतिवेगितः == with a great haste
अतिवेगेन == with a great speed
अतिशय == wonderful@
अतिशयनीम == abundant
अतिशयायितुम == excel
अतिशयोक्ति == exaggeration@
अतिशीघ्रम == very quickly
अतिशुश्रुवे == could be heard above
अतिशोभनम == very auspicious
अतिश्ठत केवलम == remained walking alone
अतिश्ठन == stayed waited on.
अतिश्रियाः रुछिराणि अपि == exceedinly, beautiful, though
अतिष्टत == and stood
अतिष्ठत == stood
अतिसंक्शिप्य == greatly reducing (His size)
अतिसत्कृताम == who is highly respected
अतिसन्धिता == that you are cheated
अतिसम्रब्धः == who is excess of anger
अतिसर्गाछ छ == and because of grant of permission from Angada
अतिसहः == and highly tolerant
अतिसुखे == which was most comfortable
अतिसृज्य == promised
अतिस्नेहोऽपि == even too much attachment
अतीत समये == having gone by
अतीतः == surpassed@
अतीतम == had passed away; (his wives)
अतीतम कालम == about lapsed, time
अतीतम कालम च == time, rolled by, furthermore
अतीता == has passed away
अतीतानागतार्थज्ज्ञः == who knows matters relating to the past and of the future
अतीतायाम == was passing away.
अतीते == when lapsed
अतीते अपि == dead, even though
अतीत्य == after crossing over@
अतीत्यैव == after entering
अतीन्द्रियं == transcendental@
अतीयात == may transgress; velaam-
अतीरः == has no shore
अतीव == are very much@
अतीव उग्राः == highly, frightening
अतीव कृपणम == very much piteously
अतीव तर्जिता == highly, intimidated
अतीव बलिनोः == extremely, forceful ones
अतीव मनः रमम == highly, heart, pleasing one
अतीव व्यथित मना == highly, annoyed, at heart
अतीव शुशुभे == much «enthusiastically,» shone forth.
अतुल प्रभम == to the one with un-balanceable, resplendence
अतुल प्रभाम किश्किन्धाम अध्यास्ते == matchless city, in pomp, Kishkindha, he presides over.
अतुल प्रभैः विमानैः == by unequalled, in refulgence, by divine aircrafts
अतुल विक्रम == O Rama of unequalled prowess!
अतुलः == unequalled
अतुलनीय == uncomparable@
अतुलप्रभम == and unequally brilliant
अतुलम == immeasurable
अतुलम प्र हर्सम लेभे == unique, high, rejoice, he obtained.
अतुलम प्रहर्शम प्रप्तः == matchless, delight
अतुलम प्रहर्शम लेभे == incomparable, happiness, he gained.
अतुलम प्रहर्शाम == great joy.
अतुलम प्रहर्षम == extra ordinary delight
अतुलम महत दुःखम == there is an unqualled and great grief
अतुलम वाक्यम == incomparable «unique in its own way,» sentence «conversation»
अतुलया श्रिया == and invested in matchless splendour
अतुलस्वनाः == with an unparallel sound
अतुला == incomparable
अतुलाः तोय धाराः == excellent, water, streams
अतुलाम == incomparable
अतुल्य रूपाम == peerless
अतुष्टम == one who is not satisfied
अतुष्ताम == and who is dissatisfied
अतूल्यं == uncomparable@
अतृणम == a lawnless
अतृप्तानाम == unceasingly
अतोषयन == without satisfying
अत्कायम == Atikaya
अत्त == afterwards
अत्तम == taken away by others
अत्त्वतः == truly
अत्न्ला == which will be unequalled
अत्बलाः == mighty
अत्भृशम == very exceeding
अत्मगुणानुरूपान == those who were according to their character
अत्मनः शीलम रक्शन्ती == while she was protecting her chastity
अत्मनाछ == and by myself
अत्मवान == self-respecting one; Rama
अत्मानं == (masc.Acc.S)the self@
अत्यक्रामत == crossed
अत्यगात == died
अत्यङ्कुशम == uncontrollabel
अत्यजत == abandoned
अत्यजत् == left, sacrifice@
अत्यण्कुशम == which is not caring a hook
अत्यद्भुत पराक्रमः == of highly wonderful prowess
अत्यद्भुतरौद्रवृत्ताः == with extremely strange character
अत्यनत सुकुमारः == 'by his feelings he is a delicate
अत्यन्त घोरः == extremely, horrible «aspect of animal»
अत्यन्त तृशितः == intensely, thirsty
अत्यन्त धार्मिकम == who was exceedingly virtuous
अत्यन्त नियत आहारैः == those with highly, controlled, food-habits
अत्यन्त निर्भग्नः == a complete loser
अत्यन्त सुकुमारस्य == with very delicate body
अत्यन्त सुख सम स्पर्शम == more so, comfortable «springlike,» for touch
अत्यन्त सुख सम्चारा == very much, comfortable, for rambling
अत्यन्त सुख सम्वृद्धः == very much, in comfort, he is brought up
अत्यन्त सुख सम्व्रिद्धः == brought up in comfort is but natural to a prince, but it is in its princely loftiness. But our father King Dasharatha has made it loftier. And you by your
अत्यन्त सुख सेविनीम == she who has ever lived in the heart of prosperity.
अत्यन्त सुखितः == who enjoyed very many comforts
अत्यन्त सुदुर्मतिश्छ == highly evil minded
अत्यन्तं == the highest@
अत्यन्तगुणवन्तिछ == and were most excellent
अत्यन्तम == a lot.
अत्यन्तम शोक वर्धनः == very much, grief, enhancing
अत्यन्तम स्वर्गम गच्छेयुः == eternally to heaven, may depart.
अत्यम वा == real or
अत्ययात == and crossed
अत्ययिकम == there is an urgent
अत्यरिछ्यत == excels «others.»
अत्यर्थ शुभ दर्शना == remarkably, sacred, its aspect
अत्यर्थं == highly@
अत्यर्थम == a lot
अत्यर्थम अलन्कृताभिः == well adorned
अत्यर्थम ईश्वरः == immoderately, a lord - will lord over
अत्यर्थम धर्मलोपम == a great deficit to dharma.
अत्यर्थम प्रसार्य == overlong, outstretching
अत्यर्थम मद ग्लानाः == those who were highly intoxicated
अत्यर्थम विशसम्सृश्टम == mixed with abundant poison
अत्यर्थम सक्तमनसः == with greatly devoted mind
अत्यर्थम हव्यम == great quantities of oblations
अत्यर्थम हित काम्यया == positively, well being, desiring
अत्यर्थमहापरक्रमैः == very seriously
अत्यवर्तत == crossed
अत्यस्य == of the truth; a
अत्यस्यन == shall over power
अत्यागिनां == for those who are not renounced@
अत्यानि == surpassing@
अत्यायिकम == there is a very urgent
अत्याहितम == very dangerous thing
अत्युग्रम == and very much powerful.
अत्युछ्छैः == which were very tall
अत्युछ्छैः देवदारुभिः == in the form of very high deodars
अत्युछ्छैः पक्शैः == with very high wings.
अत्युन्नतमहोत्साहः == and exhibited extra ordinary enthusiasm of a very exalted type
अत्युष्ण == very hot@
अत्येति == has passed@
अत्येतीव == is more beautiful
अत्र == under such circumstances@
अत्र अपरे द्रुमाः == there, other, trees
अत्र एव तिश्ठत == be satisfied «very abominable ones,» there, only, stay
अत्र एव प्रादुर आसीत == to there, only, revealed himself.
अत्र काव्ये == in this
अत्र गच्छेत अपि == thereunto, gone, she would have
अत्र च स्व करम फल हेतुकमिति विशेषणेन अनादि भव परम्पर आसादित धर्म अर्थ वासना वशेन शुभम अशुभम वा कर्म अनुष्ठाय तद औरूपम सुकहम दुःखम वा फलम अवाप्नोति इति उक्तम -- धर्माकूतम == Thus Hanuma is saying that Vali is not dead at the hand of Sugreeva but dead due his own demerits.
अत्र छित्राणि बहूनि मूलानि च फलनि स्युः == there, excellent, tubers, fruits, also, are there
अत्र तप आतिश्ठत == there - in this hermitage, in asceticism, sat tight.
अत्र त्वम समर्थ तरः पित्रा ४५४८ इति अनेन साम उक्तम । नित्यम अस्थिर चित्ता ४५४९ इति अनेन भेद उक्तः । त्वाम जातु न नाशयेत ४५४२१ अनेन दण्द उक्तः । अस्माभिः तु गतम सार्धम अनेन दानम उक्तम । एवम भेदो अपि हनुमता साम दान दन्ण्ड पूर्वक एव कृतः । तेन भेदना अन्गदो अपि बिव्हीषितः । द्क == As these references are already there, they
अत्र दशग्रीवो अत्यन्त अवमति रूपम कुल क्षय करम केश ग्रहणम स्वस्य भवितव्य अनुरूपतया कृतवा । केश ग्रहणस्य - सभा नयन - परुष भाषण - वस्त्र अपहरण - आदि अपेक्षया - वधोपेक्षया च अत्यन्त अवमति करत्वम कुल क्षय करत्व च भारते प्रति पादितम - द्क == 'Ravana is predestined for self-ruin, hence
अत्र देवाः == there, gods
अत्र देवाः च यक्शाः च नागाः च पतगैः सह == there, gods, yaksha-s «celestials,» naagaa-s «reptiles,» pataga-s «birds,» together
अत्र दोशः न विद्यते च == in that, blame «sacrilege,» not, evident.
अत्र धरणी तले पातितः == there, on earth's, surface, felled «him and that chariot.»
अत्र धर्मः चैव कारणम == there - in that matter, rectitude, alone, is the base.
अत्र न जीवेत == there, not, he will be able to live
अत्र न सम्शयः == in that matter, no, doubt
अत्र नास्ति सम्शयः == there is no doubt
अत्र नियति शब्दापर पर्यायम जन्मान्तर कृत कर्म कालम अपेक्ष्य फलति । कलो अपि पूर्व कृत कर्म सापेक्ष्य एव । न स्वतन्त्र । एवम काल कर्म पराधीनः पुरुषो अपि न कर्मणि स्वतन्त्रः । == 'by
अत्र निवर्तितेन योगेन == now, with reverted, association - with the aim, by retracing your steps from the goal»
अत्र पर्ण शालायाम == into, hermitage
अत्र पूज्य दैवतेषु रुद्रस्य अनुपादानात अ-पूज्यत्वम उक्तम । अधुना कैस्चित पूज्य मानता तु तामस शास्त्र अनुरोधनेति बोध्यम।। == Others contradicted this, saying that when Shiva's son, Kaartikeya
अत्र बुद्धिः विचार्यताम == in that matter, sagacity, be pondered on - give a thought to it.
अत्र भिन्ने == while this army is borken
अत्र मारुत औरसत्वम मारुत वीर्य उत्पन्नत्व मात्रेण गौणम बोध्यम । सङ्स्कृते स्व क्षेत्रे स्व वीर्यात उत्पन्नस्य औरस शब्द मुख्य अर्थत्वात । तथा च औरस आदि विभाग प्रतिपादनम उपस्सरम तल्लक्षणम दर्शितानि मनुना - औरस क्षेत्रजः चैव दत्तः कृत्रिम एव च । गूडःओत्पन्नओ अपविद्धः च दायासा बान्धवाः च षट ।। - तेषाम लक्षणानि अपि स एव आह - स्व क्षेत्रे सङ्स्कृतायाम तु स्वयम उत्पादितः च यः । तम औरसम्विजानीयात पुत्रम प्रथम कल्पितम ।। स्व धर्मेण नियुक्तायाम क्षेत्रजः स्मृतः । सदृशम प्रीति सम्युक्तम स ज्ञएयः कृत्रिमः सुतः । मनु -- == And these systems of begetting children is a taboo and banned for this Kali Yuga era:
अत्र मृगेभ्यः अन्यत्र अन्य दोशः ना भवेत == here, from animals, other than, other, problem, will not, be there
अत्र यत अनन्तरम == there «in this regard,» what, next is to be done
अत्र यत कार्यम == in this matter, which «is to be done
अत्र यत च == therein, whatever, also
अत्र वः सर्वेशाम == there, to you, all
अत्र वसन == there, while residing
अत्र वीणा ताल मृदङ्ग वाद्य मात्रम प्रतिपाद्य सन्गीतम प्रव्रित्तम इति उक्त्वा वक्ष्यमानम नृत्त गीत अपि अभिप्रेतम - गीतम वाद्यम तथा नृत्यम त्रयः सन्गीतम उच्च्यते -- शारङ्ग देव... == Then the commentator proceeds to say that whole of the epic is replete with music for it is rendered as singable poetry:
अत्र शेते == here lies
अत्र सन्शयः न == in this matter, doubt, is not there
अत्र सम्शयः न == in that matter, doubt, is not there.
अत्र सम्शयः न अस्ति == there in that matter, doubt, is not, there
अत्र साधु निवसावहे == here, happily, we reside
अत्र साधु प्रविशाम इति == therein, good, we enter, thus
अत्र सिद्धा महात्मानः == there, accomplished, great souls
अत्रभवतः == to my revered father
अत्रभवता == by our reverent father
अत्रिः == Atri
अत्रिः अपि == Atri also
अत्रिपत्नीम == Anasuya; Atri's wife
अत्रे == in this land.«
अत्रेः == of Atri; a sage
अत्रैव == are there.
अत्ल्यमानम == of unequalled size
अथ == thereupon; (hearing)@
अथ अन्गद वचः श्रुत्वा == then, Angada's, words, on hearing
अथ अपराः == then, further - furthermore
अथ अब्रवीत == then, said.
अथ अभिपूज्यमानः == who was then greatly revered
अथ असकृत == that way, on many occasions
अथ अस्य == then, to him
अथ अहम == then, I was
अथ आत्मनः मानुशे == then, for himself, in human «world»
अथ आश्रम स्थः काकुत्स्थः == then, in hermitage, while staying, Rama
अथ उपविश्य भगवान आसने == then, seated, god, on «high» seat
अथ कस्यचित कालस्य == then, after some, time
अथ कस्यचित कालस्य तु == then, after some, of time, but
अथ कस्यछित कालस्य == then, some, after time
अथ किश्किन्धा शून्या हि == Kishkindha, is now, empty - derelict, indeed
अथ गच्छन एव == then, while going - on path, only
अथ गौतमः == then, Gautama
अथ छापि == besides
अथ जाबालिः == then, Jaabaali
अथ तत्र वासम अकरोत == then, there, stopover, she made
अथ तस्मिन काले गते == then, that «ten years,» time, having elapsed
अथ ते == then, they
अथ तौ भ्रातरौ == then, those, two brothers
अथ त्रिलोचनः महादेवः == then, triple-eyed, Mahadeva
अथ दीर्घेण कालेन == after, a long, time
अथ दूशणः == then, Duushana
अथ धर्म ज्ञअः मुनि पुन्गवः == then, well, informed one -shrewd, sage, eminent
अथ धर्मात्मा विश्वामित्रः == then, virtue-souled, Vishvamitra
अथ पात्यतः == then, while falling
अथ बाल अर्क सदृशः == then, young, sun «rising sun,» alike
अथ बिलात समुत्थितम शोणितम द्वारि दृश्ट्वा == then, from cave, started to flow, blood, at entrance, having seen
अथ भवेत == then, will accrue
अथ मधूनाम हरणम तथा == then, honey, appropriation of, thus.
अथ महा मुनिः == then, great-saint
अथ मानवम == then, Maanava missile - if Manu the earlier ruler of mankinbd
अथ यज्ञए समाप्ते तु == then, ritual, on completion, but
अथ युद्ध समुद्यत यातुधानानिधानाय सत्वरम उदग्र कोपम आविष्टस्य प्रचण्ड अनिल दोधूयमान ज्वालाकलाप युगान्त अनल कल्पस्य सकल जन दुष्प्रेक्ष्यस्य - - धर्माकूतम == Even now, on seeing Rama's unsightly aspect, should these demons fall prostrate before him, there
अथ राजा == then, king
अथ राजा दशरथः == then, king, Dasharatha
अथ रात्र्याम व्यतीतायाम == then, night, when elapsed
अथ रामः == then, Rama
अथ रामः महातेजा == then, Rama, most brilliant one
अथ रामम अब्रवीत == then, to Rama of Jamadagni, said.
अथ लक्श्मणः == then, Lakshmana
अथ लोहितानि वासाम्सिछ == and then using red pieces of cloth
अथ वर्श सहस्रेण == later, by years, thousand «after a thousand years»
अथ वाक्यम अब्रवीत == then, sentence, spoke.
अथ विश्वमित्रम अब्रुवन == to then, to Vishvamitra, they said.
अथ विश्वामित्रम अब्रवीत == then, to Vishvamitra, addressed.
अथ वृक्श मूलम उपाश्रिताः == then, at tree, base, took shelter.
अथ सः अव्यग्रम == then, he «Rama,» without haste
अथ सः क्शिप्रम == then, he, quickly
अथ सम्वत्सरे पूर्णे == after, one year, on completion
अथ सर्वे उपाध्याय गणाः == then, all, religious-teachers', congregations - of ritwiks
अथः == and
अथः च == in netherworlds, even
अथः प्राजापत्यः नरः == then, Prajaapati's, person
अथः मिथः == up and down
अथः हृश्टः दशरथः == then, delighted, Dasharatha
अथतः गन्धान == further, perfumes
अथम == and thereafter
अथर्ः == object, meaning@
अथर्वण्वाक्यं == «atharvaNa» word-piece@
अथर्वशीर्ष == atharva(?)@
अथर्वशीर्षं == 'atharva' heading or head@
अथव == Or
अथवा == Or@
अथवापि == or
अथशब्द == the word atha (prayers are started with words atha or AUM)@
अथश्छैव == and downwards
अथातः == atha and ataH : then and therefore@
अथापि == Moreover
अथापिवा == and
अथितः == and established
अथिप्रछोदितः == incited by
अथिरथसंमतः == appreciated by the champions of archery
अथेर == and
अथो == afterwards
अथौ == then@
अथ्वा == Is it not so
अदः शय्या == reposing n the floor
अदक्षिणं == with no remunerations to the priests@
अदग्धः == not being burnt
अदग्धा == was not burnt
अदत्ताम == not offered
अददत् == gave@
अददाः == gave
अददात == gave
अदन्ति == (They) devour
अदम्भित्वं == pridelessness@
अदम्भेन == bereft of hypocrisy
अदर्शः == mirror@
अदर्शनजः == born of your disappearance
अदर्शनम == disappearance.
अदर्शयत == showed
अदर्शयन == (the demons) pointed out
अदर्शयित्वा == without showing
अदशत == chewed
अदहत == burnt away
अदह्यन्त == burnt
अदा न खलु यज्ञअस्य विघ्न कर्ता महाबलः ।। १-२०-१८ == As said by Sage Vishvamitra, Ravana does not cause any hindrances to ritual, but these hench-demons do. So, they reaped the fruits of their
अदाअभि जग्मुः == towards, moved forward «welcomingly.»
अदात == gave
अदानीम == at that time
अदारुणम == gentle
अदास्यते == will take away
अदाह्यः == unable to be burned@
अदिखमाक्शिपन्ति == (Hanuma saw rakshasas) railing a lot
अदिति ==
अदितिः तन मना == Aditi, that, agreed
अदितिः यथा == (who) as Aditi
अदितिः यथा शुशुभे == Lady Aditi, as with, shone forth.
अदितिम च दितिम चैव == Aditi, also, Diti, like that
अदितिर्यथा == like Adithi
अदिती == the mother of the gods@
अदितेः च == Aditi's, also
अदितेः पुत्रा तु == by Aditi's, sons, on their
अदितेः सुता तु == Aditi's, sons,
अदितेः सुताः सुराः == Aditi's
अदितोः पुत्रः == the son of Aditi
अदित्या देवतानाम च == of lady Aditi, of gods, also
अदित्या मम च == of Aditi, of mine, as well
अदित्या सहितः == Lady Aditi, who will be with
अदित्याम देवाः आदित्या वसवः रुद्रा अश्विनौ च == from Aditi, Aadityaa-s, Vasu-s, two Ashvini-s
अदिथिः यथा शुशुभे == Lady Aditi, as with, shone forth.
अदिप । ददर्श भूमौ पतितम समिपे राघव आश्रमात ।। == thereby giving some time to Seetha to recollect what has happened.
अदीन अत्मा == her mind settled
अदीन भाषिणी == through comforting words spoken
अदीन सत्त्वः == possessing unimpaired goodness
अदीन सत्त्वम == who never had self-pity
अदीनः == is undepressed in spirit
अदीनवादिनः == and spoken without fear
अदीनसत्त्वः == of indomitable courage
अदीनसत्त्वम == yourself.
अदीनसत्त्वाः == and undepressed in spirit
अदीनात्म == one who is not weak in mind
अदीनाम == not depressed
अदीर्घ दर्शिनः == (of) a short sighted one
अदीर्घकाले == which is not long
अदीर्घेण == in not a long
अदीर्घेन कालेन == within no long time
अदुःखार्हस्य रामस्य == to difficulties
अदुःखार्हाम == who is not suited to sorrows
अदुश्टः == well-disposed
अदुश्टैः == tame
अदुष्टस्य == one who is not guilty
अदुष्टा == not being evil
अदूरतः == not for distant from her
अदूरपरिवर्तिनम == lying not very far.
अदूरस्थाम == to be not far-off
अदूरात == at a little distance
अदूरादेव == close
अदूरे == in vicinity
अदूरेण == close
अदूशयत हि == he reproached, indeed; he
अदूषयत == discredit
अदृश्ट दुःखानाम == who had never seen
अदृश्ट दुःखाम == who is having an unforeseen affliction
अदृश्ट पूर्व व्यसना == having not seen such misfortune earlier
अदृश्ट पूर्वान == never seen before
अदृश्टः == without being noticed
अदृश्टम == not seen
अदृश्टम वा == even if you have not seen
अदृश्य == and invisible
अदृश्य मानेन == by an invisible foe
अदृश्यः == either being invisible
अदृश्यः भवति हि == he will indeed be invisible
अदृश्यत == appeared
अदृश्यताम == are seen.
अदृश्यतैव == and he looked like
अदृश्यमानः == becoming invisible
अदृश्या == (on) not seeing
अदृश्यानि == the visible
अदृष्ट == Unseen, fortune, luck@
अदृष्ट दुःखम == who has never known suffering
अदृष्ट दुःखस्य == who had never seen suffering
अदृष्ट दुःखह == who has not seen sorrow
अदृष्ट पूर्व व्यसनाम == such an affliction not being seen by her earlier.
अदृष्ट प्रतिकारेण == which has never known how to retaliate
अदृष्टः == unseen
अदृष्टपूर्वं == never seen before@
अदृष्टपूर्वाम == which was not seen earlier.
अदृष्टम == unforeseen
अदृष्टाः == being unseen
अदृष्टान == not (yet) seen.
अदृष्ट्वा == not seeing
अदेया == may not be given
अदेव मातृकः == (agricultural land) not exclusively fed by rain
अदेश == at an unpurified place@
अदेशकाले == at a very wrong place and time
अदैन्यार्हम == who did not desrve that fate
अदैरयन == uttered
अदैवम्छ == and the fate?
अदोर्नेद विथ स्प्लेन्दिद एअर-रिन्ग्स;उदग्रायुध मिस्त्रिम्शोउ == and armed with excellent bows and swords
अदोशकाले == into a wrong place and time
अदौ == at the outset
अद् == to eat@
अद्द्रेस्सिन्ग «सम्प्रति == presently»
अद्भिः == with water
अद्भुत == the sentiment of marvel@
अद्भुत कर्मणः == one with marvellous, deeds
अद्भुत घोरवीर्यम == having wonderful and terrific prowess
अद्भुत तमम == marvel, to a higher degree of comparison - highest
अद्भुत दर्शनः == a wonderful sight
अद्भुत दर्शनम == superbly amazing, in appearance
अद्भुत दर्शनानि == of terrible form
अद्भुत दर्शनीयौ == those who are amazing, in look
अद्भुत प्रख्यम == with astonishing,
अद्भुत रूपेण == having a wonderful form
अद्भुत विग्रहानि == of wonderful form
अद्भुत सम्काशाः == in surpise
अद्भुतं == wonderful@
अद्भुतः == a marvel
अद्भुतदर्शनैः == with wonderfully looking
अद्भुतदर्षनम == with a strange appearance
अद्भुतम == a wonderful
अद्भुतम अन्नम == of wonderful food
अद्भुतम धनू रत्नम च == monumental, bow, gem of, also
अद्भुतम प्रिय दर्शनम == astonishing, delightful, in his appearance
अद्भुतम लक्श्मनाय प्रदर्शयन == his amazement, to Lakshmana, on showing; oh, Lakshmana
अद्भुतम शिलावर्षमिव == like wonderful shower of rocks.
अद्भुतमिव == marvelous indeed.
अद्भुतवीर कर्मा == of prodigious exploits.
अद्भुतश्छ == marvelous
अद्भुता == a wonderful
अद्भुताकाराम == with a wonderful appearance
अद्भुतोपमः == a marvelous
अद्भुतोपमम == resembling a wonder
अद्भूतं == wonderfull@
अद्य == nowadays@
अद्य अ सत्यम सुग्रीवम निहन्मि == now, un, truthful one, Sugreeva, I will kill
अद्य अन उत्तमम सिद्ध आश्रमम == now, un, excelled, to the Accomplished, hermitage
अद्य अपि == now, even
अद्य अपि दृश्यते == today, even, can be seen.
अद्य अयम == now, that «result of impious deeds»
अद्य अस्माभिः युधि हतः == now, by us, in war, when dead
अद्य अहम == now, I
अद्य आगतः == now, came upon
अद्य आगन्तव्यम == to day, they have to come.
अद्य आदास्यस्ते == will now take
अद्य इतः क्शिप्रम गत्वा == now, from here, promptly, on going
अद्य इदम प्राप्तम == now, this is, obtained «by you.»
अद्य इदानीम == today, now
अद्य इमाम निशाम == now, for this, night
अद्य इमाम मानुशीम == now, her, the human female
अद्य इमाम सरितम वा == now, this one, river «Godavari,» even
अद्य उद्योग कालः == now, strive «against,» time.
अद्य एकाम रजनीम == today, one, night
अद्य एव == now, itself
अद्य एव क्शिप्रम सुसम्वृत्तम == today, only quickly
अद्य एव गमने == today, only, in going
अद्य एव दीक्शाम प्रविश == today, only, ritual of solemnity, enter into - undertake
अद्य एव प्रियार्थम == today, only, for my happiness
अद्य एव स पक्शकम == now, itself, you as, with, wings «as a winged eagle»
अद्य एवम == as I am doing in his manner today
अद्य कः करिश्यति == now, who, can do - who has such impetus.
अद्य कथम रमते == now, how, she can delight herself without me.
अद्य करोमि == now, I will make
अद्य कामेन == now, with lust
अद्य काल पाशेन == now, by Time's, lasso
अद्य काले == at that time
अद्य किश्किन्धा इव == now, Kishkindha, like
अद्य गुरु वाक्ये व्यवस्थितम == presently, mentor's, ordinance, one who is abiding in
अद्य घोराणि बहूनि च == now, severe, several, even
अद्य जल आगमः समयः == now, waters, coming «rains,» season
अद्य तु == as of now, but
अद्य ते दर्पम == now, your, vanity
अद्य ते शिरः == now, your, head
अद्य त्वम मम शरैः चोदितः == now, you, by my, arrows, driven
अद्य त्वम वैवस्वतम देवम पश्येः == by now, you, Yama, god, would have seen.
अद्य दिवसः मर्यादा == today, is the day, of limit
अद्य नाशयामि == now, I will destroy
अद्य प्रभृति == from now onwards
अद्य प्रभ्ड़्ड़्ति == from today onwards
अद्य प्राणान वि मोक्श्यति == now, lives, is going to give up.
अद्य भविश्यति == now, she will be.
अद्य मघा हि == today, «ruling star is» Magha, isn't it
अद्य मम नाराचैः == now, by my, iron-shafts
अद्य मम परा प्रीतिः == now, to me, heightened, is the joy.
अद्य मम मनः == now, my, heart
अद्य मम युद्धम प्रयच्छ == now, to me, fight, you give
अद्य मय बलेन == now, by my, might
अद्य मया हतः == now, by me, «who is» killed
अद्य माम त्राहि == now, me, liberate
अद्य मृत्युः ध्रुवः हि == now, death, is definite, surely
अद्य मे जन्म सफलम == today, my, birth, is fructified
अद्य मे तप्तम सफलम == now, mine, whatever ascesis I practised, is fruited
अद्य मे स्वतः गमने == now, for me, on my own, in going
अद्य रजनीम == today's, night
अद्य रूप श्रेश्ठतया हि == presently, by form's, by excellence, for sure
अद्य रोशः उपशम्यताम हि == now, Lakshmana's - bitterness, be pacified, indeed.
अद्य वयम गत प्राणा == now, we are «I am,» gone, lives «as good as dead»
अद्य विशेशतः == now, above all
अद्य वै == today, for sure
अद्य श्रेण निहतस्य == now, by arrow, felled
अद्य सम उप अगतः == today, he came my nearby
अद्य सुग्रीवः कृत कृत्यः == now, Sugreeva, is ambition is fulfilled - accomplished one
अद्यतु == and today of course
अद्यप्रभृति == from now onwards
अद्यमैव == Now itself
अद्यवै == which is still
अद्यापि == even not; at dawn
अद्ये == now
अद्यैव == and now
अद्यैवतावत == Now only
अद्रय इव == like mountains
अद्राक्शम == saw
अद्राक्षम == I have seen
अद्रि शिखरात == from the top of a mountain
अद्रि शृण्ग प्रतिमम == like a great peak
अद्रिः इव == like a mountain.
अद्रिः यथा == like a mountain
अद्रिकूताछल मघ सन्निभम == similar to top of mountain; and immoveable
अद्रिकृत स्थदाम == who has an abode made in mountains.
अद्रिराज प्रतीकाशः == those monkeys resembling the king of mountains
अद्रिराजः इव == like a king of mountains
अद्रिराट इव == like the king of birds
अद्रिवराद्रिकल्पम == which was looking like a large mountain-peak
अद्रिसमान सारः == who is mighty as an ocean
अद्रिसम्काशः == having appearance of a mountain
अद्रोहः == freedom from envy@
अद्वभ्याम == by duel
अद्वारेण == at a non-entry gate.
अद्वासन == the prone posture@
अद्विजाय == to one not belonging to the twice-born classes
अद्वितीयः == the inseparable or the non-dual@
अद्वेष्टा == nonenvious@
अद्वैत == tenet@
अद्वैधम == should unhesitatingly
अद्ड़्ड़्ष्टे == and in an unforeseen
अधः == lower «lower eyelid and below»@
अधः गत मुखीम == down, gone «cast,» faced
अधः शय्या == sleeping on the ground
अधः शिराह == with his head bent down
अधः शीर्शा == downward, with heads
अधःश्श्रिराः == having his head bowed down
अधन == one without money@
अधनः इव == like an indegent man
अधनेन == to the penniless man
अधम == O lowest one!@
अधमः == worst
अधमां == condemned@
अधमाधम == the worst among the inferior@
अधमे == O vile one
अधमेन == (and) vilest of men
अधर == Lip@
अधरः == (m) lips@
अधरात् == from below@
अधर्म == of Gorakhpur version, there are other words available in other mms like@
अधर्म कर्शितः == un-virtue, smitten by
अधर्म नाशनः == destroys unrighteousness.
अधर्म भय भीतश्छ == am terribly concerned of doing wrong
अधर्म मूलम == rooted in unrighteousness
अधर्म रुछयः == showing interest in unrighteousness
अधर्मं == irreligion@
अधर्मः == (and) unrighteousness@
अधर्मः मा स्पृशेत == Let not unrighteousness lay held
अधर्मः हि == unrighteiousness is indeed
अधर्मचारी == adj. impious@
अधर्मतः == through vice?
अधर्मफलसम्हितम == close by the result of unrighteousness
अधर्मबुद्धेः == to the wicked minded
अधर्मम == in un righteousness
अधर्मम छ == will the fruit of vice; (be
अधर्मसम्श्रितः == when united with might (something other than virtue)
अधर्मस्य == of unrighteousness also.@
अधर्माण्ड़्ड़्त सम्युक्तः == may be full of unrighteous and falsehood
अधर्मात्तु == due to their unrighteousness
अधर्मानर्थयोः == (But) acts instrumental to injustice and non-value
अधर्मिकम == who is unjust
अधर्मिश्ठम == and wrong; (can I)
अधर्मिष्टम == and which is unrighteous
अधर्मेण == by (their own); vice
अधर्मेण छ == in virtuous acts
अधर्मोवा == or unrighteousness
अधर्म्यम == it will not be in consonance with righteousness
अधर्म्यम वछः == the un-just words
अधर्म्याम == the impious woman
अधर्व शिरसि प्रोक्तैअः == adharva Veda's,
अधर्व-वेद == with procedural hymns, called
अधवा अपि == else, or
अधश्छ == and from under.
अधश्छैव == and down
अधस्तात == and underneath
अधस्तात न सज्जते == in netherworlds, not, hampered
अधारयत == bore
अधि अर्धम अधिकान त्रीन मासान == one and half, more than, three, months
अधि गच्छति हि == conversant with, indeed.
अधि गतान अस्मान श्रेयसा योज यिश्यति == when we go to him, for us, beneficence, he accords.
अधिक == is very much - heightening.@
अधिक मनोज्ञआ वल्कलेन अपि तन्वी == that, 'this Shakuntala is pleasant though clad in jute-cloths'
अधिकं == more@
अधिकः == more than@
अधिकगम्भीरम == an exceedingly roaring
अधिकतरः == very much@
अधिकम == a lot.
अधिकम कान्तम == which looked more charming
अधिकम तस्याः आस्यप्रामाणात == to a size larger than the capacity of her mouth.
अधिकम परि बभ्राज == muchly, overly, shone forth - ablaze.
अधिकम प्र विभाति == much, very, shining
अधिकम भयम == great fear
अधिकम मलिनाम == very untidy
अधिकम वि भान्ति == extremely, well, splendorous
अधिकम विभाति == highly, glistening.
अधिकम शोभते == additionally beautifying.
अधिकम शोभते पम्प == highly, glistens, is this Pampa
अधिकम सर्वम कर्म शास्त्रतः == many more, all, rituals too, as per scriptures
अधिकम सोभासे == impressively, you shine forth.
अधिकाः == additionally
अधिकार == ; 6» Resolve in God,@
अधिकार पारतन्त्र्य == ; 7» God's resolve in Dedicate,
अधिकारः == right@
अधिकारितन्त्रं == (n) bureaucracy@
अधिकृताः == appointed for execution of the work
अधिक्शिपन्ति == insulting
अधिक्शिपन्तौ == hurled themselves
अधिक्शिपेत == insults
अधिक्शिप्तः == he who is arraigned «find fault with; call into question, an action or statement, imputed, Rama by Vali»
अधिक्षिपति == to censure@
अधिक्षेपः == (m) accusation@
अधिगच्छति == he gains.@
अधिगछ्छ्हति == (such a person) obtains
अधिगछ्छ्हसि वा == or if you discover
अधिगता == she was traced out
अधिगताः == were obtained from them.
अधिगत्वा == nearing (Rama)
अधिगन्ता असि == reach out, you will
अधिगन्तुम इच्छसि == to override, you, wish to
अधिगमिश्यतः == will go upto
अधिगमिश्यति == indeed reach
अधिगमिष्यति == will acquire
अधिगमिष्यामि == I will obtain
अधिगम्य == believing@
अधिगम्य तु == on knowing, only
अधिगम्यते == can be attained
अधितिष्ठति == and overcomes
अधितिष्ठन्तम == ruling
अधिदैव == the principle of subjective existence@
अधिदैवं == governing all the demigods@
अधिदैवतं == called adhidaiva@
अधिनिक्शिपन्ति == moving
अधिनियमः == (m) act@
अधिप == protector@
अधिपः == lord
अधिपति == lord@
अधिपतिः == leader
अधिपूर्णाः == were filled
अधिभुत == the principle of objective existence@
अधिभूतं == the material manifestation@
अधिमात्र == superior@
अधिमात्रातम == the highest, the supreme one@
अधियज्ञ == the principle of sacrifice, incarnation@
अधियज्ञः == the Supersoul@
अधिराजवत == like an overlord
अधिरुरुहुः == mounted
अधिरुह्य == ascend
अधिरुह्य च == clambered up, also
अधिरुह्यताम == and ascend
अधिरूढः == one mounted upon - bestriding
अधिरूह्य == ascended
अधिरोह == mount on
अधिरोहन्ति == ascending
अधिरोहन्तु == ascend
अधिरोह्य == mounted
अधिवास == dwelling@
अधिवासम == dwelling places
अधिवासम वसन्ति == in residency, are residing
अधिवेशनं == (n) conference@
अधिशिश्ये == (he); laid
अधिशेत == slept on
अधिश्टान == , elevation; 8»
अधिश्ठाय == to mount on
अधिश्ठितम == It was inhabited
अधिश्ठिताः == administered
अधिश्ठितान == and mounted
अधिष्ठाता == is an administrator
अधिष्ठान == seat, abode@
अधिष्ठानं == sitting place@
अधिष्ठाय == mounted@
अधिष्ठितः == duly guarding
अधिष्ठितानाम == which were mounted upon
अधिष्ठिताम == guarded by
अधिसरि == competent candidate@
अधीत == studied@
अधीतम छ == and (Vedas and other holy scriptures have been) studied
अधीता == studied@
अधीनम == depends
अधीयते == and read
अधीयानः == studied@
अधीयाने == if practised
अधुत दर्शनः == a wonderful sight (to behold).
अधुना == now@
अधृश्यः == invisible
अधृश्यम == unapproachable
अधो मुखम == turning his head bent low
अधोगतमुखी == with downward face
अधोगतिभिः == which had downward movement
अधोभागेन == downward
अधोमुख == face downwards@
अधोमुखश्वानासन == the dog stretch posture@
अधोमुखीम == her head bowed
अधोमुखौ == with their faces bent donw
अध्यक्षेण == by superintendence@
अध्यधार / एल्लिप्तिच: विद्युत इव == streak of lightning
अध्यधार: मत शरीरम == elliptical: 'my
अध्ययन == study@
अध्ययनैः == or Vedic study@
अध्यर्थ योजनम गत्वा == one and half, yojana on going
अध्यर्धम योउजनम == occupying; an area of one
अध्यवसत == presides over «he is ruling from.»
अध्यवस्य छ == (Hanuma) ascertained her
अध्यात्म == the principle of self@
अध्यात्मं == transcendental@
अध्यात्मविद्या == spiritual knowledge@
अध्यादेशः == (m) ordinance@
अध्याधार == , supply of words, may not be that faithful while rendering from Sanskrit to English.
अध्यापयितुं == to teach (infinitive of causative of adhi+i, to study)@
अध्यापिका == (f) lady teacher@
अध्यारूहत == ascended
अध्यारोहत == ascended
अध्यारोहन्त == ascended
अध्यारोहम == ascended (it)
अध्यारोहामहे == we shall ascend up on high
अध्यास == a case of mistaken identity@
अध्यासितम == on which were seated
अध्यास्ते == (and he) dwells
अध्यास्थ == was seated
अध्याहार == , meaning is drawn to all three expressions as above i.e., 'Unknown are the three things... etc.' Vali is said to have admitted that Supreme Soul
अध्याहार: अस्माकम == our
अध्युशिताम == inhabited
अध्युशिते == and occupied
अध्युषितः == inhabited with me for a long time
अध्युषिताम == lived
अध्येष्यते == will study@
अध्योपत्य == Lordship@
अध्रानम == course
अध्रुवं == temporary@
अध्रुवम == is not lasting
अध्रुवा स्थितिः == the uncertain state
अध्व गः इव == way, farer «like,» appeared to be.
अध्व श्रमेण प्रचुर श्रमः == pathway, strain of, much, strain
अध्वना == by route
अध्वनि == in the course of the journey
अध्वन् == road@
अध्वप्रकर्षात == due to the great distance
अध्वरमिव == and as in a sacrifice
अध्वराग्ने == of sacrificial fire
अध्वरात == from a sacrificial rite.
अध्वरे == in a sacrifice.
अध्वरे सदस्यैः == the superintending priests.
अध्वर्यने पतीछीम तु == to adhvaryu, west «side,» and
अध्वर्यु समीरिताः == and re-animated; as they
अध्वश्रमः == travel fatigue
अध्वा == (let) your trave
अध्वानम == along that route.
अध्वानम आगताः == on pathway, they came
अध्वान् == (m) road, path, way@
अन अ वद्य अन्गी == not, un, speakable, limbed - one with immaculate limbs
अन अदृत्य तु == not, heedful of, but
अन अन्ग == without, body - Love-god
अन अन्य चेतनः == not, otherwise, hearted - one who is thinking on Seetha alone - Rama
अन अन्य रूपाः == not, other, aspect «entity»
अन अपत्यः == without, children
अन अपराधिनम == un, offending one
अन अपायिनम == not, leaving one another «or, not fearing any danger»
अन अपेक्शौ == without, yearning for
अन अर्थेन == by bad luck, misadventure
अन अर्हा == not, unsuited to
अन अल्पैः == not, less «umpteen»
अन अवकाशकाः == sages without any repose.
अन अवस्थितः == inconstant, capricious
अन अवेक्शकम == one who does - notm making eyes at
अन अवेक्शितुम == not, to honour
अन असूयकः == not, jealous
अन असूयता श्रोतव्यम == without cavilling, «this may» be listened.
अन अस्तमितम == not, dusked «before sundown»
अन आकाशम चक्रुः == less, leeway, made as.
अन आकाशम बभूव == without, empty space, it became.
अन आगत विधानम == not, come yet - for imminent situation
अन आगसम == less, of error «errorless one»
अन आदृत्य == not, agreeing - disavowing
अन आदृत्य तु == un, caring for
अन आधृश्यम == not, to be meddled with - uninfringeable
अन आपृच्छ्य == without, asking «informing»
अन आमिशः == without, flesh
अन आर्य == you are - un, cultured
अन आर्यम == not, noble «despicable - you Rama»
अन आर्यैः == with un, civilised ones - base
अन आश्रयत्वात च == un, sheltered - by such a state, also
अन आसादयमानम == one who is not, getting at
अन आस्वादित पूर्वणि == not tasted, earlier
अन आहारः == without, food
अन आहूतो अध्वर्यम गच्छेत == 'even uninvited
अन इन्द्रकः == without, Indra
अन इन्द्रम == without, Indra
अन इश्टः न अनुशास्यते हि == uninterested ones, not, forewarns, indeed.
अन इश्टानि निमित्तानि == un, desirable, forebodings
अन इश्ठित आशः == not, tangible, hope «hope became intangible»
अन ईप्सनीयम == un, desirable
अन उक्तः == not, said - if not replied
अन उक्तेन अपि == not, asked «by sages,» even if
अन उच्छ्वसन == without, respiring «breathless»
अन उच्छ्वसमानस्य == who is - not, taking breath
अन उच्छ्वासम एव आसीत == without, breath «with breath-control,» only, he remained
अन उछिते == un, deserving
अन उत्तमम == none, better than him - excellent one
अन उत्तमम आसीत == not, surpassed, it became.
अन उत्तमम कन्या शतम उवाच == to un, surpassing, to girls, hundred, said.
अन उत्तमम तपः तप्त्वा हि == un, excelled, ascesis, on performing, indeed
अन उत्तमम रूपम कृत्वा == un, excelled, physique, on adopting
अन उत्तमान लोकान व्रज == to un, excelled, worlds, you go.
अन उत्तमाम == un, excelled one
अन उदके == without, water «in droughty land»
अन उद्विग्नः == un, ruffled
अन उद्विग्ना == without, apprehension
अन उपमेन == not, comparable
अन ऋग्वेद विनीतस्य == non, Rig Veda, knower of
अन ऋजु वृत्तायाः == not, straight, behaving one's - guileful one's
अन ऋजुम नरम == not, truthful one, from a man, «from a prevaricator»
अन एक == not
अन एकशः == not, for one time
अन एकशः विच्छिन्नैः == in many ways, gone to rack and ruin
अन एकाः == not, one - innumerable
अन एकान == not, one «numerous»
अन एकानि == not, one - numerous
अन एकैः == with not one, with multitudinous monkeys
अन एलेफन्त तोमरैः == with goads.
अन ओल्द मोन्केय == living from ages till now, which is reflected in Maha Bharata, when Bhima could not lift the tail of this old monkey, on his way in
अन+ऊरुः == 'without, thighs - thigh-less being...' is the charioteer of Sun's seven-horse chariot. Further, Sun rides a single-wheeled
अनकाः == for many
अनगः == the faultless man
अनघ == O faultless@
अनघः == exalted - «here, not sinless, but exalted king»
अनघः राजा छ == flawless, king, also
अनघः रामः == impeccable, Rama
अनघम == and faultless
अनघाः == sinless trinity «Rama, Lakshmana, Seetha»
अनघे == Oh; the faultless
अनघे देवि == O the faultless princess!
अनङ्आतः == on the invitation
अनङ्ग प्रदीपकाः == love, while inspiring
अनङ्ग वशम == the power of passion
अनङ्गदनिश्कधृक == with undecorated body ornaments
अनङ्गनानाम सहस्रेण == a thousand of women
अनङ्गैः == with her body parts
अनतिशण्कया == non suspicion
अनधिगम्य == not seeing
अनधिगम्या == without knowing
अनधीत्य == without studying
अनन वालिपुत्रेण == by this Angada the son of wind-god
अननुप्राप्ते == without the landing
अननुष्ठिते == without performing
अनन्ग == or Manmadha, i.e., Love God. Alternately the word Manmadha not necessarily be taken as a noun, denoting the Love God alone. As a phrasal verb it denotes, mind, churning.
अनन्त == is also symbolic with the infinite space that is supporting the galaxies, planets, and stars, of which earth is but one globe.@
अनन्त भोगेन == of boundless proportions
अनन्तं == unlimited@
अनन्तः == Ananta@
अनन्तकल्पेन == equal to so many demons
अनन्तम == infinite
अनन्तम पन्नगम == Ananta, serpent
अनन्तर स्थितः == who stood near
अनन्तरं == after@
अनन्तरः == who is immediately after Hanuma
अनन्तरम == (is to be done
अनन्तरम कार्यशेशम == the remaining action subsequently to be done
अनन्तरम यत कार्यम == later, which, action - what next is to be done
अनन्तराः == have no hindrance
अनन्तरूप == O unlimited form@
अनन्तरूपं == unlimited form@
अनन्तर्हितायाम == without any spread
अनन्तविजयं == the conch named Ananta-vijaya@
अनन्तवीर्या == unlimited potency@
अनन्ताः == unlimited@
अनन्तासन == Ananta's posture@
अनन्थकम == endless
अनन्य छित्ता == giving her undivided thought
अनन्य परायणाम == for whom there is no other recourse.
अनन्य भावाम == without anyother thought
अनन्यचेताः == without deviation of the mind@
अनन्यत्वाछछ == and by her undivided attention
अनन्यभाक् == without deviation@
अनन्यमनसः == without deviation of the mind@
अनन्यया == unalloyed, undeviating@
अनन्ययोगेन == by unalloyed devotional service@
अनन्या == am not separate
अनन्याः == having no other object@
अनन्याहि == is not different
अनन्येन == without division@
अनपत्यः अस्मि == childless, I am
अनपत्यः सः == childless, he
अनपत्येन == that childless king; Janaka
अनपल्यः == issueless
अनपेक्शा == and hoping for nothing else .
अनपेक्षः == neutral@
अनपेक्ष्य == without considering the consequences@
अनभिज्ञ == ignorant of, unacquainted with@
अनभिज्ञाय == without knowing
अनभिण्ज़्याहि == do not know anything about this matter
अनभिभाशणे == If I do not talk
अनभिश्वङ्गः == being without association@
अनभिसन्धाय == without desiring@
अनभिस्नेहः == without affection@
अनभीक्ष्णोपसेवितम == which was rarely frequented
अनम == Madhuvana; (then)
अनय == Bring
अनयः == lawlessness.
अनयः तम समस्पृशत == writhe, him, touched off
अनयत यम सदनम == led them, to Yam, Time-god's, residence «hell.»
अनयदैवत्वम == (My) not having a deity (other than my husband)
अनयन == took
अनयन्तु == be brought
अनयम == an evil act
अनया == (is) this
अनया उपधया == by this false pretence
अनया एव == by Her
अनया गज साह्वया == by this, gaja-flower, creeper-garland
अनया छित्रया वाछा == by his, enthralling, speech
अनया देशस्य सुखवत्तया == by this, place's, happy environs
अनया वैदेह्या च == with this, Vaidehi, also
अनया सम वृतः == by this «battalion,» surrounded - fortified by
अनयामे == did not call for
अनयित्वा == in bringing
अनये == in bad path
अनयेन == with bad conduct
अनयोः == to them@
अनयोः दुश्टता वा == their, evil-mindedness, or «otherwise»
अनयोः देव वर्छसोउः == from them, divinely, resplendent ones
अनरण्यः == Anaranya
अनरण्यात == from Anaranya
अनरण्यात पृथुः जज्ञए == from Anaranya, Pruthu, born
अनरण्येन == Anaranya
अनर्घम अपि माणिक्यम हेम आश्रयम अपेक्शते == otherwise you, your incarnation, your epic, your mission, why one or two, everything concerning you will be futile, and you have to return to your milky abode empty handed, and here on earth, every house breeds one or
अनर्छितुम == remain without respecting
अनर्जितः == not being defeated
अनर्थ अर्थम आगताम == calamity, for the purpose of, came back - to wreck havoc on
अनर्थ ज्ञअः == unknowing the meaning
अनर्थ भावे == Oh
अनर्थ रूपा == who was a manifesting of worthlessness
अनर्थं == purposeless/in vain/danger-productive@
अनर्थः == a calamity
अनर्थकम == are meaning less
अनर्थकुशलाः हि == are skilled in perverting the mind
अनर्थज्णैः == with those of perverted insight
अनर्थदर्शिनी == (you are) not seeing the truth
अनर्थम == this worthless thing
अनर्थान == disappointing occurrences
अनर्थानाम अभागिनी == not suited to misfortunes
अनर्थार्थम == (words of) evil purpose
अनर्थिनः == did not ask for
अनर्थे == to idleness.
अनर्थेभ्यः == from adversities
अनर्धाय == to harm
अनर्यायाः == who was not honourable.
अनर्ये == Oh; vulger lady!
अनर्येषु == in vulgar persons«
अनर्हम == It is not proper
अनर्हस्य == and who is undeserving of sorrow
अनर्हाः == unsuited (for luxuries).
अनल == fire@
अनल मरुत भास्कर द्युति == fire's, air's, sun's, aura
अनल राशिदीप्तम == shining with a heap of fire
अनलंकृतामपि == Even though you have not decorated
अनलः == (from a) fire@
अनलः इव == like fire
अनलः शलभान इव == as fire, for grasshoppers, like
अनलन्कृताम == not decorated
अनलम == Ritual-fire
अनलम इव == inferno, alike
अनलम यथा == who fire, as with
अनलम्काराम == without any decorations
अनलह == even as fire-god; (hands over)
अनला अपि == «lady» Anala, even
अनलेन == as if by fire@
अनवख्षिपन == without abusing you
अनवगुण्ठिताम == unveiled
अनवज्णाय == not thinking lightly
अनवद्य अन्गी == flawlessly, limbed
अनवद्या == who is faultless
अनवद्याङ्गि == who has deformless body-parts
अनवद्याङ्गी == having faultless limbs
अनवद्याण्गी == and flawless limbs
अनवलोकयान् == not looking@
अनवस्था दोष == -- ad infintum...occurs to Ramayana. If we do not mind to end Ramayana in that way, Ravana will be ruling high, even today...
अनवस्थित == and are unstable
अनवस्थितः == 'unstable, ever-moving, dynamic in maintaining universe.
अनवस्थितम == for instability
अनवस्थ्तम == and instability
अनवाप्तं == wanted@
अनवाप्तसम्शयः == without meeting with danger
अनवाप्तातपत्रस्य == who have not got a canopy
अनवाप्य == and thus) not fulfilling
अनवृश्ठिः == dearth of rain
अनवेक्श्य == disregarding
अनवेक्ष्य छ == and overlooking
अनशनेन == abstinence from food
अनश्टसैन्यः == without losing his army
अनश्नतः == abstaining from eating@
अनश्नन् == without eating (having fasted)@
अनसुयवे == to the nonenvious@
अनसूय समाख्या च == Anasuya, the hermitic lady, smooth, speaking, also
अनसूयः == had no jealousy@
अनसूयकः == has no envy
अनसूयन्तः == without envy@
अनसूयया == by Anasuya
अनसूया == Anasuya
अनसूयातु == Anasuya
अनसूयाम == Anasuya
अनसूयुः == an unenvious person
अनहंवादि == without false ego@
अनहङ्कारः == being without false egoism@
अनऽजलि == or as a Latinian friend of ours has provided its Latin counterpart as:
अनऽजलिः परमा मुद्रा क्शिप्रम देव प्रसादिनी == 'Adjoining palms reverently is the highest
अनागछ्छ्हति == does not come
अनागतम च == futuristic, also
अनागते == did not arrive
अनागमन काराणम छ == and about the reason of not coming.
अनागसा == without fault
अनाछरन्तीम == who never behaved
अनात्मनः == of one who has failed to control the mind@
अनाथ आनन्दनः == oh, orphan's, delight Rama
अनाथ वत == desolated one, as with
अनाथ वत विलपन्तम == waif, like, wailing
अनाथः == with helplessness
अनाथम == having no protector
अनाथवत == Having no protector
अनाथवत विलपन्तम == like a forlorn one, who is bewailing
अनाथवात == like orphans.
अनाथश्छ == (and therefore) helpless
अनाथस्य == who are defenseless
अनाथस्य मे त्वम एकः नाथः == to an orphaned one, to me, you, alone, are the protector.
अनाथा इव == like the one without any protector.
अनाथाः == and being helpless
अनाथानाम == who have no country.
अनाथामिव == as if to make me husband-less.
अनाथायाः == and I am now bereft of any support.
अनाथोउ == without any protector
अनादयत == resound (with her shrieks).
अनादर == lack of respect@
अनादाय == without taking
अनादि == without beginning@
अनादि निधनो हि एशा वाक उत्शृश्टा == Veda-s emerged from that Absolute
अनादिं == without beginning@
अनादित्व == non-beginning@
अनादित्वात् == due to eternity@
अनादिमाध्य निधनः == having no beginning; middle or end
अनादृत्य == brushing aside
अनाधम == to have become support-less
अनाधृश्ट्याम == which hut was unassailable
अनाधृश्यतमम == who cannot be meddled much with
अनाधृष्यम == and was swift as thought
अनाध्रिष्यम == the insurmountable
अनानसफलम् == (n) pineapple@
अनामयं == without miseries@
अनामयम == (if all were well
अनायकम == even without a king.
अनाययमास == called him in
अनाययितुम == to summon
अनारम्भम == failure to launch
अनारम्भात् == by nonperformance@
अनार्तरूपः == appeared unmoved
अनार्य == O ignoble one!@
अनार्य जुश्टम == and practised by the dishonourable
अनार्यः == the evil
अनार्यम == (and)an un-gentlemanly deed
अनार्यम तम विभीषणम छ == and that vulgar Vibhishana
अनार्यमेव == are really unworthy
अनार्यस्य == is worthy of a barbarian
अनार्या == the vulgar
अनार्याः == O evil ones
अनार्याम == the mean
अनार्यायाः == an unworthy woman.
अनार्यायाः तत वछनम == that vulgar woman's words
अनार्याह खलु == you are indeed not worthy of honour.
अनार्ये == O ignoble one!
अनार्येण == by that vulgar demon.
अनार्येषु == from vulgar persons.«
अनालक्श्यम == making myself invisible
अनालक्श्या == invisible
अनावृताम == and exposed
अनावृत्तिं == no return@
अनावृश्टिः भविश्यति == famine, will be there.
अनावृश्ट्या == by drought
अनावृश्ट्याम == due to drought
अनाशितकुटुम्बानि == families are starving
अनाशिनः == never to be destroyed@
अनाश्रितः == without taking shelter@
अनाश्वास्य == without consoling
अनासाः == without nose
अनासाद्य == and unobtainable
अनासाद्यम == an inextinguishable
अनासाद्यैव == without even reaching
अनासासाद्यम == and unapproachable
अनासिकाम == one without nose
अनाहत == unbeaten@
अनाहत चक्र == cardiac plexus
अनाहारः == withou food or drink
अनिःश्वन == was without a sigh
अनिकेतः == having no residence@
अनिक्शिप्य == and having not been able to install
अनिक्षिप्य == and without installing
अनिच्छन् == without desiring@
अनिछ्छ्हता छ == and not desiring
अनिछ्छ्हतीम == not desiring
अनित्य == uncertain/temporary/ephemeral/transient@
अनित्य हृदयाहि == unstable their heart indeed.
अनित्यं == temporary@
अनित्यः == nonpermanent@
अनित्यम इति == is inconstant
अनित्रविशयम == the enemy's territory
अनिद्रः == does not have sleep
अनिद्राछ == insomnia
अनिद्रेण == with alertness
अनिन्दित == O the irreproachable one
अनिन्दिता == and irreproachable
अनिन्दिता इयम == this irreproachible wife of yours
अनिन्दिताम == and irreproachable woman
अनिन्दिताम सीताम == to the faultless Seetha
अनिन्दिते == O faultless Seetha!
अनिन्दितौ == and the faultless ones
अनिन्द्या == who was not to be blamed
अनिमते == acting in concurrence with
अनिमित्तः == without a target
अनिमित्तम == to be without any reason
अनिमिषः == without winking
अनिमिषाः == without closing eyes
अनियमित == irregular@
अनियोगे == to do an unworthy act
अनिर्जिता == though not won back (by my husband)
अनिर्जित्य माम == without defeating me.
अनिर्देश्यं == indefinite@
अनिर्देश्यान == undefinable
अनिर्भिन्नम == that was not lacerated
अनिर्विण्णचेतस == without deviation@
अनिर्वेदः == Absence of despondency
अनिर्वेदकृतम == together with non-depression
अनिल == breeze
अनिल अनल उपमा == oh, Air-god, Wind-god, similar vanara-s
अनिल उद्धत == by wind, felled»
अनिल उद्धितम == by wind, up-heaved - tempestuous
अनिल उपमम == wind-god, similar to
अनिल चन्चल ऊर्मिः == by air, drifted, waves
अनिल सम प्र वृत्तः == by breeze, well, started to broadcast
अनिल सुतः == the son of wind-god
अनिलः == a breeze@
अनिलः अपिछ == even wind-god
अनिलः इव == as wind (would)
अनिलः पावकेन यथा == wind, with fire, as with
अनिलचुल्लि == (f) gas (LPG)@
अनिलतुल्य वेगम == with a speed equal to that of wind
अनिलपुत्राय == on Hanuma.
अनिलम == air
अनिलमिव == like wind
अनिलसुतः == Hanuma
अनिलसुतम == Hanuma the son of Anila
अनिलसुतेन == Hanuma; the
अनिलस्य == of the wind-god
अनिलस्य पुत्रः == the son of Vayu the Lord of Wind
अनिलस्य सुतः == Hanuma
अनिलह == but the winds
अनिलात्मजः == Hanuma
अनिलात्मजे == of hanuma
अनिलेन == by a tempest.
अनिलेन घनान यथा == by wind - by a gust, thick-cloud, as with
अनिलेनछ == and the wind-god
अनिलेरितम == fanned by wind
अनिलोद्धूतम == tossed by them
अनिलोपमाः == are like wind
अनिलोवा == or the wind-god
अनिवरितः == unhindered
अनिवर्तनम == and who was not going back
अनिवर्तिनः == not turning back
अनिवर्तिनाम == who never retreated
अनिवर्तिनौ == and those who did not flee
अनिवर्तिभिः == who never turned their backs
अनिवर्त्य == not capable of turning away
अनिवार्य == (adj) compulsary@
अनिवार्यगतिश्छैव == with an uninterrupted mobility.
अनिवृत्ताः == without turning back
अनिवेदने == not to let know
अनिशम भुन्जमानानाम == always, dining on thus
अनिश्चयत् == due to non-determination (having not decided)@
अनिश्छितम == and which is uncertain?
अनिश्ट निवृत्ति रूप फल प्रार्थन == , 'removal of that which is undesirable.' That is to say: 'we better be given total
अनिश्टम == was not to the liking
अनिष्ट == and undesirable@
अनिष्टं == leading to hell@
अनिष्टानि == evil omens
अनिष्टे == (but
अनीकपाः == commanders of army.
अनीकम == the army
अनीकस्थः == who was a royal guard
अनीकात == from his army
अनीकानि == armies
अनीकेन == army.
अनीकैः == with army
अनीतः == brought
अनीतम == is brought
अनीयताम == be brought
अनीशम == which is helplessness
अनीशा == being helpless
अनीश्वरं == with no controller@
अनीश्वरः == (he is) not the Master
अनीश्वरी == helpless as I was
अनु == after@
अनु उत्पेतू == following, jumped up.
अनु कीर्णम == interspersed
अनु कीर्तितम == eulogised
अनु गतः == followed
अनु गमिश्यसि == in tow, you will follow - tread behind.
अनु गीयमानः == in accompaniment, singing
अनु गृहीतः अस्मि == blessed
अनु चरिश्यामि == in tow «of Seetha,» I wish to ramble - I will search
अनु जः == later, born «younger»
अनु जगाम == means that which follows without any I-ness or Mine-ness as a total surrender
अनु जगाम ह == following on, journeyed, verily.
अनु जग्मुः == closely, followed; but
अनु पश्यत == closely, see - make a through search.
अनु पश्यतु == closely, see to it - you monitor - in making it as a unified whole, without heterogeneity.
अनु पालयन == to follow through
अनु प्रयातम == at behind, transiting; such a
अनु प्रयातम हि == after, following, indeed
अनु प्रयाति == tagging along.
अनु प्राप्तः == I happened on «you.»
अनु बद्धन्ते == trailed after, bindingly - flowers followed and enwreathe him
अनु बन्धम == after, effect «backlash»
अनु मन्दाकिनीम अपि == along, Mandakini river, even
अनु याचितः == sincerely «beggarly,» besought.
अनु याचितम == following them I who am supplicating
अनु यात्राम करिश्ये == behind, treading, I can do - I will just follow Rama.
अनु रूपः == 'fit for his own wife.'
अनु रूपः भर्ता == fitly, husband;
अनु रूपतः == befitting his kingly status - magnificently
अनु लालिताअभ्याम == nestled close together with words
अनु लोमाः च == down-turned, hair, also
अनु व्रता == following, avowed - avowed to follow him
अनु व्र्जेत == 'follow up on me...' is not straggling after me...' but 'who can follow me to overtake me in the race...' Hence 'many can follow me but it can be
अनु सारिणाम == of close, followers
अनु सृत्य == in tow, on going around; then on seeing
अनुकम्पसे == quivering «pitying»
अनुकम्पार्थं == to show special mercy@
अनुकम्प्यः == worthy of sympathy
अनुकर्षन्तम == readjusting;uttamam
अनुकारि == like@
अनुकीर्तयन == If I enlogige
अनुकूजद्भिः == hummed
अनुकूल नायक लक्शण == 'hero in harmony.'
अनुकूलतः == as per the occasion.
अनुकूलतयातु == by behaving conformably
अनुकूलम == acceptable
अनुकूलम ऊचुः == compliantly, said
अनुकूलम च == pragmatic, also
अनुकूला == are well-disposed
अनुकूल्येन == acting in an affectionate way towards him
अनुकृश्यन्ते == and dragging
अनुक्त वादी == who speaks which was not told
अनुक्तः == unasked
अनुक्तैः == who are not ordered
अनुक्तोऽपि == even if not told
अनुक्त्वा == without speaking
अनुक्रान्ता == followed
अनुक्रोशः == compassion
अनुक्रोशः अस्ति यदि == mercy, is there, if
अनुक्रोशात == due to pity
अनुगच्छति == follows.
अनुगच्छ्हन्ति == who are going after
अनुगछ्छति == was following
अनुगछ्छ्हत == followed by
अनुगछ्छ्हति == followed
अनुगछ्छ्हद्भिः == and go according to the wishes of
अनुगछ्छ्हध्वम वा == or follow
अनुगछ्छ्हन्तः == and followed
अनुगछ्छ्हन्ति == and follow in his steps
अनुगछ्छ्हन्ती == following
अनुगछ्छ्हन्तु == accompany
अनुगछ्छ्हन्त्यै == who was accompanying
अनुगछ्छ्हमि == I will follow
अनुगछ्छ्हसि == you are accompanying
अनुगछ्छ्हसि इति यत == that you are following
अनुगछ्छ्हस्व == follow
अनुगछ्छ्हाम == we shall follow
अनुगछ्छ्हेताम == accompany
अनुगछ्छ्हेयुः == will follow.
अनुगतः == followed by
अनुगता == by going after
अनुगताः == followed
अनुगताः हि == followed Rama.
अनुगताम == which accompanied him
अनुगतौ == following(him
अनुगन्तम == following
अनुगन्तुम == to accompany
अनुगम == divinities, attending him
अनुगमनात == accompanying them for a distance
अनुगमिष्यति == will follow
अनुगमिष्यन्ति == will accompany
अनुगमिष्यामि == I shall go along
अनुगम्य == accompanied
अनुगम्यते == I am following
अनुगम्यमानः छ == followed by, king also
अनुगामिनः == their companions
अनुगृहीतः अस्मि == much obliged
अनुगृहीताः स्म == have become gifted people.
अनुगृह्णीश्व == oblige me
अनुग्छाम == to every house
अनुग्रह == . Hence the lamentation of Rama as god is for the departure of his Shakti, i.e., Goddess Lakshmi, visualising all the nature
अनुग्रहः == service
अनुग्रहे == in promotion
अनुचारय == (causative of anu+car) follow@
अनुचिन्तयन् == constantly thinking of@
अनुछरः == and the follower
अनुछरन == (and) roaming
अनुछरिष्यति == will traverse
अनुछरी == a female companion
अनुछाराः अपि == companions also
अनुछिता == and who is unworthy
अनुछितास्य == who is not habituated to
अनुछिन्तयन == reflecting on
अनुछिन्त्य == thought a while
अनुजः == an younger brother
अनुजगाम == followed
अनुजगाम ह == chased
अनुजगामः == accompanied
अनुजग्नुः == accompanied
अनुजग्मतुः == followed.
अनुजग्मुः == (those demons) followed
अनुजग्मुश्छ == accompanied
अनुजङ्आतः == when sent back
अनुजम == younger brother
अनुजस्य भार्याम वा अपि == with brother's, wife, or, even
अनुजस्यछ == and his younger brother
अनुजह भ्राता == the younger brother
अनुजा == younger sister
अनुजात == born with a likeness
अनुजातः हि == born along with
अनुजानातु == give permission
अनुजानान्मि == I permit you
अनुजानामि == I am giving away
अनुजानीहि == allow
अनुजाने == I am permitting
अनुजिवन्ति == who are
अनुजीव्यम == to be followed
अनुजेन == by Vibhishana
अनुजो नाम == is indeed the younger brother
अनुजौ == and his brothers
अनुज्ज्ञातः == permitted
अनुज्ज्ञातम == as approved
अनुज्ज्ञातश्छ == was allowed to depart
अनुज्ज्ञाताः == duly permitted
अनुज्ज्ञातुम == to permit
अनुज्ज्ञाप्य == after making them to permit.
अनुज्ज्ञाप्ये == allowed
अनुज्ज्ञाय == taking leave
अनुज्ज्ञास्य == seeking permission
अनुज्ञआता == with his permission
अनुज्ञआतौ महर्शिणा == permitted by, august sage
अनुज्ञआप्य == bade farewell to
अनुज्ञातः == allowed to depart by Rama
अनुज्ञाता == with his permission
अनुज्ञाता रामेण == consented to, by Rama
अनुज्ञातुम अर्थथ == to give assent, apt of you
अनुज्ञाप्य == taking leave of
अनुज्ञायतां == (verb) be given leave/permission@
अनुज्ञ्याम == permission
अनुज्नातः == having taken leave
अनुतस्तार == spread sacred grass - to place offerings.
अनुतिश्ठ == act in conformity to
अनुतिष्ठन्ति == regularly perform@
अनुत्तमं == the finest@
अनुत्तमः सव्यः ऊरुः == (Seetha's) best left thigh
अनुत्तमम == a great
अनुत्तमम अस्त्रम च == unequalled, missile, also «of Rain-god»
अनुत्तमम मन्त्र ग्रामम == extraordinary, hymns, village - a mixed collection
अनुत्तमम यज्ञअम == excellent, ritual
अनुत्तमम यश == unequalled, renown
अनुत्तमम वरम == a great boon
अनुत्तमम वरम प्रादात == unexcelled, boon, he gave.
अनुत्तमम वाक्यम == unexcelled «expedient words,» words
अनुत्तमम शैवम धनुः == unexcelled, Shiva's, bow
अनुत्तमम सुखम == utmost happiness
अनुत्तमम हितम == is greatly benificial
अनुत्तमां == the highest@
अनुत्तमाः == unsurpassed by others
अनुत्तमान == excellent
अनुत्तमाम == with the best
अनुत्तमाम यशः == an excellent fame
अनुत्तमाम श्रियम == great glory
अनुत्तमाम श्रियम भोक्तुम == unexcelled, prosperity of Kishkindha, to enjoy
अनुत्तमेन == by her most excellently
अनुत्तमेशु == among the bravest warriors
अनुदर्शनं == observing@
अनुदर्शने == to review
अनुदर्शय == show your influence
अनुदर्शयन == pointing out (the sign of Rama's habitation)
अनुदानं == (n) donation, grant@
अनुदिनं == daily@
अनुद्दिश्य == having targetted or aimed at@
अनुद्धृत्य == and without taking away
अनुद्योगिता == unemployment@
अनुद्योगी == unemployed@
अनुद्रश्टा == and full of insight
अनुद्रुतः == supplemented
अनुद्विग्नमनाः == without being agitated in mind@
अनुद्वेगकरं == not agitating@
अनुधावति == chased
अनुधावन्तीम == running after
अनुध्याय == reflecting
अनुनन्यसे == are accepting
अनुनयन == while pacifying
अनुनयामास == and entreated
अनुनयामि == shall console
अनुनादी == reverberating sound
अनुनासिकम == nasal
अनुनिनादयन == resounded
अनुनिशम्य == hearing
अनुनीतः == (even if) humbly entreated
अनुनीताः == were pacified
अनुनेश्यन्ति == plead for mercy
अनुपकारिणे == irrespective of return@
अनुपथम == along the road
अनुपपन्नम == is irrelevant
अनुपमः == an incomparable
अनुपमम == as an incomparable
अनुपमेन छ == without comparison
अनुपमैः == incomparable
अनुपर्येत == usually roam
अनुपर्येति == makes a whole round (of the mountain)
अनुपलक्षितौ == unperceived (to others)
अनुपवनान्तश्छ == and forest areas; filled with water
अनुपश्य == see
अनुपश्यता == in view
अनुपश्यति == and discovers@
अनुपश्यन्तः == perceiving
अनुपश्यन्ति == can see@
अनुपश्यामि == am perceiving@
अनुपश्येयम == can I see
अनुपसम्प्राप्तम == without coming near to the king
अनुपसेवितान == unplucked; naraiH by men
अनुपसेव्यछ == and without serving
अनुपस्थाने == on my refusing to wait upon him
अनुपस्थीय मानः == not, presenting myself
अनुपापत ह == rushed quickly
अनुपायेन == without a strategy.
अनुपालनात == (and) preserving
अनुपालय == fulfill
अनुपालयन == duly cherishing
अनुपालयम == shall be fulfillinging
अनुपालये == I shall redeem
अनुपालितः == protected
अनुपासित वृद्धेन == does not serve his elders.
अनुपुरोहितम == along with Vasista; his
अनुपूरशः == from the beginning
अनुपूर्व्या == as per succession
अनुपूर्व्याछ्छ == and as per due order.
अनुपूर्व्यात == in order of seniority
अनुप्रदानेन == through small gifts
अनुप्रधातुम == to give
अनुप्रधावतः == who is led away by false appearances
अनुप्रपन्नाः == following@
अनुप्रयातानि == accompanying
अनुप्रयान्तु == follow
अनुप्रविश्य == after becoming a member among us
अनुप्रविष्टः == if you entered
अनुप्रविष्टाम == who entered
अनुप्रसन्नः == having reached
अनुप्राप्तः == has come
अनुप्राप्तम == and returned
अनुप्राप्ता == came
अनुप्राप्ताः == and reached
अनुप्राप्य == on attaining
अनुप्रेक्श्य == keeping in view
अनुबद्धेन == attached (to his body).
अनुबन्ध == (m) result, effect@
अनुबन्धं == of future bondage@
अनुबन्धः == the consequence@
अनुबन्धीनि == bound@
अनुबन्धे == at the end@
अनुबभूव == experienced
अनुभवः == (m) experience@
अनुभवन == enjoy
अनुभविष्यति == can experience
अनुभशितम == to describe
अनुभाषयन == conversed with
अनुभाषितम == spoken
अनुभूतम == was perceived by me.
अनुभूताम == have been enjoyed
अनुभूतोपसर्गो वा == or disease
अनुभूय == having enjoyed
अनुम ऋश्य == by touching
अनुमतः == and taking leave
अनुमता == (thus) permitted
अनुमते == allowed
अनुमन्ता == permitter@
अनुमन्यतां == give consent
अनुमन्यसि == and do you deal them
अनुमन्यस्व == permit
अनुमरन == remembering as he does
अनुमातुं == to guess@
अनुमान == an inference@
अनुमानम == inference of water
अनुमानयत == adored
अनुमानयेछ == I entreat
अनुमानश्छ == as well as the contempt
अनुमानात == by act of inference
अनुमानात जानामि == by inference, but, I know
अनुमानात् == (ablat.)from guessing or induction@
अनुमानैः == omens
अनुमानैश्छ == by giving inferential arguments.
अनुमान्य == getting consent (of)
अनुमान्य च == making «Vashishta » agreeable «to the words of Sumantra,» even
अनुमान्यछ == took permission to leave
अनुमॄश्य == grasping
अनुयता == who has accompanied
अनुययौ == went after.
अनुयाछतः == who was (thus) appealing
अनुयातः च == followed, also
अनुयातारः == the retinue
अनुयाति स्म == is following
अनुयातौ == going while following
अनुयात्रार्थे == for the purpose of following
अनुयात्रेण == with an army following me?«
अनुयाने == (on the highway) when you do return
अनुयान्ति == are accompanying
अनुयान्ति स्म == sued to follow
अनुयान्ती == followed
अनुयायिता == and following
अनुयायिनः == some attendants@
अनुयायिनी == following him
अनुयास्यति == straggle after me; then
अनुयास्यन्ति == they will follow him - circumambulate Trishanku.
अनुयास्यामह == will follow suit
अनुयास्यामि == I shall follow
अनुरक्त छेतनम == my mind attached to you
अनुरक्तः == being loved
अनुरक्तः अस्मि == I am attached
अनुरक्तः च == adherent, also
अनुरक्तजनाकीर्णा == filled with devoted people
अनुरक्तम == devoted to him
अनुरक्तश्छ == who is beloved by his subordinates
अनुरक्ता == devoted
अनुरक्ता असि == 'you are impassioned
अनुरक्ता अस्मि तम == I am fond of Him
अनुरक्ताः == are devoted
अनुरक्ताः छ == involved in, also
अनुरक्ताः हि == are indeed having affection
अनुरक्ताम == who is affectionate towards you.
अनुरक्तेन == who has affection towards you
अनुरक्तेन स्निग्धेन च हितेन च == by an affectionate one, amiable one, cordial one, also
अनुरक्तैः == and beloved
अनुरक्तैः वीरैः == with earnest ones, brave ones
अनुरज्ञ्जय == keep happy
अनुरज्ञ्जिताः == were cherished
अनुरज्यते == loving@
अनुरज्येत == be interested
अनुरण्जय == and give joy
अनुरागम छ वीर्यम छ == the affection and the valour
अनुरागेण == in affection
अनुराधा == Seventeenth nakshatra@
अनुरुद्दन्तीव == turn out to be miserable
अनुरुन्ध्यामहे == we appreciate you.
अनुरुपान == those who were according to their appearance
अनुरुपेन विमानेन == in suitable aericars
अनुरुम्पम == worthy
अनुरूप कुलाः == well-matched to you, in befitting family «taken birth»
अनुरूपः == fitting
अनुरूपः कनीयान भ्राता == selfsame, younger, brother.
अनुरूपम == conformably
अनुरूपम च == timely, also
अनुरूपम छ == a suitable
अनुरूपस्छ ते == . This is on joculary side of the statement
अनुरूपाः == suitable
अनुरूपाणि == as was fitting
अनुरूपाणि कर्माणि == reflective «of me, seemly for my son,» actions
अनुरूपानाम भार्याणाम प्रयच्छ वै == eligible ones, to your wives, give them, indeed
अनुरूपापिछ == is well suited also
अनुरूपाभिः == through appropriate
अनुरूपार्थम यदि == if it is befitting
अनुरूपौ == worthy of
अनुलिप्त == smeared@
अनुलिप्तम == smeared
अनुलिप्ता इव आभान्ति == enamelled, as though, shining forth.
अनुलिप्ताङ्गम == with body smeared
अनुलिप्ताम्श्छ == those who wore sandal pastes
अनुलेख == destiny@
अनुलेपः च == smeared items «ashes,» also
अनुलेपनं == smeared with@
अनुलेपनम == cosmetics
अनुलेपनम्छ == cream
अनुलोम == with the grain, naturally@
अनुवत्स्यति == will bear company
अनुवत्स्यथ == whirl around.
अनुवत्स्यामि == I shall follow
अनुवर्तता == conforming
अनुवर्तताम == to those who are following it - who practise monkey tricks
अनुवर्तते == accompanied@
अनुवर्तते किल == follows, indeed
अनुवर्ततेस्म == obeyed
अनुवर्तन्ते == would follow@
अनुवर्तय == look after
अनुवर्तयति == adopt@
अनुवर्तस्व == you adhere to.
अनुवर्ताः == were devoted
अनुवर्तितव्यः == (it) must be obeyed
अनुवर्तिनी == is following
अनुवर्ते == shall follow
अनुवर्तेत == will be obliging
अनुवर्त्यताम == be approved
अनुवव्राज == followed
अनुवशः == in his devotion
अनुवशगः == was drawn
अनुवाक == -s or passages occur recursively, with different utilisation. Remembering not to mix one with the other is a
अनुवाति == is blowing alongside.
अनुवादं == translation@
अनुवाद्य == having translated@
अनुवालिसुतस्य == next to Angada; son of Vali
अनुविधातुम न अर्हसि == to follow up, not, becoming of you
अनुविधीयते == becomes constantly engaged@
अनुवृत्तनखाः == have well-rounded nails
अनुवृत्ताङ्गम == which consisted of rounded parts
अनुवेतुम == to cajole
अनुवेश्टितान == whorling the trees»
अनुव्यहरणात == by recitation
अनुव्याहरत == repeatedly uttered
अनुव्रज == you follow
अनुव्रजता == By following
अनुव्रजध्वम == come along closely
अनुव्रजन == while following
अनुव्रजिष्यामि == am accompanying
अनुव्रजेत == follow up on
अनुव्रतः == and was filled with devotion
अनुव्रता == devoted
अनुव्रता सती == devoted
अनुव्रताः == following
अनुव्रताम == devoted as I am
अनुशशास छ == he ordered
अनुशाधि == rule
अनुशाशि == instructs
अनुशासतः == of those who are indifferent to justice
अनुशासते == advising
अनुशासितारं == the controller@
अनुशास्तु == be ruled over
अनुशास्य == advised
अनुशिश्ट अर्थः == who is schooled, about means
अनुशिश्टः == questioned
अनुशिश्टः अस्मि == directed, I am
अनुशिश्टा == taught
अनुशिष्टा == I was taught
अनुशुश्रुम == I have heard by disciplic succession@
अनुशुश्रूषते हि == doing service
अनुशोचन्ति == lament@
अनुशोचितुं == to lament@
अनुशोछ == grieve
अनुशोछतः == in a man mourning
अनुशोछन्तम == the repenting
अनुशोछसि == do you grieve for
अनुशोछामि == I am mourning
अनुशोछेयम == I would not have grieved
अनुश्टिताः == administrators of
अनुश्टुभ == metre in Sanskrit poetry. The eight syllables are
अनुश्ठान == their daily chores, or with any incapability, and those that have left house as holder, and desiccated, could give up their mortal bodies
अनुश्ठितम == was performed
अनुश्वनति == crying for help (was stretched)
अनुषज्जते == one necessarily engages@
अनुष्टुप् == the format's name@
अनुष्ठन == (n) performance, execution@
अनुष्ठस्यति == will occupy
अनुष्ठितम == has been done
अनुष्ठेयम == is to be done
अनुसंप्राप्तः == approaching
अनुसन्छिन्त्य == thought
अनुसन्ततानि == extended@
अनुसन्ततिम == continue
अनुसन्धानं == (n) investigation@
अनुसम्यान्ति == accompany us
अनुसार == following, customary(masc)@
अनुसूची == schedule@
अनुसृत्य == ebnding over
अनुसृश्टः == being chased
अनुस्मर == keep in mind@
अनुस्मरन == and recollecting
अनुस्मरन् == remembering@
अनुस्मरन्ती == was recollecting
अनुस्मरम == and recollecting
अनुस्मरेत् == always thinks of@
अनुस्मृत्य == recalling
अनुस्वारः == the accompanying sound or letter ( the letter form «.n» «M»?)@
अनुह्लादः == demon Anuhlaada
अनूचानं == (teacher?)@
अनूढा == unmarried (till then)
अनूत्पेतुः == accompanied
अनूत्पेतुः उत्पतन्तम == followed Angada; who was springing forward.
अनूत्पेतुः दशग्रीवम == rushed after Ravana
अनूदाः == waterless
अनूपमम == that matchless
अनूपमाम वृश्टिम == a matchless rain
अनूरजितुम == to go along
अनृणः == and becoming free of debt
अनृणः अस्मि == (thus) I am without any debts
अनृणता == freedom from debt
अनृणत्वाछ्छ == becoming free of debt
अनृणम == to be free of debt
अनृत == false@
अनृत वादिनः == are proved not to have spoken truly.
अनृत सान्त्वेन == with his untruthful sweet words
अनृतः == who was not true to his promise
अनृतकथः == speaking untruth
अनृतम == a fallaceous man
अनृतम न उक्त पूर्वम == lie, not, said, heretofore
अनृतम्छ == and falsehood
अनृतवादिनः == (are proved to be) liers
अनृतात == from blame.
अनृती == liar
अनृतेन == with untruth
अनृतैः == with untruthful
अनृशम्स वृत्तीः == and not choosing cruelty
अनृशम्सत्वम == kindness
अनृशम्सम्छ == and not cruel
अनृशम्साच हि == and even indeed king.
अनृशम्सेन == the kind man.
अनृशम्स्यम == (that) kindness
अनृशम्स्यार्थम == with the aim of not being cruel.
अनेक == Many@
अनेक आश्रय चित्र शोभा == many, resorting to, which is fascinating, which is glistening
अनेक आश्रयिणः == to many, a retreat - to birds, animals etc
अनेक गन्ध प्रवहम == diffused with many smells
अनेक नारी सम्बद्धम नना शिल्पि जनैः वृतम । क्रय विक्रयैः कीर्णम सर्व देवैः समन्वितम नगरम तु इति विख्यातम == adored with many ladies, many sculptors or architects, and with many deities, and where the buying and
अनेक रूपा आकृति वर्ण नादा == of various, cast, carve, colour, with crocks
अनेक रूपाम == in many forms
अनेक वर्णाः == of various colours
अनेक वर्ष साहस्रः == having many thousands of years
अनेक विधायुधाः == having various kinds of weapons
अनेक शत साहस्रीम == many, hundreds, thousands «soldiers» having
अनेक साहस्रीः == numbering many thousands
अनेकछित्तानाम == various(fickle)minds?
अनेकधा == more than once@
अनेकनानामृग पक्षिसम्कुले == filled with many classes and multitude of beasts and birds
अनेकरत्नसम्कीर्णम == filled with many diamonds
अनेकवचनं == plural@
अनेकशः == in many ways
अनेकशः रूपाणि कृत्वा == variously, her forms, on making - altering
अनेकसम्स्थानविशेषनिर्मितम == made from various significant parts
अनेकाग्रानि == which is in a disarranged state
अनेकाग्रे == is not stable minded; raajyavibhrama
अनेकानि == of many@
अनेकाभिः == by many
अनेकैः == by many
अनेतुम == to bring back
अनेन == by Rama@
अनेन अत्यन्त स्त्री कामुको धर्म विभ्र्ष्टो भवति इत सूचितम - अनेन महर्षिभिः अपि अपरिहर्यः कामः प्राकृतैः कथम परि हर्तुम शक्य इति उक्तम - तथा च प्राचीनाः - विश्वामित्र पराशर प्रभृतयो वात अम्बु पर्ण अशनाः ते अपि स्त्री मुख पन्कजम सुललितम दृष्ट्वैव मोहम गताः । द्क == 'when the great sages like Vishvamitra and Paraashara, who thrive on air, water and leaves, sense the
अनेन अनपराधिषु समीचीनेषु अपराधो न कर्तव्यम इति सूचितम । तथा च उद्योग पर्वे - महा भारते - दुर्योधनम प्रति भगवद वचनम - आत्मानम कृन्तति हि एष वनम परशुना यथा । यत्सम्यक वर्तमानेषु मिथ्या राजन प्रवर्तते ।। इति - द्क == 'No unilateral aggression is desirable at the unaggressive
अनेन अशक्यम कर्म न कर्तव्यम इति सूचित्म । तथा च कामन्दके - शक्य अशक्य परिच्छेदम कुर्यात बुध्या प्रसन्नतया । केवलम दन्त भङ्गाय दन्तिनः शैल ताडनम - इति - द्क == 'capability or incapability
अनेन कर्मणा == by this act?
अनेन कर्मणा तोशिताः == by this, act, pleased
अनेन कालेन == by that, time
अनेन चारेण व्यवहिता अपि अर्था अवश्यम विचारणीया इति सूचितम - द्क == 'so you neither have those intelligent spies nor the least intelligence
अनेन चिह्नेन == by this, emblematic «ring»
अनेन जन्मान्तर कृत पाप अनुरूपम फलम भवति इति अर्थः - स्त्री पर्वाणि - नूनम व्यपकृतम पूर्वेषु जन्मासु । येन माम दुःखभागेषु धाता कर्मसु युक्त्कवान - महा भारत - द्क == and this ripens and bechances at a later time in the shape of misfortune.
अनेन ज्य्ष्ठो गुणवान ज्येष्ठ भ्रातृ पुत्रो अपि यौव राज्ये अभिषेचनीय इति उक्तम - धर्मकूतम == The whole Maha Bharata is based on this rule till a gruesome war has chanced.
अनेन तपसा == by this, ascesis
अनेन दुःखेन == By the grief
अनेन दुर मन्त्रितः कामव्रित्तो नय द्वेशी राजा सकल मन्त्रि वर्गेण ऐश्वर्येना सह नश्यति इति उक्तम - तथा च कामन्दके - अनात्मवान नय द्वेशी वर्धय अरि सम्पदः । प्राप्या अपि महद ऐश्वर्यम सह तेन विनश्यति ।। == Dharmaakuutam being an encyclopedic commentary on Ramayana quotes Kamandaka etc., in such matters of dharma. The availability of the books quoted by
अनेन धनुशा == by this, bow
अनेन धैर्य उत्साहौ शोकम अपनुद्य कार्य साधकौ इति सूचितम - तथा च भातते - द्रोण पर्वाणि - अभिमन्यु वधे धर्म पुत्रम प्रति व्यासः - शोचतो हि महा राज हि अधमे अभिवर्तते । तस्मात शोकम परित्यज्य श्रेयसे प्रयतेद बुधः । प्रहर्षम अभिमानम च चिन्तयेत । एवम ज्ञात्वा स्थिरो भूत्वा जहि अरीन धैर्यम आप्नुहि । द्क == Thus Vyaasa advises Dharmaraja to have fortitude and courage when he was sinking under the grief for the merciless
अनेन पक्शिणा == by this, bird
अनेन पथ == by his, way
अनेन परस्य अन्तःपुरे सहसा न प्रवेश्टव्यम इति सूचितम - द्क == Lakshmana is searing with his duty consciousness and this seventh heaven like atmosphere is irritating. To vent out his ire there is none
अनेन परिजनैः परि त्यक्तः तृणात अपि लघु तरो भवति इति सूचितम - द्क == if he discards his own people.
अनेन परिजनैः परि त्यक्तः तृणात अपि लघु तरो भवति इति सूचितम द्क == if he discards his own people.
अनेन पाप कर्मणा == by this one, with sinister, deeds
अनेन पापेन == by this, sinner - sinister
अनेन प्र हृतम == by him, well, hit.
अनेन प्रजा राजानम अनुसरन्ति इति सूचितम... द्क == 'subjects follow
अनेन प्रभु सन्निधौ स्वेन स्वातन्त्र्यम न अवलम्बनीयम । किन्तु तद उक्तम एव स्रोतव्यम इति सूचितम - द्क == 'In the presence of
अनेन बहु प्रणि उपद्रव कारिणाम देवा अपि वध उपायम अभीप्सन्ति - दैव हतानाम च तेषाम अविचारेण नासो भवत्य एवेति सूचितम -द्क == This is the same even in the case of Indra. Vishnu in His Trivikrama incarnation blesses the demonic Emperor Bali with
अनेन भर्तृउ हितकारिण्या भार्यया श्रेयो भवतीति सूचितम।। == In any way, Seetha's contemplation is,
अनेन भ्रात्रेन सह == along with my brother
अनेन मन्त्र औषधि बलैः विष आदि नाश उक्तो भवति । द्क == 'any poison can be neutralised by
अनेन मरण समये जनानाम बुद्धि भ्रम्शो भवति इति सूछितम - द्क == ' 'at the time of
अनेन महा पुरुषाः स्त्रीषु कोपम न कुर्वन्ति इति सूचितम - तथा च राज धर्मे - देवतेषु विशेषेण राजसु ब्राह्मणे षु च । नियन्त्र्य सदा क्रोधो वृद्ध स्त्री बाल रोगिषु ।। द्क == On this premise Sugreeva is using all his kingly tactics to appease Lakshmana, while Tara is no less in her political
अनेन रथेनैव == in this very chariot
अनेन राक्शसानाम प्रवरेण == by the king of these Rakshasas
अनेन रात्रि शेशेण == during the rest of this night
अनेन रावणेन == by this Ravana
अनेन रूपेण == in this appearance
अनेन रूपेण धर्शितः == by this, «ugly» form, «by me» scared
अनेन रूपेण सह == with this, form, along with
अनेन वनौकसा == by this monkey
अनेन वपुशा == with this, body
अनेन वयसा == in this age
अनेन वाक्येन == by these words
अनेन वासेन == with this residence;(in this city)
अनेन वेगेनैन हि == with the same speed
अनेन व्रतस्थानाम दिवा स्वापः पाद स्थाने शिरः स्थापनम च अशुचिकरम इति सूचितम - द्क == Hence her meticulousness is defeated.
अनेन शिवात विष्णोः उत्कर्षः प्रतिपादितम - अयम एव अर्थः । द्क == 'by this Vishnu is proposed to be superior to Shiva...' but it does
अनेन सर्व अनर्थक कारण भूतो बलवत विरोधो न कार्य इति सूचितम - तथा च प्राचीनाः - - अनुचित कर्म आरम्भः स्व जन विरोधो बलीयसा स्पर्धा । प्रमदा जने विश्वासो म्रित्यु द्वाराणि चत्वारि ।। द्क == 'undesirable activity, starting that
अनेन सुगुणः पुत्रो दुर्लभः सोदर सन्निकर्षो अपि अलभ्यः इति उक्तम == and also refers to another wording of Rama in Yuddha Kanda
अनेन सुसमृद्ध राज्यस्थो अपि राजा एतैः दोशैः अचिरात राज्य भ्र्श्टो भवति इति - राज्ञआ बलिश्टेन अपि शत्रु दुर्बल इति अवमतिः न कर्तव्यम च सूचितम - द्क == It is indicated that a king should
अनेन स्व प्रयोजन विरोध सन्कया राज बुद्धि अनुसारेण वक्तारो मन्त्रिणः सुलभाः - किन्तु अनर्थ पर्यवसायिनो राजबुद्धिम तिरस्क्रित्य शुभोदर्क वक्तारो मन्त्रिणो दुर्लभा इति सूचितम == - then the commentator goes on to quote vidura niiti from Maha Bharata, wherein it is said:
अनेन स्वान्तयित्वा == by him, comforted
अनेश्यामि तु वै == I shall surely bring
अनौछितः == and not habituated
अन्.गमेजयत्व == unsteadiness of the body@
अन्कुर आढ्यैः == sprigs, full of
अन्कुर आरोपण आदि क्रियाः == for an unhindered marriage function and for the harmonious family life of the newly wed.
अन्के निधाय गच्छन्तम == on flank, keeping «holding,» one who is going away
अन्केन आदाय == by waist, lifting up - or dragging her onto his flank
अन्केन आदाय वैदेहीम == by arms, seizing, Vaidehi
अन्कोलाः छ == Alangium trees, also
अन्कोलैः == Ankolas
अन्ग ईस्वरम == Anga kingdom's, lord
अन्ग प्रत्यन्ग सौश्ठवम == elegance of major and minor limbs
अन्ग राजेन == with Anga, king of
अन्ग विशयः == «that is» Anga, province.
अन्ग सौमित्रे == O; Lakshmana!
अन्गं == body@
अन्गद == oh, Angada
अन्गद अपि == Angada also
अन्गद परीवारा == Angada's, escorts
अन्गद प्र मुखैः == Angada, et al
अन्गद प्रति रूपाणाम == Angada like, alternative, reflections - selfsame Angada-s
अन्गद प्रमुखान == Angada, and other prominent
अन्गदः == Angada
अन्गदः च अभिशिच्यताम == Angada's, also, be anointed
अन्गदः तु == Angada, but
अन्गदः त्वयि यथा वर्तते == Angada, with you, as has been, conducting himself
अन्गदः न जीवेत == Angada, not, lives
अन्गदः परम आयस्तः == Angada, becoming highly, breathless
अन्गदः यत वाक्यम उवाच ह == Angada, what, words, said, indeed; that
अन्गदः वाक्यम अब्रवीत == Angada, sentence, said.
अन्गदम == Angada
अन्गदम अग्रतः स्थाप्य च == Angada, in front, locating, also
अन्गदम अभीशयत == Angada, is overawed by Hanuma.
अन्गदम उवाच == to Angada, said.
अन्गदम परिगृह्य == Angada, on embracing
अन्गदम परिरभ्य == Angada, hemming round
अन्गदम परिवार्य == Angada, gathering around
अन्गदम प्रति == Angada, towards
अन्गदम राज्यम == Angada, kingdom
अन्गदम सम परिश्वज्य == Angada, on graciously embracing
अन्गदस्तु == Angada on his part
अन्गदस्य मुख उद्गतम == from Angada's, mouth, came out
अन्गदस्य रम्यम गृहम == Angada's, exquisite,
अन्गदस्य वचः श्रुत्वा == Angada's, words, on hearing
अन्गदस्य वा == of Angada, or
अन्गदे च == Angada is, also
अन्गदे च अभिशिक्ते तु == on Angada, also, when anointed, but
अन्गदेन == by Angada
अन्गदेन तत राज्यम हृतम == by Angada that, kingdom, stolen «laying siege to»
अन्गदेन तदा प्रत्युक्तः == by Angada, that way, who is replied «Jambavanta»
अन्गदेन सदृशः == with Angada, similar to
अन्गदेन सह एव तु == Angada, along with «others,» thus, but
अन्गधः == Angada
अन्गधश्छ == Angada and
अन्गना == lady «Seetha»
अन्गना तारा == lady, Tara
अन्गनाम ऊचुः == to lady «Tara,» spoke.
अन्गम == bodied «or, having wheels»
अन्गात अन्गात सम्भवसि == 'offshoots derive parent's aspects.' So Manmatha, the Love-God derived all his aspects from Vishnu.
अन्गार चूर्ण उत्कर सम्निकाशैः == coal, powder, heap «globes,» equalling in aspect
अन्गारक इति वि ख्याता == Angaaraka, thus, as well-known
अन्गारक समानानाम == planet Mars, equal with
अन्गारकेण ग्रहेण == by the planet mars.
अन्गी == molten «refined,» jewellery, coloured «muffled up,» bodied
अन्गुइश - सेन्तिमेन्तल्ल्य «स खेलम == with, vivaciousness - vivaciously»
अन्गुल == 3/4 of present day inch; 4
अन्गुलीयम == ring
अन्गुश्ठ अग्र == with big toe, tip of
अन्गुष्ठ मात्रः == the size of a thumb.
अन्गेशु == in Anga kingdom
अन्चेस्तोर विभो == oh, godly saint.
अन्छित == beaming
अन्जन अम्बुद सम्काशाः == those that are - black-mascara, water-giver «black-cloud» similar in shine
अन्जन सम्काशा == to mascara, similar in shine
अन्जनम == eye-liner
अन्जना इति परि ख्याता == «yclept» Anjana, thus, made, known - known as
अन्जनात अपि == From Anjana breed, also
अन्जनाया वचः श्रुत्वा == Anjana's, words, on listening
अन्जने पर्वते == on Anjana, mountain
अन्जलिः == adjoining palms
अन्जलिकारिभिशेह == with folded hands
अन्जलिभिः पातुम शक्यम == with palms-bowl, to draught, possible to.
अन्जलिम == salutation with joined palms
अन्जलिम बद्ध्वा == palms, adjoining
अन्जलौ == by his joined hands
अन्जसा == with post-haste
अन्ज्ज्ञातुम == to know; (that)
अन्त == and ten anta-s make a@
अन्त करः == end, maker «terminator»
अन्त करः अपि == end, maker - eradicator
अन्त करम शरम == end
अन्त पुरस्य == palace
अन्तं == or end@
अन्तः == inside@
अन्तः गतः == end, he reached.
अन्तः चरसि == inside, you move - you inspirit
अन्तः पुर नादम == noise in gynaeceum
अन्तः पुर श्रेष्टम == filled with many number of brahmanas
अन्तः पुरम == gynaeceum
अन्तः पुरस्य च == and the palaces
अन्तः पुरात == from their gynaecium.
अन्तः स वेदनम इव == internally, with, throes, as though having - internally suffering with them.
अन्तःकरण == Mind@
अन्तःपुर == in the gynaecium
अन्तःपुर गतः == to palace chambers, one who is in
अन्तःपुर गतः वाली == palace chambers, went into, Vali
अन्तःपुर द्वारम == entrance of royal palace
अन्तःपुर स्त्रियः सर्वाः == palace, ladies, all of them
अन्तःपुरगताः == of the inner apartments
अन्तःपुरछरान == who move in that gynaecium.
अन्तःपुरम == gynaeceum
अन्तःपुरम प्रविश्या == palace «or, inside city,» on entering
अन्तःपुरस्य == of royal palace
अन्तःपुराग्रतः == (statoned) before inner city
अन्तःपुराणि == women of the gynaecium
अन्तःपुरात == of gynaeceum
अन्तःपुरास्य == and of the gynaeceum
अन्तःपुरे == in the gynaeceum
अन्तःपुरे विभूश अर्थः == in palace-chambers, decoration, for the sake of - as a masterpiece
अन्तःपुरेश्वरीम == the lady of the women in that gynaeceum
अन्तःपेटिका == (f) drawer@
अन्तःस्थानि == within@
अन्तक सन्निभः == Death, one similar in shine
अन्तक सन्निभः बभूव == Terminator, similar to, he became.
अन्तक समा == Terminator, coequal
अन्तक सेविताम दिशम == by time-god, attended by, direction «namely south»
अन्तकः == Lord of death
अन्तकः इव == as Yama the lord of death
अन्तकः काल चक्रम इव == Terminator, Time, disc, like «bow»
अन्तकः मृत्युरिव == like the destructive Death.
अन्तकः यथा == Terminator, as with
अन्तकः राम रूपेण == Terminator, in Rama's, in form
अन्तकमिव == like death
अन्तकरेण शरेण == terminator «like,» with arrow
अन्तकस्यापि == even Yama the lord of death
अन्तकाभम == like unto another Yama the Lord of Death
अन्तकाले == at the time of death@
अन्तकोपमः == as Yama the Lord of Death
अन्तक्मिव == like unto Yama the Destroyer of Vital breaths
अन्तगतं == completely eradicated@
अन्तगामी == you; to meet your death
अन्ततः == from any edge of
अन्तपालाश्छ == frontier-guards
अन्तपालैः == protecting the inner area
अन्तम == 'ten madhyama-s...'
अन्तम पश्यति == end «result,» he sees.
अन्तर == interior «in thickets»@
अन्तर आत्मना == in inner soul
अन्तर चित्रितेन == innerly, painted - dappled
अन्तर जल चरा == inside, water, those who budge up
अन्तर दर्शिभिः == for scope, searchers - by opportunists, fabricators
अन्तर भौमम खातम मार्गम == inside, of earth, hollowed, walkway
अन्तर भौमानि सत्त्वानि == underneath, earth, beings - living beings in netherworlds
अन्तरं == between@
अन्तरङ्ग == the practices of pranayama and pratyahara@
अन्तरदर्शनम == and the visible weak points
अन्तरदेशीय == among different countries mainly for transaction??@
अन्तरधीयत == disappeared from the site.
अन्तरम == a first opportunity
अन्तरम आस्थितः == interval «opportunity,» taking hold of
अन्तरम प्रेप्सुः == lapse - misstep, waiting for
अन्तरा == in between
अन्तरा इव == as in between
अन्तरात्मना == mind@
अन्तरात्मा == the inner self, residing in the heart@
अन्तरात्मा छ == inmost spirit
अन्तरात्माछ == heart
अन्तरात्मानम == conscience.
अन्तराय == (m) obstacle@
अन्तरारामः == actively enjoying within@
अन्तरिक्श == in the sky.
अन्तरिक्श गतः == to firmament, on going
अन्तरिक्श गतम देवम == in firmament, staying, deity « Indra»
अन्तरिक्श गतम रथम == in firmament, abiding, that chariot
अन्तरिक्श गता == into welkin, on going
अन्तरिक्श गता चारणाः == airspace, gone in «available,» caarana-s
अन्तरिक्श गताम == while sky, rocketing
अन्तरिक्शगताः == in the sky
अन्तरिक्शगाम == passing through the sky
अन्तरिक्शम == in the sky
अन्तरिक्शम इव विभाति == skyscape, as though, appear to be.
अन्तरिक्शम्छ == sky
अन्तरिक्शात == from firmament
अन्तरिक्शे == in space
अन्तरिक्शे वा न == in wild blue yonder, either, no
अन्तरिक्शेछ == and in the aerial region
अन्तरिक्श्जात == from the heavens
अन्तरिक्ष == (n) space@
अन्तरिक्षं == space, sky@
अन्तरिक्षः == i the sky
अन्तरिक्षगतः == after moving into the sky
अन्तरिक्षगताः == arrived at the sky.
अन्तरिक्षम == the sky
अन्तरिक्षम अथो मही == nor the sky nor the earth.
अन्तरिक्षम्छ == the sky
अन्तरिक्षस्थान == even while positioned in the sky
अन्तरिक्षात == in sky.
अन्तरिक्षे == in the sky
अन्तरिक्षे छ == in the sky
अन्तरिक्षेभ्यः == against those dwelling in theatmosphere
अन्तरीक्श गत्त == in firmament, abiding
अन्तरीक्शम == to vault of heaven
अन्तरे == in the middle@
अन्तरेण == other than@
अन्तरेशु == between
अन्तरोद्देशाः == intermediate zones
अन्तर्गत मना भूत्वा == depths of, mind, on turning in
अन्तर्गतम == the internal
अन्तर्गृहम == inner palace
अन्तर्ज्योतिः == aiming within@
अन्तर्दधतुः == covered each other off
अन्तर्दधे == cloaked
अन्तर्दाहेन == burn within his heart.
अन्तर्धान गतः == though still invisible
अन्तर्धान गतम == capable of disappearing from sight.
अन्तर्धानगतः == and having acquired the capacity of vanishing from the sight
अन्तर्धानगताः == and can disappear
अन्तर्धानगतेन == who became invisible
अन्तर्धानम == disappearance.
अन्तर्धानम गतः == vanishing, gone into.
अन्तर्धानम गता == into disappearance, on going
अन्तर्धानेगतः == while remaining invisible
अन्तर्धाय == concealing
अन्तर्निवेशने == in the black-yard of one's own house
अन्तर्युतकम् == (n) vest@
अन्तर्सुखः == happy from within@
अन्तर्हित भीमकाय == and who has concealed his terrible form
अन्तर्हित रथम == and whose chariot remains invisible.
अन्तर्हितः == even if disappeared
अन्तर्हितः अभवत == vanished, it became.
अन्तर्हितः बभूव == disappeared, it became
अन्तर्हितम == had made himself invisible
अन्तर्हिताः == who stood invisible in space
अन्तर्हितैः == abiding in the interior
अन्तवत् == perishable@
अन्तवन्तः == perishable@
अन्तश्च == and inside
अन्तिकम == nearer
अन्तिकान यज्न आयतनम निर्यातु == that is nearby, ritual hall, you may proceed.
अन्तिके == nearer to@
अन्तिके ख स्थम == in the vicinity of, in sky, staying «temporising»
अन्तिके वा == «his location,» nearby, whether
अन्तिके शृण्वताम यथा == close by «afore,» listeners «addressees,» «are available» as though
अन्तिमगिरौ == in the last mountain
अन्ते == at the end@
अन्ते छ == and at the end
अन्ते पृथिव्याः == at the earth's bottom
अन्ते पेच्तुस == for succinctness.
अन्तेशु अधिक पाण्डुरैः == at edges, much, whitish - pure white
अन्तैः च == with legions named antaH-s
अन्त्राण्यपि छ == and entrails
अन्त्रितम == the discussion
अन्थरिक्षम == theintermediate space betweenthem
अन्द यक्शस;गन्धर्वोरग रक्षसाम == and even by Gandharvas; Nagas and
अन्द लोक पूर्व जः == in worlds, earliest, born one - Brahma
अन्दकानि सत्त्वानीव == as aquatic beings
अन्दर्दध == became invisible
अन्दुम्बरम == made of Udambara wood
अन्ध == blind@
अन्ध कारे == in darkness
अन्धकः इव == like the demon Andhaka
अन्धकः यथा == Andhaka, as with
अन्धकार == darkness@
अन्धकारे == in the darkness
अन्धाम == who is blind
अन्धेन तमसा सम्वृतम बभूव == by blinding, blackness, blanketing, it became «bechanced»
अन्धोउ == blind
अन्धोउ इति == that both of you were blind
अन्धौ == blind
अन्न == food@
अन्न निस्यन्द जातानि == food «oblational material,» by spattering, originated from
अन्न पानैः सु विहिताः == food and drinks, well, pleased.
अन्नं == foodstuff@
अन्नम == a meal
अन्नम दातव्यम विधिवत == food, be given, dutifully
अन्नम भोक्तुम आरब्धवान == meal, to eat, started to
अन्नमिव == like food
अन्नम्छ == and food stuff
अन्नरसान == delicacies
अन्नरसे == a nutriment
अन्नवद्भिः == (comprising) of food
अन्नवशेषाणि == remnants of cooked rice.
अन्नात् == from grains@
अन्नाद्यम == pristine cooked rice
अन्नितछेतसः == of unbounded spleadour.
अन्ने निः षेशिते == food, nothing, remained - Indra consumed everything without any leftovers
अन्न्द्धृत्य == without taking away
अन्न्ययुः पृष्ठतः सत्वनम == followed at his heels with quick paces
अन्पतत == fell
अन्य == other person@
अन्य पार्थिव दुर्लभैः == Not at all seen in other kings
अन्य भयावहाः == to others, terrorizing «so far»
अन्य सुतम कथम त्रायसे == other's,
अन्यं == other@
अन्यः == another@
अन्यः अन्यः वध सम्रम्भात == one, another, to slay, in excitement
अन्यः अन्यम == other, to other «one another»
अन्यः अन्यम सम परिश्वज्य == each, to each, tightly, bracing «hand in hand»
अन्यः कथाः च छकार == other, topics, also, made - spoke about
अन्यः कृश्णाजिनम अदत == another sage, black-deerskin, bestowed
अन्यः जनः == to another person
अन्यः तु जटा बन्धनम == another, also, tuft-headband
अन्यः नग इव == like one tree
अन्यः पुत्रः == another son
अन्यः पुमान न वेत्ति == other, person, doest not, know «excepting me»
अन्यः महामुनिः मौञ्जीम == another, great saint, girdle of maunja grass
अन्यः राक्शसः == other demon
अन्यकामापि == who had desire in another(man)
अन्यत == (if) other
अन्यत अपि == other one, even
अन्यत एव == another, like that
अन्यत धनुः आदाय == then, another, bow, on taking
अन्यत महत धनुः == another, great, bow
अन्यत वपुः == another body
अन्यत शिखरम उत्तमम == to another peak, higher ones
अन्यत सर्वम वि चेतनम == every other one, everything, is without, animation.
अन्यत सुमहाघोरम == another exceedingly terrific
अन्यतः == somewhere else
अन्यतः न == none, else «can promise like this.»
अन्यत् == other@
अन्यत्र == at another place@
अन्यत्र जन्मनि == in another life
अन्यत्रछ == and anyone other than
अन्यत्वेश्म == another house
अन्यथा == (He who acts) otherwise@
अन्यथा इति == as otherwise
अन्यथा कर्तुम न शक्श्यामि == otherwise, to implement, not, capable of
अन्यथा कुर्वाण == doing in a different way
अन्यथा जातम == otherwise, cropped up.
अन्यथा न परिवर्तते हि == contrarily, not, it deflects «happens,» indeed.
अन्यथा न भवति == other way round, not, will become - it will not be other way round
अन्यथा भवेद्यदि == If it proves to be otherwise
अन्यथा समुदाचरन तपस्वी == otherwise, if practices, a hermit
अन्यदा == at other times
अन्यदेशय == to another area.
अन्यद्वा == any other thing
अन्यनारीणाम == for other ladies
अन्यन्यस्य == of one another
अन्यम == (and) another
अन्यम इन्द्रम करिश्यामि == alternative, Indra, I will make «clone, so he surmised»
अन्यम नरम == another man
अन्यम बन्धम == with another bondage.
अन्यम श्वापदम वा == or any other wild animal
अन्यमनाः == having his mind fixed on something else
अन्यमनाः न इति यत == is not having any other thoughts
अन्यम्छ == and other things
अन्यया == by the other@
अन्यया बुद्ध्या किम == by converse, thinking, what «is the use»
अन्यश्छ == and in other ways
अन्यस्य == another's
अन्यस्य कस्य छित == some other one's
अन्यस्य जनस्य == of other people
अन्यस्य पुम्सः == of any other man
अन्यस्याः अङ्कम == (slept) on another woman's thigh
अन्यस्याः वक्शसी == (slept) on another's bosom
अन्यस्याः स्वपन्त्याः वस्त्रम == other sleeping women's
अन्या == Another
अन्या अरण्यानि अपि == other, forests, even
अन्या नारीव == like other woman
अन्या भामिनी == another women
अन्या शैल दुहिता == other, mountain's «Himavanta's», daughter
अन्यां == another@
अन्याः == (Let) some rivers
अन्याः नाना छित्र कथा च == other, very many, amusing, stories, also
अन्याः प्रमदाः == other women
अन्याः वरस्त्रियः == other best women
अन्यान == and other
अन्यान वन चराम च == other, forest movers, also
अन्यान विविधान == and many other kinds
अन्यान शरान == and other arrows
अन्यानि == after@
अन्यानिछ == and other things
अन्यान् == others@
अन्याम == another woman
अन्याम गतिम == another, recourse
अन्याम गतिम गमिश्यामि == another, objective, I wish to reach at
अन्याम गतिम न गमिश्यामि == alternate, course, not, I wish to course through
अन्याम दिशम प्रपत्स्यामः == another, direction, we journey on
अन्याम द्रुमान च == others, trees, also; on felling
अन्यामि == in another way
अन्याम्श्छ == some other
अन्यायथा == as any other woman
अन्यायेन == illegally@
अन्याय्यम == unjustified means
अन्याश्छ == other
अन्यासाम == and for some others
अन्यूनाधिकम == without adding or subtracting anything
अन्ये == along with others@
अन्ये ऋशयः च == other, sages, also
अन्ये केछित == some others
अन्ये च == others, also
अन्ये च बहवः == others, also, many of them
अन्ये छ == along with other.
अन्ये धान्य जीविनः == other «similar birds,» on food-grains, which live on grain
अन्ये नग उत्तमाः == other, trees, best ones
अन्ये नगोत्तमाः == other excellent trees
अन्ये न्याय == other
अन्ये पार्थिवः च == other, kings, also
अन्ये बहवः निशाचराः राक्शसः == other, numerous, night-walkers, demons
अन्ये महाबलाः == some mighty monkeys
अन्ये वानराः छ == and other monkeys
अन्ये सुनिशितैः बाणाः == some more arrows
अन्येः == and other
अन्येछ बहवो शतशः == and other many hundreds of
अन्येन == by another@
अन्येन केनछित == (about) any other form.
अन्येन समागतम च == with another, involved, furthermore
अन्येन सम्रब्धम == with another, combating
अन्येभ्यः == from others@
अन्येशाम दारः == other person's, wife
अन्येशाम भूतानाम अपि == to other, beings, even
अन्येशाम यज्ञआनाम == in other, rituals
अन्येशाम राक्शसेन्द्राणाम == of the other demons-chiefs
अन्येशु == of the enemies
अन्येशु अपि च == other parts «of face,» even, also
अन्येषाम == others'
अन्यैः == and other@
अन्यैः अपि == by others, even
अन्यैः करकैः == with other small vessels
अन्यैः च == with other marine beings, also»
अन्यैः च विविधैः वृक्शैः == with other, also, divers, trees
अन्यैः छ == by others, also
अन्यैः राक्शसैः == with the other demons
अन्यैः वैखानसैः चैव == with others, Vaikhaanasa-s, also thus
अन्यैः शकुनैः == with other, birds
अन्यैः शस्त्रैः प्रहारैः च == with other, missile, by assaults of, also
अन्यैः सु दुश करम == to others, highly, not, possible
अन्यैश्छ == other weapons
अन्योउय मतिम == one or the other divergent opinions
अन्योन्य == mutual@
अन्योन्य अन्जलिम == to each other, thanksgiving with palm-fold
अन्योन्य गात्र ग्रथितौ == having their bodies wound each other
अन्योन्य बद्ध वैराणाम == reciprocally, bound, by hostility
अन्योन्य वद्रकाण्क्षिणौ == between the two warriors (Rama and Ravana) who wee desirous of killing each other
अन्योन्य वध काङ्क्षिणोः == who were willing to kill each other
अन्योन्य वधकाण्क्शिणाम == and desirous of killing each other.
अन्योन्य वैरेण == mutually, in animosity
अन्योन्य सदृशम == mutually befitting
अन्योन्य सदृशौ == each other, similar to the other
अन्योन्य सदृशौ वीरौ == 'those
अन्योन्य सम्लापात == by the mutual converstaion
अन्योन्य सूदने == to kill each other
अन्योन्यगात्रेषुविद्धम == (Through) the limbs of both were pierced by each other
अन्योन्यन == each other.
अन्योन्यभुजसूत्रेण == with the rope of each other's shoulders
अन्योन्यभ्रमलाकुलम == promiscuously hair
अन्योन्यम == among one another
अन्योन्यम आपूरयति इव == one another, permeating - outdoing, as though.
अन्योन्यम आसाद्य == clashing each other
अन्योन्यम आह्वयन्त इव == mutually, inviting, as though
अन्योन्यम उपकुर्वन्ति == mutually, succouring
अन्योन्यमालाग्रथितम == tied by each other as garland
अन्योन्यसम्हृष्टाः == rejoice each other
अन्योन्यस्य == in mutuality
अन्योन्यैः == one another
अन्योयम == each other
अन्योऽपि == and even others
अन्यौयम == each other.
अन्य्य तु == another (ogre)
अन्रगछ्छ्हत == accompanied
अन्वकीर्तयत == spoke
अन्वक्श्य == by seeing
अन्वक्षम == Immediately following
अन्वगच्छत == followed
अन्वगमत == has(also) followed
अन्वगमन == moved after
अन्वगात == Ganga, at his behind, followed - this is
अन्वगात छ == (the sage) followed them for a distance
अन्वगाम == I went along
अन्वगाहत == (he) plunged into
अन्वगेव == immediately
अन्वछरत == strolled after
अन्वछिन्तयत == remembered
अन्वछिन्तयन == thinking of
अन्वजाग्रत == kept a vigil
अन्वतप्यत == felt tormented
अन्वदर्शयत == showed
अन्वन्तर आपणम == while driving through bazaars
अन्वप द्यत == proceeded
अन्वपद्यत == followed
अन्वमन्यत == (Indrajit) thought
अन्वय == , parsing.@
अन्वय वर्जितः == lineage, one with an improper
अन्वय/वोर्द ओर्देर: अद्य == now
अन्वय/वोर्द-ओर्देर: भगवन == oh, godly sage
अन्वय/वोर्द-ओर्देर: महात्मना जनकेन == noble souled «foreseer,» by Janaka
अन्वयात == escorted
अन्वयुः == accompanied
अन्वर्थम वाक्यम == having right concept, sentence - advice
अन्वर्थैः अर्थैः == with meaningful, riches
अन्ववेक्शते == casts his eyes
अन्ववेक्शितम == by him discerned.
अन्ववेक्श्य == observed
अन्ववेक्षया == by looking for
अन्ववेक्ष्य == and beholding
अन्ववेक्ष्या == by beholding
अन्ववैक्शत == and saw
अन्ववैक्शता == saw
अन्ववैक्शतेअ == and saw
अन्वशात == commanded
अन्वशासत == ruled.
अन्वशोचः == you are lamenting@
अन्वशोछन्त == bega to grieve
अन्वस्थ हृदयः छ आसीत == disturbed, at heart, also, became
अन्वागात == took place
अन्वारोहत == ascended by following
अन्वाश्रिताः == positioned along
अन्वाश्रिताम == and situated along
अन्वास्य == having worshipped
अन्वास्य पश्चिमाम सन्ध्याम == worshipped, the westward, vesperal time
अन्वास्यते == he is being seated round as a caucus
अन्वास्यमानः == while devoting themselves to him
अन्वास्यमाना == being attended closely
अन्विच्छ == try for@
अन्विछ्छ्ह == be inclined
अन्विछ्छ्हता == expecting
अन्विछ्छ्हन == and desiring
अन्वित == (p.p) Followed or attended by, in company with, joined by; having ossessed of; overpowerd by, connected grammatically;@
अन्वितः == endowed with
अन्वितम == being endowed
अन्विताः == and endowed@
अन्विश्य == on raking over
अन्विष्य == will search
अन्वीक्शकीम == their logical
अन्वीक्श्य == on scrutinizing
अन्वीक्षमानः == looking back
अन्वीक्ष्य == examined
अन्वीयमानः == accompanied
अन्वेक्शस्व == observe
अन्वेति == follows as an adherent
अन्वेतुम == to follow
अन्वेशणम == to arrange for a search
अन्वेशते गतिम == is searching, for course «of Ramayana.»
अन्वेशतोः == when they are searching «for Seetha»
अन्वेशमाणा == during their search
अन्वेशमाणाः == while searching
अन्वेशितुम == to search
अन्वेशितुम अर्हसि == to search, apt of you.
अन्वेषणम् == (n) search, exploration@
अन्वेष्टव्यालि == would have to be sought
अन्वेष्टुम == to search for
अन्वैर्वा == or by others
अन्व्य क्रम == , i.e., words parsed according to Sanskrit way of reading and then meanings are given.
अन्व्यय क्रम == . By this process the words in this second verse will be connected like this:
अप आकर्शत == to side, attracted - sidetracked, drawn off.
अप आये == side, tracked - diverted; when
अप आवृत्तम == to side, going sidestepping, you
अप आवृत्य == to side, displacing «unclosing»
अप कर्शितुम == away, pull to sidetrack
अप कृतम == misdeed done.
अप कृश्ट सत्त्वे == on one with - deducted, mightiness - mightless, on inferior being
अप कृश्टः == ignoble
अप क्रम्य == afar, gone
अप क्रान्ते == when sidetracked
अप धावन्त्याः == she who is towards, rushing
अप नयते == away, taking.
अप नीतम == astray
अप नीय == leading away - on abducting
अप नेश्यति == to side, leads - expels.
अप वर्जय == aside, cast - remove by fulfilling your requiescat.
अप वाहयन्ति == making to outflow - inundating.
अप वाहयित्वा == remove, carrying - overflowing
अप वाहितः == away, taken «detoured»
अप वाह्य == side, tracked - made to distract from hermitage
अप विद्धः च == down, battered, also.
अप शब्दितम == amiss, verbiage.
अप सव्य == means another way, 'to keep the sacred thread on the right shoulder...' which will
अप सव्यम == anti, circumambulations, «moving around in anticlockwise direction»
अप स्वरम == with bad, with tune «untunefully»
अपः सम्हृत्य च == water, on collecting, also
अपकर्मणा == of some offence
अपकारः == harm
अपकारः अरि लक्शणम == harming, is enemy's, trait
अपकाराणाम == bad things.
अपकारिशु == 'perpetrating evil on your dedicates like Sugreeva,
अपकारिशु दण्डः अपि च == wrong, doers, punishing, also, even
अपकारिशु दण्डः च == wrongdoers, punishing of, also
अपकुर्वन == if he does any harm
अपकृ == to harm@
अपकृतम == harm was done
अपकृश्टः == hauled down
अपकृश्टाश्छ == or inferior to him.
अपकृश्य == was taken far away
अपकेन्द्रण == centrifugation@
अपक्रमणमेव == only to get away
अपक्रम्य == (Hanuma) having gone to a distance
अपगछ्छ्ह == go away
अपगछ्छ्हति == gets vanished
अपगतम == wnet off
अपङ्ग == handicapped@
अपचितिः == devotion
अपची == to decrease@
अपछक्राम == wnet away to a distance.
अपछितम == compensation
अपछितानि == gathered
अपठम् == read@
अपण्डित == someone who is not a scholar@
अपत विछेतनः विसज्ज्ञः == dropped senseless and unconscious
अपतत == (it) fell
अपतत छ == and fell
अपतन == fell
अपतन द्रुतम == fallen - alighted, swiftly.
अपतिः == without husband
अपत्य == Progeny@
अपत्यम == as a son
अपथ्य व्यन्जनोपेतम == with forbidden sauces.
अपथ्यम == It is like a forbidden food
अपथ्यैः सह == mixed with forbidden things
अपदानाः च == accomplished tasks, also
अपदेशात == on pretence of «their daily worships»
अपदेशेव == in disguise
अपद्रुतम == rushed in a bent posture
अपध्वम्सत == keep away
अपनिता == I have been abducted
अपनीतेन == as a result of the bad behaviour
अपनीतेशु == those who have deviated from the right course
अपनीय == by luring away
अपनीयताम == be removed.
अपनीयमानाम == distracted «from dead-husband»
अपनुदत == and dispelled
अपनुद्यात् == can drive away@
अपनेश्यतिहि == he will indeed remove
अपन्यस्तम == or stealing away.
अपमा == comparison@
अपमानयोः == and dishonour@
अपर == other@
अपर रात्रेशु == during the later half of the night
अपरं == junior@
अपरः == and another
अपरः कपि राज इव == the other, monkey's, king «Sugreeva,» like.
अपरः पुनः == yet another
अपरः प्रजापतिः इव == the other, Creator, as with
अपरः मुदान्वितः काश्ठ रज्जुम == another one, with enchantment wood-sticks, band
अपरः मुनिः काशायम वस्त्रम == another, sage, another, saffron, cloth
अपरः वज्रपाणिरिव == like another Indra who carries the thunderbolt in his hand.
अपरः शैलः इव == like a second mountain
अपरः हृश्टः मुनिः ताभ्याम ददौ तदा कुठारम == another, gladdened, saint, to them, contributed, then, hatchet
अपरकर्याणि == and actions which ought to be done later
अपरतालस्य == Aparatala Mountain
अपरथः == fault
अपरन == other regions.
अपरपर्पतान == the region of aparaparpata
अपरम == another
अपरम काल दण्डम इव == the other, Terminator's, baton, like
अपरम तथा == next, thus
अपरम ब्रह्म दण्डम इव == another - secondary, Brahma's, shaft «missile,» as with; such a
अपरम यम दण्डम इव == another, Yama's, baton, which is like
अपरम वछः == (the following) further words
अपरम शुभम धनुः गृह्य == another, transcending «outranking,» bow. on taking
अपरम शैलम इव == like another mountain.
अपरम सम्हारास्त्रम इव == like another weapon of destruction.
अपरम हस्ति हतम इव == another, elephant, trunk, like
अपररात्र == (m) dawn@
अपररात्रे == at the end of night
अपरस्पर == without cause@
अपरा == another@
अपरा श्रीः इव == another - temporal, Goddess Lakshmi, like
अपराः == and some others
अपराः क्रियाः == to expedite the other rites pertaining to the thirteenth day.
अपराःपुनः == some other women
अपराजितः == remaining unyielded@
अपराजितम == which had never been defeated in battles
अपराजितौ == and remaining undefeated (the two warriors)
अपराजीत == Unconquered@
अपराणि == others@
अपरातु == another woman
अपराद्धः च == culpable, also
अपराद्धानाम == for culprits - like us
अपराधम == offence
अपराधम विना == offence, without
अपराधात == Due to the offence
अपराधिनः == the guilty
अपराध्यति == was to blame
अपरान == and some other
अपरान अपि महर्शीन == others, even, eminent-saint
अपरान सप्त शरान आदाय == other, seven arrows, on drawing
अपरान समस्तान द्विजातीन == all other brahmanas
अपरान् == others@
अपरान्ताः == the kings of the western borders near the Sahya mountains
अपराम छिन्ताम == (with)another thought
अपराम दिशम प्राप्तः == western, direction, I reached. «Here aparaam means doubly 1. another, 2. west quarter.»
अपराश्छ == and some others
अपरासां छ == And for some other women
अपराह्ण == is the fourth part of daytime, among the five, and they are:
अपराह्णेशु == in afternoons
अपरिकीर्तिता == no mentioned
अपरिक्रमः == who is unable to walk around
अपरिग्रह == abstention from greed, non-possessiveness@
अपरिग्रहः == free from the feeling of possessiveness@
अपरिणायकोउ == without a guide
अपरिमेयं == immeasurable@
अपरिमेयानि == are difficult to be measured
अपरिमेयैः == which can not be counted
अपरिरक्शणम == failure to keep
अपरिश्रमोउ == without any occupation
अपरिश्रान्तः == withaut a fatigue
अपरिसम्स्थितः «अ परि सम स्थितः == not, completely, well
अपरिहार्ये == of that which is unavoidable@
अपरिहार्येषु == being inevitable
अपरीक्शितम == and without being tested
अपरे == (While) others@
अपरे अहमि == and the next day
अपरे केछित == some others
अपरे छ == some other lakes
अपरे पारे == on the other, shore
अपरेण == with another
अपरेतु == and some others
अपरेधेन == offence
अपरैश्छ == and some other omens
अपर्याप्तं == immeasurable@
अपलायनं == not fleeing@
अपलायिनः == and never retreated
अपवर्ग == heaven, liberation@
अपवहनं == seducetion@
अपवाद == exceptional@
अपवादम छ == the evil-speaking
अपवादोवा == or calumny
अपवाहयत == carried off
अपवाहितः == carried away
अपवाह्य == by taking him away
अपविघ्नः == without obstacles@
अपविद्धः च == thrown away, also
अपविद्धानि == dropped
अपविद्धाम == which were thrown away
अपविद्धाश्छ == and thrown aside
अपविद्धेन == falling on him
अपविद्धैः == shattered
अपविध्य == felling down
अपविध्यन्ति == some are throwing away
अपवीता == was taken away
अपवृत्तेन == knocked down; (why are you lying killed on the ground?)
अपवृत्तेन मकुटेन == with crown tilted to the side
अपश्य == and saw
अपश्यत == (and) saw
अपश्यत वि मलम छत्रम == saw, without stain, parasol «imperial umbrella»
अपश्यतः == not seeing
अपश्यतस्तु == if I do not see
अपश्यताम == they have seen «spotted.»
अपश्यती == without finding
अपश्यत् == he could see@
अपश्यन == beheld
अपश्यन हरिणान == have seen, deer.
अपश्यन्त == saw
अपश्यन्तः == having not seen
अपश्यन्ताः == even in my not seeing
अपश्यन्ती == not seeing
अपश्यन्तीम == not seeing
अपश्यन्त्यः == without seeing
अपश्यन्त्याः == so long as I do not see
अपश्यन्निव == was unable
अपश्यम == and saw
अपश्यम्तः == could not see
अपश्यम्स्तु == unable to find
अपश्याव == we have seen.
अपसर्पणे == for retreating
अपसर्पति == and goes back
अपसर्पन्ती == moving from there
अपसर्प्च्युः == run away
अपसव्यम == from right to the left
अपसव्यानि मन्दलानि == in circles from right to left.
अपसृताः == retreated
अपस्नातः == by the one who has taken the funeral bath.
अपस्मार == forgetful@
अपस्मारः == (m) epilepsy@
अपस्यत == Hanuma saw
अपस्यतः == not seeing
अपस्यन == not seeing
अपस्व्यानि == from left to right
अपहत पाप्मत्वादि गुण विशिश्ट == 'Supreme Person is one who is above
अपहरण == stealing@
अपहरणं == abduction, kipnapping@
अपहरिश्यामि == I will snatch away.
अपहर्तारं == the remover]destroyer@
अपहर्तुम == abducted
अपहसिता == being laughed at
अपहाणिनम == abductor
अपहाय == quitting
अपहास्य == laughing off - his proposal
अपहास्यन == which was worth ridiculing
अपहास्यम == are to be laughed at
अपहृत == stolen@
अपहृतचेतसां == bewildered in mind@
अपहृतछेतसः == consciousness was taken away
अपहृता == stolen
अपहृताम == stolen
अपहृत्य == abducting
अपाकुर्वन == you shall discharge
अपाक्रमत == slipped away
अपाक्रश्टुम == to obliterate
अपाक्रष्टुम == to turn back
अपागामिव == like a river
अपातयत == hurled
अपातयम == and released
अपात्रवर्षि == distributor of gifts to the undeserving.
अपात्रेभ्यः == to unworthy persons@
अपात्रेशु == undeserving people
अपादिकाम == one wthout feet
अपान == one of the vital airs, controls the elimination of bodily wastes@
अपान भूमि प्रतिमा विभाति == liquor, land «alehouses,» similar to, impressive.
अपानं == the air going downward@
अपानशालाः == bars
अपानृतकथम == as on ewho does not have false promises
अपाने == in the air which acts downward@
अपापः == sinless
अपापदर्शनम == having a virtuous disposition
अपापस्य == irreproachable prince
अपापह == virtuous man
अपापाः == who are not sinful
अपापाम == which is devoid of sins
अपापो == without sins@
अपाम == of water
अपाम लोभात उप अवृत्तान == for water, greedy; nearby «lake» coming
अपाम स्रोतः इव == like the flow of water.
अपाम्पतिः == Varuna; the ruler of the
अपाय अ दर्शनम.... उपाय अ दर्शनम == etc. It is concluded that she, for sure, identified him as a pseudo-Brahman, because she has seen many such
अपायत == employed
अपायम वा अपि == danger, either, or
अपायिनः == disappearing@
अपारपारम == you non-acquiescence
अपारम == the baundless
अपारमिव == as though it is boundless
अपारयन == unable
अपारा == one who has no limits@
अपालयत == ruled
अपालाः == without herdsman
अपावर्तितुम अर्हथ == 'return, you may' to heavens,
अपावृणु == slide aside
अपावृत पुर द्वाराम == with its city-gates laid open
अपावृतं == wide open@
अपावृतम == has been removed
अपावृताम == being retreated
अपासर्पत == (and) moved away
अपास्य == abandoning
अपास्या == throw away
अपाहरत == severed
अपि == , even, is said to have been used to qualify Vashishta as an antagonist of Vishvamitra in policy differences. 'Even my opponent,@
अपि अभिगम्यते == is he approached
अपि अभिवादितः == whether, reverenced.
अपि अरोगा == also healthy
अपि अहम जीवितम जह्याम त्वाम वा सीते स लक्श्मणाम ।। == 4-10-18. Hence there is no question of his going back on the word given to them that crave for his mercy.
अपि आवाम == even, we
अपि इदानीम == even now
अपि गता == whether, gone there
अपि गोदावरी नदी == even «now,» Godavari, river «which is being asked»
अपि च == even also
अपि च न भवेत == even, also, not, be there «will there be a disaster, so to speak.»
अपि छ == and
अपि जीवित हेतोर्वा == even for the cause of his life.
अपि तिश्ठते == even, he will be there.
अपि दर्शिता == even, is she revealed?
अपि न उत्पन्ना == even, not, took birth - has she taken birth
अपि न कुर्यात == will he make it.
अपि नयन्ति स्म == even, taken as - to ascribe, deigned to, they are.
अपि पुरस्कृतः == and even honoured
अपि प्राप्नुयावहे वै == at least, can we make out, really - I wonder.
अपि मम च == even, to me, also
अपि वा == even, or
अपि सन == even though, he is
अपि सन्गता == even, joined - reunited with.
अपि स्यात == may it be
अपिकुर्युः == grant
अपिछ == and
अपिद्रक्श्यामि == Can we see
अपिनद्धानि == tied -tucked in her bun.
अपिबत == drank
अपिसेवते == resorting to
अपिस्यात == come
अपीतेषु == (Masc.Loc.Pl.) having not drunk(taken water)@
अपुण्य == vice@
अपुण्या == the impure
अपुत्रम == without a son
अपुत्रस्य गतिर नास्ति स्वर्गो नैवच नैवच == There is no way out «in other worlds
अपुत्रायाः == and who has no son
अपुत्रेण == the childless
अपुनरावृत्तिं == to liberation@
अपुर्वी == is just to indicate Lakshmana as a
अपुष्प == one without flowers@
अपूजयत == praised
अपूजयन == (they) adored
अपूजयम == paid homage
अपूरयत == filled up
अपूरयन == I expanded
अपूर्यत == grew in size.
अपूर्व भार्यया == by first wife alone
अपूर्व वस्तु सेकरण == 'collection of valuable objects' which is a fashion to anyone, especially to kings Then Lakshmana may further insist 'even then you shall not go, it is a fanciful deer/demon,' for which Rama is saying 'getting the
अपूर्वम == new
अपूर्वि == is categorised under rare and unfamiliar words. It is said that as per rock edicts it is a traveller,
अपूर्वी == 'one who
अपृच्छ एव == on seeking «permission to leave, » only
अपृछ्छ्हत == asked
अपृछ्छ्हम == I asked
अपृछ्छ्हे == will get permission
अपृछ्छ्हेताम == and took leave
अपृथिव्योः == to the earth@
अपृश्टह == without enquiry
अपेक्षतः == «(If you) accept
अपेक्षया == by wish
अपेक्षा == (f) expectation, hope@
अपेक्ष् == to expect@
अपेत शत्रुः == who was free from enemies
अपेतक्लमसम्प्तापाः == with our fatigue and pains removed
अपेतम == fallen
अपेतमाल्य शोभानि == with their splendor of floral decoration lost
अपेता == is deprived of
अपेता अपजयान == unknown, defeat «triumphant, exultant»
अपेतोदक धूमानि == without water and smoke
अपेयम == drinkable.»
अपेयाद्वा == may go off
अपेशलानाम == skilful ones
अपैशुनं == aversion to fault-finding@
अपोथयत == and crushed
अपोह == indecisiveness about the undesirables and receiving the worthwhile - 6» fastidiousness
अपोहनं == forgetfulness@
अपोहितुम == to set aside - keep it at bay, fend off
अपोह्य == removing
अपोह्यमानः == being taken away
अप्छ्छ्हुष्कः == with water dried up.
अप्तोर्याम == are performed. King, the improver of his own dynasty, donated eastern side to
अप्तोर्याम महा क्रतुः == aptoryaama, great, ritual are conducted.
अप्पमादेन == is
अप्य == today
अप्ययश्छ == and the dissolution
अप्ययौ == disappearance@
अप्यागछ्छ्हेत == come into our
अप्रकम्प्योऽपि == were unable to more
अप्रकम्प्यौ नर व्याघ्रौ == unwavering ones, manly tigers
अप्रकाशः == splendourless@
अप्रकाशम == bereft of lustre
अप्रकाशाम == indistinctness
अप्रग्रहम == without fetching anything
अप्रतिकूलयन == not resisting it
अप्रतिक्रमणः == who performs unparalleled actions.
अप्रतिछिन्तितम == without proper thinking
अप्रतिजल्पतीम == who was not making any answer
अप्रतितर्किताम == an unimaginable
अप्रतितेन == which is apprehensible
अप्रतिद्वन्द्वः == without any rival
अप्रतिद्वन्द्वः छ == and is second to none
अप्रतिद्वन्द्वम == who had no peer in the field
अप्रतिबलम == who was unrivalled
अप्रतिम कर्माणम == performer of deeds without an equal
अप्रतिम तेजोभ्याम == with incomparable dignity
अप्रतिम सम्स्थानैः == in incomparable workmanship
अप्रतिमः == unmatched
अप्रतिमकर्माणम == of incomparable deeds
अप्रतिमगाम्भीर्यः == who is without equal in prowess
अप्रतिमप्रभाव == O immeasurable power@
अप्रतिमप्रभावे == who had an influence
अप्रतिमम == an incomparable
अप्रतिमम शरम मोक्तुम अर्हसि == unsurpassed, arrow, to unloose, apt of you
अप्रतिमव्ड़्ड़्त्तायाः == having unequalled conduct
अप्रतिमा == without a match
अप्रतिमाण्यमाणैः == those who were hindered
अप्रतिमानना == incomparably
अप्रतिमेन == having unequal
अप्रतिमैः == matchless
अप्रतिरुपरूपम == with that has no comparison
अप्रतिरूपम == about the unworthy
अप्रतिरूपा == and disgusting woman
अप्रतिवार्य वेगैः == with unrest rained emotion
अप्रतिवीर्येण == with no warrior who can stand him as his rival
अप्रतिष्ठं == without foundation@
अप्रतिष्ठः == without any position@
अप्रतीकारं == without being resistant@
अप्रदक्षिणम == inauspiciousness
अप्रदाने पुनः == not to return Seetha
अप्रदाय == without offering@
अप्रधृश्याम == which is invincible
अप्रधृष्य पराक्रमम == having undefeatable valor
अप्रधृष्यः == (He) could not be defeated
अप्रध्ड़्ड़्ष्याम == which is unconquerable
अप्रनीता असि == you were stolen
अप्रनुत्तान == who did not dance
अप्रभुताम == devoid of power.
अप्रमत्तः == alertly
अप्रमत्तःछ == attentive.«
अप्रमत्तम == who is attentive
अप्रमत्तश्छ == remains alert
अप्रमत्तस्य == who was attentive
अप्रमत्ता == attentively .«
अप्रमत्ताः == and attentively
अप्रमत्तेन भाव्यम == vigilantly, think out - apply yourself
अप्रमत्तैः == vigilantly
अप्रमथाः == vigilantly
अप्रमादः == vigilance
अप्रमादम च == and about my alertness
अप्रमादिभिः == who were vigilant
अप्रमादेन == carefully.
अप्रमेय == the ununderstandable@
अप्रमेय बलाः == immeasurable, in strength
अप्रमेय बलाश्छ == having a strength; which
अप्रमेय वेगम == with unimaginable swiftness
अप्रमेयं == immeasurable@
अप्रमेयः == of immeasurable strength
अप्रमेयः च == 'indeterminate is your aspect...' 'Veda-s themselves have
अप्रमेयम == an unlimited
अप्रमेयम लक्श्मणम == with inestimable, Lakshmana
अप्रमेयम हि तत तेजो यस्य सा जनक आत्मजा == 'unlimited is
अप्रमेयश्छ == and immeasurable
अप्रमेयस्य == and unfathamable@
अप्रमेयस्य उदधेः == of the unfathomable ocean
अप्रमेयात्मा == (and) of inscrutable spirit
अप्रमेयाप्रतिकारकृत्रिमम == one without comparison in beauty.
अप्रमेयाय == who was having incomprehensible qualities
अप्रमेयाय वरुणाय == to unequalled one, to Rain-god
अप्रमेयेण कपिलेन == by the Imponderable one, by Kapila
अप्रम्छ == another whisk
अप्रयते == not intent on devotion.
अप्रयतेशु == without making the fire well-prepared.
अप्रयोगम्छ == failure to utter
अप्रविज्ज़्नतम == was not known accurately
अप्रविष्टम == while he has not reached
अप्रवृत्तिः == inactivity@
अप्रशस्तः == shoren of its radiance
अप्रशस्तह == inauspicious
अप्रशस्ताः == ominous
अप्रशस्तैः == filthy
अप्रसन्ना मनाः किम्नु == how mind has become displeased
अप्रसन्नेन वदनेन == with a cheerless countenance
अप्रस्तवे == irrelevantly?
अप्रहृश्ट बलाम == denuded of its happy army
अप्रहृश्ट मनुश्या छ == with joyless people
अप्रहृष्टैः == sans pleasure
अप्रहृस्टाः == unhappy
अप्राप्तकालम == or yet to come
अप्राप्तत् == uttained, obtained@
अप्राप्तम == had not arrived
अप्राप्तान == even before they reached him
अप्राप्तामेव == even before(the spear) reached Vibhishana
अप्राप्य == and without touching@
अप्राप्यछैव == and having failed to fulfill
अप्राप्याम मैथिलीम == on the unobtainable Seetha
अप्रामामाण्य == Unjustified@
अप्रावृताः == lacking clothes
अप्रितम कर्माणम == and who had unique acts to his credit
अप्रिय दर्शनस्य == of disagreeable perception
अप्रिय शम्सिवान == to inform the unpleasent.
अप्रियं == the unpleasant@
अप्रियः == and the undesirable@
अप्रियदर्शनम == nasty at sight.
अप्रियम == (but) unkind?«
अप्रियम्छ == and unkindly
अप्रियरूपाणि == very unpleasant ones
अप्रियवादिनीम == who was speaking disagreeable words
अप्रियस्य == but unpleasing words
अप्रियह == unpleasant
अप्रियात == (and) from displeasure
अप्रियामिव == as though I were abhorrent (to you)?
अप्रियार्ता == tormented by grief
अप्रियुम == of unpleasantness.
अप्रीतम == had a displeasure
अप्रीताम == distasteful word
अप्रे == some other
अप्र्सह्यम == irresistible
अप्ल अन्तर == is usually 'a little after...' But Prof. Satya Vrat includes this
अप्लवः इति यत == being impossible of being swum across
अप्लवस्य == by a person without a bark«
अप्लवोयथा == any more than a man without a bark (would reach the end of a sea)
अप्सर == such apsara
अप्सरः गण सेविता == apsara, throngs, adored by
अप्सरः गणैः विहृताम == by apsara, throngs, make pleasure-trips
अप्सरः ते स्वागतम अस्तु == oh, apsara, to you, welcome, is there
अप्सरः सन्घा ननृतुः == apsara, promenades of, danced
अप्सरसः == apsarasas
अप्सरसः अभवन == Apsara-genera, they became - their genera became.
अप्सरसः च == apsara-s, also
अप्सरसः चैव == gandharva-s, apsara-s, also thus - in those aircrafts, where gandharva-s are singing, and apsara-s are dancing
अप्सरसम मेनकाम दृश्ट्वा == celestial wench, Menaka, on seeing
अप्सरसम यथा == like Apsarasa
अप्सरसाम == celestial's, of apsara-s
अप्सरसाम इव == like Apsarasa women
अप्सरसाम श्रेश्ठा == among apsara-s, nicest one
अप्सरा == or «nymphal» apsara
अप्सरा गणाः ननृतुः == divine dancers, groups of - dancing parties, danced
अप्सरा न == apsara-female, no
अप्सराः == apsara-s
अप्सरो गणाः == a particular company of Apsaras
अप्सरोगण सम्युक्ताः == surrounded by a company of Apsaras
अप्सरोगणाः == and troups of Apsaras (celestial nymphs)
अप्सरोभिः == and Apsaras the nymphs
अप्सरोभिः च == by apsara-s, even
अप्सु == in water - of Milk Ocean@
अप्सु रस == 'waters...
अप्सु वा न == in waters, or; no.
अफल == one without fruit@
अफलप्रेप्सुना == by one without desire for fruitive result@
अफलाकाङ्क्षिभिः == by those devoid of desire for result@
अब भक्शैः == water, eaters «some subsisting on»
अबद्ध्वा == without building
अबन्धु == one who does not have any brothers / kinmen@
अबन्धुः == without any relatives(near her).
अबभाशे च तौ वीरौ == greeted them «not talking exactly,» also, to those two, valiant ones
अबभौ == glowed
अबल == helpless (woman)@
अबला == (helpless) Woman@
अबलाम == being helpless
अबले == Oh
अबालवत == as a mature youth
अबिरतः == is intent
अबिग़्नन == striking
अबुद्धम == even un intentional action.
अबुद्धयः == who were stupid@
अबुद्धिना == by the foolish Ravana
अबुद्धीनाम == and who are stupid.
अबुध्यत == became aware
अबोध == Ignorance@
अबोधयत == got awakened
अब्द == Season of plenty@
अब्धि == sea@
अब्धिः == by water
अब्धी == (m) ocean, sea@
अब्भूत उपम == , hyperbole.
अब्रछोदितः == being unasked
अब्रबीत == spoke
अब्रवīत == addressed
अब्रवत == became
अब्रवन्तीम अवन्तीम च == Abravanti, Avanti, also
अब्रवम == I spoke
अब्रवाः == the clouds
अब्रविछ्छ == and spoke
अब्रवित == spoke
अब्रवीः == spoke
अब्रवीच्छापि == spoke
अब्रवीछ्छ == (Rama) spoke
अब्रवीत == told
अब्रवीत इति यत == might have cried
अब्रवीत च == and (Kausalya) also spoke
अब्रवीत छ == spoke
अब्रवीत ताम महाभागाम == spoke, to her, most reverential lady
अब्रवीत तु == spoke
अब्रवीत प्र श्रितम प्रसवार्थम वाक्यम == said, very, humble, words.
अब्रवीत मधुरम वाक्यम == spoke, sweet worded, sentence.
अब्रवीत माम == said, to me
अब्रवीत लक्श्मनम वाक्यम == spoke, to Lakshmana, sentence
अब्रवीत वचनम == said, sentence
अब्रवीत वाक्यम == said, sentence
अब्रवीत हि == indeed has said
अब्रवीत् == spoke@
अब्रवीत्छ == and spoke
अब्रवेत == spoken.
अब्रह्मण्य == Not kosher@
अब्रिवीत == spoke
अब्रुवत == said
अब्रुवतोऽपि == eventhough you are not speaking
अब्रुवन == (and) spoke
अब्रुवन इति == thus spoke
अब्रुवन वचनम सर्वे == conversed, words, all of them.
अब्रुवन वछः == spoke the (following) words.
अब्रुवन विश्वमित्रम == spoke, to Vishvamitra «this way.»
अब्रुवन्छ == proclaiming
अब्रुवन्छ अपि == (hose troops of Bharata) also said
अब्रुवन्तीम ब्रुवन्तिम्म == roughly forming part of the speech of Sugreeva 'spoken and unspoken areas by me...' However, these areas are in the Southwest of India, and it appears the
अब्रुवम == spoke
अब्रुवम वाछा == I spoke in a tone
अब्रूताम == and spoke
अभक्ताय == to one who is not a devotee@
अभजत == enjoyed
अभय == freedom from fear@
अभय दक्षिणाम == reward in the form of fearless-ness.«
अभय वाक्याः == the 'expression of good wishes
अभय हस्त == . And now he is giving that
अभय हस्त अभिनय == are the 'gesturing with raised and swaying hands wishing good to a departing traveller... etc. minus voicing,
अभयं == fearlessness@
अभयम == a protection
अभये == (while); assurance of protection@
अभय्नुज्नात == permitted
अभवः == were
अभवत == became
अभवत च == he became, also
अभवत धृतः == he stood voed
अभवत स्थिता == was situated.
अभवत हि == indeed became
अभवत हृष्टा == se became rejoiced.
अभवत् == became@
अभवद == became
अभवन == and became
अभवन छक्रवाकाः इव == were like Chakravaka birds.
अभवन मधुस्रवाः == and further began to flow with honey.
अभवम == I became
अभविष्यत् == will become@
अभवेत == became
अभाग्यतरः «अ भाग्य तरः == un, fortunate, comparatively higher - greater unfortunate being
अभात == became
अभावः == changing quality@
अभावयतः == of one who is not fixed@
अभावाय == for destruction
अभाशत == and spoke
अभाश्ताम == discussed.
अभाश्य == on greeting
अभाषत == spoke@
अभाषेत == spoke
अभासन्त == shone
अभासयत द्याम == made the sky brilliant.
अभास्करम == without the sun
अभि == preposition@
अभि अकल्पयत == (and) arranged for
अभि अकिरत == fully, bestrewn - diffused.
अभि अनुज्ञआताः == well permitted
अभि अनुज्ञआप्य == making me to take leave of him
अभि अलन्कृता == finely, bedecked
अभि अवदत == towards, said.
अभि आ वर्तत == towards, re, coursed.
अभि आगतम == towards «me,» who has came
अभि आगतम माम == to your near, who came, with me
अभि आगतैः == that have come near
अभि आगमन == «sages» towards, approached - Rama.
अभि आपद्यन्त == towards, draw near.
अभि आहतम == towards, knocking - colliding with, crashing into
अभि उत पतः == towards, on, fell up - flew up.
अभि उत्थितम सूर्यम दृश्ट्वा == just, risen, sun, on seeing
अभि एत्य == nigh, came; and
अभि कान्क्शतः == forward, looking to - a sincere requester
अभि क्रुद्धा == in high, dudgeon
अभि गन्तुम अर्हसि == into, going «entering,» apt of you
अभि गम्य == is nearly approaching, coming nearby, at a
अभि गम्य च == nearly approaching, also
अभि गर्जन्तम == out, roaring
अभि गर्जन्ति == facing towards «mountain,» «elephants will be» roaring.
अभि चिन्तये == towards «them,» I think - I don't care them
अभि जग्मतुः == towards, on going - approached.
अभि जन सम्पन्नः == having close, people «best troopers, or best lineage,» abounding with
अभि तप्तानाम == much, wearied
अभि तर्पितः == is well worshipped
अभि दीप्तायाम दिशि == very, «by sun» scorched, in direction, towards that stretch
अभि दुद्राव == towards, dashed.
अभि दुराव == towards, dashed.
अभि धास्यति == forthwith bids.
अभि धास्यामि == I name him
अभि नदन == highly, blaring
अभि निध्याय == thinking awhile - giving attention to the pathway it emerged
अभि निर गतः == towards «you,» out, I came.
अभि निश क्रम्य == on coming out
अभि नीत अर्थम == towards, approached, purpose of - the purpose for which Rama and Lakshmana came towards your fore, as promised by you
अभि पतमानस्य == towards, while coming upon
अभि पत्स्यते == and will obtain
अभि परि प्लुत == completely, overly, flooded «overwhelmed»
अभि पूजितम == venerated «time-honoured bow»
अभि प्र याता == towards, well «straightly,» gone
अभि प्रपन्नस्य == well, engulfed
अभि प्रायेण == It is my will
अभि प्रेत्य == readying to go
अभि मुख हत == when facing away, who is killed
अभि याछते == imploring upon you.
अभि रन्जयन == delighted, «entertained the guests.»
अभि रामाभिः कथाभिः == with delightful, stories
अभि रामौ == delightful ones
अभि रुरोछ == verily, consented to.
अभि लक्शितान == the arrow that have already targeted their targets - targeting pointedly
अभि वर्थन्ताम == be prevailing and prospering
अभि वल्गुशु == on the beautiful
अभि वाश्यन्ति == facing
अभि वासितः == further, fragranced
अभि वि ज्ञएयः == comprehensible
अभि वीक्शन्तौ == gazing at
अभि वीक्श्य == towards «on keenly,» probing
अभि शापात == from the curse
अभि सन्धान राक्शसम निजघान ह == well, aiming, at demon, darted, indeed.
अभि सम आपन्नम == nearby, well, available - that has chanced in close proximity
अभि सम प्रेक्श्य == fully, well, glancing - giving quick look to check up
अभि सम्पत्य == towards, came together «gathered in herds»
अभि सम्प्राप्ता == I have obtained «a boon»
अभि सम्रब्धम ब्रुवाणम == very impetuously, who is speaking
अभि हत वीर्यत्वात == completely, marred, with such vitality
अभि हता == smacked down - we are harmed.
अभि हतौ == tormented
अभि हन्ति == forcibly, thumping me.
अभि हितम == it was told
अभि+तड् == to strike@
अभिअघ्नुः == struck him
अभिकथनं == (n) allegation@
अभिकाण्क्शताम == desiring
अभिकाण्क्शति == yearns
अभिकाण्क्षति == is (now) longing
अभिकाण्क्षितम == are desired
अभिकाण्क्षिताम == and sought after by
अभिकामः == having a desire
अभिकामये हि == I desire
अभिकामर्थम == for yearning
अभिकालम == a village called Abhikala
अभिक्रम == in endeavouring@
अभिक्रम्य == and approaching
अभिक्रुद्धः == with anger
अभिक्रुद्धौ == furiously
अभिगच्छ == make a headway
अभिगच्छेम == we can approach.
अभिगच्छेम सुग्रीवः == we now, approach, Sugreeva
अभिगछ्छ्ह == approach
अभिगछ्छ्हति == he is coming against
अभिगछ्छ्हतु == find refuge
अभिगछ्छ्हन्ति == will come nearer
अभिगछ्हाम == we will arrive
अभिगतैः == approached
अभिगन्ता == who came
अभिगन्तुम == to approach
अभिगमछ्छैव == by your very visit
अभिगम्य == (while) approaching
अभिगम्य प्रणम्य च == approached, venerated «- Sushena,» also
अभिगम्य सभाजितः == «I was» approached, «I was» applauded.
अभिगम्यछ == approaching (Lakshmana)
अभिगम्या == nearing
अभिगर्जताम == ferociously roaring at
अभिगर्जन == and roaring
अभिगर्जिताम == making savage cries
अभिगीतम == well-sung
अभिगुप्तम == guarded
अभिगुप्तश्छ == are protected
अभिगुप्ता == guarded
अभिघ्नन्तः == beating
अभिघ्नन्तौ == were striking
अभिचक्राम == and traversed
अभिचार == black magic@
अभिछक्राम == and approached
अभिछक्रामः == proceeded.
अभिछिक्षेप == struck it against
अभिछोदनाछ्छ == due to instigation
अभिछोदितः == excited as he was
अभिछोदिताः == impelled
अभिजगाम == and approached
अभिजगामह == withdrew
अभिजग्मतुः == experienced
अभिजग्मुः == and approached
अभिजग्मुः च == arrived, also
अभिजग्राह == took hold of
अभिजघान == struck
अभिजघानह == struck
अभिजघूतुः == struck
अभिजघ्नुः == and marched forward
अभिजङ्आनैः == marks of proof
अभिजङ्आय == and recognizing
अभिजजाफछ == and muttered
अभिजज्ञइरे == took birth.
अभिजन सम्पन्नाः == bloodline, of worthy «females»
अभिजनः == adjacent people
अभिजनवान् == surrounded by aristocratic relatives@
अभिजनामि == I know them well.
अभिजनेन == and by his noble descent
अभिजनोपेतैः == who have betaken themselves in a good family
अभिजपन == and while reciting
अभिजवर्ततछ == also came
अभिजातः == born of@
अभिजातःछ == that I obtained
अभिजातस्य == of one who is born of@
अभिजाताम == born
अभिजात्यम == your nature; by birth
अभिजानन्ति == they know@
अभिजानाति == does know@
अभिजानामि == I know
अभिजानासि == you recognize
अभिजानीत == can recognise
अभिजानीय == we know well
अभिजायत == are generated
अभिजायते == becomes manifest@
अभिजित == A nakshatra between uttaraashhDhaa and shravaNa mainly centred on the star Vega. For some reason it is not usually included in the 27 nakshatras although it would make 28 if it was. adhipatii - Lord@
अभिजित अभिमुखाम == abhijit, «an opportune time,» who are waiting towards
अभिजित लग्न == a little later to noon time. This is as said in astrology
अभिजित विश्वजित एवम == abhijit ritual, vishwajit rituals, thus
अभिजिन्मुहूर्त == the most auspicious moment@
अभिज्ज्ञातम == known
अभिज्ज्ञान कृतः == provided as signs
अभिज्ज्ञानम == a token of remembrance
अभिज्ज्ञाय == ascertained the news
अभिज्ञः == the knower
अभिज्ञअः तु == not, aware, of.
अभिज्ञअः हि == aware, isn't it
अभिज्ञअन प्रदानम च == credential, presenting, also
अभिज्ञआः == knowers «experts of places that are
अभिज्ञआनम == as a remembrancer
अभिज्ञआय == recognized
अभिज्ञा == I know
अभिज्ञानम == a token of recollection
अभिज्ञाय == seeing
अभिज्ञ्या == and is aware
अभिज्णानम == as signs serving as a proper direction to their hermitage
अभितः == all around@
अभितप्तस्य भजस्व == «in desire,» one who is burning with
अभितम == the counsel offered
अभितर्जिता == am frightened
अभितापोवा == or distress
अभिताम्रेण स्फिग्देशेन == with his red colored buttocks
अभितुश्टम == kept separately
अभितुश्टाव वै == highly pleased, indeed.
अभितुष्टाव == praised
अभित्वरम == immediatly
अभिदद्राव == ran towards him
अभिदध्युषी == thinking
अभिदावताम == and rushing upon each other
अभिदीयताम == be said
अभिदुद्राव == attacked
अभिदुद्रुवुः == and took to their heels.
अभिदुद्रुवे == attacked
अभिद्रव वै == rush forward
अभिद्रवणम == dashing towards each other
अभिद्रवत == chased
अभिद्रवति == he is rushing; svayam himself
अभिद्रवन == ran towards
अभिद्रवन्ते == were running
अभिद्रुतः == (Eventhough) attacked
अभिद्रुतम == being chased
अभिद्रुता == ran
अभिद्रुताः == and having been attacked
अभिद्रुतौ == in their attack.
अभिद्रुत्य == running quickly
अभिद्रोहः == (m) insurgency@
अभिधान प्रगल्भस्य == in talking, pompous «of a bombastic being»
अभिधानं == (n) designation@
अभिधावताम == who ran up towards
अभिधावनम == to attack
अभिधावन्ति == ran up towards
अभिधास्यति == explains@
अभिधास्यति हि == broaches, is it!
अभिधास्यामि == I shall tell you
अभिधीयतम्च == be mentioned.«
अभिधीयति हि == It is indeed said
अभिधीयते == are called@
अभिधीयते हि == is expressed indeed
अभिनत == sank
अभिननदन्तः == were pleased at
अभिनन्द == and applanded
अभिनन्दति == greeted me
अभिनन्दती == praises@
अभिनन्दन्ति == will be happy
अभिनन्दय पितरम छप्पि मातरम छ == make our father and happy mother.
अभिनन्दितः == and made happy
अभिनन्दितः वन्दिभिश्छ == as also praised by panegyrists
अभिनन्दितुम छ == to offer salutation
अभिनन्द्य == complimenting
अभिनय == acting@
अभिनर्दन्ते == and were making a roaring noise
अभिनादयन == making sound
अभिनादयन समुद्रम == making the sea to reverberate
अभिनादिताम == and resounding with
अभिनिः श्वसन्तौ == to regain their breath.
अभिनिग्रहन्च्ग == and reviled by them
अभिनिघ्नताम == as they struck
अभिनिनादयौ == making noise
अभिनिपातनम == the down throw
अभिनिपीडिताः == (seeing themselves) beseized
अभिनिरस्तस्य == who has been defeated
अभिनिर्दिश्य == pointing out
अभिनिर्भर्त्स्य == and spoke
अभिनिर्यान्तम == coming forth towards their direction
अभिनिर्यान्तु == come out
अभिनिर्याय == coming forth
अभिनिर्याहि == set forth
अभिनिविस्टम == appears equally on both sides
अभिनिवेश == possessiveness@
अभिनिवेश्य छ == holding it
अभिनिश्क्रम्य == having crossed
अभिनिश्क्रान्तम == who came out
अभिनिष्क्रम्य == having gone outside
अभिनिष्क्रान्तौ == going out
अभिनीतार्थम == end appropriate meaning
अभिन्यासः == (m) layout@
अभिपतन्तु == rush towards
अभिपतिष्यन्ति == will drop towards
अभिपतिष्यामि == and will enter
अभिपत्ता == lend yourself
अभिपत्य == after entering
अभिपत्या == nearing
अभिपदिरे == reached
अभिपन्नस्य == done
अभिपन्नाः == have overpowered
अभिपन्नेषु == and examined
अभिपरिप्लुतः == was filled
अभिपरिष्वजन == and embracing him
अभिपश्येयुः == and notice
अभिपातिताः == struck down
अभिपात्य छ == and throwing down
अभिपालयन == ruling.
अभिपालितः == protected
अभिपालितम == ruled
अभिपालिताः == ruled
अभिपीडितः == are tormented.
अभिपीडितः तु == after being bound
अभिपीडिता == afflicted
अभिपीड्यते == is badly aspected
अभिपुप्लुवे == leapt
अभिपुष्टिः == (f) affirmation@
अभिपूजयन हृश्टः == while adoring, feeling happy
अभिपूजितः अपि == though honored
अभिपूजितम == cherished - savoured
अभिपूजिताः == reverenced.
अभिपूज्य == and obedient
अभिपूरित == overwhelmed
अभिपेतुः == and rushed
अभिपेदे == attacked (Hanuma)
अभिप्रकम्पिताः == shaken
अभिप्रगृह्य == seizing hold of
अभिप्रछोदितः == as istigated
अभिप्रणम्य छ == and bowing in reverence
अभिप्रणम्यछ == salutation
अभिप्रतप्तम == and exhausted with distress.
अभिप्रयातस्य == who is setting forth
अभिप्रयाम == let us depart
अभिप्रयास्यामि == I will go
अभिप्रवर्तते == was flowing forth
अभिप्रवृत्तः == being fully engaged@
अभिप्रवेक्श्यामि == enter
अभिप्रसादित == was soothened
अभिप्रसाद्य च == obtaining his grace, also
अभिप्रसाद्य छ == and praying for grace
अभिप्रसाद्यछ == and pacifying him
अभिप्रायः == wish @
अभिप्रायः जायते यदि == opinion, is created, if - if you hatch
अभिप्रायम == intention.
अभिप्रायह == opinion
अभिप्रार्थितम == desired.
अभिप्रेक्श्य == seeing
अभिप्रेतāन च == as you desired
अभिप्रेतः == agreed
अभिप्रेतम == choicest one
अभिप्रेतान == who were dear
अभिप्रेतान छ == as you desired
अभिप्रेतान् च == as you desired
अभिप्रेताम == one who is choicest
अभिप्रेत्य == aiming towards
अभिप्लुतः == and jumped over
अभिप्लुताम == one who is deluged
अभिप्लुत्य == jump
अभिबध्नन्ति == tied
अभिभरिष्यति == and will overshadow
अभिभवति == transforms@
अभिभवात् == having become predominant@
अभिभविश्यत == will overcome (you)
अभिभाशणम == spoken?
अभिभाशत == (would dare) to talk
अभिभाशते == talk
अभिभाशमाणः == speaking
अभिभाशसे == not, speaking «blessing.»
अभिभाशस्व == talk
अभिभाशितम == as spoken
अभिभाशितुम == speak (with her)
अभिभाषते == speaks
अभिभाषन्तम == talked(confessing his doubt).
अभिभाषितुम == to talk.
अभिभाष्यः == to address
अभिभूतः == attacked
अभिभूतम विद्रुतम == vanquished - felt defenceless, fled.
अभिभूता == is overshadowed
अभिभूतानि == were overpowered
अभिभूय == and having subdued@
अभिभ्यत == fear
अभिमता == who is beloved
अभिमतैः इन्द्रिय अर्थैः == with much desired, sense, pleasing objects
अभिमतौ == acquiescent
अभिमनः == conceit@
अभिमन्गलार्थाः == for the sake of prosperity
अभिमन्तुम == accept
अभिमन्त्रम == and consecrated
अभिमन्त्रिताः == consecrated by certain Mantras (sacred formulas).
अभिमन्त्र्य == making it sacred by a speacial formula; veda proktena
अभिमन्यते == has been honoured
अभिमन्यसे == you are holding in high esteem
अभिमर्दितैः == devastated
अभिमर्षणम == of the attack
अभिमान == self-importance@
अभिमानम च == self-conceit
अभिमानश्छ == arrogance
अभिमानात == in self-confidence
अभिमिश्रिताः == together
अभिमुखः == and turning his face turned towards
अभिमुखः भूत्वा == with his face directed towards (the battle-front)
अभिमुखम == in front of
अभिमुखम गताः == towards - confronting, have gone
अभिमुखा == towards
अभिमुखाः == from the direction facing their enemies.«@
अभिमुखान == facing in front of him
अभिमुखी == with her face turned
अभिमुखे == face to face
अभिमुखेः == facing towards
अभिमुखौ == facing
अभिमृष्टम == touched
अभिययुः == were going
अभिययौ == attacked
अभियाचना == (f) demand@
अभियाछाम == (let us) request
अभियाछे == request
अभियाता == facing the enemies
अभियाति == is approaching; marditum to crush
अभियानम == march
अभियानार्थम == for the purpose of invading
अभियाने == for marching
अभियान्तम == approaching
अभियान्तु == go
अभियान्तोवा == on coming out of it
अभियाम == we shall attack
अभियाय == reached
अभियुक्तः असि == you have been attacked by him
अभियुक्तानां == fixed in devotion@
अभियुक्तेषु == in those who have been attacked by an enemy
अभियुण्जीरन == attack (me)
अभियोग == prosecution@
अभियोगः == (m) prosecution@
अभिरक्तकण्ठीं == with a sweet voice
अभिरक्ताः मत्प्रियेषु == and who were fond of doing favour to me
अभिरक्शितः == I have been protected
अभिरक्शिता == protected
अभिरक्षति == guarded
अभिरक्षतु == protect
अभिरक्षन्तु == should give support@
अभिरक्षितं == perfectly protected@
अभिरक्षितः == Protected
अभिरक्षितम == and protected
अभिरक्षितम् == who has been well protected@
अभिरक्षिता == have been maintained
अभिरक्ष्यते == is being guarded
अभिरतः == a devoted@
अभिरतम == is fascinated
अभिरथा == who was delighted
अभिराध्यते == can be worshipped
अभिराम वादिनि == who talks beautifully
अभिरामः असौ मृगः == delightful, that, deer
अभिरामन == as charming.
अभिरामम == delightful
अभिरामम च == lovely, also
अभिरामस्त्रिलोकानां == the laudable rAma for all the three worlds@
अभिरामस्य रामस्य == one who delights all, of such a Rama
अभिरामस्य शारदस्य == heart pleasing, of autumn
अभिरामाभिः ताराभिः == with delightful stars
अभिरिव्याध == struck
अभिरुद्राव == and ran
अभिरूपश्छ == a man of conformity
अभिरूपैः == by the learned
अभिरोछय == be inclined
अभिरोछये == I desire
अभिलक्श्य == targeted
अभिलक्श्यस्य == who was skilled in hitting his target
अभिलक्षये == I am recognizing
अभिलक्षितम == It was gathered
अभिलक्षितान == aiming at him
अभिलक्षेण == who was skilled in hitting his target
अभिलशणम परेशाम स्त्रीणाम == desiring, other's, women
अभिलिप्तेव == as though coated
अभिवर्तत == was proceeding ahead
अभिवर्ततः == was advancing
अभिवर्तताम == and who are coming
अभिवर्तते == and intending to quicken
अभिवर्तन्ते == are abiding
अभिवर्थिता == is enriched
अभिवर्धते == increased his body more and more
अभिवर्श == now shower.
अभिवर्शन्ति == are raining
अभिवर्षति == used to shower
अभिवर्षन्तौ == showering
अभिववर्शह == assailed
अभिववर्ष ह == streamed forth
अभिवादन पूर्वम तु == deference, afore, but «firstly paying deference»
अभिवादन पूर्वम तु कुशलम == deference, afore, but «firstly paying deference»
अभिवादनम च == about my salutations
अभिवादमानौ == saluting
अभिवादय == pay you «last» obeisance.
अभिवादयछ शिरसा == salute by bowing your head
अभिवादयन == and offered salutation
अभिवादयमानम == to him who is paying respects
अभिवादये त्वाम == I make an obeisance, to you
अभिवादितः == and having been greeted
अभिवाद्य == Saluting
अभिवाद्य च == on revering, also
अभिवाद्य छ == and offering our salutations
अभिवाद्य तु धर्मात्मा == addressing himself, but, noble-hearted one
अभिवाद्यछ == and after saluting
अभिवाद्या == you on revering them; you tell them my good
अभिवाद्यान == those that are to be saluted
अभिवाद्यान अभिवाद्य च == those who are respect worthy, on paying respects to them, also
अभिवाद्यैव == salutted
अभिवाध्य == offered salutation to it
अभिवाध्य छ == and bidding farewell
अभिविगाह्यछ == and entering
अभिविज्वलन्ति == and are blazing@
अभिविद्धाङ्गः == with his limbs struck
अभिविनीतः == is well trained
अभिविराजते == embellishing a brilliance
अभिविराजितम == shone
अभिविश्रुतः == very well known
अभिवीक्शन्ते == are looking at
अभिवीक्श्य == saw
अभिवीक्षन्ते == looked at
अभिवीक्ष्य == on seeing
अभिवृतः == surround
अभिवृश्टः == showered (thus)
अभिवृष्टः == being showered
अभिवृष्यमाणः == the showering
अभिवृष्यमाणः शरौघैः == by the rain of a multitude of arrows
अभिव्यरोछत == shone more
अभिशप्ता असि == you are cursed
अभिशप्तो. अपि == even if accused
अभिशप्स्यामि == I shall curse
अभिशम्ससि == are you praising
अभिशस्तो अपि == even if abused
अभिशस्यछ == promised too much and
अभिशाप कृतस्य == by blasphemy, committed - wrong of mine
अभिशापात == by a curse
अभिशिक्तः == having been crowned
अभिशिक्तः अस्मि == anointed, I am.
अभिशिक्तम तु माम दृश्ट्वा == who is crowned, but, me, on seeing
अभिशिक्ते == gets anointed
अभिशिक्ते वानरे सुग्रीवे तु == anointed, vanara, Sugreeva, on his part
अभिशिख्तः == crowned me
अभिशिङ्छस्तु == crown
अभिशिङ्छस्व == and get anointed
अभिशिच्यमाना == while being anointed
अभिशिछ्य == consecrating
अभिशिछ्यते == is anointed
अभिशिछ्यन्ते == are consecreated
अभिशुतः == soma raja creeper, well squeezed for the juice
अभिशेक == anointment.
अभिशेक अर्थम उद्यतः == taking bath, for the purpose of, got up
अभिशेक अर्थम प्रययाव == bath, for purpose of, started.
अभिशेक उदक क्लिन्ना == anointment, waters, wet by
अभिशेक जलक्लिन्नः == and consecrated by sprinkling water (on his head).
अभिशेकः == anointment ceremony
अभिशेकम कृत्व == bathing, on performing
अभिशेकम कृत्वा == head-bath, on taking
अभिशेकात == than his anointment to the kingdom
अभिशेकाय == for anointment
अभिशेकार्द्राः == wet with sprinkled water.
अभिशेक्तुम == to anoint - they started.
अभिशेक्श्यति == anointing
अभिशेक्श्यन्ति == will eb enthroned
अभिशेछनम == coronation
अभिशेछनात == by getting anointed to the crown
अभिशेछनिकम == required for consecration
अभिशेछने == anointment
अभिशेछय == and get anointed in kingdom
अभिशेछयिता == is going to anoint
अभिशेछयितुम == to; anointment
अभिशेछितः == anointed
अभिशोभिता == shone
अभिश्टुतः == reverenced
अभिषछन सम्हितम == relating to coronation
अभिषिंचति == performs' puuja', by pouring water etc. on the idol@
अभिषिक्तः == get coronated
अभिषिक्तम == being anointed
अभिषिक्तुम == to inaugurate
अभिषिछ्य छ == and installed him
अभिषिछ्यछ == and by installing
अभिषिछ्यताम == be installed on the throne(of Ayodhya).
अभिषिछ्यते == gets inaugurated
अभिषिछ्यते हि == should be indeed; inaugurated
अभिषिज्ञ्छस्व == get anointed for the crown
अभिषिण्छ == anoint
अभिषिण्छत == as per the royal instructions
अभिषिण्छस्व == get coronated
अभिषिन्छस्व == inaugurate
अभिषेक निवृत्त्यर्थे == for terminating coronation.
अभिषेक निवृत्त्यर्थैः == intended for abolishion of my coronation
अभिषेक विधानम == coronation arrangement.
अभिषेक सम भारान == anointment «as crown prince,» arrangements
अभिषेकं == ablution@
अभिषेकः == bath
अभिषेकपुरस्कृतम == which was kept in advance for the occasion of coronation
अभिषेकम == about (my proposed) coronation
अभिषेकविघ्नस्य == who obstruct your coronation.
अभिषेकाय == coron ation.
अभिषेकाय रामस्य == for the anointing ceremony of Rama.
अभिषेकार्थन == for coronation
अभिषेकार्थम == for the purpose of Rama's coronation
अभिषेकार्थे == cause of Rama's coronation.
अभिषेकार्द्रम == drenched with ablution (in the coronation-ceremony)
अभिषेकेणैव == anointment ceremony itself.
अभिषेक्ता हि == is anointing
अभिषेक्श्यति == is anointing
अभिषेक्श्यते == will be installed on the throne
अभिषेक्श्यामि == can install
अभिषेक्ष्यति == will anoint
अभिषेक्ष्यते == is going to be anointed
अभिषेछनम == about the coronation ceremony
अभिषेछने == about coronation cermony
अभिषेछय == consecrate
अभिषेछयस्वम == become; anointed as a king
अभिषेछयामि भरतम छ == I shall also get Bharata anointed
अभिषेछितम == having been anointed as a king;
अभिषेछ्यः == can be anointed
अभिषेछ्येत == should be enthroned
अभिष्टुतः == eulogised
अभिष्टोतुम == prai sing;
अभिष्वङ्गः == intense attachment
अभिसंVऋताम == surrounded
अभिसंवृता == filled
अभिसंवृताम == consisting
अभिसत्कृता == and also respected (by them)
अभिसत्कृत्य == honorably
अभिसन्त्रस्त छेतनः == having fearful mind
अभिसन्धाय == keep in view@
अभिसन्नादितम्तराम == kept hovering in its middle. **-Chakravaka is a species of bird; which gets disunited with its
अभिसमन्वितः == and accompanied
अभिसमापेदे == got
अभिसम्क्रम्य == going near (him)
अभिसम्क्रुद्धः == enraged
अभिसम्क्रुद्धाः == enraged with anger
अभिसम्क्रुद्धौ == were enraged with
अभिसम्गतौ == came in contact
अभिसम्जात रोशाणाम == giving rise to anger
अभिसम्पतन - अभि सम पतन == towards, quickly, falling - while quickly going
अभिसम्पतन्ति == were flying towards
अभिसम्पन्ने == having been obtained
अभिसम्प्राप्तः == readily obtained
अभिसम्प्राप्ता == reached
अभिसम्प्रेक्ष्य == seeing
अभिसम्बाधाः बभूवुः == and made the roads congested.
अभिसम्रब्धम == whether he is in a hurried fury
अभिसम्रब्धाः == were in opposition
अभिसम्रोद्दुम == obstruct
अभिसम्वृतः == (That Lakshmana) surrounded
अभिसम्वृतः स्वसैन्येन == accompanied by his army
अभिसम्वृतम == surrounded
अभिसम्वृताम == covered
अभिसम्स्तभ्य == having strengthened
अभिसम्हत्य == colliding
अभिसम्हितम == if associated
अभिसर्पन्तः == approaching
अभिसान्त्वयन == pacifyingly
अभिसेवितम == was tended
अभिहघान == hit
अभिहतः == I was beaten
अभिहतम == has been struck down
अभिहतम भृशम == seriously wounded
अभिहताः == on which are beaten
अभिहते == being hit
अभिहत्य == and striking
अभिहनिष्यन्ति == will strike
अभिहन्यमानः == and struck
अभिहन्यमानाः == being knocked down
अभिहरन्तु == bring
अभिहर्षिणी == the one who beings delight
अभिहारिकम == which was brought near him
अभिहितः == made known.
अभिहितम == as acknowledged
अभिहिता == described@
अभिज़्ज़्नानैः == clues serving as proof.
अभीइक्श्णम अवेक्शमाणः == who is repeatedly, looking «around, Tara»
अभीक्शणम == very much
अभीक्श्ण वर्श उदक विक्शतेशु == oftentimes, by rainy, waters, verily battered
अभीक्श्णम == with a higly
अभीक्श्णम आविष्टम == surrounded to a great extent by
अभीक्श्णम शूयते कछ्छित == are you constantly hearing
अभीक्श्णशः == too much for
अभीक्श्णशः पूजिताः च अपि == again and again, adored ones «for your adventures,» also, even.
अभीक्षणम निः श्वसन्तौ == and breathing heavily
अभीक्षशः == incessantly.«
अभीक्ष्णम == again and again
अभीक्ष्णशः == with great affection
अभीत == who was without fear
अभीतः == scared
अभीतवत == fearlessly
अभीतवत विछरन्तम == Indrajit who was ranging fearlessly
अभीतवदनः == with a courageous countenance.
अभीतस्य लक्ष्मणस्य == of the fearless Lakshmana.
अभीता == being fearless
अभीतेनि == by fearlessly
अभीप्सती == wishing to
अभीप्सित == desired@
अभीप्सितानि == desirably
अभीरुजुश्टम == presenting fear-less soldiers
अभुदय कान्ड == , is ascribed to Valmiki, the cantos are seven and chapters are about 649 and verses are about 24,253. But some verses and chapters are deleted for standardization
अभूत == (there) occurred
अभूत उपम == 'impossible
अभूत वैरम == chanced, enmity
अभूत हि == was there - prevailed, indeed
अभूतपुर्वम == the unprecedented
अभूतिहि == indeed used to
अभूतेन अपवादेन == by a false scandal
अभूव == he was there.
अभेद्य कवछे == impentrable pieces of armour
अभेयकवछम == to have been protected by an impenetrable armour
अभोजयन == fed
अभौ == radiated
अभ्य धावत == quickly, ran.
अभ्य धावताम == towards, came running - swooped down.
अभ्य धावम == towards, ran.
अभ्य भशत == spoke.
अभ्य भाशत == spoke to
अभ्य वर्शतामोवेरल्ल == they rain «they drench.»
अभ्यकीर्यत == was surrounded
अभ्यकीर्यन्त रावणम == around, strewn - by air.»
अभ्यकुत्सयत == reproached
अभ्यक्त सर्राण्ग़ः == with his whole body smeared
अभ्यक्रामन == invaded
अभ्यगच्छत == neared it «hermitage.»
अभ्यगच्छन्त == approached
अभ्यगमत == became
अभ्यगात == and ascended
अभ्यछोदयत == and commanded (the army) to advance; kale at the appropriate moment
अभ्यति क्रम्य == Over-passing
अभ्यतिक्रम्य == crossed
अभ्यतीत्य == crossed the royal highway
अभ्यदावत == rushed
अभ्यद्रवत == rushed.
अभ्यद्रवन == ran towards him
अभ्यद्ववन == made their escape
अभ्यधवत == marched opposite
अभ्यधावत == and attacked
अभ्यधावताम == galloped forward
अभ्यधावन == rushed headlong
अभ्यधावन्त == ran
अभ्यधावम == towards dashed.
अभ्यधिकः == greater@
अभ्यधिकम विभाति == very much «splendidly,» shining forth.
अभ्यधिकाः == more excellent
अभ्यनन्दन == applauded (Lakshmana).
अभ्यनादयत == reechoed
अभ्यनुज्ज्ञातः == as assented
अभ्यनुज्ज्ञातम == dismissed
अभ्यनुज्ज्ञाता == as ordered
अभ्यनुज्ज्ञाताः == duly permitted
अभ्यनुज्ज्ञातुम == adieu (to you)
अभ्यनुज्ज्ञाप्य सीतां छ == got Seetha to obtain permission and
अभ्यनुज्ज्ञ्यातः == after being permitted by
अभ्यनुज्ञअतः == having permitted «by Valmiki»
अभ्यनुज्ञअनाम ददते यदि == assent, they give, if
अभ्यनुज्ञआत == welcomed
अभ्यनुज्ञआतः == authorised «by Vali»
अभ्यनुज्ञआतुम इच्छामः == permission, we aspire.
अभ्यनुज्ञातः == when permitted
अभ्यनुज्ञाता == to be a permittee «where you are my permitter»
अभ्यनुज्णाताः == duly permitted
अभ्यनुनादयन् == resounding@
अभ्यन्तरः छ == those in nearby places
अभ्यन्तरम == who was intimate
अभ्यन्तराः == are the intimate friends
अभ्यन्तरीकृताः == initiated in
अभ्यन्दयः == good fortune
अभ्यन्न्ज्ज्ञाप्य == took permission
अभ्यपतत == approached
अभ्यपतत «अभि आ पतत == towards, come
अभ्यपतन == ran away
अभ्यपद्यत == got into
अभ्यपातयन == set out
अभ्यपालयत == protected
अभ्यपूजयत == and worshipped
अभ्यपूजयन == acclaimed
अभ्यभशितः == spoke.
अभ्यभाशत == said.
अभ्यभाशथाः == spoke (to her as follows):
अभ्यभाषत == spoke
अभ्यभाषतछ == «He spoke
अभ्यमन्त्रयत == and charged
अभ्यम्ज्ज्ञातुम == to take leave of you
अभ्यम्ज्ज्ञाम == the permission
अभ्ययाछन्त == and solicited
अभ्ययात == attacked
अभ्ययुः == reached
अभ्ययुध्यताम == fought
अभ्यरर्षन्त == rained
अभ्यरहित छत्वरम == whose road junctions were worshipped
अभ्यर्च्य == having appeased@
अभ्यर्छितुम == to offer hospitality
अभ्यर्छ्य == after adoring
अभ्यर्दमसि == you are afflicting
अभ्यर्दयत == continued to oppress
अभ्यवकिरन्तु == strew it
अभ्यवकीर्णानि == covered by
अभ्यवदत == spoke
अभ्यवनम्य == and bending
अभ्यवपद्यता == protecting
अभ्यवपन्नः «अभि अव पद == towards, nearly
अभ्यवर्तत == and turned towards him
अभ्यवर्ततः == ranged round
अभ्यवर्तन्त == attacked
अभ्यवर्तन्त «अभि अव वृत == before, they moved,» presented themselves before Sugreeva.
अभ्यवर्धत == enhanced
अभ्यवर्धतः == increased
अभ्यवर्शछ्छ == and showered
अभ्यवर्शत == rained.
अभ्यवर्शन्तः == let loose
अभ्यवर्षत == hurled
अभ्यवर्षन == rained
अभ्यवर्षन्त == rained
अभ्यवहारार्थम == for the purpose of his consumption.
अभ्यवहितम == raised on the road
अभ्यवादन == offered salutations
अभ्यवादयत == and offered her salutaion
अभ्यवेदयत == informed
अभ्यशिन्चत == anointed him.
अभ्यशिन्चन्त == anointed
अभ्यषिङ्छत == sprinkled (him)
अभ्यषिङ्छन == consecrated; (Vibhishana)
अभ्यषिण्छत == consecrated
अभ्यषिन्छन == consecrated
अभ्यषिम्छन == got him consecrated
अभ्यसनं == practice@
अभ्यसूदयन == the began to destroy
अभ्यसूदयम तान सर्वान सह सैन्यान == got all of those minister's sons together with their army destroyed
अभ्यसूय == became indignant
अभ्यसूयकाः == envious@
अभ्यसूयति == is envious@
अभ्यसूयन्तः == out of envy@
अभ्यसूयितुम == you to find fault in good merits, you to become overcritical
अभ्यस्तम == learnt (by you).
अभ्यहनत == and struck
अभ्यहन्यन्त == were simultaneously sounded@
अभ्यागच्छन == came towards.
अभ्यागछ्छ्ह == come
अभ्यागतः == has come
अभ्यागतम == came
अभ्यागतान == to close by «oceans» came
अभ्यागते == on arrival of
अभ्यागमन == went
अभ्यागमम == came
अभ्यात == and proceeded
अभ्यादावन्त == ran against Indrajit
अभ्यानुज्ज्ञातः == and having been permitted
अभ्यानुज्ज्ञाताः == and having been given permission
अभ्यापतत «अभि आ पतत == towards, came, falling» fell upon - rushed at.
अभ्याम == this
अभ्यारोपः == (m) indictment@
अभ्याश == outskirts@
अभ्याशगतम == coming nearer
अभ्याशे == in the vicinity
अभ्याशे परिगर्जतीम == nearby, extremely roaring
अभ्यास == study@
अभ्यासयोग == by practice@
अभ्यासयोगेन == by the practice of devotional service@
अभ्यासात् == than practice@
अभ्यासे == in practice@
अभ्यासेन == by practice@
अभ्युगामत == reached
अभ्युछ्छ्ह्रयन == hoisted
अभ्युछ्छ्ह्रित घोर शृण्गः == having a very high and formidable peak.
अभ्युत्थानं == predominance@
अभ्युत्थानम == yourself ready
अभ्युत्थितः == risen up
अभ्युत्थितेन == in the ascendant
अभ्युत्पातछ == and rushed forward
अभ्युत्पेतुः == jumped
अभ्युदय == rise , prosperity@
अभ्युदयः == (But) prosperity
अभ्युदयक यज्न-स == and under them categorised are: 1»
अभ्युदयम == prosperity
अभ्युदये == an occasion for rejoicing
अभ्युदितः == rising
अभ्युदितम == which is high
अभ्युदितमात्रे == soon after the rise of
अभ्युदैक्शत == looked towards
अभ्युद्गिवन == uttering
अभ्युद्यतायुधः == with his uplifted mace; (rushed upon)
अभ्युद्यतौ == who were prepared
अभ्युपगतः == is getting
अभ्युपद्य == rescuing
अभ्युपद्यते == rescues
अभ्युपागतः == approached
अभ्युपागतम == which arrived
अभ्युपागमत == reached
अभ्युपागम्य == and admitting it
अभ्युपेत्य == approaching
अभ्युपैः == seek
अभ्युपैति == coming
अभ्युपैतु == let him get
अभ्युपैष्यति == return
अभ्युवाछ == and informed
अभ्येति == coming
अभ्येत्य == approached
अभ्येहि == come
अभ्य्यधावत == rushed
अभ्र पट च्छेदैः == cloud, «called» cloth, pieces - bandages
अभ्र मण्डल == a mass of clouds.
अभ्र मालिभिः == having a lining of clouds
अभ्र समागमे == during the conjunction of clouds.
अभ्र सम्निभान पर्वताम च == to clouds, similar, mountains, also
अभ्रं == cloud@
अभ्रकल्पम == and looking like a cloud
अभ्रघनप्रख्यम == similar to a thick coverage of clouds.
अभ्रघनसम्काशम == lkie a dense cloud
अभ्रजालम == a mass of clouds
अभ्रजालानि == of the clusters of clouds; (Hanuma)
अभ्रबलम == mass of clouds
अभ्रशैVआलशाद्वलम == the clauds for its duck-weeds
अभ्रश्यत == dropped.
अभ्रसङ्काशैः == resembling like clouds.
अभ्रसम्प्लवे == under a dense mass of clouds.
अभ्रेभ्यः == from clouds
अभ्षिक्तम == consecrated
अम == oh, ill-fate one
अम निशाद == oh, ill fated, hunter
अम रामम == to that Rama.
अमāत्यāन अब्रवīत == to ministers, spoke to
अमंद == not slow or dull, active, intelligent; sharp, strong, violent, not little@
अमज्जयत == immersed
अमण्डिताम == undecorated
अमत्याः == counsellors
अमनस्विनाम == cheerless
अमनाः == and low spirited
अमनुज्ज्ञानि == and silly
अमनुश्ये == in a deserted place
अमनोज्ज्ञेन == not a pleasant spot
अमनोज्णम == unpleasant
अमनोरमाम == repellant to the mind
अमन्त्रयत == surnised (as follows)
अमन्त्रयन == they conveyed.
अमन्त्र्यत == deliberated.
अमन्यत == Hanuma thought@
अमन्यत इति == thought thus
अमन्यता == thought
अमन्यन्त == in approbation
अमन्यन्तहि == thought
अमन्येथाः == has agreed
अमबरे सोममिव == like the moon in the sky
अमर आलये न == in immortals, abode of, no
अमर ईश्वरः == gods', god of
अमर कोश: कदली कन्दली चीनः च चमूरु प्रियकः; अमी अजिन योनयः; अवयः शैल मेश अर्क == Kadali is the deer with white stripes on its neck that lives in a big burrows Priyaki will have thick brown
अमर प्रख्यम == godlike «for Rama is still a boy»
अमर प्रख्यौ == divinities-like
अमर सन्निभः == celestial being, similar in shine
अमर सम्काशः == who resembled a God
अमरत्वम == immortality
अमरत्वम च == immortality
अमरद्विशम == Ravana the enemy of Immortals
अमरप्रभः == and shining like a god
अमरम इव == like an immortal
अमरमिव == who resembled an Immortal
अमरराज शत्रुः == the enemy of Indra the king of celestials
अमरविक्रमः == and a valiant man like a celestial
अमरवैरिणम == in order to fight with the Enemy of Gods.
अमरश्रेष्ठः == Lord Brahma
अमरसुत प्रख्य == Oh
अमरा भागान प्रतिगृह्य == gods, their portion «of oblations,» on taking
अमराः == by celestials.
अमराः इव == like celestials
अमराः न == immortals, no
अमराः सर्वे == celestials, all of them
अमराः सहस्र अक्शम इव == gods, thousand, eyed one - Indra, as with.
अमराणाम पतित्वम == on immortals «heavens,» rulership
अमराधिपः == the Lord of celestials; (would clasp the feet)
अमराधिपः इव == as Indra the lord of celestials
अमरारिवासम == Lanka (the abode of demons).
अमरावतीम यथा == looking like Amaravathi
अमरावतीमिव == having a semblance of Amaravati; the capital City of
अमरावत्याः == leaving Amaravati
अमरिषितम == angry
अमरेन्द्रशत्रोः कर्णौ == Kumbhakarna's ears
अमरेशः == the Lord of immortals
अमरेशु सहस्र अक्शम महएन्द्रम पाक शासनम == among divinities, thousand, eyed one, Indra, Paaka «demon» controller
अमरैः == by celestials
अमरैः अमृतम इव == by gods, ambrosia, as with
अमरैरपि == even by celestials
अमर्यः च भविश्य्थ == as immortal females, also, you can become.
अमर्यादम == of impropriety.
अमर्श प्रभवः == springing from our impatience
अमर्श वशम == on the influence of anger.
अमर्श स्फुरित ओश्ठः सन == by intolerance, quivering, lips, on becoming
अमर्शः == anger «is coming to pass, like»
अमर्शजनितोद्धर्शाः == with an excitement born of anger.
अमर्शणः == illiberal one
अमर्शणम वालिपुत्रम == towards the wrathful Angada.
अमर्शणैः == by the enraged
अमर्शात == with irascibility
अमर्शात आरुरोह == with rancour, mounted.
अमर्शापहृता == was taken away with anger
अमर्शिणाम == intolerant of insults
अमर्शिताः == and with impatience
अमर्शी == an angry person
अमर्ष == (m) anger@
अमर्षणम == with non- endurance
अमर्षवशम == the power of anger
अमर्षस्य == of my indignation
अमर्षात == and resentment (at the behaviour of the demons who were dispersing them).
अमर्षिता == with anger
अमल == without rubbish@
अमल शस्त्र भास्वरम == resplendent with spotless weapons
अमलं == clean@
अमलकान == myrobalan
अमलक्यः == amalaki
अमलछन्द्राभम == with shining brilliance of the moon
अमलम == in a clear
अमलाक्श्याः == of spotless eyes
अमलान् == pure@
अमलाम चन्द्र रेखाम इव == like the pure crescent moon
अमवाश्य == because of its neutrality from the wax and wane affects of lunar phases. So, it is believed that Indra will
अमात्य पुत्राः == sons of ministers
अमात्य पुत्रान == the sons of ministers
अमात्य प्रभृतीः == (people) like ministers and others.
अमात्य मध्ये == ministers, amid - in the presence of
अमात्य मुख्याम्शह == the ministers in chief
अमात्यः == a minister
अमात्यम == the minister
अमात्यमध्ये == in the midst of the ministers.
अमात्या == ministers
अमात्याः == (four) counsellors
अमात्यान == (those) ministers
अमात्यान अब्रवीत == to ministers, spoke to
अमात्यान् अब्रवीत् == to ministers, spoke to
अमात्याम छ == ministers, also
अमात्याम्श्छ == ministers
अमात्याश्च == king's ministers
अमात्यैः == by ministers
अमात्यैः सह == along with companies
अमात्यैःस्छ == along with ministers
अमात्यैश्छ == his ministers and
अमात्यैह == by ministers
अमात्यौ == his ministers (as follows)
अमानित्वं == humility@
अमानुशम == as super-human
अमानुशी == this divine being
अमानुषम == was not an ordinary mortal.
अमावास्य == Black Fortnight - where the moon will be waning to no-moon-day.
अमावास्याम == tomorrow; the moonless day
अमित ओजसः == of illimitable, magnificence
अमित ओजसा राघवस्य == one with illimitable, dynamism, of Raghava
अमित तेजसः == are not indolent
अमित तेजसा == having an unlimited splendour
अमित प्रभः == of infinite splendor (followed suit.)
अमित प्रभम == one with illimitable, resplendence
अमित बल पराक्रमाः == with infinite, might, and bravery
अमित विक्रमः == O Rama of unlimited prowess
अमित विक्रमाः == and having an immense prowess each
अमिततेजसः रामस्य == of the great respendent Rama
अमिततेजसा == the mighty.
अमितविक्रमः == and unlimited force@
अमितविक्रमौ == of unbounded valour
अमितस्य == of unlimitedness.«
अमितात्मना स्वयम == of immense glory himself
अमितात्मने == the one whose extent is immeasurable
अमितोउजसः == possessing an unlimited splendour
अमितोन्जसः == who had an unlimited vigour
अमितौजसः == and endowed with unlimited energy
अमितौजसम == and the highly splendorous
अमितौजसा == of infinite strength
अमित्र दमनार्थम == are for subduing the enemies.
अमित्र बल मर्दनः == the destroyer of enemy's forces
अमित्र भूतः == becomes enemy
अमित्रकम == and behaving unfiendly
अमित्रकर्षणः == the tormentator of enemies
अमित्रघातिनम == that slayer of his foes
अमित्रघ्नः == and the annihilator of enemies
अमित्रघ्नम == that annihilator of enemies
अमित्रजित == Rama; the
अमित्रनाशनम == destroying his enemies
अमित्रप्रतिमैः == taking the form of enemies.«
अमित्रशातनान == which torment the enemies.
अमित्रस्य == of an enemy
अमित्रहन्ता == the annihilator of enemies
अमित्रहा == the annihilator of enemies
अमित्राः == are enemies
अमित्राणाम == enemies.
अमित्रान == (those) enemies
अमित्राम == enemy
अमित्रे == O; belligerent woman
अमित्रेषु == against enemies
अमी == these@
अमी छूताः == these, mango trees
अमी तरवः == these, trees
अमी पादपाः == these, the trees
अमी मधुकर उत्तम्साः == these, with honeybees, coronet like
अमी मयूराः == these, peacocks
अमी मेघा तु == these, clouds, on their part
अमी सम्सक्त शाक अग्रा == these, mingling, branch, spires
अमीभिः सह == in collaboration with them
अमीमम्स्य भागम == to be the inconceivable fraction
अमीमाम्स्यम == the inconceivable.
अमीलितेक्शण == closed eyes
अमुगतै == accompanied
अमुछत == discharged
अमुत्र == in the next life@
अमुत्र अपि == «taken to» other world «to heavens,» even if
अमुत्रछ == and in the other world
अमुबुभिः इव == as water
अमुम == to that
अमुम लोकम == to the other world
अमुम ॠस्यमूकम == this one, Rishyamuka
अमूढाः == unbewildered@
अमूल्य == priceless, excellent@
अमृजाम == unadorned
अमृत == 'ambrosia' there is no@
अमृत अर्थिभिः == 'desirers of ambrosia...' the demons.
अमृत अशिभिः == 'ambrosia consumers.' As such, some other mms
अमृत आनयन अर्थम वै == ambrosia, bringing - from heaven, for the purpose of, indeed
अमृत आस्वादम == ambrosia «like,» relishable
अमृत उपम तोयाभिः == with nectar like waters
अमृत उपमम == ambrosia, as if it is
अमृत कल्पानि == ambrosia, similar
अमृत कल्पानि फलानि == ambrosia, similar to, fruits
अमृत प्रख्यम == nectarous, renowned as
अमृत प्राशनान इव == ambrosia, drinkers
अमृत प्राशिनौ == who ate ambrosion
अमृत वत == ambrosia, like
अमृत स्वादु कल्पानि == nectar, luscious, similar to
अमृतं == veritable nectar@
अमृतः == is immortal.
अमृतगन्धीनि == and emitting the fragrance of nectar
अमृतत्त्वाय == for liberation@
अमृतप्राशिनौ == live on Amrita the nectar.
अमृतबिन्दू == a drop of nectar@
अमृतभुजः == those who have tasted such nectar@
अमृतम == (are like) ambrosia
अमृतम आजहार == ambrosia, plundered.
अमृतम निर्मथ्यम == ambrosia, is to be churned
अमृतरसोपमम == like nectar
अमृतस्य == of the immortal@
अमृतस्य मन्थनम च == ambrosia's, churning, also
अमृतस्य सम्प्राप्ति यथा == ambrosia, attaining, as with
अमृताशिभिः == 'ambrosia consumers...' As such some other mms contain this expression
अमृते == sweet
अमृतेनवा == or the nectar of immortality
अमृतोत्पादने == at the time of producing nectar
अमृतोद्भवं == produced from the churning of the ocean@
अमृतोपमं == just like nectar@
अमृतोपमम == which was as sweet as ambrosia
अमृश्यमाणः == not tolerating
अमृश्यमाणदु == not tolerating
अमृश्यमाणाः == not tolerating
अमृष्य माणाः == not tolerating
अमृष्यमाणः == and unable to bear his words
अमृष्यमाणा == intolerant «of the harsh words of Rama»
अमृष्यमाणाः == not tolerating
अमेध्यं == untouchable@
अमेय आत्मा == inestimable, intellectual «Hanuma»
अमोघ क्रोध हर्षश्छ == his anger and pleasure not wasteful
अमोघः == never go in vain.
अमोघः शर उत्तमः == unwasteful, arrows, best
अमोघम == has not gone waste
अमोघाः == admirable
अमोघान == which are unfailing
अमोघाम == unfailing
अमोघेशुशरेशु == and (even) unfailing arrows
अमोघैः == that were infallible
अमोघैः शरौघैः == with unfailing flood of arrows.
अम्कर्शण == aspect. Govindaraja. Because he deluges all the worlds
अम्छरम == your attendant
अम्जम == brother
अम्पालय == and preserve(kingdom).
अम्पाल्यन == obeying
अम्प्रविष्टः == having entered
अम्ब == Oh
अम्बन्ध == relation / connection@
अम्बर == aakaasha@
अम्बरं == sky, garment@
अम्बरप्रख्यम == looked like the sky
अम्बरम == in the sky.
अम्बरम आरुह्य == sky, climbing up
अम्बरम आलिखद्भिः इव == which seemed to touch the sky
अम्बरम इव == as a sky
अम्बरम ग्रसमानम इव == sky, to swallow up, as though
अम्बरम छादयन्त इव == sky, to overcast, as though
अम्बरम भिन्दन इव == sky, ripping, as though
अम्बरम वा == or into the sky.
अम्बरम वि निर भिन्दन == very, completely, to rend
अम्बरम वि लिखन इव == on sky, verily, scribbling, as if
अम्बरम वुल्लिखद्भिरिव == as though touching the sky
अम्बरम सम्क्षिपन इव == as though he were shrinking up the space in between.
अम्बरमिव == like a sky
अम्बरम्छेति == like the sky
अम्बरस्थः == in the sky
अम्बरस्थम == being in the sky
अम्बरस्य == of sky
अम्बरस्यछ == and of the sky
अम्बरा == having for dress
अम्बराणाम सन्चयान == clothing, heaps of
अम्बराणिछ == clothes
अम्बरात == (falling) from the sky.
अम्बरात क्शीणाः == from sky, fallen «pelted down - stars»
अम्बरात च्युताम ताराम इव == from sky, fallen, a star, like
अम्बरीश इति ख्यातः == Ambariisha, thus, renowned «king»
अम्बरीश उपमम == frying-pan, in simile
अम्बरीशः == Ambarisha
अम्बरीशस्य == of Ambarisha
अम्बरीशस्य अस्मिन यज्ञए == in of Ambariisha, in that, Vedic-ritual
अम्बरीशस्य पुत्रः अभूत == Ambariisha's, son, was there
अम्बरे == in sky
अम्बरे अपि च == on sky, even, also
अम्बरे चन्द्र सूर्यौ इव == » in sky, Moon, sun, like «which is an inconceivable fight»
अम्बरे छ == in the sky.
अम्बरे जगाम == went in the sky
अम्बरे न == in high skies, no
अम्बरे स्थितः == on sky, standing
अम्बरैः == clothed with
अम्बसि == into water
अम्बा == let my mother@
अम्बाम == a mother
अम्बायाः == The mother's
अम्बु == the rain.@
अम्बु ज भूशणेशु == bonded, «blooming,» with water, born «lotuses,» embellished with
अम्बु धर सम्काशम == equaling cloud
अम्बु धरेशु == water, carriers - clouds
अम्बु धरैः == water, carriers - - clouds
अम्बुजमिव == like lotus
अम्बुदः इव == as clouds
अम्बुदनादेन == which sounded like a cloud.
अम्बुदनिः स्वनैः == making rumbling sounds of clouds.
अम्बुदमिव == and appearing like a cloud
अम्बुदसम्ततिः == a mass of cloud.
अम्बुदस्वनैः == having sounds of clouds
अम्बुदाः इव == even as clouds
अम्बुदे तडित यथा == «in blakish,» in waters «of ocean,» lightning, as with
अम्बुदैः == by the clouds
अम्बुदोयथा == like a cloud
अम्बुधरैः == with clouds
अम्बुधि == sea@
अम्बुधिः == the ocean
अम्बुरयः यथा == in the same way as a river current (corrodes)
अम्बुवेगाः == waves of the waters@
अम्बुवेगेन == on rush of water
अम्बुसम्सम्क्लेदः == give excessive wetness with water
अम्बुहीनम == bereft of water
अम्भः == the water
अम्भः धरम इव == water, carrier - black-cloud, like - cloud turned upside down
अम्भसः प्रावृड वेग इव वर्थते == of waters, rainy season's, speediness, like, increasing.
अम्भसः मध्ये == waters, in midst of
अम्भसा == by water@
अम्भसा अग्नेः वेग इव == by water, fire's, speed «rage,» as «silenced»
अम्भसि == in water@
अम्भस् == (n) water@
अम्भुरुहं == lotus@
अम्भोदवत == like a cloud
अम्भोदैः == with clouds
अम्मते == counsel
अम्यस्य विभीशणस्य == of Vibhishana his brother
अम्याति == followed
अम्यातुम == to follow
अम्रित == , the Supreme ambrosial elixir of gods, have also emerged. «1-45-39»
अम्ल == (m) sour@
अम्लानमाल्यभरणाः == wearing jewellery and flower garlands which were not worn out.
अम्शु मानिव == as the sun (removes)
अम्शुकन्ताश्छ == Edges of clothing (worn by them)
अम्शुधाने == in the region of Amsudhana.
अम्शुभिः == by his rays
अम्शुमतः == from Amshuman
अम्शुमतः सुतः सुग्रीवः == one who is having sunrays - sun's, son, Sugreeva
अम्शुमता == by Amshuman - your grandfather
अम्शुमतीम == Yamuna (the daughter of the sun-god
अम्शुमान == Amshuman
अम्शुमान इव == one having sunrays «sun,» as with
अम्शुमान नाम == Anshuman, by name
अम्शुमान सूर्यः इव == like the radiant sun
अम्शुमानिति == called Amshuman
अम्शुमानिव == as the sun
अम्शुमालिकः == surrounded by a circle of rays
अम्शुमालिकः इव == resembling the sun
अम्शुमाली == having a garland of rays.
अम्शेन अपि == by fraction, even
अम्शोछामि == I am repenting
अम्स देशतः == shoulder joint, from the place of
अम्सन आघाते == 'enemy destroyer,' destroyer of enemies of Kshatriya-s.
अय निग्रहः == let its capture
अयं == him (from idaM.h)@
अयः जालानि == iron-grid guard
अयः मुखः पर्वतः == iron, mouths, mountain - a mountain having iron-ore mines in the shape of mouths, namely Mt. Malaya»
अयः मुखानाम शूलानाम अग्रे == iron, faces, spears, top of «on spiculated floor, sharp spikes of iron spears»
अयजः छ == performed, also.
अयजत == propiated the gods
अयजन्त == third person plur. imperfect aatmanepada of yaj, to worship@
अयज्ञस्य == for one who performs no sacrifice@
अयतिः == the unsuccessful transcendentalist@
अयत्नतः == without effort
अयत्नात == without effort.
अयथावत छ == is not so as it should be
अयथावत् == imperfectly@
अयनेषु == in the strategic points@
अयन्त्रित हय द्विपाम == with its unrestrained horses and elephants
अयम == this Rama@
अयम Vइभीशणः == that Vibhishana
अयम अग्निः == this fire
अयम अतुलः शब्दः == this is, the remarkable, noise
अयम अधर्मः इति == this is, unjust, thus thinking, thus apperceiving
अयम अध्याय समयः == this one, learnable, time
अयम अन्गदः == this one, Angada
अयम अन्गदः च == this, for Angada, and
अयम अन्गदः मेदिनीम शास्तु == this, Angada, the earth, rule over.
अयम अशोकः == that Ashoka tree
अयम अस्माकम सर्वासाम पुत्रः == he is, our, all of us, let him be the son - let him be the son for all of us
अयम आश्रमः == this, hermitage
अयम आश्रमः एव गुणवान == this, hermitage, alone, fully featured one
अयम इक्ष्वाकः == This Dasaratha
अयम इति == he thus
अयम इश्टः मनः रथः == that, fanciful, heart's, desire
अयम उत्तमः मणिः == (Let) this best jewel
अयम उद्योग समयः == this, for striving, time
अयम एव हि नः पन्था == that, only, is our, way.
अयम कः == this one, who is.
अयम कः नु == he, who is, indeed «thus as»
अयम कपिः == this monkey
अयम कामजात व्यसनात == this, by indulgence, by desire
अयम कालः == season
अयम कालः अपि == and this time too
अयम कालः आगतः == this «is that,» time, «that» has come.
अयम कुशिक आत्मजः == he this, Kushika's, son
अयम गन्धः == this, aroma
अयम गर्भः == that, embryo
अयम गिरिः == (that) this mountain
अयम गिरिः च == this, mountain, also «searched»
अयम गृध्र रजह == this, eagle, king
अयम गृध्रः == this, eagle
अयम छ == (let) this jewel
अयम जनः == these people
अयम जमदग्ने भार्गवम ददर्श == him, sage Jamadagni's, Bhaargava,
अयम जाम्बवान == this, Jambavanta
अयम ज्येश्ठः इति == he is, elder one, thus deciding
अयम तव सुहृज्जन विफलः परिक्लेशः == would have your friends have been put to such fruitless hardship.
अयम तस्य पुन्यः आश्रमः == this is, his «Shiva's,» merited, hermitage
अयम तापसः ज्ञआत्वा == he is, «mere» hermit, on thinking - presuming
अयम तु == he is, on his part
अयम ते आख्यामि == that, I tell, you.
अयम दङ्डः == let this punishment
अयम दण्डः धृतः वा == this, scourge, is imposed, either
अयम दण्डः प्रतिपादितः == this, punishment, proposed - imposed.
अयम दुर्मतिः == that evil-minded
अयम देशः == this place
अयम देशः च अलन्कृतः == that, province, is also
अयम देशः समः == this, place, is evenly
अयम देशः सु रमणीयः == this, locale is, very, exhilarating
अयम धर्मपरिग्रहः == is an outcome of your virtue
अयम नर सत्तमः == this, among men, the best one - Rama
अयम नरेन्द्रः == this king Dasaratha
अयम नादः == this sound
अयम पतगेश्वरः == this, birds', lord.
अयम पतितः == He has fallen (in combat)
अयम परमः कामः == this, ultimate, yearning
अयम पापात्मायम दशग्रीवः == let this malicious Ravana
अयम पुण्यः आश्रमम कस्य == this, merited, hermitage, whose is it
अयम पुर वासि जनः च == this, city, dwelling, people, also
अयम पुरा वृत्तः == this is, earlier, happened «narrated»
अयम पृछ्छ्ह्यतम == let him be questioned
अयम प्रतितर्कः == this expectation of mine
अयम प्रा वृट कालः आगतः == this one is, heavy, rainy, season, that has come
अयम बद्दः == that one, composed
अयम बध्यताम == let him be imprisoned
अयम बालः इति == he is, a boy, thus as
अयम भक्श्यः उप आगतः == this, food, came nigh of me.
अयम भवेत तावत == let this become
अयम भ्राता == this, brother
अयम मणिः == this jewel
अयम मत्तः इति == he is, drunk, thus
अयम मदः == this, drunkenness
अयम मन्त्रः == this thought
अयम महा मुनिः विश्वामित्रः == he, great saint, Vishvamitra is
अयम महान विघ्नः प्रवृत्तः == this «Trishanku's episode,» a gross, hindrance,
अयम मा गतः == he, me, on getting at «confronting, if he provokes»
अयम मारीचः == he is, Maareecha.
अयम मारीचात == from this, Maareecha
अयम मुनिः == this, saint - Vishvamitra
अयम मृग सत्तमः == this, deer, the extraordinary one
अयम मृगः वध्यः == this, deer/beast, is eradicable.
अयम मे बाहुः == this, my, arm
अयम मे भ्राता == this, brother, of mine; mayaa uktaH by me, said.
अयम मेशः स वृशणः == this, ram, is with, testicles
अयम मैथिलीकृत लक्षणः == the cause is in the form of this Seetha.
अयम यजñअḥ == this, ritual
अयम यज्ञः == this, ritual
अयम यज्ञअः == this, ritual
अयम यज्ञिय अश्वः == this, ritual's, horse
अयम युद्धपरिश्रमः == that this endeavour in the shape of war
अयम युधाजित == this, Yudhaajit
अयम रजनीछरः == Vibhishana
अयम रथः == (this) chariot
अयम राक्शसः == such, a demon
अयम राक्शसानाम वासः == this is, for demons, dwelling-place
अयम राक्षमुख्यनाम == of the chiefs among the demons
अयम राक्षसः == This demon
अयम राघव अनुजः == he, Raghava's, brother - Lakshmana
अयम राघवः == this Rama
अयम राजा == this king
अयम रामः == this Rama
अयम रामः इति == the words 'Here comes Rama'
अयम रावणः == this Ravana
अयम रावणः इति ज्ञआत्वा == he is, Ravana, thus, knowing «presuming»
अयम लक्श्मणः इह आगतः == this one, Lakshmana, to here, came
अयम लक्श्मणः नाम == he is, Lakshmana, by name
अयम लक्ष्मणः == this Lakshmana
अयम लङ्केश्वरः == this lord of Lanka
अयम लोक प्र वादः == this, in world, well, saying «epigram»
अयम लोकः == these people
अयम वध उपाय == this is the, elimination, idea for
अयम वधः लोक सम्मतः == this, eradication «of your paternal-uncles,» agreeable «worthwhile» to the worlds.
अयम वने वासः == in this forest, dwelling
अयम वम्शः महान == this, dynasty is, sublime
अयम वरः == this boon
अयम वसन्तः == this, spring; Soumitri
अयम वानरः == has this monkey
अयम विघ्नः == this, hindrance
अयम विज्ञआपनम == 'this supplication...'
अयम विनाशः == if that destruction
अयम विपर्ययः == this, deviation
अयम विपाकः == this bitter fruit
अयम विभीशणः == this Vibhishana
अयम विहन गमः == this, sky goer «bird»
अयम वृत्त अन्तम == (that) this occurrence
अयम वृथा श्रमः == this wasteful endeavour; (in the form of
अयम वैश्णवः शरः == this, Vishnu's, divine, arrow
अयम शत्रुः == this enemy
अयम शूलः == this spear
अयम शैल रजः == this, mountain, kingly
अयम शोक अग्निः == this, grief, fire of
अयम शोकः == this grief
अयम शोकाग्नि == this fire of my sorrow
अयम शोणः == this, «river» Sona
अयम श्लोकः == this, verse
अयम सः == such a man
अयम सन्तापः त्यज्यताम == this, consternation, be forsaken.
अयम समाधिः == this, self-concentration - self-assurance
अयम सम्तापः विमुछ्यताम == let this grief be given up.
अयम सम्रम्भः त्यज्यताम == this, «anger's» clangour, leave off - dispel.
अयम सर्वेशाम == of us all
अयम सागरः == this ocean
अयम सागरः महा उदधिः == this one, ocean, vast expanse, of water
अयम सान्ग्रामिकः रथः == this, one used in war /combatant's, chariot
अयम सारथिः == this, charioteer
अयम सिद्ध आश्रमः == this, Siddha, «Accomplished,» hermitage
अयम सुग्रीवः == this Sugreeva
अयम सुग्रीवम == that, Sugreeva
अयम सुदर्शनः द्वीपः == this is - that one, that Sudarshana, island.
अयम सौमित्रिः == this Lakshmana
अयम सौमित्रिः आगतः == he, Soumitri, has come
अयम स्वप्नः == (is) this dream
अयम हरि ईश्वरः == this, king of monkeys
अयम हेम विभूशितः असिः == this one, gold, decorated with, sword
अयम् यज्ञः == this, ritual
अयशः == infamy@
अयशःछ == ill fame
अयशश्छ == infamy
अयशस्यम्छ == it destroys reputation
अयस तप्तान == with iron rod, on broiling
अयसः == (m) iron@
अयाः दर्शने == in her becoming visible in public
अयाचत == entreated
अयाछत == asked
अयाछतीम == who is praying
अयाछन्तीम == who was thus praying
अयाछमानाम == desiring
अयाछितः == claimed.
अयाछिशम == I asked for
अयान्तम == coming
अयुक्तः == one who is not in KRishhNa consciousness@
अयुक्तबुद्धिकृत्येन == a committer of wrong thinking and action
अयुक्तम == It is not befitting
अयुक्तम इव == as improper
अयुक्तम हि == it is indeed not proper
अयुक्तम्छ == it is not proper
अयुक्तम्वा == repugnant thing
अयुक्तस्य == of one who is not connected (with KRishhNa consciousness)@
अयुक्ता == unbefitting
अयुतम == ten thousand
अयुतानि च == a unit of ten-thousand, also
अयुतानि छ == and myriads
अयुतैः == ten thousands
अयुतैः च == in legion named aayuta
अयुद्धेन == and without a combat
अयुध्यत == fought
अयुध्यन्त == fought
अयुध्यमानम == one who is not fighting
अयोगतः == without devotional service@
अयोगेन == (due to
अयोजयः == you charged it
अयोजयत == and employed
अयोजयन == to join «to join testes to Indra / join benefits to the offerer.
अयोजयिष्यत् == if one does not join or connect@
अयोधनम == battle
अयोधने == battle
अयोधयत == made war
अयोधया पुरी == the city of Ayodhya
अयोधाम == Ayodhya
अयोधायाः == from Ayodhya
अयोध्य अधिपतेः पुत्रौ == Ayodhya's, king's, two sons
अयोध्य निवासिनाम == you the people living in Ayodhya
अयोध्य पुरवासिनः == the citizens of Ayodhya
अयोध्यम == Ayodhya
अयोध्ययाम == in Ayodhya
अयोध्या == Ayodhya
अयोध्या अधिपतिः == Ayodhya's,
अयोध्या अधिपतिः राजा अपि == Ayodhya's, sovereign, king
अयोध्या अधिपते == oh,
अयोध्या अधिपते वीर == Ayodhya's,
अयोध्या अपि == even if Ayodhya
अयोध्या अभिमुखी प्रयातु == towards, Ayodhya, let it move on.
अयोध्या नगरी == The city of Ayodhya
अयोध्या नाम नगरी == Ayodhya, named, city
अयोध्या निलयः == residing in Ayodhya
अयोध्या पुरी == «the city of Ayodhya
अयोध्या पुरी मम तथा == Ayodhya, city, to me, likewise «Ayodhya belongs to me»
अयोध्या पुरीम == the city of Ayodhya
अयोध्या महोत्सवम == Ayodhya's great function
अयोध्याक्रोशमात्रे == As if only a couple of miles away from Ayodhya
अयोध्यादर्शनेन == through the sight of Ayodhya (which is so dear to me).«
अयोध्याधिपतेः == and the king of Ayodhya.
अयोध्यानिलयः जनः == the people residing in Ayodhya
अयोध्यानिलयानम == living in Ayodhya .
अयोध्याभिमुखह == and standing with his face turned towards Ayodhya
अयोध्याम == (back) to Ayodhya
अयोध्याम नगरीम एव == the very city of Ayodhya.
अयोध्याम पुरीम == city of Ayodhya
अयोध्याम प्रति == To Ayodhya
अयोध्याम प्रस्थितः == towards Ayodhya, travelled;.
अयोध्याम प्रेशयामास == to Ayodhya, started to send.
अयोध्यामि == Ayodhya
अयोध्यामिव == as the city of Ayodhya
अयोध्यामेव == to Ayodhya.
अयोध्याम्छ == as well as the city of Ayodhya
अयोध्याया स्वनः इव == Ayodhya's, commotion, as with
अयोध्यायाः == from Ayodhya
अयोध्यायाः च गमनम == to Ayodhya, also
अयोध्यायाम == in Ayodhya
अयोध्यायाम अहम श्रुत्वा तु == in Ayodhya, I hjave, heard, on my part
अयोध्यायाम जन अकुलः == in Ayodhya, with people, thronging
अयोध्यायाम तु == ; in Ayodhya
अयोध्यायै == for Ayodhya
अयोध्येव == like Ayodhya
अयोध्य्याम == in Ayodhya
अयोनिजाम == to be the one not emerged from a mother's womb
अयोभाण्डम् == (n) a wooden barrel@
अर शार्दूल == manly-tiger; Rama
अरक्शताम == safeguarded.
अरक्शिताम == without any defenders
अरक्षतः == fails to protect(them)
अरक्षने == who take refuge
अरक्षितः == having not been protected
अरजे == clean
अरणि == , he placed that fire in the pit of Altar, which is aflame now, and then reverently and in tune with the Vedic-hymns he effused oblational liquids
अरणिः == by piece of wood(through attrition with another)
अरणिम == the lower piece of wood used for kindling fire at a sacrifice
अरणीसुतम == fire
अरण्य रोदन == 'a cry in wilderness...' And from the viewpoint of
अरण्य वासस्य == for forest, dwelling
अरण्य वासे == living in a forest
अरण्यकम == of forest variety
अरण्यभूतम == becoming a jungle
अरण्यभूतेव == to have changed into a forest.
अरण्यम == forest
अरण्यम गमिश्यति == to forest, he goes.
अरण्यम वा == or forest
अरण्यम् == (n) jungle, forest@
अरण्यम्छ == the forest and
अरण्यस्थो. अपि == even when living in the forest
अरण्यात == from the forest?«.
अरण्यानि == forests
अरण्ये == forest
अरण्यैः पुण्यैः स्वादु फलैः == of forests, sacred, palatable, with fruits
अरण्यौकसः == (Masc.poss.sing.) forester's@
अरतिः == being without attachment@
अरत्नि == is 18 inches, thus a bow-length is 6 feet and above, taking the standard size of archer as a six-footer and a little above.
अरत्निघातैः छ == hurting with elbows
अरन्दयत भूयः == created further distress
अरन्य == , seventh sarga/chapter.
अरन्ये == in forest
अरयः छ मनुश्येण विज्ञेया == enemies, also, by men, to be assessed
अरविन्द == a lotus «nelumblum speciosum»
अरविन्द उत्पलवतीम == pinkish, lotuses having
अराक्शसम == devoid of demons.
अराक्षसम == is not demoniacal.
अरागद्वेषतः == without love or hatred@
अराजकम == is a rulerless
अराजके == In a ruler less
अरामः == not amiable to people
अरामम वा == or devoid of Rama (myself).
अरालपक्श्म == who eye lids are curved
अरावणम == devoid of Ravana
अरि == enemies@
अरि मित्र घ्नौ == enemy's, friends, eliminators of
अरि शड वर्ग-स == in me, and I think my prayer to you is justified because you are a subjugator of such enemies...
अरि सूदनः == enemy, subduer «Dasharatha»
अरि हा == enemy, slayer
अरिः == an enemy
अरिघ्नः == who destroys enemies
अरिघ्नम == the annihilator of enemies
अरिणा हतः म्रिये च अपि == by enemy, killed, I die, also, even
अरिन दम == oh, enemy, represser
अरिन दमः == enemies, persecutor of
अरिन दमौ == those two - enemy, subjugators
अरिनर्दमः == enemy-subjugator
अरिनिषूदन == O annihilator of enemies!
अरिन्दनम == and the slayer of his foes
अरिन्दम == , in vocative case only, but Baroda and Tokunaga versions and some more have this as
अरिन्दम सौमित्रे == oh, enemy-destroyer Soumitri
अरिन्दमः == Ravana the harasser of enemies
अरिन्दमः सः रामः == enemy-destroyer, he, that Rama
अरिन्दमः हनूमान == enemy destroyer, Hanuma
अरिन्दमम == , objective case. Similar usage can be found in this chapter at 4-3-36,
अरिन्दमम स लक्श्मणम == to enemy-subduer «Rama,» along with, Lakshmana
अरिन्दमम सुग्रीवम == enemy-repressor, Sugreeva
अरिन्दमोउ == the subduer of their enemies
अरिन्दमौ == Oh; annihilator of enemies
अरिबलस्य == from the side of an adversary.
अरिभाव == the sixth house in a Rashi or bhaava chart@
अरिभिः सह == even with enemies
अरिम == the enemy
अरिम दम == oh, enemy, destroyer
अरिम दमः == enemy, subjugator
अरिम दमम == the annihilator of enemies
अरिमर्दनः == and the annihilator of enemies
अरिम्दम == O annihilator of enemies!
अरिम्दमः == Indrajit; the annihilator of enemies
अरिम्दमम == the annihilator of enemies
अरिम्दमवीर == O hero; the annihilator of enemies!
अरिम्दमौ == and annihilators of enemies
अरिम्धान == he
अरिलक्षणम == is the attribute of an adversary.
अरिवधे == to slain the enemies
अरिवाहिनी == an army of adversaries
अरिविकर्षण == O Rama; the destroyer of adversaries!
अरिविभीषणेन == who was fearful to the adversaries
अरिशड वर्ग शत्रु == like desire, ire, avarice, conceit etc., as detailed in verse 4 above.
अरिशासन == Oh
अरिश्टनेमिनः पुत्रः == Aristanemi, «another name of Kashyapa Prajapati,» son of
अरिश्टपर्वतम == Mount Arishta
अरिश्टम == a sign of approaching death
अरिश्टम पन्थानम गच्छ == invulnerable, on way, you may go.
अरिश्ट्तम पन्थानम गच्छ == on prosperous, pathway, you go
अरिश्ठनेमेः दुहिता == Arishtanemi's, daughter
अरिश्ठम == called Arishta.
अरिषु == on enemies@
अरिषुदन == O annihilator of enemies!
अरिष्टनेमिः == the appelation to Garuda?@
अरिष्टम == auspiciously.
अरिष्टम इव == like enering a disastrous house
अरिसम्घैः == by hordes of enemies
अरिसूदन == O killer of the enemies@
अरिसूदनः == O; Bharata the annihilator of enemies!
अरिहा == the annihilator of his enemies
अरीन == enemies
अरीम्श्छ == his enemies too
अरुण च्छदैः == with reddish «feathers,» covered «feathered»
अरुणात == from that lineage / from him, from Aruna/Anuura
अरुणात्मजः == Sampati the son of Aruna
अरुणाभासम == a red illumined
अरुणोदय == at dawn
अरुन्धति == Arundhati
अरुन्धती वसिष्ठम छ == like Arundhati on Vasishta
अरुन्धत्याः == than Arundhati; (wife of Sage
अरुन्धन मिथिलाम == beleaguered, Mithila
अरृग्दिग्ध विवृत्तलोछनः == his eyes; bathed in blood; rolling rapidly
अरेः == of the enemy'
अरोगः == without disease
अरोगम == healthily.
अरोगा == is healthy.«
अरोगित == diseaselessness@
अरोपयन == planted
अरोमके == and hair-less
अर्क == essence, a name of Sun@
अर्क प्रभा == the efflugence of the sun.
अर्क प्रभा मेरुम यथा == sun's,
अर्क वर्णेन == with sun, coloured - dazzling like sun
अर्क सदृश प्रभः == sun, similar, in refulgence
अर्कः == or the sun-god
अर्कः अस्तम गच्छति == sun, into dusk, goes
अर्कः यथा == as the sun
अर्कमण्डलसम्काशम == which emitted immaculate splendor like that of the sun
अर्कमपि == even the sun-god
अर्कमार्गात == from the track of the sun.
अर्करश्मि प्रतीकाशाम == looking like a beam of sun-light.
अर्करश्मि प्रतीकाशैः == like unto the rays of the sun (bright)
अर्कवर्छसम == as bright as the sun
अर्कवर्णम == having a bright hue
अर्कवर्णेन == with the hue of Sun
अर्कश्छ == and Arka
अर्कसूनुः == and that offspring of the Sun; Sugreeva
अर्कस्य == of the sun.
अर्कस्य गभस्तिभिः इव == sun's, «innumerable» sunrays, as with
अर्केण == with the sun.
अर्घ == value@
अर्घ्य == , water oblation, and from there to other ocean for
अर्घ्यम == and hands
अर्घ्यम आदाय == oblational water, on taking
अर्घ्यम इति == to fetch water to wash the hands (of the distinguished guests) with.
अर्घ्यम उपहारयत == water, offered.
अर्घ्यम्छ पाद्यम्छ == water to wash theri hands and feet with
अर्चति == (1 pp) to worship@
अर्चयस्व == worship.
अर्चयित्वा आसन उदकैः == offering, seat, water
अर्चयिश्यति == he honours
अर्चितः == is venerated.
अर्चितम == is worshipped.
अर्चिताः == adored
अर्चितुं == to worship@
अर्चिर्माल्यान == «known as» Arcishmaalyaa-s
अर्चिश्मन्तम == «one who is known as» Arcishman
अर्छन्ति == pay homage to
अर्छन्तु == offer worship
अर्छय == honour
अर्छसि == you are fit
अर्छाम == hospitality.
अर्छिः पिनद्धः == wrapped in flames.
अर्छिः सहस्र विकछ रविमङ्डल वर्छसम == which shone like the solar disc encircled by a thousand rays
अर्छितः == He is respected
अर्छितम == the venerable man
अर्छितश्छ == was received
अर्छिता == Worshipped
अर्छिताः == were received by them hospitably
अर्छिमाली == encircled with rays
अर्छिर्भिश्छापि == by the rays
अर्छिशः == flames of fire
अर्छिश्मन्तम श्रिया जुश्टम अद्भुतम == effulgence, auspiciousness, included, wonderful
अर्छिश्मान == (Rama) Rama is a resplendent man
अर्छिष्मतः == with rays of light
अर्छिष्मतीम == which was resplendent
अर्छिष्मद्भिः == with resplendent
अर्छिष्मन्तः == having bright light
अर्छिष्मान हुताशनः इव == like a flaming fire.
अर्छ्यन्ताम == be worshipped
अर्छ्यमानम == being worshipped
अर्जन == obtaining@
अर्जनं == the earning or acquiring or acqusition@
अर्जुअन == Terminalia Arjuna trees
अर्जुन == oh, Arjuna tree@
अर्जुन प्रियाम == Arjuna «flowers,» a lover of
अर्जुन विशादयोग == 'Arjuna's Despair'.
अर्जुनं == unto Arjuna@
अर्जुनः == Arjuna, or, Kaartviivya Arjuna «not to be confounded with Arjuna of Maha@
अर्जुनकैः == with peacocks
अर्जुनयोः == and Arjuna@
अर्जुनाश्छैव == Arjuna
अर्जुनी == at the time of the waning moon.
अर्जुनैः == Arjuna
अर्णवः इव == as the ocean
अर्णवम == ocean
अर्णवाभम == which was as extensive as an ocean
अर्णवे == in ocean
अर्णवौघम == as the waters of the sea
अर्ततत्त्वेन == correctly
अर्थ == essence, epitome@
अर्थ अधिक मुहूर्तेन == in half, more, one muhurta «hour»
अर्थ अनर्थान्तरे == between worthy and worthless acts
अर्थ अन्तरम गताम == which got a different meaning
अर्थ अर्धी == ; like
अर्थ आतुराणाम न गुरुर न बन्धुः । काम आतुराणाम न भयम न लज्ज । क्षुध आतुराणाम न रुचिर न पक्वम । विद्य आतुरा णाम न सुखम न निद्रा -- नीति शास्त्र == 'for money-mongers no venerable
अर्थ उपहितया वाचा == meaning, inclusive, words
अर्थ कामाः == desiring to advance the interest
अर्थ कृच्छ्रे वा == financial loss, or
अर्थ कृछ्छ्ह्रेशु == in difficult matters.
अर्थ गुण श्रेश्ठम हि == «than» means, «than» aspirations, greater, indeed
अर्थ चन्द्रेण == with half, moon-shaped - crescent-barbed arrow
अर्थ ज्ञअः == meaning, knower of «context-sensitive»
अर्थ ज्येश्ठाः हि == are indeed sovereign in substance
अर्थ तत्त्व ज्ञअः == of norms, subtleties, knower of
अर्थ तत्त्वज्ञैः == and understanding the true state of the things.
अर्थ दासा जनाः सर्वे == as the money paid makes one a slave of the payer. This spy prompted Ravana in that way because he knows that Ravana is womaniser.
अर्थ धर्मपराः == devoted to wealth and religious merit
अर्थ धर्मयोः == prosperity, probity
अर्थ धर्माभ्याम == than earthly gain and religious merit.«
अर्थ धर्मोउ == his real interests and discipline
अर्थ धर्मौ == economic realities
अर्थ धर्मौ च == «ethical» means, «holy» merits, also - he does not care.
अर्थ निर्वृत्तिम == to fulfill the purpose
अर्थ निश्चयम सम्प्रधार्य == purpose's, resolve, on resolving
अर्थ पन्चक ज्ञआन == ; 9»
अर्थ पन्चक ज्ञान == ; 9» Self-denial,
अर्थ परः == in purposes, be interested in
अर्थ विज्ञआनम == substance's, comprehensive knowledge
अर्थ वित तमः == intention, knower, the best - best one among the knowers of our intentions.
अर्थ विदाम वराः == purposiveness, among experts of, oh, best ones - oh, enterprising vanara-s
अर्थ शास्त्र विशारदम == well-versed in political economy.
अर्थ शास्त्रज्ञः == finance, science, knowers of - financial experts
अर्थ शास्त्रानभिज्ञानाम == who do not recollect the books dealing with practical life
अर्थ सहितया वाचा == meaning, containing, with words - with meaningful words
अर्थ साधकम == and which promoted an advantage (to Lakshmana).
अर्थ साधने == of promoting that task.
अर्थ साधने समर्थाः हि == objective «of our task,» in achieving, we will be capable, indeed.
अर्थ सिद्धये == for the success of the task
अर्थ सिद्ध्यै == for the (desired) task
अर्थ सूक्श्म विनिश्चये == meaning, subtlety, in deciding
अर्थ स्थित प्राणम == in half, withstanding, lives, «half-dead, half-living»
अर्थं == wealth@
अर्थः == act@
अर्थः न == there is no use
अर्थकामेन == who has a desire for wealth
अर्थकामोउछ == wealth and enjoyment.
अर्थकोविदः == versed in moral law
अर्थक्ड़्ड़्छ्छ्ह्रेषु == in difficult matters.«
अर्थग्राहकम == suggestive
अर्थछन्द्रम == a crescent shaped arrow
अर्थजातम == the collection of things
अर्थज्ञः == understanding the sense of the word
अर्थतः == that is to say
अर्थतत्त्वेन == frankly
अर्थत्त्छ == purpose also
अर्थदूषिणीम बुद्धिम इव == like giving up conjectures which spoil the purpose
अर्थनिर्णयः == the decision of a matter
अर्थनैपुण == (n) efficient in polity@
अर्थनैपुणम == adroitness of an action.
अर्थन् == and economic development@
अर्थपरः == by a miser.
अर्थपरा == to the cause
अर्थपरासती == (though) she is badly lured of money.
अर्थपरे == the selfishone!
अर्थप्राप्तिर्भवति == wealth-attainment becomes@
अर्थम == (to do) a task
अर्थम अपि == the matter also
अर्थम किम == 'what is that purpose...'
अर्थम छ == (legitimately acquired) wealth
अर्थम न == there is no use
अर्थम वा == prosperity, either
अर्थम सम्जातसस्या == with half-sprouted crop of grain
अर्थमिव == as with riches
अर्थम्वा पुनः == or your earthly interests
अर्थयते == (10 pp) to request@
अर्थयुक्तम == and meaningful
अर्थरात्रे == at that midnight
अर्थरूपेण == in the form of a worthy matter
अर्थवत == (the following) meaningful
अर्थवत इदम वचनम अब्रवीत == meaningful, this, word, said.
अर्थवत वाक्यम == (the following) meaningful words
अर्थवत वाक्यम अब्रवीत == meaningful, sentence, spoke.
अर्थवात्र == at mid-night
अर्थवान् == one with money@
अर्थवित == understanding the sense
अर्थविदाम == those who know their duty.
अर्थविपथिम == disaster in truth.
अर्थविभागवित == knew how to distribute wealth
अर्थविशारदस्य == who is expert in any matter
अर्थशास्त्र == ecomonics@
अर्थश्छ == the task
अर्थसाधकः == Arthasadhaka
अर्थसिद्धिम्छ == the acquisition of wealth
अर्थस्य == of his act@
अर्थस्य कामः च धर्मः च == prosperity, aspirations, also, probity, even
अर्थस्य मूलम सम्रक्श्यम == of purpose «task,» prime mover, is to be safeguarded
अर्थहीनम == meaningless
अर्था गृहात निवर्तन्ते आ स्मशानात तु बान्धव । सुकृतम दुष्कृतम चैव गच्छन्तम अनुचच्छ्गति ।। == 'wealth
अर्थाः == actions
अर्थात == from wealth.
अर्थात अर्थम == half of the «remaining» half «-one fourth»
अर्थान == matters
अर्थानर्थनिमित्तम == regarding advantages and disadvantages (accruing from Vibhishana)
अर्थानर्थान्तरे == (when vacillating) between gain and loss
अर्थानर्थोन == the pros and cons
अर्थानाम == the taxes
अर्थाभम == which appears to be worthwhile?
अर्थाय == for the sake of; bh
अर्थार्थी == one who desires material gain@
अर्थावाप्तिम्छ == acquirment of wealth
अर्थित == as urged by
अर्थितः == asked
अर्थिनः == indulgers
अर्थिनः कार्य निर्वृत्तिम == requester, deed, completion
अर्थिनम == that somebody who wants them
अर्थिनाम == of the destitute
अर्थियं == meant@
अर्थी == am the one who desire
अर्थे == (by your excessive devotion) to wealth@
अर्थेन == benefit to
अर्थेन विमुक्तस्य == bereft of his wealth
अर्थेभ्यः == by the treasures
अर्थेषु == in actions
अर्थैः == wealth
अर्थो वा एश यत पत्नी... आत्मा वै दारा... वैदिक वाक्यानि... == The Maha Bharata says in its
अर्थोपछितेशु == in the case of persons having abundant wealth
अर्थोपहितम == and meaningful
अर्थोपहितया == and somewhat meaningful
अर्थोपार्जनाय == for earning maney@
अर्थोभिधेयरैः वस्तु प्रयोजन निवृत्तेशु निवृत्ति == 'Rama will accord salvation to you,
अर्थ्यम == meaningful
अर्थ्याः == who have reaped riches, financially-well people
अर्दयति == is tormenting
अर्दयन == thwarted.
अर्दयन्तौ == attacking
अर्दयामास == tormented
अर्दयित्वा == annihilating
अर्दयित्वाअ == having assaulted
अर्दितः == tormented
अर्दितम == and being tormented
अर्दिता == tormented
अर्दिताः == (Those demons) tormented
अर्दिताः छैव == as they were being tormented
अर्दितान == being tormented
अर्द्यमानान == being persecuted
अर्द्यमानोउ == being trobled
अर्द्रिमूर्द्रिणि == on a top of mountain
अर्ध == half@
अर्ध अधिक मुहूर्तेन == half, more, one hour
अर्ध छन्द्रेण == with an arrow with a crescent-shaped head
अर्ध नाराछैः == Demi-naraches
अर्ध निः सृतैः == half, out, came «popped up»
अर्ध प्रविश्टेन == half-submerged
अर्ध रात्रः == mid, night
अर्ध सप्त शताः == three hundred and fifty
अर्धगुणविस्तारः == half as much in size (fifteen yojanas or one hundred and twenty miles).
अर्धगोल == semicircle, dome@
अर्धचन्द्रासन == the half-moon posture@
अर्धछन्द्रण == with his crescent pointed arrow.
अर्धछन्द्रैः == each having the shape of a crescent.
अर्धछन्द्रौ == arrows with a shape of a half-moon each
अर्धतृतीयेशु योजनेशु == at a distance of three and half Yojanas (ie about twenty eight miles)
अर्धदिवसम == for a half part of their day
अर्धनवासन == the half-boat posture@
अर्धनारीनटेश्वर == Shiva and his Shakti united as one@
अर्धनारीश्वर == Shiva and his Shakti united as one@
अर्धनिचोलः == (m) frock@
अर्धपद्मासन == the half-lotus posture@
अर्धप्रदीप्तानाम गृहाणाम == of the half-scorched houses
अर्धभक्शितान == half eaten
अर्धमत्स्येन्द्रासन == the half spinal-twist posture@
अर्धयोजनविस्थीर्णम == (was) half a Yojana long
अर्धरात्रे == at the middle of the night
अर्धरात्रेपरिवृत्ते == at the turn of midnight
अर्धरात्रेवा == or at midnight
अर्धशिर्षासन == the half headstand posture@
अर्धसर्वाङ्गासन == the half-shoulderstand posture@
अर्धसलभासन == the half-locust posture@
अर्धसिद्धये == for accomplishing your desired object (viz. attending to your house-hold work).«
अर्धसिद्धिं तु == accomplished motive
अर्धाव शेषाणि == half filled
अर्धि वनस्य == the king of kings
अर्धिताः == were frightened
अर्धोरुक == (n) half-pant@
अर्धोरुकम् == (n) half-pant , shorts@
अर्ध्यमानः == thus afflicted
अर्निशूदन == O annihilator of enemies!
अर्पण == Offer@
अर्पणं == contribution@
अर्पणम == giving.
अर्पित == surrendering@
अर्पितछेतसः == his mind despaired
अर्पितम == thrown on the floor
अर्पितेन == holding in his hand.
अर्बुद == 'a billion..' and
अर्बुद शतैः == such arbuda-s, hundreds of
अर्बुदैः == with legions named arbuda
अर्भक == small@
अर्यकवेशमनः == the grand father's house
अर्यमा == Aryama@
अर्याः == adorable. Hence his word should mean, this luminary is my
अर्रोव मोक्तुम == to release
अर्ह == deserving@
अर्हः == you are fitly.
अर्हः न अस्मि == am not obliged
अर्हत == deserves
अर्हतः == deserve
अर्हता == (f) qualification@
अर्हति == be fit@
अर्हति हि == can indeed
अर्हथ == apt of you.
अर्हथः == and ought
अर्हथा == effort
अर्हन्ति == are fit
अर्हसि == (You) ought@
अर्हसितावत == are justified
अर्हसे == you are fit
अर्हहि == is fit
अर्हाम == for nice, «words,» proper one - to talk to
अर्ह्थसहितम == is useful
अलं == especially@
अलं भवेत == sufficient for
अलंकारदीप्तं == shining with adornments, decorations@
अलंकृतः == adorned himself
अलंकृताम == decorated
अलंकृते == decorated
अलकृतम == duly decorated.
अलक्त रस रक्त अभाव == looks red as Alakta (red juice obtained from resin of certain trees)
अलक्त रस वर्जितौ == which even though no longer painted with vermilion
अलक्शणम == which does not promise happiness
अलक्शणैः == marks of ill-fortune
अलक्शण्यः == having no good qualities
अलक्शयत == (Hanuma) saw
अलक्शितम वनम च == Alakshita, forest, also
अलक्श्य == Alakshya
अलक्षणः == causeless
अलक्षमान == one who disregards@
अलक्ष्मिः == poverty (alaxmiH is opp. of laxmiH)@
अलक्ष्मीकानि == looking distressfully.
अलङ्कारं == decoration
अलङ्कृत == decorated / ornamented@
अलङ्कृतम == beautified
अलण्कुरु == adorn (with ornaments and apparel gifted by me)
अलण्कृतः == adorned
अलण्कृता == enriched
अलन्कर्तुम शक्यम == to adorn, it is possible - in these days.
अलन्कार : उत्प्रेख्स == say, hyperbolic rhetoric.
अलन्कार == or the aesthetics demand the description of vasantha requires Manmadha. Then the compound is read as
अलन्कार प्रियो विश्णुः == and thus He can easily be reached by the stepladder formation of clouds and he can be garlanded easily. To do so a wife must be at his side
अलन्कारम उत्तमम == decorative ornaments, the best ones
अलन्कारविधिम == required decoration
अलन्कृतम == adorned
अलन्कृताः == decked with ornaments
अलब्ध निद्रेण == who have had no sleep
अलब्धभूमिकत्व == the feeling that it is impossible to see reality@
अलभ्य == Difficult@
अलम == (be) enough
अलम वहतु तावत तु == easily, let him carry, up to there «anywhere.»
अलम विमर्शेन == enough, is thinking
अलम वैक्लव्यम आलम्ब्य == enough, despair, clinging on to
अलम व्रीडेन वैदेहि धर्म ताप कृतेन च । हर्षो अयम देवि विस्पष्टो यः त्वाम उपगमिष्यति ।। == where the first foot is almost the same and the second foot:
अलम व्रीदेन == in the matter of 'served and servant..'
अलम्करणायैव == competence truly; kartuH to the doer
अलम्कार विदः == who are skilled in the art of decoration
अलम्कारम == adorned
अलम्कारेण == by ornamentation
अलम्कृत इव आभाति == is adorned, as though, bright.
अलम्कृतः == (That Mahodara) adorned
अलम्कृतम == and adorned with ornaments
अलम्कृताम == and which is adorned
अलम्कृताम्छ == adorned with
अलम्कृत्य == having decorated
अलम्बुशायाम == throguh queen Alambusa
अलम्बुसा == Alambusa
अलम्बुसाम == Alambusa
अलर्क == King Alarka
अलर्कः == alarka
अलसः == lazy@
अलसाः == are inactive(in the sense they do not move out for alms
अलसागामिनी == who walks slowly
अलस्य == indolence@
अलात चक्र प्रतिमम == fireball, circle of, in shape
अलात चक्र प्रतिमा == fireball, circle, akin to
अलात सदृश ईक्शणा == half burnt wood stick, «torche-like,» equal, eyed Shuurpanakha
अलाहक सम्काशा == immense-cloud, resembling - and jostling
अलिनीम इव == like the lake (sangandhika)
अलीक == (adj) false, untrue@
अलीकम == displeasure
अलैम == enough
अलोडयत == ransacked
अलोन्ग विथ अन एकानि == not, one - numerous
अलोन्ग विथ निवसति == is living.
अलोपोश्ण क्शुब्ध सलिलाम == whose scanty waters had become hot and agitated
अलोलुप्त्वं == freedom from greed@
अलोळितैः == in shambles
अल्प == small, little@
अल्प अन्तर गतानाम == small, distance, on going
अल्प कण्ठाः == weak-voiced
अल्प गन्धीनि == giving very little fragrance
अल्प जीवितः == minimized, lifespan
अल्प तेजसा == of littlest,
अल्प तेजोसुः == with trifling, energy and lives
अल्प पुण्या == whose stock of merit was deficient
अल्प पुत्रश्छ == and who was not having sons
अल्प प्रदातारम == , scanty, endower «under-payer»
अल्प बलः == with meagre, army; «staying on Himalayas»
अल्प बुद्धे == you, mean, minded
अल्प भाग्यसय मम छ एव == less, fortunate, one me, also, thus
अल्प भाग्याम == of my little fortune!.
अल्प भाग्यायाः == who is unfortunate
अल्प भोगवान == lowly, enjoyer
अल्प वीर्यस्य == trifling, sinews
अल्प वीर्या == female-yakshii «all yaksha-s,» trivial, in strength
अल्प सत्त्वः == one with meagre, boldness
अल्प सत्त्वानाम भय दाम == to less, courageous ones «dunderheaded dullards,» horror, giver «inducer»
अल्पं == a few, little, inadequate@
अल्पकारणे == for a petty reason
अल्पछेतनः == those evil-minded demons
अल्पछेतनाः == these fools
अल्पछेतसः == of small intellect
अल्पजीविताः == if we are short-lived
अल्पतरः == is minimum
अल्पतोयः == with a little water
अल्पधी == mental deficiency@
अल्पपर्णाः == though their foliage is sparse
अल्पपुण्ये == with scant virtue
अल्पबुद्धयः == the less intelligent@
अल्पभग्या == of scanty fortune
अल्पभाग्यत्वात == because of ill luck
अल्पभाग्या हि == of poor luck indeed
अल्पभाग्याम == having a poor fortune
अल्पभाग्यायाः == who is less fortunate.
अल्पम == small
अल्पम वा == either a little
अल्पमतिः == unwise
अल्पमूलरसायुतः == having tasty fruits and roots
अल्पमेधसां == of those of small intelligence@
अल्पयत्नेन == by a small effort
अल्पवयस्कं == young (small) age@
अल्पवीयाश्छ == weak
अल्पवीर्येण == with little strength
अल्पशैइरः == with such a small body
अल्पा अपि == least, even - in the least
अल्पामपि == even the least
अल्पायु == Short life between 8 and 32 years@
अल्पायुः == short lived.
अल्पावशेशम कार्यम == that only a little remains to be done
अल्पाहाराम == (Seetha) was with limited food
अल्पे अपि == in a trifle, even
अल्पेन कालेन == within a short time
अल्ल एतत == this
अल्सो «अ धृतानाम == not, firm - infirm»
अल्सो अ भक्श्याणि == not, to be eaten
अल्सो रम्यः == appealing one.
अल्सो; == nyavasat sukham
अळीकम == as anything unpleasing
अव == prrotect@
अव कीर्णम == all over, muffled up
अव गच्छामि == I am comprehending.
अव जानन == without, judging - trivialising
अव जानन्ति माम मूढा मानुषीम तनुम आश्रितम । परम भावमजानन्तो मम भूत महेश्वरम ।। == 'I the
अव जानासि == lowly, you deem «demean me»
अव ज्ञअनात == with disrespect
अव तर्तुम == down, climb
अव तिश्ठन्तम == standing
अव तिश्ठन्तौ == back, standing «temporizing»
अव तीर्य == down, scending - on descending
अव धूतम == to side, swept «brushed off by me»
अव प्लुत्य == hopped down
अव भग्नः च == down, broken - degenerated, also
अव भासते == splendorous / it is appearing.
अव मन्य == dis, regarding - overlooking
अव मन्येरन == dis, respect.
अव मर्दितुम == to pull out
अव मानम == not, reputing «to disrepute»
अव रुद्धः == held back - one who is restrained
अव लोकयन == while viewing, - he proceeded.
अव सज्जत == down, slacked - quavered.
अव सादयेत == to down, he collapses
अव सुप्तस्य == one who is slumbering
अव स्थाने == down, place «underground, or, an unworthy place for a crown prince»
अव स्थितम == who stood nearby
अवकरिका == (f) dustbin, garbage bin@
अवकरिष्यति == will cover
अवकलन == differentiation@
अवकाशः == place
अवकाशः न अभिगम्यते == no opportunity can be obtained
अवकिरन == gushing out
अवकिरन्ति == poured out
अवकिरिष्यन्ति == shower
अवकीर्णः == covered by
अवकीर्णम == covered
अवकीर्णा == sprinkled
अवकीर्णानि == were scattered.
अवकीर्यन्ते == (and the battalions) are flung
अवकीर्यमाणः पुश्पवर्शैः == covered with showers of blossoms
अवक्शिपन्ति == (they) scatter
अवक्श्य == gazed at
अवक्षिप्य == discarding
अवगच्छ == must know@
अवगच्छामि == I am aware of «state of mind, your humour»
अवगछन्ति == will be knowing.
अवगछ्छ्ह == know (from me)
अवगछ्छ्हति == could recognise
अवगछ्छ्हसि == you comprehend
अवगछ्छ्हामि == I understand
अवगछ्छ्हामि हि == indeed know
अवगछ्हेत == can go out
अवगतः अस्मि == I am considering it
अवगमं == understood@
अवगम् == to comprehend, understand@
अवगम्य == on cognising
अवगम्य तु == on knowing, but
अवगाढः == plunged
अवगाढम == plunged
अवगाढया == penetrated
अवगाढा == intercalated - into rivers.
अवगाढैः == dug deep
अवगाहतः == as he entered
अवगाहताम == and of those who were desecending
अवगाहते == he enters.
अवगाहन्ते == take a dip
अवगाहिश्ये == I will enter.
अवगाह्य == after entering
अवगाह्य सुतीर्थान == with good stairs for descent
अवगीर्णम == swallowed
अवगुणम == fault
अवग्रह == (m) famine@
अवग्र्यम == without any distraction
अवघोशय == Announce (by a beat of drum in the city-streets
अवघोशयः == have it proclaimed by beating of trumpets
अवचय == (m) gathering, collection@
अवचिनोति == to pluck@
अवच्यः == unblamable@
अवछि == Realiase
अवजानन्ति == deride@
अवजानातुछ == and be lacking in reverence
अवजित्य == winnable by mastery
अवज्ज्ञा == disrespect
अवज्ज्ञ्या == with contempt
अवज्ञअया कृतम हन्यात दातारम == with disrespect, done «deeds,» will kill, donor
अवज्ञअया न दातव्यम == with disrespect, not, to be endowed
अवज्ञा == despising@
अवज्ञा न कर्तव्या == disrespect should not be shown
अवज्ञातं == without proper attention@
अवज्ञातुम == to disregard (me)
अवज्ञाय == disregards
अवज्णाय == humiliating
अवटे == into pit.»
अवटे छ अपि माम == in a pit, also, thus, me
अवटे दग्धः == in trench, when burnt
अवटे ये निधीयन्ते == in pit, those, inhumed
अवण्मुखः == turning his face down
अवततम == spread
अवतता == Submerged
अवतताः == spread
अवततारह == got down
अवतस्थतुः == stood off
अवतस्थाते == they stood
अवतस्थे == stood
अवतार == a divine incarnation particularly of Vishnu, e.g. Buddha@
अवतारयति == to keep down, to get down@
अवतारयामास == helped him to alight
अवतारितः == brought down
अवतार्य == brought down
अवतार्य तम राघवम == helped that Rama to alight
अवति == (1 pp) to protect@
अवतिश्ठत == stay
अवतिश्ठतः == stored
अवतिष्ठताम == and be condemned
अवतिष्ठति == remains@
अवतिष्ठते == becomes established@
अवतिष्ठसि == you are standing
अवतीर्य == Descending
अवतु == (may the lord) protect@
अवतेरुः == and descended
अवदत == spoke
अवदत वै == Rama spoke
अवदन == spoke (as follows).
अवदानामि == the glorious acts (of Dasaratha).
अवदारण शब्दः == splitting sound
अवदीरणकाले == even when it is time to be riven.
अवदीर्णेन == broken.
अवदुःखार्हौ == unworthy of suffering
अवधारय == «be certain
अवधार्य == after a mature understanding.
अवधार्यताम == It is to be understood
अवधिः == limit
अवधी == almost killed, i.e.
अवधीः == being killed
अवधीत == killed
अवधीरणा == (f) a repulse, repulsion@
अवधूताः == (thought) shaken off
अवधूते == upheaved - ravaged
अवधूनयत == trembled
अवधूय == removing
अवधृतम वचः ब्रवीमि == emphatic - which I hold fast, words, I am saying.
अवध्य कवछावृतः == is cloaked with an inviolable armour
अवध्यः == cannot be destroyed@
अवध्यकवछः == and when clad in armor that no arrow can pierce
अवध्यत == is just killing, slaying, whereas Shiva's third-eye truly burns down anything where even ashes do not remain.
अवध्यताम == being incapable of being slain
अवध्यत्वम == for not to be slain
अवध्यम == being invulnerable
अवध्याः == are not to be killed
अवध्यान == are not to be killed
अवध्ये == those not worthy of slaying.
अवध्ये कवछे == on the unbreakable armour
अवन == protection@
अवनता == downcast
अवनतान == bent down
अवनिं == earth@
अवनितलगैः == standing on the earth's surface
अवनिपाल == of warrior kings@
अवनिम == his native land
अवनिम इव == appearing like an earth
अवनीतन्य == the daughter of the Earth (siita)@
अवनीम == on the earth.
अवनीयताम == be removed.
अवने == oh, earth
अवनौ == on earth
अवन्तीम अन्गलेपाम च == Avanti, Angalepa, also
अवन्दत == offered his salutation
अवपीडितम == wounded as he was
अवपुप्लुवे == leapt down
अवपूरिताः == filled up (with the wreckage)
अवप्नुयाम == will obtain
अवप्लुतः == jumped
अवप्लुतम == ran lifting their foot to kick the opponent
अवप्लुत्य == bouncing
अवबद्धम == bound up in
अवबन्धुम == desist
अवबृथ == is a religious bath taken after completion of the Vedic ritual by the conductor of that ritual along with his wife. Vedic ritual itself is forbidden to a wifeless person, and taking
अवबोद्धुम == to know
अवबोधुम == to understand
अवभग्नामि == that had been broken up
अवभज्ञ्जन्तः == breaking off
अवभाति == is shining
अवभासितम == being shone
अवमज्जन्ती == submerging
अवमन्यन्ते हि == indeed insult
अवमम्स्यते == refuse
अवमर्दितम == to be destroyable
अवमर्शनम इव == as touching
अवमानम == insult
अवमानार्हाम == (and) suitable to be humiliated
अवमानितः == and humiliated
अवमानितम == insulted
अवमानितेश्छ == and was humiliated
अवमुछ्य == removed
अवमृद्यन्ते == are being trampled.
अवयव == part@
अवयोः == for two of us
अवरं == abominable@
अवरः == the younger
अवरः भ्राता == younger, brother; Lakshmana
अवरजः == younger brogher
अवराणाम == who are inferior to me
अवराम == inferior
अवरुद्धवेग == retardation@
अवरुद्धा == tongue-tied as she was
अवरुध्यते हि == he will be thwarted, indeed.
अवरुध्यसे == I am beikept back.
अवरुह्य == after descending
अवरुह्यछ == and leaving them
अवरूणद्धि == to obstruct@
अवरोधस्य दर्शनम == of secure place, «the palace chambers,» seeing.
अवरोपितम == and who was dethroned
अवरोप्य == cleared
अवरोह == get down
अवरोहत == stepped down
अवरोहति == to descend@
अवर्जयत == bring under possession
अवर्तत == arose
अवर्तयत == could not restrain
अवर्तितुम == to be lacking in reverence
अवर्धत == grew up
अवर्षता वापि == also not pouring rain
अवलम्बितुम == to cling to
अवलम्ब्य छ == catching hold
अवलम्ब्यताम == may be taken charge
अवलिप्त == proud, haughty@
अवलिप्तः == and arrogant
अवलिप्तश्छ == haughty
अवलिप्तस्य == who is arrogant
अवलिप्ते == Oh; proud woman!
अवलिप्तेन == by you the arrogant
अवलीनः == (and) hiding
अवलीयछ == hiding themselves
अवलीयन्ति == shrinking
अवलेपः == O; what arrogance
अवलेहः == (m) pickle@
अवलोककः == as your search-agent
अवलोकयन == observing (it).
अवलोकयम == and casting his looks
अवलोकितम == had been seen
अवलोक्य == seeing
अवशः == unwillingly@
अवशम == not being in my fire will
अवशातयत == and became free
अवशिश्ट अर्थम == of the remaining, half «one eight,»
अवशिश्टम == remaining
अवशिष्यते == remains@
अवशीर्यन्त == (and) fell down
अवशीर्येत == can be shattered
अवशोषण == absorption@
अवशौ == losing their free-will
अवश्टब्ध धनुम == at Rama, who is holding fast, bow
अवश्टब्ध सहायः च == foregathering «unflinching,» support, also
अवश्टब्धम == self-confidence
अवश्टब्धा == feels proud
अवश्टभ्य == abutting on
अवश्यम == certainly
अवश्यम क्रियताम == needs be certainly meted out
अवश्यम दृश्यते == definitely, it is perceptible -will become evident
अवश्यम मया हर्तव्या == certainly, by me, is to be stolen - seizable.
अवश्यम यदि == If it is absolutely essential
अवश्यम लभते == definitely, reaps.
अवश्यम वि नशिश्यन्ति == perforce, completely get destroyed.
अवश्यम विनशिश्यन्ति == definitely, will completely ruin.
अवश्यम सम्प्रधार्या == It is surely determinable
अवश्यम हितम वाच्यः == without hesitation, beneficial, is to be spoken - advised
अवश्यमेव == certainly
अवश्याय तमः नद्धा == by snowy, darkness, subdued
अवश्याय निपातेन == by dewdrops, falling
अवश्वमेव == surely
अवष्टब्धम == are encroaching
अवष्टभ्य == standing firmly@
अवसं == automatically@
अवसज्य == arranged «hooked - water vessel hooked to hand-shaft»
अवसज्य आयसे शूले == skewered onto, iron, spear
अवसत == dwelt
अवसन् == III pl. imperfect of vas, to live@
अवसन्नः == is lying dead
अवसन्नाः == inadequate@
अवसन्नेशु == have been killed
अवसम्हि == was indeed residing
अवसरः == (m) opportunity, chance@
अवसर्पति == to slide (as from a waterslide)@
अवसादन == ruin, distress, depression. Then she said this way, 'because
अवसादनम == and destroyed
अवसादयेत् == put into degradation@
अवसादितम == has been spoilt
अवसादिताः == pulled down
अवसिक्ताण्गम == whose body is wet
अवसीदति == and decays
अवसीदन्ति == seem to sink down
अवसीदामि == I am sinking down.
अवसीदितुम == to become tired.
अवसुप्तम == who was sleeping
अवसृजन == releasing
अवसृजन्तौ == releasing
अवसेशम == remaining
अवस्टब्धः == is resting on.
अवस्तस्थे == and stood for the time being
अवस्तह == put on
अवस्था == fate@
अवस्थातुं == to stay@
अवस्थात्रयः == three states of bodily consciousness (awake, sleep, dream)@
अवस्थानम == standing
अवस्थाप्य == leaving
अवस्थाम == condition
अवस्थाम पश्य == plight, you see
अवस्थाय == staying
अवस्थासु == states
अवस्थितं == situated@
अवस्थितः == is to be relied on@
अवस्थितः बभूव == standing - persevered, he became.
अवस्थितम == engaged in
अवस्थितम दूरात == who was standing farway
अवस्थितम हनूमन्तम == available nearby, to Hanuma
अवस्थिताः == took their positions@
अवस्थितान् == arrayed on the battlefield@
अवस्थिताम == (who was) steadfastly
अवस्थितौ == engaged in
अवहतम == firm minded
अवहासार्थं == for joking@
अवहितः == attentively
अवहीनानि == have been worn out
अवहृताम == stolen
अवा तरत == down, climbed.
अवाकिरत == poured out
अवाकिरन == hurled weapons.
अवाकिरन्तिस्म == poured
अवाक्छिरसम == bowing down his head
अवाक्छिराः == with head down.
अवाक्छ्छिराः == with his head bent down
अवाङ् मुखः == down, with face «looking down»
अवाङ् मुखः आभूत == down, faced, he became.
अवाङ् शिराः == downward, with head - in inverted position
अवाङ्गमैः == and with their down-east faces
अवाङ्मुखः == joined
अवाची == (f) south@
अवाच्य == unkind@
अवाछ्यम == an improper word to be uttered.
अवाण्मुखम == having face turned downwards.
अवातरत == and got down
अवातारयत == helped him descend
अवादयन == and caused to blast
अवादयान == pronounced claps
अवान मुखः == had his face down
अवानराम == bereft of monkeys
अवाप == experienced
अवापस्यसि यदि == if you can get
अवापूहि == obtain
अवाप्त समस्त कामनः == 'you do
अवाप्तः == and acquired
अवाप्तम == has been obtained
अवाप्तवान == obtained
अवाप्तव्यं == to be gained@
अवाप्ता == will get
अवाप्तानि == obtained
अवाप्तुं == to achieve@
अवाप्नुति == obtain
अवाप्नुयात == should get
अवाप्नुयाम == I can get to.
अवाप्नुयामः == we shall obtain
अवाप्नुहि == get
अवाप्नोति == gets@
अवाप्य == having obtained@
अवाप्य छ == and obtaining
अवाप्यते == is achieved@
अवाप्रोति हि == indeed faces
अवाप्स्यति == gets
अवाप्स्यथ == you will achieve@
अवाप्स्यसि == gets@
अवाम == we
अवारयत == warded off
अवार्यः == irresistible
अवार्यम == unrestrainable
अवार्यमाणः == without being obstructed by anyone.
अवासर्पत == gushed back.
अविकत्थम == and without bragging myself
अविकल्पेन == without division@
अविकाण्क्षया == un hesitatingly.«
अविकार्यः == unchangeable@
अविकी == Avi's skin -a breed of sheep
अविक्लबः == fearlessly
अविक्लबम == without fear
अविक्लबम छ == and which were not unsteady
अविक्लबाः == without getting perturbed
अविक्षोभ्याणि == the unassailable
अविघ्नम == without any obstacle.
अविङ्याय == by not knowing
अविचारी == adj. thoughtless@
अविछक्षणः == ignorant
अविछारयन == not thinking of his fatigue
अविछारितम == or repining
अविछार्स्य == without reflecting
अविछालयन == without deviation
अविछिन्त्यैव == disregarding
अविछ्छ्हिन्नम == continually
अविजित्य == without victory.
अविज्ज्ञातः == without being noticed
अविज्ज्ञातैः == each unacquainted with each other
अविज्ज्ञानात == through ignorance
अविज्ज्ञाय == ignorant
अविज्ज्ञायकैकेयीम अपण्डिताम == about without kuching foolish Kaikeyi
अविज्ञाय == not knowing
अविज्ञेयं == unknowable@
अविज्यत == was being fanned
अविण्ज़ातेन == not being known
अवित == really - isn't it
अवितथ क्रियः == whose actions are never in ineffectual
अवितथम == which were not futile.
अविदित == without knowledge, unknowingly@
अविदितम == not known
अविदितात्मना == without a knowledge of the self
अविदुशः == of one who does not know@
अविदूरतः == not very far.
अविदूरतः चरन्तम == not very far, grazing
अविदूरम == not very distant
अविदूरस्थम == not far away
अविदूरस्थितान == standing nearby.
अविदूरस्थैः == not very far (from one another)
अविदूरात == Not distant
अविदूरे == nearby
अविदूरे सु पुश्पम == not far off, well flowered
अविद्धम == and not pierced
अविद्धाभिः == unpiereced
अविद्धेन == and by Aviddha
अविद्यते अन्यः == there is no other
अविद्या == metaphysical ignorance@
अविद्यानपि == however deluded
अविद्वांसः == the ignorant@
अविधवा == bereft of widowhood
अविधवाः == spared the curse of widowhood
अविधवेति छ == and without widowhood
अविधिपूर्वकं == in a wrong way@
अविध्यत == pierced
अविनयोपपन्नः == without humility
अविनश्यन्तं == not destroyed@
अविनाश == undestructible, name of Vishnu@
अविनाशि == imperishable@
अविनाशिनं == indestructible@
अविनीतस्य कर्मणः फलम == evil, acts', fruit «result»
अविनीताश्छ == mis-behaved
अविन्दन्ती == not finding
अविपक्वबुद्धिः == are immature in mind
अविपन्नया == and with an undisturbed
अविपश्चितः == men with a poor fund of knowledge@
अविपुलम == and concise
अविभक्तं == without division@
अविभग्न पूर्वः == had never been conquered before
अविमनाः == remorselessly
अविरति == sensuality@
अविरलाः == are contiguous.
अविरलौ == are close to each other
अविरोध == no opposition@
अविरोधः == no hostility
अविलम्बयन == without delay
अविवेशः == entered
अविवेशछ == seized
अविशण्कितम == undoubtedly
अविशत == entered
अविशह्यतमम == the most fearful
अविशह्यम == to be irresistible
अविशुजालेन == in this net work of arrows
अविशेशेण == without any disparity
अविशेषतः == without any distinction
अविशोध्य जानकीम हि == without indeed examinig Seetha with regard to her chastity.
अविश्लिश्टम «अ वि श्लिश्टम == not, very, coherent» - coherently
अविषये मानुषाणान == in a place not accessible to men
अविषह्यम == and irresistible
अविस्मयानः == being unsurprised
अविज़ङ्आनात == By not knowing
अवीतमदौ गजाविव == like elephants whose rut was not worn out
अवुकीर्णजटाभारम == with his tresses of hair scattered
अवृक्शेशु == in tree-less
अवेकशमाणः == looking in all directions
अवेक्शन्तम == who was gazing at
अवेक्शमाणः == observing
अवेक्शमाणः च == observing everywhere.
अवेक्शसे == you are attending
अवेक्शसे यदि == If you respect
अवेक्शस्य == see
अवेक्शस्व == look after
अवेक्शितः == was seen
अवेक्शितम तावत == has been perceived.
अवेक्शिता == have been perceived (by me).
अवेक्शितुम == of even looking up.
अवेक्श्य == beholding
अवेक्श्य अवेक्श्य == on observing, on observing - deer repeatedly observing the hunter, Rama
अवेक्श्ये == seeing
अवेक्षताम == review
अवेक्षते == observes
अवेक्षमाणः == fondly gazing on
अवेक्षितुम == to explore
अवेक्षे == let me see@
अवेक्ष्य == Seeing@
अवेदयन्थि == informing
अवेय्क्शमाणः == and observing
अवेहि == know
अवैक्शत == looked attentively
अवैक्शताम == they have seen.
अवैक्षत == caught a glimpse of
अवैध == (adj) illegal@
अवोछः हि == informed
अवोछत == spoke
अवोत्तरात्तात् == protect me from the northern direction@
अव्यक्त == . And from the viewpoint of mythology, Ramayana has no place for a 'featureless Absolute...'@
अव्यक्तं == nonmanifested@
अव्यक्तः == invisible@
अव्यक्तम == as the unmanifest
अव्यक्तमूर्तिना == by the unmanifested form@
अव्यक्तया == indistinct
अव्यक्तरेखाम == with a blurred outline
अव्यक्ता == toward the unmanifested@
अव्यक्तात् == to the unmanifest@
अव्यक्तादीनि == in the beginning unmanifested@
अव्यग्रः == coolly
अव्यग्रम == attentive
अव्यग्रम तत्र आगमनम == indefatigably, to there coming - travelling with him
अव्यग्रमनसः == with a cool mind
अव्यग्रमनाः == remaining undistracted in mind
अव्यग्रा == coolly
अव्यग्राः == coolly
अव्यग्राम == who is not alarmed
अव्यग्राश्छ == in a fearless mode
अव्यग्रौ == dispassionately
अव्यभिचारिणी == without any break@
अव्यभिचारिण्या == without any break@
अव्यभिचारेण == without fail@
अव्यय == without deterioration@
अव्ययं == immutable@
अव्ययः == and imperishable@
अव्ययः पतिः हरि वीरानाम == the imperishable king of the heroic monkeys; (is).
अव्ययम == the imperishable
अव्ययम आपगापतिम == the never-diminishing ocean
अव्ययम इव == like the imperishable fruit
अव्ययम वछनम == the indeclinable words
अव्ययवर्गः == the class of indeclinable words@
अव्ययस्य == of the imperishable@
अव्यया बुद्धिः == with faultless, intellect
अव्ययीभाव == indeclinable affixes@
अव्यवसायिनां == of those who are not in KRishhNa consciousness@
अव्यवस्थौ == as unsettled.
अव्याकृता == not expressed@
अव्याहताज्ञः == avyAhata+agyaH, not feeling the hit?@
अव्रजेयम == I can come
अव्रणम == without any injuries
अशंक == undaunted@
अशकत हि == was indeed able
अशक्त == weak@
अशक्तः == disabled@
अशक्तम == incapable
अशक्ताः == are powerless
अशक्तिः == my disabled (father)
अशक्तेन == being powerless;.
अशक्नुअन == unable; dhaarayitum- to restrain his agony
अशक्नुवन == being unable
अशक्यः परैः == who cannot be defeated by enemies
अशक्यम == impossible
अशक्यम कर्तुम == cannot be achieved
अशण्कमतिः == fearlessly
अशण्कितः == and remained confident (throughout).
अशन == food@
अशनम == a food
अशनयश्छ == thunderbolts
अशनाः चैव == coconuts, who feed on - i.e., dwelling in coconut groves
अशनि == (from) thunderbolt.
अशनि कल्पैः == thunderbolts, similar
अशनि कल्पैः शरैः == thunderbolt, simulative of, with arrows
अशनि कल्पैः शूलैः च == thunderbolt, similar, with spears, also
अशनि वर्छसः == bright as lightning.
अशनि सन्निभः == thunderbolt, similar
अशनि सन्निभाः == Thunderbolt, like
अशनि सम्काशैः == resembling thunder-bolt
अशनि सम्निभैः == which fell like flashes of lightning
अशनितुल्यवेगम == with a speed equal to a thunder-bolt
अशनितुल्यवेगाः == having the speed of a thunderbolt
अशनिना छिन्नम मेरोः शिलातलम इव पपात == by Thunderbolt, shattered, Mt. Meru, boulder-mass, as with.
अशनिप्रभ == Ashaniprabha
अशनिप्रभः == Ashaniprabha
अशनिप्ररूढः == of a widely thunderbolt.
अशनिभिः == tips of missiles
अशनिभीम वेगान == terribly swift as lightning
अशनिम == thunderbolt.
अशनिसम्काशैः == which were looking like thunder-bolt
अशनी == bolts
अशनीम इव == thunderbolt, like
अशनेः == of Vajrayudha
अशनेः समम == along with the thunders
अशन्तुल्य वेगः == possesses a velocity of a well-directed thunder-bolt
अशमः == uncontrollable@
अशयात् == from their source@
अशस्त्रं == without being fully equipped@
अशातयत == (and) caused to fall
अशान्तस्य == of the unpeaceful@
अशाश्वतं == temporary@
अशास्त्र == not in the scriptures@
अशास्त्र विदुशाम == who do not know the scriptures
अशितम == eaten
अशिभिः == viz.; swords
अशिवम == inauspicious howls
अशिवाः == ill-omened
अशिवाः विनेदुः == emitted sinister howls.
अशिश्यति == can eat?
अशिष्य == unteachable (adj)@
अशिष्याय == non-disciple i.e.non-believer@
अशी विश उपमम == serpent, poisonous, similar to
अशीतियानानि == eighty carts
अशीतिसाहस्रम == eighty thousand
अशीतिसाहस्राम == eight thousand
अशीती योजनओच्छ्रितम == eighty yojanas high
अशीविशम यथा == as (one shakes off) a venomous serpent
अशीविशोपमम == serpent-like
अशीविशोपमैः == resembling serpents
अशीविशोभयन == and frightened
अशीविषेण == or with a snake
अशु == quickly
अशुक्लवासा == in soiled attire
अशुगैः == speedily
अशुचि == to the unclean@
अशुचिः == unclean@
अशुचौ == unclean@
अशुछिः पिशुनः == dishonest man.
अशुछिभिः == and inauspicious objects
अशुछिम == or an unchasti man.
अशुभ == and inauspicious@
अशुभं == evil@
अशुभम == bad
अशुभम इव == Like evil consequence
अशुभम्यदिवा == or inauspicious
अशुभाः == inauspicious
अशुभाछारे == Oh
अशुभात् == from ill fortune@
अशुभान == (and) inauspicious
अशुभानि == inauspicious
अशुभान् == inauspicious@
अशुभावहः == and spelling disaster
अशुभाशण्कि == is apprehending some evil
अशुश्रूषवे == to one who is not engaged in devotional service@
अशून्यम कार्यम == not to be made empty
अशृणोत == listened
अशृण्वता == who did not listen
अशेशतः == completely
अशेशाः == completely
अशेष == total@
अशेषतः == completely@
अशेषाणि == all@
अशेषेण == in detail@
अशेषेन == completely
अशैवलाम == without a green moss
अशोक == and Asoka.
अशोक लता प्रताना == which has clusters of Ashoka creapers
अशोक वनकाम == Ashoka grove
अशोक वनिका == Ashoka garden
अशोक वनिका मध्ये == Ashoka, gardens, centre of
अशोक वनिका सम्स्था == who was staying in Ashoka garden
अशोक वनिकाम == in Ashoka-grove.
अशोक वनिकाम गताम == in Ashoka, gardens, entered «lodged»
अशोक वनिकाम जग्मुः == to Ashoka, gardens, they went.
अशोक वनिकायानम == in Ashoka, gardens
अशोक वनिकायाम == the Ashoka grove
अशोक स्तबक अन्गारः == Hellebore trees', with clusters of red flower blossoms, that are like fireballs
अशोकः == Ashoka
अशोकजैः == and as such; other than
अशोकवन मध्ये == in the middle of Ashoka grove
अशोकवनिका == Ashoka garden
अशोकवनिकाम == Ashoka grove.
अशोकवनिकामध्ये == amidst that Ashoka garden
अशोकवनिकामेव == Ashoka garden
अशोकस्य == of Ashoka tree
अशोकस्य शाखाभिः == with Ashoka tree, branches «which are in full bloom»
अशोकाः == Ashoka trees
अशोकाः च == Ashoka trees, also
अशोकान == Ashoka
अशोकैः == Ashoka
अशोकैः चैव == with Ashoka trees, even
अशोकैअनिकाछैव == and even Ashoka garden
अशोच्यान् == not worthy of lamentation@
अशोभत == appeared
अशोभनम == It is very bad
अशोभनम कृतम्यदि == (even) supposing an offence is done
अशोभन्त == became more gleaming.
अशोभयन्त वसुधाम == were making the earth shine
अशोभेताम == looked bright
अशोषयत == was dried up
अशोष्यः == not able to be dried@
अशौण्दीनम == which is powerless.
अश् == to obtain, accomplish@
अश्ट == eight
अश्ट अन्गया बुद्ध्या युक्तम हि == with eight, parts «eightfold,» intelligence, having, indeed
अश्ट आस्रयः == are with octahedral surfaces
अश्ट चक्राम == eight, wheeled
अश्ट छ == eight
अश्ट दशात्मकः == , eighteen in number - having eighteen separators
अश्ट दिग्गज == support the Universe. And these eight elephants have their presiding deities.
अश्ट दिग्गज-स == . They and the elephantine-clouds that give waters, both kinds of elephants are responsible for world's sustenance, but they now are nonchalant on performing their duties, along
अश्ट मासान च == eight, months
अश्ट वम्शवान == He has eight long limbs (viz. the arms; fingers and toes; eyes and ears; thighs and shanks).
अश्ट वसु-स == 'eight Vasu gods'
अश्टः भभुवुः == eight, are there.
अश्टका == the eight day
अश्टपदि == , and with its flocks of beautiful women moving thereabout, where all kinds of precious gems are heaped
अश्टमः == eighth
अश्टमीम == the eighth
अश्टवर्गम == the eight evils
अश्टा दश वर्शाणि हि == eight, ten - eighteen, years, only
अश्टादश == the eighteen*
अश्टासि == eight swords
अश्टौ == eight
अश्टौ छ == and eight
अश्टौ राक्शसा == eight, demons
अश्टौ राक्शसान ददर्श == eight, demons, he saw - gave audience.
अश्टौ शतानि == eight, hundred
अश्टौ सु मध्यमाः प्रति जग्राह == eight, slender, waisted ones, has accepted.
अश्टौछ == an eight
अश्त दिक्पालक == -s. It is said that:
अश्नतः == of one who eats@
अश्नन् == eating@
अश्नन्ति == enjoy@
अश्नाति == he is eating
अश्नातु == of eating
अश्नामि == accept@
अश्नासि == you eat@
अश्निप्रभम == Ashniprabha
अश्नीत == consume
अश्नुताम == receive
अश्नुते == and attains@
अश्म == stone@
अश्म कुट्ट == , are that kind of sages who pound their bodies with stones, and thus they pound grain with stones.
अश्म कुट्टाः च == by stone, pound grains, also
अश्म वर्शम विमुछ्यन्ती == stone, storm, while discharging
अश्म वर्शवान == having stones, storm
अश्म वृश्टिभिः == showering hail-stones
अश्म वृश्ट्या अभि वर्शणीम == with stones, storms, storming
अश्म सार मयम == metallic, substance, dense with
अश्मन एवछ == and big rocks
अश्मनिकरैः == by volleys of stones
अश्मन् == (masc) stone@
अश्मभिः == with stones
अश्मभिः परि भिन्न अन्गः == with boulders, variously, cracked, with limbs
अश्मशस्त्रमहावृश्ट्वा == with a mighty hail of stones and missiles
अश्मसारम == (is made of) iron
अश्रद्दधानः == without faith in revealed scriptures@
अश्रद्दधानाः == those who are faithless@
अश्रद्धया == without faith@
अश्रद्धेयम == is unbelievable; loke- in the
अश्रम == his horse
अश्रमस्थम == is staying in a hermitage
अश्राः == horses
अश्रान्त हृदयोद्यमः == unwearied in heart and in effort
अश्रु == tears@
अश्रु परि क्लिन्नम == by tears, fully covered
अश्रु पूर्ण मुखम == whose face was filled with tears
अश्रु पूर्ण मुखी == with her eyes filled with tears
अश्रु पूर्ण मुखीम == tears, brimming over, visage
अश्रु पूर्णाभ्याम == filled with tears
अश्रु प्रमार्जनम == tears, dabbing
अश्रु बिन्दवः == drops of tears
अश्रु मुखः == with tears on his face
अश्रु वेग परिप्लुतैः == overwhelmed with a flood of tears.
अश्रुः == tears
अश्रुकङ्ठैः == with their throats filled with tears
अश्रुत पूर्वम == which were never heard by her before
अश्रुतम == is promised
अश्रुतिम वा == (the land where the name of Kaikeyi) may not reach your ears.«
अश्रुपरिप्लुता == filled with tears.
अश्रुपरीतक्शः == having his eyes filled iwth tears
अश्रुपरीतनेत्राः == with their eyes filled in tears
अश्रुपातम == tears falling
अश्रुपूरित लोछनाः == with their eyes filled in tears
अश्रुपूर्ण मुखः == his face full of tears.
अश्रुपूर्ण मुखी == in her face filled with tears.
अश्रुपूर्णमुखाह == (stood round him) with their faces filled with tears
अश्रुपूर्णमुखो == his face covered with tears
अश्रुपूर्णाक्शी == with her eyes filled with tears.
अश्रुपूर्णाक्षः == with tears filled in his eyes
अश्रुपूर्णाभ्याम == filled with tears
अश्रुप्रति पूर्ण लोछना == Kausalya whose eyes were overflowingwith tears
अश्रुप्रपातेन == discharge of tears;alam
अश्रुप्रमार्जनम == the act of wiping off tears
अश्रुप्रमार्जनम करोमि == I shall wipe off the tears
अश्रुबिन्दवः == drops of tears
अश्रुबिन्दुभिः == tear-drops
अश्रुमुखः == are having their faces filled with tears
अश्रुवेगपरिप्लुतैः == filled with a stream of tears
अश्रुवेगिश्छ == or the impulse of their tears.
अश्रुसम्पूर्णनयनाम == and with her eyes full of tears.
अश्रुसम्पूर्णनेत्रा == with her eyes filled with tears
अश्रूणि == his tears.
अश्रूणि मुन्चन्ती == tears, outpouring
अश्रूणिछ == tears
अश्रूपूर्णाकुल == full of tears@
अश्रेयसि == actions not beneficial
अश्रोउशम == (meanwhile) I heard
अश्रौशम == I heard
अश्रौषं == have heard@
अश्लाघ्य == adj. virtueless@
अश्लील निवारण अर्थम == 'to avoid obscenity from the mouth of this principal character in legend....' Govindaraja.
अश्व == horses@
अश्व अ नृते == horse, un, truth - becomes untruthful in respect of a horse, and its donation
अश्व चर्याम == of horse, course of action - from release to retrieval
अश्व पृश्ट्ते == on «riding» horse's,
अश्व मुखीनाम स्त्रीणाम च == horse, faced ones, of females, also - of kimpurusha females
अश्व मेध == , great ritual of that noble-souled Dasharatha.
अश्व मेध यज्ञ == in Bala Kanda. Nobody debars any in such Vedic ceremonies, but some are not expected to perform them personally, again cf., Vishvamitra-Trishanku
अश्व हर्तारम आसाद्य == horse's, thief, catch hold of
अश्व हर्तारम एव च == horse, stealer, like that, also
अश्वः == a horse
अश्वः छ == horse also
अश्वः येन अपहारितः च == horse, by whom, stolen, also. - you fin out.
अश्वः विमुच्यताम् == Ritual Horse, be released.
अश्वः विमुछ्यताम == Ritual Horse, be released.
अश्वकर्ण == trees of Pentapetra Arjuna
अश्वकर्ण द्रुमान == Aswakarna trees
अश्वकर्णम == an Ashvakarna tree
अश्वकर्णादिकान == like Ashvakarna and so on
अश्वकर्णेन == by an Ashvakarna tree
अश्वकर्णैश्छ == Asvakarna
अश्वगज सम्पूर्णाम == full of horses; elephants
अश्वगन्ध == , a medicinal plant is substituted for omentum of the horse for the word
अश्वतरीम == of a mare
अश्वत्थ == structure of the Universe.
अश्वत्थं == a banyan tree@
अश्वत्थः == the banyan tree@
अश्वत्थाः == papal
अश्वत्थामा == Asvatthama@
अश्वथाः == Peepul trees
अश्वन्मेध == , 2
अश्वपतिः == aswapati
अश्वपतेः == Aswapathi
अश्वपृष्ठे == for his rides on a horse-back
अश्वबन्धः == the groom
अश्वम == a horse
अश्वम सम्गृह्य निर गच्छ == horse, on taking, out, you go - you may proceed from here
अश्वमन्डूक सम्कुलम == whose frogs are the teeming horses
अश्वमेथे महा यज्ञए राज्नः अस्य == in Horse ritual, great ritual, of king
अश्वमेध == , by the Self-Created Brahma from earlier times. «1-14-44,43»@
अश्वमेध शतैः == Horse Rituals, hundreds
अश्वयुक समये == Ashvayuja / Ashvin, period
अश्ववर्षं == a shower of hail-stones
अश्ववाहाश्छ == horse-soldiers
अश्वशतानिछ == hundred horses.
अश्वस्य == and having return
अश्वाः तु == horses; however
अश्वान == and horses
अश्वान च हत्वा == horses, even, on destructing
अश्वानां == among horses@
अश्वानाम == for the horses
अश्वानाम खुर शब्देन == with the noise of rims of chariot-wheels
अश्वानाम समारूढानि == cavalry
अश्वार्णेन == called Ashvakarna.
अश्वाश्छ == horses
अश्वासः == solace .«
अश्वि पुत्रौ == Ashvani twin's, sons of
अश्विनाव == by the two divinities of Aswini
अश्विनि == a mudraa, contraction of the anal sphincter muscles@
अश्विनि द्वय == twin brothers called 'ashvini-gods,' those
अश्विनौ == Ashvini gods «two of them»@
अश्विनौ पितामः इव == the twin Ashwin gods, after Forefather Brahma, as with
अश्विपुत्रौ == the sons of Ashvini kumaras
अश्विसम्भवौ == born of the two divinities of Ashvin*
अश्वेषु == about the horses.«
अश्वैः == (by striking them) with horses
अष टौ == eight
अषुभम == sin
अष्ट == eight@
अष्ट घण्टाम == with eight bells
अष्टघङ्टम == provided as it was with eight bells
अष्टदलकमलबन्ध == eight-petalled lotus pattern, a form of bandha poetry@
अष्टधा == eightfold@
अष्टमः रुद्रः == you are the eight Rudra
अष्टाण्गया == consisting of eight excellences.*
अष्टादश == eighteen@
अष्टाभिः नाराछैः == by his eight iron arrows
अष्टावक्र == name of a deformed(at eight places) sage@
अष्टावक्रेण == (was redeemed) by Ashtavakra.
अष्टोउ छ == and eight
अष्टोत्तरीदशा == A lunar based Dasha system uses 108 yr cycle and one chooses it according to certain criteria@
अष्टौ == eight@
अष्तकवर्ग == A predictive method of Astrology that uses a system of points based upon planetary positions@
अस == I became
अस इत वेरे;धनुः == my bow
अस इन == hè, raam... hè, prabho... hè,
अस इन ओथेर म्म्स - शितैः == sharp ones
अस चर्मधराः == holding swords and shields
अस विथ «गुहाम इति शेशः == black hole, thus ellipted»
अस विथ अ प्रजस्य == without, progeny «for childless ones»
असंदेशात == not having mandate
असंन्यस्त == without giving up@
असंपातम == without space.
असंयता == unbridled@
असंशयं == without doubt@
असंशयः == beyond a doubt@
असकृत == a number of times
असकृत विनिश्पतद्भिः == perching again and again
असक्त == unattached@
असक्तं == without attraction@
असक्तः == He is incapable@
असक्तबुद्धिः == having unattached intelligence@
असक्तम == unhindered
असक्तम विधीयताम == promptly, make happen.
असक्ताः == and bieng unable
असक्तात्मा == one who is not attached@
असक्तिः == being without attachment@
असङ्ख्यः == (m) countless@
असङ्गशस्त्रेण == by the weapon of detachment@
असत न किम्छन == no bad event whatever
असतः == of the nonexistent@
असता सता == and hence is non-existent.
असति == even without
असतीम == and unfaithful
असतीम सतीम == bad wife
असत् == matter@
असत्कारम छ == injustice; (has kindled)
असत्कृत == habitually
असत्कृतं == without respect@
असत्कृतः == dishonoured@
असत्त्वम == devoid of energy
असत्त्वह == who has no courage
असत्प्रियम वदाम == speaking untruthful pleasing words
असत्य शीलाः == are untruthful in their disposition
असत्य सन्धस्य सतः == of those who are wanting in truth
असत्यं == unreal@
असत्यः == dishonest
असत्यम == untruth.
असत्यानि छ == are unreal too
असदृशम == It is improper
असदृषी == unfit@
असद्ग्राहम == bad resolution
असद्धार्मम == an improper course of conduct
असनाः सप्त पर्णाः च == Asana trees, seven-leaved banana plants, also
असनान == Asanas
असन्गेन == suddenly
असन्त्रस्तः == fearlessly
असन्त्रस्तम == not at all fearing
असन्निरिरीक्ष्य == without looking at
असन्निविष्टाः स्युः == do not come together; yataH by which
असन्मानाच्च == despising
असपत्नं == without rival@
असमण्जः इति == as Asamanja
असमण्ज्ञः == Asmanja
असमन्ज इति ख्यात == Asamanja, thus - known as
असमन्ज सुतः == Asamanja's,
असमन्जात अम्शुमान == from Asamanja, Amshuman
असमर्थः == unable@
असमर्थम == as an incapable man
असमीक्ष्य == or due to lack of reflection
असमीक्ष्यकारी == and acts inconsiderately
असम्क्येयान == exceedingly in large number
असम्क्लिश्टम == intact (even after constant use).
असम्ख्यानि == innumerable
असम्ख्येयैः == by innumerable
असम्ग छारिणम == (It) moves without hindrance
असम्ग वेगम == with unchecked swiftness
असम्गगतिपौरुशाः == O valiant monkeys; moving without
असम्गताम == even without descending on him
असम्छाल्यम == which could not be lifted
असम्जङ्अः == having lost his consciousness
असम्ज्ञ इव == was unconscious
असम्ज्ञान == unconscious
असम्ण्जःतु == but Asamanja
असम्ण्जम == either Asamanja
असम्त्रप्तः == without fear
असम्त्रस्तः == with absence of fear
असम्प्रज्ञात == unconscious samadhi@
असम्प्रया == not reaching
असम्प्राप्तम == before not arriving
असम्प्राप्य == without reaching
असम्बाधम == not congested
असम्भरान्तः == unperplexed
असम्भवात == due to impracticality
असम्भाश्य == without speaking
असम्भ्रमम == unstumbled
असम्भ्रमाः == without embarrassment
असम्भ्रान्तः == coolly
असम्भ्रान्तम == and comfort.
असम्भ्रान्ता == is neither confused
असम्भ्रान्ताम == and without bewilderment.
असम्भ्रान्तौ == and unperplexed
असम्मन्त्रय == without consulting
असम्मूढः == undeluded@
असम्मूढाः == unbewildered@
असम्मृष्टाजिराणिछ == nor are any assembling to perform sacrifices
असम्मोहः == freedom from doubt@
असम्यत कवाटानि == with doors wide open
असम्वृतम == which is uncovered
असम्वृतायाम == uncovered
असम्व्रिताम == uncovered
असम्शयः == there is no doubt.
असम्शयम == is undoubtedly
असम्शयम करिश्यामि == I shall doubtlessly do
असम्स्कृताम == and uncleaned.
असम्स्पर्शात == due to lack of contact (with husband)
असम्हते == are dis-united
असम्हारैः हयैः == by undefeatable horses
असम्हार्यः == irresistible
असर्पत == pushed forward - advanced.
अससाद == neared
असहती == not bearing with
असहायेन == without any helper
असह्य विक्रमः == with an unbearable strength
असह्यः == feel unbearable
असह्यपरिघम == which has too big a palace-gate
असह्यम == and who is as unbearable
असह्यमेछ == impossible
असह्यम्छ == and intolerable
असह्यरूपम == an unbearable
असह्यानि == (these) unbearable
असादिता == has been found
असाद्य == on getting at
असाधारणम == and extra ordinary
असाधु == bad (deed)
असाधु छ == and not good
असाधो == O the wicked one!
असान्त्वयत == pacified
असामर्थ्यफलाः == give weak results
असारं == worthless/without essence@
असावादित्यः == asau and AdityaH: this(person) and Sun@
असि == are@
असि अहि == you are indeed
असि छर्म == sword and shield
असि ननु == you are, I dare say «I reckon»
असि निवृत्त वनवासः == you completed the term of your exile
असि पत्र वन == 'sword-leaved-forest...' in
असि यदि == If you are
असि यदि त्वम == If you
असि यदि शूरः == if you are valiant
असि रत्नम == sword, gemlike one
असि हि == you are indeed
असिः == sword
असिङ्छन == they sprinkled
असित अपान्गाम == one with blackish, eyelashes
असित केश अन्ताम == with black ended hairs
असित नाम जायत == Asita, by name, is begotten.
असित पद्म अक्शी == black, lotus, eyed one - Seetha
असितः == Asita@
असितकेशान्ताम == with black hair
असितकेषन्ते == O one with black hair
असितम == about sitting
असितमुखाः == with black faces
असिताण्जन सम्काशाः == akin to black collyrium
असितापाङ्गाम == with black corners of eyes
असितापाङ्गी == with dark-cornered eyes
असितापाङ्गे == O lady having black outer corners of the eye!
असिते राक्शसे == blackish, in demon «demon's flank»
असितेक्शणा == black-eyed Seetha
असितेक्शणे == O dark eyed lady!
असितेक्शनाम == with black eyes.
असितेक्षणा == having black eyes
असितेक्षणे == O; black eyed lady!
असितेक्षना == the black-eyed
असितैः मेघैः == by dark clouds
असितोनाम == a son named Asita
असिद्धार्थम == unsuccessful
असिद्धौ == failure@
असिद्ध्योः == and failure@
असिना == by a sword.
असिना चिच्छेद == with sword, hacked off
असिबाणगदा धराः == wielding swords; arrows and maces.
असिभिः == swords
असिभिः छ == with swords
असिभ्याम == with a couple of swords
असिहि == were indeed
असिहि हता == are being hit
असीत == felt
असीत पुश्प सम्काशम == Rama's body itself is a flower that which can be cherished by all. Or
असीनम == sitting - slouched down
असु == and 'by curious process of semantical change came
असुकरम कर्म == an ardous act
असुकराणि कृतानि == which were difficult to perform for others.
असुकर्म कर्म == arduous act
असुखं == full of miseries@
असुखानाम == to pains
असुर == : giving ample money to bride's party or to@
असुर इन्द्रः == demon, the chief
असुर उत्तमः दुन्दुभिः == demon, noted one, Dundubhi
असुर रक्शसाम वधाय == monsters, menacers, for elimination of
असुर सूदन == oh, demons, dispenser of
असुर सैन्यानाम वधाय == ungodly beings, armies, for destruction of
असुर-स == , whereas Aditi, the second wife of that sage gave birth to the progeny of
असुरः == an evil spirit
असुरः न == nor Asura the chief of evil spirits
असुरम == which is attributed to the demon Rahu.
असुरम ददृशुः == a demon, they saw.
असुरम्छ == an ogre.
असुरसंघानाम == to the groups of asuras
असुरस्य तनुम शुश्कम == demon's, body, withered
असुरा == asura-s, not
असुरा न == asura-s, no
असुरा-स == and as such
असुराः == and demons
असुराः धारयन्ति == by demons, wielded»
असुराः वा == either the demons
असुराणां == of demons@
असुराणाम == celestials
असुराणाम च == of asura-s, also
असुराणाम छ == and demons.
असुराणाम वा == or in ogres
असुराणाम्छ == and the demons
असुराधिपे == the lord of demons
असुरान == (killing) demons
असुरानिव == destroying the demons
असुरान् == demons@
असुरालयम == and an abode of demons.
असुरीम तनुम क्शिपता == demon's, body, by him who hurled
असुरे == a demon
असुरेन्द्रमिव == to Bali the king of Asuras.
असुरेभ्यः == either from the demons
असुरैः छ == by demons.
असुरैः वा सुरैः वा == by demons, or, by gods, either
असुरैः सह == along with the demons
असुहृत == enemy
असू == to hate, be jealous@
असूताः == bereft of a charioteer
असूदयम == I killed
असून् == life@
असूया == (f) envy@
असृक == blood
असृग्दिग्धतनूरुहः == with his body-hair anointed by blood
असृग्दिग्धाः == were smeared with blood
असृजत == created «army»
असृज् == (neut) blood@
असृष्टान्नं == without distribution of prasaadam@
असै == him
असोउ == Bharata
असोउ कोकिलः == the cuckoo
असोउ भरतः == that Bharata
असोकमालाविततम == spread by garlands of Ashoka flowers.
असौ == by Rama@
असौ अपि == he even
असौ आदित्यः == that, sun
असौ कपिकुज्ञ्जरः == this Hanuma
असौ कुम्भकर्नः == this Kumbhakarna
असौ छित्रकूटः == here is Chitrakuta
असौ जामदग्न्यः रमः == he that, Jamadagni's, Rama
असौ दुर्बुद्धेः == the evil-minded monkey
असौ दृश्यते == here is seen
असौ पर्वत इन्द्रः == this, mountain, lord-like
असौ बलवत तरः == he is, in might, higher in degree - mightier than me.
असौ मृगः == that, deer
असौ यक्शाय पुत्रम तु == to that, yaksha, son, but
असौ यज्ञअः == that, Vedic ritual
असौ यास्यति == will he go
असौ राक्शसः हि == he is, a demon indeed
असौ राक्शसा योग्यः == to those, demons, as a match, equal
असौ रामः == that, Rama
असौ रामः क्व == this, Rama, where is he
असौ विन्दः नाम मुहूर्तः == that one is, Vinda, named, spell of time
असौ वीरः == this male-demon
असौ शट्पदः पवनेन विक्शिप्ताम == that, honeybee, by wind, up-shoved
असौ सः == from him «his,» that
असौ हरिवीरः == Hanuma; such a heroic monkey
असौम्य == (adj) unpleasant@
असौम्याः पतत्रिणः इव == like unlovely birds.
अस्कृत == again and again
अस्ज्जनेन == with evil women
अस्त == fall (set)@
अस्त अर्क सम वर्णम च == at dusking mountain, sun, similar, shade «dazzle of sun»
अस्त तटात भास्करः इव == dusking, from brink, Sun, like
अस्त मस्तक == dusk-time «western mountain's,» summit
अस्तं == destroyed , vanquished@
अस्तकारम == of dishonour
अस्तगतः == has sunk below horizon
अस्तब्धम == not implanted
अस्तम == below the horizon
अस्तम आगमत == wnet down
अस्तम उपागतः == approached dusk.
अस्तम गत == to dusk, one has gone in
अस्तम च == Asta, Dusk, also, «Astagiri, Mt. Dusk»
अस्तम पर्वतम आसाद्य == Dusk, mountain, on reaching
अस्तम पर्वतम गच्छति == to Astagiri, mountain «Mt. Dusk,» goes to.
अस्तमगमत == after setting of
अस्तमवेला == (fem) evening twilight@
अस्तमितः == died
अस्तमिते == has set
अस्तमूर्धनि == on the peak of Asthachala mountain.
अस्तम्गतः == sank below the horizon
अस्तम्गते == was setting
अस्तविदाम वरः == the foremost among those skilled in weaponry
अस्तापाण्गाम == whose eye-corners were dark in colour.
अस्ति == Let (all) be@
अस्ति छ यदि == if I am
अस्ति दर्शनम == are visible
अस्ति यदि == If I have done
अस्ति वै == there exists
अस्ति हस्त उपम भुजौ == elephant's, trunk, like, arms
अस्ति हि == is there, isn't it
अस्तियदि छरितम == if I have done
अस्तु == Let it be@
अस्तु एषः == let him be
अस्तु ते == may you be
अस्तुवन == applauded
अस्तेय == non-stealing@
अस्त्र == - a projectile missile invoked by reciting hymns. This chapter lists out those missiles that are given to Rama and in next chapter an account of some@
अस्त्र कौशलम छ == a skill in missile weaponry
अस्त्र जालैः == by a multitude of arrows
अस्त्र तेजसा == by missiles', fire «holocaust»
अस्त्र प्रभावस्य == of excellent arrows
अस्त्र बल सम्युक्तः == missiles, accumulation «- arsenal,» he is along with
अस्त्र बलम्छ महत्वै == and indeed has an arrow of great power too.
अस्त्र योधिनाम == obtained by those who die fighting with weapons.«
अस्त्र विदिशः == skilled in weaponry
अस्त्र विशारदाअः == in weaponry, experts
अस्त्र शत्राणि == to missiles, weapons
अस्त्र सन्यास == 'reclusion from weaponry...' by wielding a weapon
अस्त्र सम्घातान == stores of arms.
अस्त्र-स == are incorporated.
अस्त्रजालैः == by a multitude of missiles
अस्त्रतत्त्ववित == who knows the true nature of missiles
अस्त्रनिकृत्तबाहुः == having an arm chopped off by the arrow
अस्त्रपाशैः == by missiles and nooses
अस्त्रप्रयोजितः == charged with a mystic missile
अस्त्रबन्धः == the bondage through the missile
अस्त्रबन्धस्य == of this bondage of the missile
अस्त्रबलम == force of the missiles
अस्त्रबलम छैव == and the stamina of the arms
अस्त्रम == (employed another) missile
अस्त्रम अनुवर्तितम == the missile was obeyed
अस्त्रम ब्रह्म शिरः == missile, called Brahma-crest
अस्त्रम हय शिरः तथा == missile, Horse, Head, like that.
अस्त्रम हय शिरः नाम == missile, Haya-shira «Horse-head,» named
अस्त्रयुक्तेन == combined with a missile
अस्त्रयोग अन्तरेष्वपि == Even during intervals while practising archery
अस्त्रवित == and who is an expert in weaponry
अस्त्रविदाम == among the knowers of missiles
अस्त्रविदाम श्रेश्ठः == excellently skilled in archery
अस्त्रविदुशः == well-versed in weaponry
अस्त्रविशारदः == who was skilled in the use of mystic missiles
अस्त्रवीर्यम == the strength of arrows
अस्त्रस्य == of the missile
अस्त्रहते == after having been struck by the missile
अस्त्राणाम == missiles.
अस्त्राणाम सम्हारम इच्छामि == for the missiles, annulment, I wish «to know.»
अस्त्राणि == missiles
अस्त्राणि दर्शयन == missiles, brandishing
अस्त्राणि प्रतिग्र्ड़्ढ़्य == missiles, on receiving
अस्त्राणि प्राप्य == missiles, on acquiring
अस्त्राणि मुमोच == missiles, released «propelled»
अस्त्राणि मुमोच ह == missiles, released, indeed
अस्त्राणि सर्वशः ददामि == divine missiles, all of them, I will give.
अस्त्राणि सर्वानि == missiles, all of them
अस्त्राणिछ == and the missiles too
अस्त्राण्नि सर्वशः == missiles, all of them
अस्त्रान == mystic missiles
अस्त्रानपि == the weapons even
अस्त्रे प्रतिहते == as his missile was frustrated
अस्त्रेण == Agni missile
अस्त्रेण उन्मुक्तम == from weapon «its captivity,» release
अस्त्रेषु == of weapons
अस्त्रैः == and who by his arrows
अस्त्रैः शरैः == with their arrows charged with mystic missiles
अस्त्रैर्वा == either with the weapons
अस्त्स्त्रियः == such evil women
अस्थाने == of an ill suited matter.
अस्थाने उपवासश्छ == fasting at an inappropriate time
अस्थि == Bone@
अस्थितः == abiding
अस्थिपञ्जरम् == (n) skeleton@
अस्थिमङ्डले == by the cage of bones.
अस्थिर छेस्तसः == and unstable in mind
अस्थिरं == unsteady@
अस्थिरम == (and) it is not persevering
अस्थीनि == bones
अस्नात्वा == even without taking the bath.
अस्पर्शन == not touching@
अस्पर्शयम == to touch
अस्पृशत == felt
अस्पृशन == touched - taken into thei palms - all are palminpalmed.
अस्पृश्ट्रा == is unable (even) to touch
अस्पोतित निनादम्छ == sound from warriors due to clapping of arms
अस्फुरत == throbbed
अस्मऋद्धेन == with her unfulfilled
अस्मकम कस्यचित स्थानम प्रार्थयते == among us, someone's, place, he is praying for
अस्मत == our
अस्मत हिते युक्तः == you, in our, welfare, join forces with
अस्मत्त्यक्तम == that which is desrted by us
अस्मत्त्यक्तानि == deserted by us
अस्मदर्थम == for our sake
अस्मदीयैः == our@
अस्मद् == I, me@
अस्मद्भयात == by fear of us
अस्मद्विधानम == like ours.
अस्मद्विधे == like me?
अस्मद्विशये == in our region?
अस्मद्व्यपेक्षान == (the citizens) full of longing for us
अस्माकं == us@
अस्माकम == among us
अस्माकम अपि == for us «eagles,» even
अस्माकम अश्वः अपनीयते == our, «ritual» horse, is carried off
अस्माकम आश्रम पदम == towards our, hermitage's threshold
अस्माकम आश्रमपदः इह समीपे == our, hermitage, is here only
अस्माकम इक्ष्वाकूणाम == is of our Ikshvakus
अस्माकम इह आश्रम पदे == of ours, here, in hermitage's, threshold
अस्माकम कलत्रम == for us, you are to be protected
अस्माकम छतुर्णाम == for all the four of us
अस्माकम पुरः == in front of us
अस्माकम पूर्वजे == to our
अस्माकम प्रियम कृतम हि == for us, cherish «a favour,» done, isn't it
अस्माकम भूम्या न कार्यम == for us, with lands, no, work
अस्माकम मुख्यानि इमानि फलानि अपि == ours, important, fruits, these are, indeed
अस्माकम यत कृत्यम == of our, which, enterprise is there; that is
अस्माकम सुखम == for us, comforting
अस्माकमपि == for us also
अस्मात == from here
अस्मात कर्मणः == from these actions
अस्मात दण्ड सम योगात == with this, punishment, by linkage - by virtue of
अस्मात दशरथात == from him, from Dasharatha,
अस्मात दुः खाम्बु सम्रोधात == from this ocean of sorrow
अस्मात दुःखाम्बुसम्रोधात == from this ocean of sorrow.
अस्मात पर्वतात == from this, mountain
अस्मात बिलात == from this, cavity
अस्मात बिलात उत्तारयितुम अर्हसि == from this, cavity, to crossover, apt of you.
अस्मात बिलात तारयिश्यामि == from this, cavity, I wish to sail them through - make you departure from cavity.
अस्मात राघवात == from this Rama
अस्मात वनात उप अगतः == from this, forest, came closer.
अस्मात व्यसनात == from this evil plight?.
अस्मात सायक बन्धनात == from this shackle of arrows
अस्मात् == these@
अस्मात्दुःखात == from this grief
अस्मान == about us
अस्मान पालय == us, you protect
अस्मान् == us@
अस्मान्वा == or us.
अस्माभि अभिछिन्तितः == by us, well thought over.
अस्माभिः == along with us@
अस्माभिः छ == among us together
अस्माभिः पुनः == by us, again «then»
अस्माभिः सह == along with us
अस्माभिः सा अर्धम गतम == us, along with, resolute «resolutely,» if gone «if returning to Kishkindha»
अस्माभिः सार्धम == with us, along with
अस्माभिः हतः त्वम प्राणान न हास्यसे एव == by us, killed, you, Spirits, not, leaves, thus...
अस्माभिःछ == with us
अस्मासु == 'on us, myself, Tara, and Angada'
अस्मासु तव प्रत्ययः न यदि == is us, your, confidence, is not there, if
अस्मासु प्रीतिम गतः हि == with us, interest, he entered into, indeed - he befriended us.
अस्मासु यत अभिप्रेतम == in our
अस्मास्वपि == also to us.
अस्मि == I am@
अस्मि परिश्रान्तः == I am tired
अस्मि यदि अपि युव राजः == even though I am a prince
अस्मि हि == I indeed
अस्मिता == egotism, self righteousness@
अस्मिन == when he
अस्मिन अचले == on this, mountain
अस्मिन अनरण्ये == (While
अस्मिन अभिषेके == this coronation
अस्मिन अरण्ये == into this forest
अस्मिन अरण्ये वसति इति == in this, forest, lives, thus as
अस्मिन अर्थे == in this matter.
अस्मिन अवभृथे == in there, avabridtha, «ritual bath»
अस्मिन आश्रमे == in this hermitage
अस्मिन आश्रमे वशिस्यसि == in this, hermitage, you live on.
अस्मिन इक्ष्वाकुकुलनाथे == in this lord Ikshvaku dynasty; Rama.
अस्मिन कः नु पुमान वसते == in this, who, indeed, celebrity, dwells
अस्मिन कर्मणि अपसम्हृते == if this coronation is not with drawn
अस्मिन कानने == in this, forest
अस्मिन कार्य निर्योग == to fulfill this act
अस्मिन कार्य निर्योगे == In fulfillment of this task
अस्मिन कार्यनिर्योगे == for fulfilling this act (of addressing him)
अस्मिन कार्ये == (because) this matter
अस्मिन कार्ये विनिवृत्ते == in this, mission, on being completed
अस्मिन काले == at this juncture
अस्मिन काले युक्ता हि == at this, moment, worthwhile, truly.
अस्मिन क्षणे == at this very moment
अस्मिन गिरौ दुर्गे == in this, mountain, impassable one
अस्मिन गिरौ वसतः == on this, mountain, while living
अस्मिन घोरे महायुद्धे == in this, horrendous, great war
अस्मिन जनस्थाने == in that, Janasthaana
अस्मिन तु कले == during this, but, time
अस्मिन तु कृत्ये == in this, but, deed
अस्मिन दुखः अपि == even in this grief
अस्मिन दुष्टे == in the matter of this evil one.
अस्मिन देशे == at this place
अस्मिन देशे यत वृत्तम हि == in this, country, what, has happened, indeed
अस्मिन देहे बुद्बुद उपमे == for this, body, bubble, in similitude
अस्मिन नि पतिताः == in it, down, fell - we fell down in this cavity.
अस्मिन पर्वते वत्स्यामि == on this, mountain, I will stay.
अस्मिन प्लवग शार्दूले == this one «Vali's,» flier, tiger among
अस्मिन भग्ने == while this grove gets demolished
अस्मिन भय स्थाने == in this, daunting, place «situation»
अस्मिन भूमौ निपतिते == on his, on earth, when fell
अस्मिन मम उरसि == towards this; my chest.
अस्मिन मम्जाधिपे == when this Rama becomes king
अस्मिन महाअण्ये == in this great forest
अस्मिन महारण्ये == in this great forest.
अस्मिन मुहूर्ते == at this moment
अस्मिन रावनात्मजे == In this Indrajit
अस्मिन लवणतोये == in this salt ocean
अस्मिन लोके == in the world
अस्मिन वने == in theforest
अस्मिन वने वसति == in this, in forest, he who lives - Rama; such a
अस्मिन वने हातुम == in this, forest, to abandon
अस्मिन विनश्टे == If he is dead
अस्मिन विशाले == in that, vast «area»
अस्मिन वीरे == If this brave Hanuma
अस्मिन शरतल्पे == on this bed of arrows
अस्मिन शरीरे == in this, body
अस्मिन शिखरे == in this mountain-peak
अस्मिन शिलोछ्छये == on this mountain
अस्मिन सम प्रहारे == in this, deadly fight
अस्मिन सर्वलोके == throughout this world.
अस्मिन सानुनि हि == on those, terraces
अस्मिन सैन्ये == in the army
अस्मिन स्वजने == in our own people among us
अस्मिन हते == if he is killed
अस्मिन हि == I am indeed
अस्मिन् == in this@
अस्मिन्द्वये == in this pair@
अस्मिन्निवर्तने == to take us back
अस्मियत == am indeed
अस्मिहि == I was indeed
अस्मै == him
अस्मै दत्तम == to him was given (a boon)
अस्मै महात्मने == to him, to noble souled «Rama»
अस्म्गगतयः == with an unhindered movement.
अस्म्मकम == for us
अस्य == to him@
अस्य अ समम == his, un, equalled
अस्य अन्गदस्य == this, Angada's
अस्य आगमनम प्रति == his, arrival, towards
अस्य आश्रमस्य == his own, from his hermitage
अस्य आश्रमस्य धर्शणम == this, of hermitage, assailing
अस्य आसनम च व्यादिदेश ह == to him «to Vishvamitra, » seat, also, ordering «showing,» indeed.
अस्य उत्तरेण == by its, north
अस्य उरसि == on his chest
अस्य एतत लाण्गूलम इति == that let this tail of him
अस्य ओदनम आहुः == its «to the Fire,» victuals, said to be.
अस्य कपेः == of this monkey
अस्य कर्मणः == this work
अस्य कर्मभिः == by his acts
अस्य कार्यस्य == of this task
अस्य कार्यस्य गतिः == that, task's «our return to Kishkindha,» course - result
अस्य कार्यस्य पराक्रमात ऋते == except showing valour
अस्य कार्यस्य वि वृद्धये == for this, for task's, verily, for progressing - for easy achievement
अस्य कार्यस्य विनिश्चये == of that, deed's, in determining
अस्य कार्यस्य सम्सिद्धिः == that, task's, accomplishment
अस्य कुलस्य == of this race
अस्य क्षत जार्द्रम == dvenced in his blood
अस्य गुनैः == by his, justness
अस्य घोशेण == due to his roar
अस्य जनस्य == for these people
अस्य जनस्य धर्म पालः == this, people's,
अस्य जनस्य नारी == of these people; the women folk.
अस्य जीवितम तत अर्थम च == his «Sugreeva's, strife of» life, for that, reason «for the sake of Lady Tara»
अस्य तदपि == that bow also of indrajit
अस्य तपः मया अपहृतम == his, ascesis, by me, pre-empted.
अस्य ताम गदाम == his mace
अस्य त्रिशन्कोः == his, to Trishanku
अस्य त्रिहन्कोः भूपतेः == to him, for Trishanku, the king
अस्य दर्पम च वि नेश्यामि == his, arrogance, also, I will drive out
अस्य दश वाम बाहून == his, ten, left, arms
अस्य दसरथस्य राज्ञअः == such a, Dasharatha's, the
अस्य दाशरथे == son of Dasaratha
अस्य दुरात्मनः == of this evil-minded fellow
अस्य देशस्य हिताय छ == this, province's, for advantage, also
अस्य द्वे भार्ये गर्भिण्यै बभूवतुः == his, two, wives, pregnant, they were
अस्य धनुशः == that, of bow
अस्य धनुशः पूरणे == with this, bow's, in taking aim
अस्य धर्मात्मनः == of this, right-minded «Kushadhvaja's»
अस्य न चिकीर्शितम खलु == his, not, intended «action,» really.
अस्य नृशम्सस्य == of this cruel Ravana
अस्य पत्नी हृता == his, wife, is stolen
अस्य परिज्ञआते पराक्रमे कामम एवम गते अपि सन == 'his, made, know, valour «of Sugreeva,» may be, that way, evanished, even...' 'Sugreeva's valour which was made known to me at the time of befriending, though that might have
अस्य पर्वतेस्य == of mountain
अस्य पार्श्रतः == at his side
अस्य पुत्र दर्शने == for the purpose of seeing his son.
अस्य पुरस्य == of this city
अस्य पृथिव्याः च == to this, earth, also
अस्य पृश्ठतः == at his, behind
अस्य पृश्ठे तुण्डम समर्पयन == his «Ravana's,» on back, beak, applying
अस्य प्रमाण सदृशः == corresponding to his size.
अस्य बलस्य == to this, military force
अस्य बाहुम == his arm
अस्य बुद्धिः न अभि क्रमते == his, mind, not, forward, strides - his prudence is behindhand.
अस्य भक्ताः == who were devoted to him
अस्य भवनम क्व च == his, residence «stronghold,» where is it, also
अस्य भार्या रक्शसा अपहृता == his, wife, by demon, abducted
अस्य भाशितम क्रियताम == his, as said, may be done.
अस्य भुजः == (since) his arm
अस्य भ्रात च == his, brother, too
अस्य भ्रातरम लक्श्मणम च == his, brother, Lakshmana, too
अस्य भ्राता == is his - Rama's, brother.
अस्य मनः चिन्ता बभूव == his, conscience, sentimental, became
अस्य मनः रथैः अपि == by his, thought «wits,» by chariot, even - even by his thinking he cannot come here
अस्य मनसः == from Rama's heart.
अस्य मनसा यत अभीप्सितम == his, heart, which, felt «desire»
अस्य मम शोक विपाकस्य विमोक्शणम == the termination of my full-flown grief
अस्य मलम प्र मोछयन == his, filth, for riddance.
अस्य महत धनुः == his «Duushana's,» sturdy, bow
अस्य महतः अनीकस्य == this mighty army
अस्य महा उरशि पततु == on his, massive chest, shall fall
अस्य महागजम == his large elephant
अस्य महात्नः सुग्रीवस्य == to this great souled Sugreeva
अस्य महात्मनः == of the suzerian Lord of demons
अस्य महात्मनः बाणः == that arrow of the great souled Lakshmana
अस्य माता == Bharata's mother
अस्य मारुतस्य == of Hanuma the son of wind-god
अस्य मुखम == Let his face
अस्य मुनेः == of this sage
अस्य मूर्धा शतधा भवेत == his «Vali's,» head, in hundred ways, becomes «splinters - Vali's head gets splintered»
अस्य यत ईप्सितम == his, which, desired
अस्य यत फलम == its «auguries',» which, result is there
अस्य यत मतम == whatever, his, predilection is
अस्य यदा == his mace
अस्य युद्धम == that, war
अस्य रथ श्रेश्ठम == in his excellent chariot
अस्य रथः == Ravana's chariot
अस्य रथम == in his chariot.
अस्य रथस्य == his «Khara's,» of chariot
अस्य रथिनः == of Indrajit who occupied the chariot
अस्य राक्शसैः सह == his, with, demons
अस्य रामस्य == of that, Rama
अस्य रामस्यापि == to even this Rama
अस्य रावणस्य सदश्वान == the excellent horses of this Ravana
अस्य रुजा == your agony
अस्य लोकस्य == of these people
अस्य लोकस्य हिते रत == of this, world's, welfare,
अस्य वचनस्य == about these, words «of mine»
अस्य वध उपाय == him, to kill, idea
अस्य वधे == on killing him.
अस्य वन वासस्य == about this, forest, dwelling
अस्य वनस्थ देवत इव == of that, situated in woodland, goddess, like
अस्य वनस्य == of this grove
अस्य वनस्य महत्तया == this, forest's, extensive area
अस्य वनस्य विचक्शणा == conversant with the forest
अस्य वर्म == his armour
अस्य वश अनु गाः == his «Vali's,» under control, in tow,
अस्य वाक्यानि == his, words
अस्य वानरस्य प्रत्यक्षम == before the eyes of this monkey.
अस्य विधेयानि समर्थानि == by him, deeds of duty «funerals of Vali,» deeds for well-being
अस्य विन्ध्यस्य शिखरे == this, Vindhya's, on peak
अस्य विशाम्पते == to this king
अस्य वीर्यम == to Rama's prowess
अस्य वीर्यम गतिम छ अपि == her, impudence, mobility, also, even
अस्य वेपथुः जायते == his, falter, bechanced «his gait faltered.»
अस्य व्यसनस्य == for this trouble
अस्य शकुनेः == for that, bird
अस्य शयने == between his sleeping
अस्य शल्यापकर्शणे == while I was extracting the arrow-head from him
अस्य शोकस्य == of this grief?
अस्य सगरस्य असमन्जः == from that, Sagara, Asamnja
अस्य सत्त्वस्य == its, that being's
अस्य सदृशः मृगः == its, coequal, deer
अस्य समीपम गमिश्यामि == to his, near, I wish to go
अस्य सम्जज्ज्ञे निःश्वासः == heaving his sigh
अस्य सम्स्कारः == let his funeral rites
अस्य सागरस्य == of this ocean
अस्य सु सम्रब्धम गर्जतः == he, very frenetically, while raving
अस्य सैन्ये == on his army
अस्य स्वरः च == his, voice, also
अस्य हयोत्तमान == the excellent horses of Mahodara
अस्य हस्तात == from his hand
अस्य हृदये == in his heart
अस्यः == the other one
अस्यकुलस्य == of this race
अस्यताम == of archers who discharge
अस्यति == (4 pp) to throw@
अस्यन्तौ == loosing their arrows
अस्यम == of Hanuman
अस्या दर्शनात == its «body's,» on seeing
अस्या मम भगिन्या == her, my, sister's
अस्यां == in this@
अस्याः == (jewels) of Her
अस्याः उरुः == her (left) thigh
अस्याः कूले == at its, shore «of Pampa Lake»
अस्याः कृते == for Her sake
अस्याः तीरे == at the bank of this river
अस्याः दर्पम अपनेश्यन्तु == her, pride, you remove.
अस्याः दर्शनम == of her, a glimpse - I am going to get
अस्याः देव्याः == (is) this lady's
अस्याः प्रवेशनम दुःखम च == in it, entering, problematic, also.
अस्याः भर्ताः == her husband
अस्याः भर्तुः == of Her husband
अस्याः भूमेः चलनम == her, to this earth, movement «undergoes earth tremors»
अस्याः लाभाद == by Her gain
अस्याः विमार्गणे == in her, searching
अस्याः विशलाक्श्याः हेतोः == for the sake of this broad eyed Seetha.
अस्याः हेतो == for Her sake
अस्याः हेतोः == for the sake of this Seetha
अस्यात समीपे == 'in her proximity,
अस्याम == in her.
अस्याम अवस्थायाम == in such an, exigency
अस्याम आयत्तम == in her «in cow,» take basis - dependant on her.
अस्याम च प्रतिश्ठितम == is firmly in Her
अस्याम धर्मः न विद्यते हि == in her, goodness, not, evident, isn't it.
अस्याम पुराम == in this city
अस्याम पुर्याम == in this city
अस्याम महिश्याम भृशम रुदत्याम == this, empress, bitterly, weeping
अस्याम वस्त्याम == in here, we live.
अस्याम वेद्याम प्रतिषितः == this one, at Altar, remaining
अस्याम वेळायाम == At this very hour
अस्याम स्थिता == in it, ensconced in
अस्यैः छ == from his face
अस्र आविल ईक्शणाः == with tears, fluttery, looks
अस्र पात आविल ईक्शणाः == with tears, shedding; flustered, looks
अस्र मुखाः == as «shedding» tears, with «such» faces
अस्रकण्ठाकुल मार्गछत्वार == with its roads and cross-roads filled with people choked with tears in their throats
अस्रबिन्दवः == tears
अस्रम == Tears
अस्राणि == tears
अस्रेण == with her tears
अस्वः == Ritual Horse
अस्वतन्त्राः == not being on own will
अस्वथछेतसम == and sick in mind
अस्वपत == did he repose?
अस्वपथिना == lord of cavalry
अस्वमेथ यग == , a well-decorated horse will be let out with an insignia on its forehead challenging any king to capture it and face the wrath of releasing king. If
अस्वमेधः सम्ख्यातः == Horse ritual, is said « to be performed»
अस्वमेधस्य यज्ञअस्य भागः == Horse sacrifice, of ritual, oblation
अस्वमेधे महा यज्ञए == in aswamedha, great ritual
अस्वरम == indistinct
अस्वर्ग्यं == which does not lead to higher planets@
अस्वर्ग्यम == it does not bestow heaven
अस्वस्थता == illness@
अस्वस्थम == which is sick.
अस्वाधीनम == who is not one's disposal
अस्विनोः == as that of Aswinis.
अस्विनौ == the two Aswinis
अस्विनौ छ == and the aswinis
अस्श्रमम == at the hermitage
अस्सित == are there.»
अस्स्त्रम == his missile
अह == is spoken@
अह गीतस्य माधुर्यम == aha, ballad's, melody «is superb»
अहं == ii@
अहः == day@
अहः अमन्यत किल == as one day, he regarded as, forsooth.
अहः छ == the day too
अहः रात्रम विहरन्तम == day, night «day in and day out,» merrymaking
अहः रात्रा अपदेशेन == days, night, in the name of - as if they are one day and one night
अहङ्कर == tendency to identify oneself with external phenomena, 'the I-maker'@
अहङ्कार == Egoism, selfishness, ignorance@
अहङ्कारं == false ego@
अहङ्कारः == false ego@
अहङ्कारविमूढ == bewildered by false ego@
अहङ्कारात् == by false ego@
अहङ्कृतः == of false ego@
अहछ == and again said
अहतम == is unhurt
अहतानि वासांसि छ == new clothes
अहतौ == who are not dead
अहत्वा == having not been able to kill@
अहनि == day
अहनि अहनि == day, by day
अहनि गत सूर्यः == in day, went away, sun - till sun is down on that day
अहन्यहनि == day n and day out.
अहम == I on my part
अहम अ शुभम मन्ये == I, not, auspicious, I deem
अहम अ शेशेण कर्ता छ == I am, without, remainder «of work - thoroughly,» the doer
अहम अत्र तम महा मुनिम अगस्त्यम आराधयिश्यामि == I, there, him, the great sage, Agastya, I wish to worship
अहम अत्र प्रविश्य == I, into this, on entering
अहम अन ऋतम == I am, un, truth
अहम अनु व्रता == I, follow up on «adhere,» avowed to.
अहम अनुव्रता == I am devoted
अहम अन्गदः == I am, Angada
अहम अन्येन हन्तुम शक्यः न == I am, by other «person,» to be killed «mangle,» capable, not.
अहम अपनेश्याम्नि == I shall remove
अहम अपि == I also
अहम अभिशेचितः == I am, crowned
अहम अयासम यदि == If I left
अहम अयोध्याम उपयातः == I am, to Ayodhya, came nearby «sent to.»
अहम अस्मिन कार्ये प्रभुः न == I am, in this, task, capable «sufficient unto, master, not
अहम अहम इति == «I shall take the lead; I shall take the lead«
अहम अहम इत्येव == asserting their superiority saying «I will lead; I will lead.«
अहम अहरम्यदि == if I have embezzled
अहम आगतः == I came (to the northern sea shore)
अहम आत्म गतान गुनान == I am my in soul, having «inherent,» capabilities
अहम आत्मानम न च शोछे == I, for myself, even, not, worried
अहम आनयामि यदि == if I bring
अहम आश्रमात == I am, from the Accomplished, Hermitage
अहम आसादितः == I, arrived.
अहम आहवे तस्याः == I, in war, of her «Seetha»
अहम इच्छामि == I seek
अहम इतः न व्रजे == I, to here, would not, have come.
अहम इति == and says I; I.
अहम उग्रेण तपसा == I have, by ascesis, severe
अहम उत्सहे == can be able
अहम उत्सहेयम == I am able
अहम एक आह्ना == I, in one, day
अहम एकः == I, single-handedly
अहम एका == I, a single one
अहम एतत सर्वम == I, all, this
अहम एनम मृगम == I, this, deer
अहम एनम मृगम ग्रहीश्यामि == I wish to catch, I, this, deer
अहम एव == I, alone
अहम एव आहरिश्यामि स्वयम == I, alone, will gain, myself
अहम एव न == I am, also, not - there
अहम एष्यामि == I can come
अहम कथम अक्ष्यामि == what can I tell
अहम कथम्चन == I, in anyway
अहम कथम्चित आगतः == I have, somehow, come here.
अहम करवाणि == I may do
अहम करिश्यामि == will I do
अहम कालस्य च अपि कलः == I am, of Time-god, also, even, the «end» Time
अहम किम नु वक्श्यामि == I, what «more,» verily, can I say
अहम किम वक्ष्यामि == what can I tell?.
अहम केयूरे न जानामि == I, bracelets, do not, know
अहम क्वचित == I will, anytime
अहम गछ्छ्हामि यदि == If I go
अहम गत बुद्धिः तु == I, acquired, mind «concluded,» on my part
अहम गतः == I got
अहम गतायत == that I got
अहम गत्वा सुग्रीवम प्रति योत्स्यामि == I, on going, with Sugreeva, counter, attack - retaliate
अहम गन्तुम इच्छामि == I, to go to, yearn «soulfully.»
अहम गमिश्यामि == I, wish to go - I consign myself «on pyre.»
अहम गिरीन दार यिश्यामि == I will, mountains, shred
अहम गुरु पुत्रान सर्वान == I am, to mentor's, sons, to all
अहम च == I, too
अहम च पुरा यथा == I will be, as earlier, as I was
अहम च लक्श्मणः च एव == myself, also, Lakshmana, thus
अहम चिन्तयन == I, on thinking
अहम चैव जटायुः च == I am, also thus, Jataayu, also
अहम छ == I, and
अहम जातः यद्यपि == even if I am born
अहम जानामि == I am, aware of.
अहम जीवितम अपि == I, life, even
अहम ज्येश्ठः == I am, elder
अहम ततः द्रुतम आगतः == I, therefore, quickly, came
अहम तत्र आगम इश्यामि == I am, over there, to come, I wish
अहम तत्र गुहा द्वारि == I, there, at cave's, mouth
अहम तदा अभिद्रुतः == I was, then, fleeing speedily
अहम तपस्विनाम आज्ञाप्यः == I, sages, can be ordered
अहम तम द्रश्टुम इच्छामि == I, him, to see, I wish
अहम तव == I will, to you
अहम तव बलम आश्रितः == I «Rama,» on your, vivacity, relying upon
अहम तव श्लाघ्यः पतिः == I will be, to you, much-lauded, husband
अहम तव सदृशः == 'I am your seemliest...
अहम तव सदृशः पतिः == I «alone» will, to you, match up, as husband.
अहम तव सदृशः भर्ता == I am, your, seemliest, husband
अहम तस्य अग्रजः पुत्रः == I am, his, eldest, son
अहम तस्य औरसः सुत == I am, his, true descent, son
अहम तस्य प्रभाव ज्ञअः == I am, of his, efficacy, knower of
अहम तानि आनयिश्यामि == I, them, will get
अहम ताम आत्मजाम ऋते == I, her, janaka's, daughter, leaving off
अहम तारया वार्यमाणः अपि == I, by Tara, dissuaded, though
अहम तावत == I myself
अहम तिष्ठामि यदि == if I stay
अहम तीक्श्णम विशम पिबामि == I, deadly, poison, I drink
अहम तु == I am
अहम तु अयोमुखी नाम == I am, on my part, Ayomukhi, named one
अहम ते == I, to you
अहम ते किम करवाणि == I, for you, what shall «I,» do.
अहम ते दर्प शासनः == I am, your, egotism, destroyer.
अहम ते पापम न मर्शये == I, your, wrongdoing, do not, tolerate
अहम ते पुत्र कारणात == I, to you «for your benefit,» for sons, for the reason «to beget»
अहम ते प्रतिजानामि == I, to you, promising.
अहम ते प्रीतः == I am, of your - ascesis, happy
अहम ते वश्यः == I, to you, under control - subordinate
अहम तेन == I, with him «individually»
अहम तेन ताडितः == I am, by it, who is hit
अहम तैः निशा छरैः योद्धा == I will, with those, night, walkers «demons,» I can encounter.
अहम त्वत समीपम प्राप्तः == I have, to your, near - nigh, come
अहम त्वया == I am, by you
अहम त्वया अर्चितः == I am, by you, treated with deference
अहम त्वया किम परित्यक्ता == I, by you, why, discarded
अहम त्वया मोहात वि गर्हिता == I, by you, unmindfully, refused - brushed me aside.
अहम त्वया रणे निहतः इतः परम मयि स्वर गतेन अत सुग्रीवो राज्यम राज्यम प्राप्नुयात इति यत तत युकतम == ' on my going to heavens his getting the
अहम त्वया स्प्रश्टुम == I, by you, to touch - to seize
अहम त्वरे च == I am, hasty, also
अहम त्वाम == I, you
अहम त्वाम एव == I, for you, only
अहम त्वाम न अनुयामि वै == I, you, not, follow, simply.
अहम त्वाम न खलु तुलये == I am, you, not, definitely, weighing - not examining you
अहम त्वाम शरणम गतः == I am, in you, shelter, getting in «taking.»
अहम दाशरथिः बूत्वा हन्मि रावणम आहवे । श्री मद राम अवतारे अस्मिन अज्ञअवत क्रियते मम । तत्र शन्का न कर्तव्या सर्वज्ञएन अपि मायया । मत माया मोहितम रक्षो मनुष्यम माम अवेक्ष्यति । अन्यथा तस्य सा नूनम न भवेत अत्र कुत्रचित == 'I on becoming Dasharatha's son
अहम दाश्यः == , 'I am a humble servant of Supreme Soul...'
अहम दीर्घ आयुः == I, with long, life
अहम द्रक्श्याअमि == I will, see.
अहम द्रक्श्यामि वैदेहीम == I «avouch that I» will, descry, Vaidehi
अहम द्रक्श्ये नु == will I see
अहम द्रश्टु कामः == I, to see, wishing
अहम धर्म दूशकः == I, righteousness, an abuser of
अहम न == I, do not
अहम न गमिश्यामि यदि == I, not, to proceed, if
अहम न जानामि कुन्डले == I, do not, know, earrings
अहम न पश्यामि == I, do not, see - I do not think
अहम न पश्यामि हि == I, do not, foresee, indeed.
अहम न मन्ये == I, do not, think
अहम न मुन्चामि == I am, not, leaving.
अहम न वक्श्यामि == I am, not, tell - I will not continue to say
अहम न विज्ज्ञता यदि ते == If I could not be fully known to you
अहम न शक्या == I am, not, possible - impossible.
अहम न हि == I «too,» will not, definitely, «tagalong you»
अहम न हि पश्यामि == I, do not, indeed, see - find.
अहम नछ एव सम्प्रसुपतः == I am not sleeping
अहम नत्वा तस्य पादौ मुकुटेन अस्पृशम == I, though bowed, at his, feet, with crown, though touched
अहम नमस्करोमि == I am, offering veneration
अहम नारायनी नाम सा सत्ता वैष्णवी परा == I am indeed
अहम निद्राम न लप्स्यामि हि == I, sleep, not, getting, indeed.
अहम नियमात == I, owing to «my» vow
अहम निहतः == I am, killed.
अहम पराक्रमे == I, in leaping
अहम पश्यामि == I am seeing
अहम पश्येयम यदि == If I have seen
अहम पावितः == I am, consecrated
अहम पुनः == I for one
अहम पुनस्तु == still; I
अहम पुराणे धर्मे स्थितः == 'I abide by
अहम पुरीम न गमिश्यामि == I am, to city, not, I wish to go
अहम पूजितः == I am, reverenced «esteemed»
अहम पूता == I am, sanctified
अहम प्रति जानामि == ' I am in the full know of him...' 'I know fully well
अहम प्रतियास्यामि == can I return
अहम प्रभाव सम्पन्ना == I am, preponderance, endowed with
अहम प्रभुः == I am, the lord.
अहम प्रविश्टः घोरम रक्शसीम तनुम == I, entered, ghoulish, demon's, body
अहम प्रसन्न इन्द्रिय मानसः == I, with, quietened, senses, heart
अहम प्राकृतः वानरः अपि सन == I am, being primitive, monkey, even though
अहम प्रीतः == I am, delighted
अहम बुद्ध्या अनुपश्यामि == I, with my perception, I am discerning - instinctually perceiving.
अहम बुद्ध्वा == I, having known «from Brahma»
अहम ब्रवीमि == I am, telling.
अहम ब्रूयाम == can I speak
अहम भ्रातुः प्रवृत्तिम == I, brother's, experiences «tidings»
अहम मन्ये == I think
अहम मन्ये: ---- == 'I admit... that he is unkillable... though I belong to the clan of demons,
अहम महात्मना भरतेन == I, with great-souled, Bharata
अहम मिथ्यापवादोपहता == smitten as I am with false blames
अहम मृधे == I will, in fight
अहम मोहात == I, unmindfully
अहम यत वचः वक्श्यामि == I, which, word, going to speak; «them»
अहम यत सम्त्यक्ष्यामि == that I shall give up
अहम यत्र तत्र तिश्ठामि == I, where, and where, am staying
अहम यत्र तिश्ठामि == I am, where, staying
अहम यथा == I, as to how; thus you
अहम यदि अनुग्राह्यः == if I deserve to be treated with kindness
अहम यदि गमिश्यामि == If I return
अहम यश्छ == and why I am like this.
अहम यान पर्यचारिशम == I, whom, I was in tendance of
अहम यावत निहन्मि == I will, kill
अहम युक्ताता भार्या == I am, a deserving, wife
अहम युयुत्सुः == keen as I am to fight
अहम योजन सन्ख्यायाः शतम == I will, yojana numbers, a hundred, - hundred yojana-s in number
अहम रण मूर्धनि == I, in the van, of war
अहम रणे त्वया == I am, in war, by you
अहम रामः अस्मि == I am Rama
अहम रामम भ्रात्रा सह == I, Rama, brother, along with
अहम वः प्रतिजानामि == I am, to you all, reiterating
अहम वः सर्वा कामये == I, all, you, have a desire for
अहम वक्ष्यामि किम्छापि == «what shall I say further
अहम वा == either I
अहम वा रणे मृत्युः? == 'can I be his death in war
अहम वाम दिश्ट्या पश्यामि == I am, you, providentially, seeing you «instead, you are a revelation to me»;
अहम विवशा == I was helpless
अहम विषण्णः == I felt sad
अहम वृद्धः == I am, oldish
अहम वेगम गमिश्यामि == I, into speed, I go «I gain speed for my kick-start.»
अहम वेद्मि == , it is not just 'I know' but 'I am in full knowledge
अहम वेद्मि महात्मानम रामम... == 'I
अहम वै == I, really
अहम वैश्रवणस्य सापत्नः भ्राता == I am, of Vaishravana «Kubera's,» from stepmother, brother - stepbrother
अहम व्रजामि == I am going
अहम व्रजेयम यदि == If I go
अहम शक्तः == I am, capable.
अहम शूरः == �I am a champion'.
अहम शूर्पणखा नाम == I am, Shuurpanakha, named
अहम स शरीरः == I, with, my body
अहम सत्य सम्श्रयः == , 'I
अहम सत्यम हितम वाक्यम उक्तः == I am, truthful, favourable, words, said - appraised
अहम सत्येन एव शपामि == I am, by truthfulness, alone taking oath.
अहम सप्ततिम योजनानि गमिश्यामि == I, seventy, yojana-s, can go
अहम समाछरे == can I do
अहम सम्गता नि वारिता == I am, from intimacy, back, moved - prevented
अहम सम्बोधयामि == I am, addressing.
अहम सम्युगे == I, in duel
अहम सर्व भूताना प्रियः == I am, for all, beings, dear one
अहम सह लक्श्मणः == I, with, Lakshmana
अहम सहसा स्पृश्टः शोणितेन == I am, abruptly, touched, by blood
अहम स्त्रोतसा शम्करम गृह्य == I will, by streams, Shankara, on taking - by whisking
अहम स्वबलेन योधयिश्यामि == I will make my army to fight
अहम हतः == I am, dead
अहम हन्याम == I will, eradicate.
अहम हरि राज्यस्य च == I am, for monkey's, kingdom, either
अहम हि == I, indeed
अहम हिमवन्तम इव त्वाम आश्रितः == I am, Mt. Himavan, like, in you, I take shelter.
अहमपि == I also
अहमिव == as the sky
अहमेव == (then) it is I
अहम् == I am
अहम्कर == ego.
अहम्च == me too
अहम्छ == and I myself
अहम्छैव == I and
अहम्तु == I on my part
अहम्त्व बुद्धि == , mine-ness. This is called
अहम्पै == I also
अहरत == and deprived; (the demon)
अहरागमे == at the beginning of the day@
अहरि == day
अहर्निशं == ahaH and nishaa:day and night@
अहर्नेव == I alone
अहल्या दर्शनम चैव == Ahalya, seeing, also thus
अहल्या सहितः == Ahalya «his wife,
अहल्याम इदम अब्रवीत == to Ahalya, this, said.
अहल्याम इदम वाक्यम अब्रवीत == to Ahalya, this, sentence, said
अहल्याम तारय == let Ahalya, be atoned.
अहवे == in a war.
अहसत == langhed
अहस्काः == the bringer of a day
अहा तेजा == great, resplendent
अहारसमये == dining time
अहि == on earth@
अहिंसक == non-violent@
अहिंसा == non-violence@
अहिजिह्मगा == moving tortuously like a snake
अहित == sorrow (antonym of hita)@
अहितकारिणः == who are antagonistic
अहितम == but not beneficial
अहितमपि == harm
अहितयोः == who were not desirous of your welfare
अहितस्य == and noxious.
अहिताः == enemies@
अहिताः परिस्थापिताः अग्नयः यः पन्चाग्नयोः यस्य सः... == 'But animals or birds have no faculty to perform those rituals
अहिताग्नेः == by him who has maintained sacred fire
अहितान == of your foes
अहितुण्डिकः == (m) a snake charmer@
अहिते == Oh
अहिन्सा रतिः == fond of harmlessness
अहिपेदिवान == and obtained
अहिम्स == , non-injurious methods also. None can avert Rama to make a promise, nor ask him to deviate from it. Aware of this stubbornness of Rama, her heart felt a foreboding, and
अहिम्सकाः == harmless
अहिरेव == a serpent alone
अहिर्बुध्न्य == aphorisms. This narration is to portray that Ravana has war-wounds on all over his limbs. Though hit by Thunderbolts or missiles for umpteen times, he is just wounded but not dead and he is
अहीनम == full
अहुताग्निम्छ == or before offering your oblations to the sacred fire
अहृतम == was brought.
अहृश्टः प्लवग ईश्वरः == if Angada the lord of monkeys is not rejoiced
अहृश्टानाम == disconsolated
अहृष्टः == feeling unhappy
अहेः == of a serpent
अहेडमनाः == respectfully.
अहैतुकं == without cause@
अहो == Oh! @
अहो कामस्य वामत्वम == Aha! Love God's, deviousness «is deplorable»
अहो कृछ्छ्रम == Oh
अहो दार्ढ्यम == what, a fortitude
अहो दुःकम == Oh; how distressing!
अहो देवी == Oh
अहो द्युतिः == what splendor
अहो धिक == O shame!
अहो धैर्यम == what courage
अहो बत == aha, Surprising
अहो राक्शसराजस्य == alas; this king of demons
अहो राघवः == oh, Raghu's descendent - Dasharatha
अहो रात्रस्य यः सन्धिः सूर्य नक्षत्र वर्जितः == Then this hymn is to be meditated placing her in ones own heart or amid the solar system.
अहो रूपम == what figure
अहो रूपम अहो लक्श्मीः == ah, «what a» form, ah, «what a» brilliance
अहो वीर्यम == what, a valour
अहो सत्त्वम == what strength
अहो सर्वलक्शण युक्ता == and what bestowal of all auspicious marks
अहोभिः == days
अहोरात्र == day and night@
अहोरात्रगणाः == a number of days and night
अहोरात्रम == day and night
अहोरात्राणि == days and nights
अहोरात्रे == day and night
अहोस्वित == or
अह्नः पङ्छम शेषेण == in the fifth and last period* of the day.
अह्ना == in one day
अह्ययुः - अभि ययुः == came towards him - resurfaced»
अह्रियन्त == were kindled
अह्लादयिष्यति == will refresh him.«
आ == , has three meanings@
आ कर्शन्तम == in, pulling «catching in»
आ गन्तव्यम च == come, and go you may.
आ जगाम == came back.
आ जग्मुः == come, and went - they have arrived.
आ जानु बाहुः == up to, knees, his arms «lengthy armed»
आ जुहाव == to come, called - started calling.
आ ददानम == taking «drawing from quiver»
आ द्वारम == upto door
आ नृशम्स्यम == not, cruelty «harmlessness»
आ पण्छमायाः ककष्यायाः == upto the fifth gate.
आ पतत == came, and fell «on Khara's chest.»
आ पततः == coming, falling - fleeing away disorderly
आ पतन्तम == coming, falling
आ पतन्तम तम == coming, falling upon, at him
आ पतन्तीम == coming and falling upon - rushing to attack
आ पिबेयम == completely, I gulp down
आ पूर्य माणम च == filling up, also «stupendously maximising body»
आ पूर्य माणायाः == with water - being fully filled
आ पृच्छामः == we come, to ask «permission»
आ पृश्ट्व इव == on asking «leave of absence»
आ बन्धिश्ये == tie myself «I hang, string up myself»
आ ययौ == coming, going - on entering and exiting
आ व्रज मानस्य == one who started coming towards «hermitage»
आ सृश्टे == «from the» beginning of, creation
आ+घ्रा == to smell@
आ+चर् == to practice@
आ+या == to come@
आ+रुह् == to climb@
आंदोलन == movement@
आंशिक == partial@
आः == to sit@
आअकाशे == in sky
आअगन्तव्यम == you ought to come
आअज्ज्ञापुरःसरैः == proceeded by the command
आअधयः == sensibilities distress'
आअप्तः == who is ordered
आअसाद्य == after reaching
आउदौ == in the beginning@
आऋतानाम उत्तमम स्त्रीणाम == 'To all of the choicest women appropriated
आकरण्य == on hearing
आकरोत == made
आकर्ण == towards the ear@
आकर्ण पूर्णम आयम्य == up to ear, entirely, stretch out
आकर्ण पूर्णैः == up to ear, stretched
आकर्णकृष्टमुक्तेन == drawn upto the ear and discharged; (he)
आकर्णधनुरासन == the shooting bow posture@
आकर्णम == up to the ear
आकर्णान्त प्रयोग == . Here, removing the bowstring from its fastening implies that this archer, namely Rama who is so far handling the stringed bow, for he
आकर्ण्य == hearing
आकर्ष == attracted@
आकर्षण == attraction@
आकर्षयत == and pulled
आकर्षोत्पाटनम == in pulling and overthrowing
आकल्पयत == was invoked
आकशः == sky
आकशगैः == going through the air
आकांक्षा == wish, ambition@
आकाङ्क्शता == desirous of
आकाङ्क्शन == who desired
आकाङ्क्शमाणाः == desiring
आकाण्क्शत == were longing
आकाण्क्शन == wishing
आकार == (masc) form, shape@
आकार सूछितम == hinted by the expression in his face
आकारम == hint
आकारमान == volume@
आकारयामास == informed
आकारह == expression of the face
आकाराअन == signs.
आकाराग्रात == from the tips of their fingers to the end of their feet
आकारिका == (f) doorbell@
आकाश == is not to be there...' Taittarriya; 'that which makes the names and forms is within@
आकाश इव == like a sky
आकाश गो चरान == sky, way, wayfarers
आकाश गोचरः == in skies, meandering one
आकाश छारिणी == roaming in the sky
आकाश निलयाः च == in air, standing, also
आकाश प्रभवः == was begotten from ether
आकाश मयम == was made of ether.
आकाश मार्गेण आवृत्य == by sky, way, spreading over - covering «the sky»
आकाशं == the sky@
आकाशगतम == who was in the sky.
आकाशगम पुरम यथा == like a city located in the sky.
आकाशगमाम == coursed through the heavens
आकाशम == a space
आकाशम आविश्य == sky, invading
आकाशम इव दुश पारम == sky «endless,» like, impossible, to navigate «shoreless, hence unnavigable»
आकाशम जगाम == skyward, took flight.
आकाशम तूर्णम उत्पत्य == to sky, quickly, on flying up
आकाशम नगराणि च == sky «empty space, unpeopled lands,» cities, also
आकाशम भासयन्तौ == making the sky shine
आकाशमहार्णवौ == the sky and the ocean
आकाशमिव == as the sky
आकाशवर्णप्रतिमान == with sky-blue colour
आकाशवाणी == (f) radio@
आकाशस्थस्य == in the sky
आकाशस्थितः == situated in the sky@
आकाशात == (would drop down) from the sky
आकाशात् == (abl.S)from space or sky@
आकाशी == in the sky
आकाशे == as it were in the air
आकाशे उद्धूतम == in sky, upheaved
आकाशे छ == in the sky too
आकाशे दीप्यमानाम == in sky, radiating
आकाशे पतन्तम == in sky, when fallen - flying on the sky
आकाशे पाशैः बद्धम == in mid air, with ropes, to knot
आकाशे भयानकः == in sky
आकाशे मेघ इव प्रकाशते == in sky, cloud «cloudscape,» like, shining forth.
आकाशे रावण अन्क गम == in sky, in Ravana's, flank, gone in
आकाशे हाटक प्रभम == in sky, golden, in shine
आकाशो == in the sky
आकाशो ह वै नाम रूपयोः निर्वहिताः ते यद अन्तर तद ब्रह्म तद अमृतम स आत्मा - छान्दोग्य - ८-१४ । को हे वाण्यत्कः प्राणात य एष आकाश आनन्दो न स्यात - तैत्तरीय - ७ अनुवाक । आकाशोर अर्थान्तरत्वादिव्यपदेशात - १-३-४१ । दहर उत्तरेभ्यः - १-३-१४ - ब्रह्म सूत्र == ;'who is he to be able to balance himself if this
आकिर्णः == abounds with
आकीर्णम == abundantly seathered
आकीर्णौ == crowded all over
आकुर्वतीम == Akurvati
आकुल == full of@
आकुल केश अन्ताम == tousle, hair, ends - tousle-haired
आकुल सम्भ्रान्तम == filled with flurry
आकुलम == by bringing disorder
आकुलयन == bewildering
आकुला == remains agitated
आकुलाः == by wings, charioting «birds,» «endlessly» squawking
आकुलान == those flurrying
आकुलान्तरात्मा == whose inner feelings were agitated
आकुलाम == agitated
आकुलाम नगरीम कृत्वा == making Lanka perplexed
आकुलावर्ताम == thickly set with whirl-pools .
आकुलितम् == sad, worried@
आकुलेन्द्रियः == and confused in mind.
आकुलैः छरणैः == with flurried feet
आकृतीनि == forms@
आकृश्य == pulled
आकृश्यमाणायाः == was violently dragged
आकृष्ट == attracted@
आकृष्य == stretching
आकृष्यमाणस्य == being dragged
आकृष्यमाणानि == being dragged
आकोशकुड्मलैः == has other renderings. One is as above, saying the lotuses in lakes are still in the budding stage and they have not started to bloom. The other is that they are neither
आक्नेअन गृध्रछक्रमिव == like a flock of frightened vultures.
आक्यातुम == telling
आक्रन्द == shouted, exclaimed.
आक्रन्दित निरानन्दा == which was joyless with a weeping tone
आक्रम == approach
आक्रमण == attacks@
आक्रमम == I occupied
आक्रमितुम == to trespass on «run amuck»
आक्रम् == to attack@
आक्रम्य == assailing
आक्रम्य आक्रम्य == charging and charging
आक्रम्य पालान == and overpowering themselves over the guards
आक्रान्त हृदयः == that troubles his mind
आक्रान्तः == vanquished
आक्रान्ताः == overwhelmed
आक्रान्ताम == routed - spreadeagled
आक्रीडद्भिः == sportively coming in different gaits
आक्रीडभूमिः इव == like a pleasure-grave
आक्रीडान == pleasure-groves
आक्रीणम इव == spread over, as if - the sky is.
आक्रुष्टम == a great tumult
आक्रोशम == curse
आक्रोष्टुम == to curse
आक्शिपत == flung Sugreeva
आक्शिप्ताः == the demons already thrown down
आक्शिप्य == grabbing
आक्षिपत == and struck down
आक्षिप्य == and taking off
आक्षेपः == (m) insinuation, opposition@
आखु == mouse@
आख्य == named@
आख्या == (f) name@
आख्यात == in combat, felled, «thus,» being said
आख्यातं == described@
आख्यातः तेन == said, by him; Sugreeva
आख्यातम == as appraised
आख्यातम हि == it was indeed informed
आख्यातव्यम == be narrated.
आख्याता == is broached
आख्याता वायु पुत्रेण == said so by, Air's son, Hanuma
आख्यातामि == were told
आख्याति == are telling
आख्यातुः == who informed
आख्यातुम == telling
आख्यातुम उपचक्रमे == to describe, commenced.
आख्यातुम न अर्हसि == 'to say so, is inapt
आख्यातुम सम आरेभे == to narrate, well, started to.
आख्यानम == narrative
आख्यान्ति == were narrating
आख्यामि == I am telling
आख्याय == after informing
आख्यायिकाम जल्पन == episodes, jovially telling
आख्यासि == you informed
आख्यास्यते == will narrate
आख्यास्यामि == shall tell
आख्यास्ये == I shall tell
आख्याहि == Tell@
आख्याहि तत्त्वम == tell the truth to me
आख्याहि तावत == tell, firstly
आख्येया == tellable - you inform them about her.
आगग्मुः == and arrived (on the scene).
आगच्छ == come here
आगच्छत आश्रमम == came, to hermitage.
आगच्छन्तम राक्शसम त्रिशिरसम == oncoming, demon, of Trishira
आगच्छेत् == one should come@
आगछ्छत == came
आगछ्छ्ह == come
आगछ्छ्हत == and proceeded
आगछ्छ्हत इह == come here
आगछ्छ्हत दैन्यम == were deprived of their energy
आगछ्छ्हत ध्यानम == became a bit thoughtful.
आगछ्छ्हति == coming
आगछ्छ्हन्त्याः == while departing
आगछ्छ्हम == went
आगछ्छ्हेत == and come
आगत गात्र वेपथुम == bechanced, bodily, spasmodic jerking
आगत रोषयोः == the enraged
आगत सम्भ्रमः == came upon, alarm
आगत साध्वसाः == terrified as they were.
आगतः == Having come@
आगतः असि == you have come
आगतः अस्मि == I came
आगतः कालः लताम इव == on arrival, of time, creeper-plant, like
आगतः यदि == (has my name) ever reached
आगतः हर्षम == who experienced joy
आगतम == who comes
आगतम अन्गदम च दृश्ट्वा == one who arrived, Angada, also, on seeing
आगतम दुश्टम सर्पम इव == that came, vicious, serpent, as with
आगतम विना == without the arrival
आगतम सह लक्श्मणम == one who arrived, with, Lakshmana
आगतस्य == (really) arrived
आगतह == I came
आगता == (eventhough) coming into
आगताः == arrived@
आगताः च निविश्टाः च == arrived, also, settled down, also
आगताः स्म == arrived at, we have
आगताः स्म आश्रम पदम == arrived at, we are, at hermitage's, threshold
आगतान == returned
आगतानाम सु दूरात छ == to those arriving, from distant places, also
आगताम == incoming
आगताम ताम == those demons, who arrived, them
आगताम पद्भ्यामेव == coming on foot
आगताह == and get
आगतुम == to come
आगते == have attained
आगतैः == arrived «at Mithila»
आगतोउ == have come
आगतोन == come
आगतौ == came
आगत्य == arriving at
आगत्यापि == even (if they) could come
आगथा == came
आगन्तम == and to come
आगन्तुम == to come
आगम == arrival@
आगम... == 'perception, inference, logic, scriptures...' and because
आगमः == arrival - of these many demons under the aegis of Ravana
आगमत == became
आगमन == went@
आगमनम == about arrival
आगमने == in coming
आगमयोगेन == through the words of my bosom friends
आगमाः == path-ways
आगमिश्यतः == can come
आगमिश्यति == arrives
आगमिश्यन्ति == will be coming.
आगमिश्यामि == I shall come back.
आगमिष्यति == will come
आगमिष्यामि == (I will) obtain
आगमे == on the arrival@
आगम्य == approached
आगम्य सम्निकर्षम == seeking the presence (of Rama)
आगातः == attained.
आगान्तु == come
आगामनम प्रति == arrival, regarding «the work that made you to come»
आगुः == arrived.
आग्नि == , Lord of Fire - southeast
आग्नेय अस्त्र == Fire-missile etc., kingcraft, and scriptures. On one occasion when Sagara asks for the details about his father, Cyavana had to
आग्नेय व्रत == . The earthly earth sustains scholars and stupid, wealthy and poor, prosperous and pathetic alike, so shall the king bear with all of his subjects
आग्नेयम == Agni
आग्नेयम अस्त्रम == one belonging to Fire-god, missile
आग्नेयम अस्त्रम उत्क्शिप्य == fiery, missile, brandishing
आग्नेयम अस्त्रम सम्गृह्य == Aagneya, missile, on taking
आग्नेया == charged with the missile presided over by the Fire-God
आग्नेयी न == direction of Fire-god «south-east,» not known
आग्ड़्ढ़्णामितियत == by taking
आघूर्णित तरङ्गोउघः == with a multitude of waves
आघोशयत छ == (He) also cried aloud
आघ्राय == by inhaling
आङ्ग्ल == English@
आङ्ग्लभाषा == English language@
आचचक्शे == and said
आचचक्शे तस्मै == said, to them.
आचरतः == acting@
आचरति == he does@
आचरान् == performing@
आचरितम == being frequented by
आचर् == to behave, interact@
आचारः == behavior@
आचार्य == a religious teacher@
आचार्य नागर्जुन == was there, who established a Buddhist University in Andhra, to which students from far Japan used to
आचार्य वरणम == ; 11» Climax,
आचार्य सम्मतान == to mentors, agreeable ones
आचार्य( == ः) (aachaarya(H)) (Masc.nom.S)teacher; preceptor@
आचार्यं == the teacher@
आचार्याः == teachers@
आचार्यान् == teachers@
आचार्योपासनं == approaching a bona fide spiritual master@
आचितन == studded «thicketed»
आचितैः == closely «growing»
आच्छादकम् == (n) covering sheet, chaddar@
आछकांक्शे == desired
आछक्शिरे == reported
आछक्श्य == tell
आछक्श्व == tell
आछक्षे == replied
आछक्ष्व == tell
आछछक्श == told
आछछक्शए == said
आछछक्शिरे == and reported
आछछक्शे == said
आछछक्शेछ == and related the story
आछछक्षुः == reported the matter
आछछक्षे == I told
आछमन == , sipping water for self-purification, and then to western oceans to give
आछम्य == sipping the water
आछम्यछ == having sipped water
आछर == (and) create
आछर कोविदः == who knew the code of conduct
आछरता धर्मम == while following righteousness
आछरन == and following
आछरन्त्याः == conduct yourself
आछरितः == was practised
आछरितम == followed by
आछरिते == which is practiced
आछरेत == commit
आछलाः इव == like mountains
आछश्ट == narrated
आछश्टे == is telling
आछष्ट == told
आछष्टे == told
आछारयत == carried
आछारवति == traditional
आछारवर्जिता == devoid of traditions
आछार्य == , Teacher status to Hanuma to educate the innate soul - Seetha in Lanka - about the Almighty. So, to receive that status, according to Vaishnavaite
आछार्यः == a preceptor
आछार्याः == of your elders
आछित सर्व गात्रम == with their limbs diffused all over.
आछितम == supported
आछोदयत == drove
आछ्छ्हाद्य == covering
आछ्छ्हिद्य == and snatched away
आछ्य अवयत == removed
आजगाम == (Rama) came
आजगाम जनस्थानम == came to, Janasthaana
आजग्मतुः == and sought for
आजग्मुः == arrived
आजघान == (He) stuck
आजघाव == struck
आजघ्नुः == (they) beat
आजनुलम्बिबाहुः == having long arms reaching down to his knees
आजहार == (he) bore away
आजह्रुः == and brought
आजह्रे == performed
आजानुबाहुं == the one whose arms extend upto his knees@
आजानुबाहुः == whose arms descend to the knees
आजिमर्दनम == the destroyer in battle
आजुहाव == called
आजुहाव स राघवम == invited, with, Raghava-s.
आजैः == with Brahma's brainchildren
आजैश्छापि == dishes of goat
आजौ == in battle
आज्ज्ञप्य == instructed their work-men
आज्ज्ञय == as per the command
आज्ज्ञया == by the order of
आज्ज्ञातुम == to order
आज्ज्ञापय == give a command!
आज्ज्ञापयत == commanded; niryaaNam- for the decamping
आज्ज्ञापयस्व छ == order also.
आज्ज्ञापयामास == commanded (as follows)
आज्ज्ञापयामि == (hereby) command
आज्ज्ञापयितुम == to command (you)
आज्ज्ञापयेत == may enjoin
आज्ज्ञापितः == commanded
आज्ज्ञाप्य == ordered for
आज्ज्ञाप्यत आम == Give orders
आज्ज्ञाप्रतीक्शाः == awaiting his command.
आज्ज्ञाम == the command
आज्ज्ञामिव == like an order
आज्ज्ञाय == noticing
आज्ज्ञेयम == the village of Agneyam
आज्ञअप्तम == ordered
आज्ञआ == order
आज्ञआ चक्र == ' plexus of discrimination' back at
आज्ञआपय == command us
आज्ञआपयत == «Sugreeva» ordered
आज्ञआपयथः == you order - you bid fair; such
आज्ञआपयितुम अर्हसि == to give orders «to them, apt of you.
आज्ञआप्यः भवता हि अहम == biddable, by you, indeed, I am.
आज्ञआप्यम == to be ordered to remain under your control
आज्ञआम श्रुत्वा == command, on hearing
आज्ञआयाम किम नु सज्जसे == to issue orders, why, really, delaying - temporising.
आज्ञप्तः == commanded
आज्ञप्तम == a command
आज्ञया == under the orders
आज्ञया दशग्रीवम == by the orders of Ravana
आज्ञा == command@
आज्ञा चक्र == and Seetha is found thereby... - after
आज्ञा प्रतीक्शा == waiting for orders
आज्ञापय == giver oders
आज्ञापयतु == command
आज्ञापयामास == directed
आज्ञाप्रवर्तनात == by proceeding according to the orders
आज्ञाय == after knowing
आज्ञ्यापयत == and orderd
आज्णप्तः == having been commanded
आज्णाप्य == having ordered
आज्णाय == recognizing
आज्य सिक्तः == with ghee «clarified butter,» drenched
आज्य हुतस्य == when a melted butter is offered as an oblation.
आज्यं == melted butter@
आज्यम == clarified butter
आज्येन == with clarified butter
आज्ज़्नापयत == instructed
आटव्यः == forests
आडम्बरम == the instrument called aadambara
आढ्यः == a rich@
आढ्यः वा अपि == rich, or, even
आढ्यस्य == between a rich man
आणिः == nail@
आण्गने == O Seetha!
आण्जनीः == caskets containing collyrium for the eyes
आतङ्क == horror , terror@
आतङ्क्वादः == (m) terrorism@
आततायिनः == and treacherous minds@
आततायिनम == having your bow drawn
आतनः == on my own
आतप == heat@
आतप श्यामा == by sun heat, blackened - swarthy
आतपः == sun, in which time, not, intolerable he becomes, in his glare
आतपः इव == as sun shine(dries up
आतपत्रं == sunshade@
आतपत्रम == the umbrella
आतपत्रम्छ == umbrella also
आतपापाये == at the end of a summer
आतपी == (He is) the radiator of heat
आतपे == in red heat «of midday»
आतपेन == by sun
आतपेन च == or due to heat of the sun.
आतरत == (and) crossed
आतस्थतुः == travelled on.
आतापितम इव अभवत == seared, as if, became.
आतिथ्य धर्म दत्तानि == hospitality, by grace of, offered «by you»
आतिथ्यम == a hospitality
आतिथ्यम कर्तुम इच्छामि == guestship
आतिथ्यस्य == towards the guests
आतिथ्ये == with my hospitality
आतिथ्येन == by giving warm welcome
आतिश्ठ == give precedence
आतिश्ठत == and halted; (near)
आतिष्ट == prevail upon
आतिष्ठ == be situated@
आतिष्ठ अप्रमादम == take care
आतिष्ठः == rule
आतिष्ठत == stood up
आतिष्ठन == stood by
आतुर == anxious@
आतुरः == an ailing man.
आतुरः इव == like a patient
आतुरमिव == like a patient
आतुरा यथा == a hysterical person, as with
आतुराः == cried
आतुलम == the sick
आत्त == ready@
आत्त कार्मुकैः == and carrying bows
आत्त बाण आसनम == who took, arrows, seat of - bow
आत्तबाणासनम == wielding a bow
आत्थ == have spoken@
आत्म == is not the usual 'soul' but courage@
आत्म अनुमानात == by self, inference -by my own experience
आत्म अनुरूपम == self, befitting
आत्म अपराधजम == on account of your guilt (abduction of Seetha).
आत्म कार्य गरीयस्त्वात == our, work, owing to loftiness of due to magnitude involved in our task
आत्म कृतात == brought about by themselves
आत्म गतम धैर्यम स्मर == soul gone in «inherent,» courage, you recollect
आत्म गतिम जगाम == on his own, way, went away.
आत्म जम == your son
आत्म तेजसा == with his brilliance
आत्म दुः चरितैः == by his own, bad, doings
आत्म परिधानार्थम == intended to be worne by her
आत्म पुष्पम इव == as by its own flow
आत्म पौरुशम == self, pride
आत्म पौरुश्य पराभवेन == soul's, bold-temper, by trouncing
आत्म प्रशम्सा दोश == , and brave heroes of legends cannot be subjected to such a blemish. And to listen to the
आत्म प्राण परिग्रहः == capacity to preserve your life (for exceptional longevity)
आत्म भावम == their peculiar nature
आत्म मनः शौचम == of soul, heart, cleanliness
आत्म यशोकरम == that has taken away his own reputation.
आत्म योनये == responsible for his own birth
आत्म योनेः == presided over by Brahma; the self born creator
आत्म वध काङ्क्षिणः == who sought your own destruction.
आत्म वधाय == «his own,» himself, for destruction of
आत्म विनाशाय == for self, extinction
आत्म विभूशणम == his own, decoration «insignia»
आत्म विभूशणानि == to themselves, that are ornaments
आत्म शक्तिम विज्ञआय == your own, capacity - stout-heartedness, on realizing
आत्म सम भावितम == soul, well, adoring «self-adulating»
आत्म समर्पण == self-dedication...'
आत्म समाः == like you
आत्म समाधिना == soul, by meditative concentration «for she is a yogin»
आत्म सम्पूजनीः == adoring oneself
आत्म सम्भवाः दश == self-same, ten «daughters.»
आत्म सुतान हित्वा == your own, sons, on leaving off «sacrificing»
आत्म स्वदूषण == due to your own fault
आत्म हितम == for himself, advantageous
आत्मः सदृशान == equal to him
आत्मकं == consisting of@
आत्मकः == possessing or controlling@
आत्मकामा == who loves herself
आत्मकारणात् == for sense enjoyment@
आत्मगतनि == in his own way
आत्मछक्षुषी == his eyes.
आत्मछ्छ्हन्देन == according to own desire
आत्मज == son@
आत्मजः == is a son@
आत्मजम == born in his mind
आत्मजये == in securing their own victory
आत्मजा == the daughter@
आत्मजानाम == from his domain
आत्मजाम == my son
आत्मजे == to your son
आत्मजेन विना == without my son
आत्मजैः सह == with his sons
आत्मजैश्छ == sons
आत्मजोउ == two sons(Rama and Lakshmana)
आत्मजोयथा == like (killing) its child
आत्मजौ == sons
आत्मजौ पुत्रौ == own, sons
आत्मज्ञान == knowledge of self@
आत्मतृप्तः == self-illuminated@
आत्मतेजसा == with its own splendour
आत्मन == (Masc.instr.sing.) thro' the self@
आत्मनः == their@
आत्मनः अपनयनम == «about» his own, detour
आत्मनः अभिज्ञआनम कुरुश्व त्वम == for yourself, identity, make, you
आत्मनः अर्थसाधकम == which was intended to achieve his purpose:
आत्मनः अवध्यताम == your own immunity from death
आत्मनः आश्रमम न्यवर्तत == to his own, to hermitage, returned.
आत्मनः इक्श्वाकु उलम == of his, about Ikshvaku, dynasty
आत्मनः इश्टम जीवितम च == for yourself, dear, «your» life, also
आत्मनः कङ्ठात == from her neck
आत्मनः कर्म == his own feat
आत्मनः कामकारः == to do what he wills
आत्मनः कायम == His own body
आत्मनः च == of himself
आत्मनः च पराक्रमम == your own, valour
आत्मनः च हितम च == for himself, also, beneficial, also
आत्मनः जीवितम त्यक्श्ये == of mine, live, I will leave off - shun away.
आत्मनः तम भर्तारम == her that husband
आत्मनः दार == one's own wife
आत्मनः देहम == His body
आत्मनः देहम त्यक्श्ये == my, body, I give up.
आत्मनः निग्रहम स्मरन == his, subdual, «whenever» reminisced
आत्मनः निश्चयम कृत्वा == on your own, decision, on making
आत्मनः पुत्र वत == one's, own, son like
आत्मनः पुत्रीयम == for your, son causing
आत्मनः प्रतिरूपम == for herself, befitting
आत्मनः प्राणम == who is as dear to him as his life?
आत्मनः प्रियम == which is pleasing to me
आत्मनः बलम == his own army
आत्मनः बलम प्रथयता == his own, might, to exhibit
आत्मनः भूतिम इच्छेत == his own, welfare, if desires; such a one
आत्मनः मुश्टिम == his fist
आत्मनः मुष्टिम == his fist
आत्मनः मृत्युम == for himself, death
आत्मनः यथा सुखम == or according to your own comfort.
आत्मनः वधम आख्याहि च == your, about murder, you relate, too.
आत्मनः विनाशाय == of yourself, for ruination
आत्मनः शान्तिम न लेभे == for himself, peace, not, attained.
आत्मनः शिखरे == on its peak
आत्मनः शुभम दर्शनम प्रदर्शयन == his own, opportune, viewpoint, to clarify
आत्मनः शोकापनुदम == will remove his worry.
आत्मनः सामर्थ्याछ्छैव == and because of my capability
आत्मनः सुमहत रूपम == my gigantic form
आत्मनः हस्तमिव == like its trunk
आत्मनः हितम == for himself, appeasing
आत्मनः हितानुबन्धम == his welfare as a consequence
आत्मनम == for himself
आत्मनमिव == as seeing oneself
आत्मनश्छ == for himself
आत्मनश्छैव == to himself
आत्मनह == my
आत्मना == caused by (princes) themselves.@
आत्मना अकरोत == by himself, has done «he readied himself.»
आत्मना किम == for myself, what «is the use.»
आत्मनाशाय == for your own ruin.
आत्मनि == for him@
आत्मनि विरूपणम च == of her, misshaping, also
आत्मनैव == indeed themselves
आत्मनो == by nature
आत्मनोवा == or of your own
आत्मन् == Soul@
आत्मपण्छमम == being himself the fifth one along with four others
आत्मबलम == your own strength
आत्मबलम भवेत == how will my strength become
आत्मबलानुरूपम == suitable of Ravana's might.
आत्मभरणैछैव == to maintain herself
आत्मभवाः == which is originating in the whole body
आत्मभाव == within their hearts@
आत्मभूतात्मा == compassionate@
आत्ममायया == by My internal energy@
आत्मयोगात् == by My internal potency@
आत्मरतिः == taking pleasure in the self@
आत्मरथम्छैव == his own chariot
आत्मरुहैः == overgrown with trees.
आत्मरूपाणि == worthy of your own self
आत्मवतः == While I survive
आत्मवता == by a man of self-regard.
आत्मवताम वर == among hearty ones, the best «amiable one.»
आत्मवत्तया == because of his good bent of mind
आत्मवद्भिः == with clear-headed ones «sensible gods etc - externally»
आत्मवन्तं == situated in the self@
आत्मवन्तम == having good sense
आत्मवशवर्तिनीम == to be as dependent on your will
आत्मवश्यैः == under one's control@
आत्मवान == Rama the man of great
आत्मवान लक्श्मणः == self-respectful, Lakshmana
आत्मवान विश्णुः देवः == kind-hearted, Vishnu, the god
आत्मवान सुग्रीवः == sensible one, Sugreeva
आत्मवानिव == like one who realized self
आत्मवान् == established in the self@
आत्मविनाशनाय == for only your self destruction.«
आत्मविनाशार्थम == for my own destruction.
आत्मविनिग्रहः == self-control@
आत्मविपथि शन्कया == doubting about possible shock to his
आत्मविभूतयः == personal opulences@
आत्मविश्वासः == (m) confidence@
आत्मवीर्यम == my own strength.
आत्मव्यूह अभिनन्दिताः == their own flock, well admired
आत्मसंयम == of controlling the mind@
आत्मसंस्तुतिः == and praise of himself@
आत्मसंस्थं == placed in transcendence@
आत्मसमः == as well as my own self.
आत्मसमम == equal to his soul
आत्मसमस्य पुरोहितस्य == of his family-priest (Vasishta the sage); who was his
आत्मसमैह == good enough to him
आत्मसम्भवः == the son
आत्मसम्भवम == the son
आत्मसम्भवौ == the sons
आत्मसात् == to imbibe, to make one's own, to train oneself@
आत्मसुखावहम == which can lead to her happiness.
आत्मस्थम == your own
आत्महत्या == suicide@
आत्महितम == and who wished well of him
आत्मा == himself@
आत्मा अपि न == about yourself, even, not «to be bothered»
आत्मा न च == us
आत्माइत == self; as such
आत्माछ == and your youself too
आत्माछ समम == as well as your own self
आत्माधिकाराः == pertaining to himself
आत्मानं == the mind@
आत्मानः == by your
आत्मानः अनु भावात वा == of yours, innate, owing to prodigy, or
आत्मानम == yourself?
आत्मानम अभिषेछय == get yourself consecrated on the throne
आत्मानम अहम मानुशम मन्ये == 'I for myself am a human...' etc., and here also Valmiki used this word
आत्मानम आत्मना == of themselves by themselves
आत्मानम आत्मना त्यजत == one's self «soul,» by oneself «soulfully,» may leave off.
आत्मानम उपमाम कृत्वा == making yourself as an example
आत्मानम किम न सज्जसे == yourself, why, not, readying «yourself.»
आत्मानम च == yourself, also
आत्मानम छतुर विधम कृत्वा == himself, into four-fold, on making «agreeing to make»
आत्मानम त्वम प्लावयस्व == yourself, you, dip - drench, take dip-baths
आत्मानम दर्शयामास == himself, revealed
आत्मानम बुद्धि वैक्लव्यात == Rama Tilaka negates the idea
आत्मानम बुद्धि वैक्ल्ब्यात कृत कृत्यम अमन्यत... == 'he believed
आत्मानम मे == myself
आत्मानम वृक्शेण आच्छाद्य == yourself, by trees «by leaves,» veiling «camouflaging»
आत्मानम शोशयिश्यामि हि == myself, I emaciate, indeed.
आत्मानम स्व जनम हन्ति == himself, own, people «kith and kin,» he kills.
आत्मानम्छ == and yourself
आत्माना == himself
आत्मानाम == about my own self
आत्मानाम अभिशेछय == get yourself crowned
आत्मानाम न बुध्यते तावत == is not conscious of his
आत्मानाम मानुश्यम मन्ये == 'in my soul I consider I am human' but as per
आत्मानि == over me@
आत्मापछारेण == because of his offence
आत्मापहरणोपमम == which was equal to the news of her carrying away (by Ravana)
आत्माम == himself
आत्मासम्भविताः == self-complacent@
आत्माहि == is very self
आत्माऽतत्त्वमसि == Thou art That Not (self + Self are differnt:Duality)@
आत्मियता == the feeling of oneness@
आत्मीय समर्पण == 'selfless
आत्मैव == the very mind@
आत्यन्तिकं == supreme@
आत्ययिकम == to be done quickly
आत्र == here is
आत्र्षु == on your limbs
आत्सर्य == : envy
आथ == you speak
आथयः == the anguishes
आथवरायुधानि == and were furnished with excellent weapons.
आथिथ्यम == hospitality
आदत == ate
आदत्तम == have taken
आदत्ते == can take in / hauled us in@
आददत == attracting; manaH minds
आददानाम == and those who were transporting
आददुः == took
आददे == and got hold of
आददेछ == and took out
आदद्यात == will take
आदद्याम == can I accept
आदय == on taking
आदया == and taking
आदरात == attentively
आदरात द्विरुक्ति... == 'an affectionate
आदर्श तल सन्काशा == mirror's, surface «reflection on the surface of a mirror,» like
आदर्शतलसम्स्थितम == in a mirror.
आदर्शयत == showed
आदर्शयन == showing
आदस्य == I shall take away
आदान == taking@
आदानम == the taking off
आदानात == and for realising
आदाने == of accepting
आदानेव == athe beginning itself
आदापयत == caused to be given
आदाय == taking up
आदाय पाङ्डरम छ्हत्रम == and taking the white parasol (intended for Rama)
आदाय शीघ्रम आगच्छ == on taking, quickly, you come back
आदास्ये == I shall eclipse
आदि == beginning@
आदि पर्व == , First Canto, Maha Bharata.
आदि वर्णः == The first letter
आदि शेष == , on which Vishnu reclines. Even in this incarnation of Rama, Lakshmana says he is the same adherent. Thus Lakshmana wants Rama not to say 'you do it your way' but to order 'you do it my
आदि श्श == the couch of Vishnu. This word
आदि षेश == , the thousand headed serpent on which Vishnu reclines. The mythological derivation is that Lakshmana is the incarnation of that serpent, while
आदि सेश == on whose coils Vishnu reclines. The whole dessert is divine and parts of it do not signify and inter-divided god-hoods. Hence, the apportionment of the desert is
आदिं == the origin@
आदिः == the origin@
आदिकर्ता == are the first creator of all
आदिकर्त्रे == to the supreme creator@
आदिकाव्यम == foremost lyric
आदिकेषु == etc etc@
आदितः == from beginning
आदितः कृत्वा == from starting «point,» on making
आदित्य == a name of Sun, Vishnu is among twelve Aditya-s@
आदित्य इव == like that of the sun
आदित्य कल्पेन == which was as efflugent as the sun
आदित्य कोटीसदृशः == equal to that of a crore of suns
आदित्य चन्द्रौ == Sun, Moon
आदित्य तरुणोपमम == (brilliant) like the Sun at noon.
आदित्य तेजसौ == whose splendour is like that of the sun.
आदित्य पथम आस्थितौ == solar, path, abiding in
आदित्य पावकौ अपि == Sun-god, Fire-god, even
आदित्य भवने == Sun's, palace
आदित्य मण्डले == In the disk of the sun
आदित्य रश्मि निर्दग्धौ == by Sun's, rays, burnt down
आदित्य रागेण == by sun's, reddish hue
आदित्य वर्छसे == the light indwelling the solar orb
आदित्य वर्णेन == having the sun's colour.
आदित्य विमलौ == with spotless lustre like that of a sun
आदित्य शत संकाशः == equal to a hundred suns
आदित्य सण्काशम == who was equal to sun
आदित्य सन्काशः == he is equal to the sun
आदित्य सन्काशम == Sun, in similarity
आदित्य सन्निभम == Sun, similar in shine
आदित्य सन्निभैः शरैः == Sun, similar, with arrows/sunrays
आदित्य सम प्रभम == which was as brilliant as the sun
आदित्य सम्काशम == resembling the sun
आदित्य सम्काशाः == bright as the sun
आदित्य सम्काशान == blazing sun, similar
आदित्य सम्काशैः == looking like sun
आदित्य सम्काशैः पद्मैः == sun, similar to, with lotuses
आदित्य सम्निभैः == shining like the sun.
आदित्य हृदयम == 'Aditya Hridaya' (which is intended to propitiate Brahma; installed in the heart of the orb
आदित्यः == an off-spring of Aditi@
आदित्यः इव == like the Sun
आदित्यः छ == even the sun
आदित्यगतं == in the sunshine@
आदित्यतेजसा == having the sun's splendour
आदित्यपथम == to the orbit of the sun.
आदित्यपथस्य == for solar path
आदित्यम == at Sun
आदित्यम इव == like sun
आदित्यम उप यातौ == to sun, near, we travelled
आदित्यम कालेन इव == Sun, by Time-ender, like
आदित्यम पातयिश्यामि सनक्शत्रम == I shall cause the sun along with the stars to fall asunder
आदित्यमिव == like the sun
आदित्यवत् == like the rising sun@
आदित्यवर्णं == luminous like the sun@
आदित्यस == of the sun
आदित्यस्य प्रभा यथा == Sun's, Shine, as with
आदित्यात == and from the sun
आदित्यान == Adityas
आदित्यानां == of the Adityas@
आदित्यान् == the twelve sons of Aditi@
आदित्याम सम अ जायत == from Aditi, well, emerged - as son
आदित्याश्छ == Heavenly deities; the sons of Aditi
आदित्ये == when the constellation Punarvasu (presided over by Aditi; the mother of gods and consisting of twin-starts)
आदित्ये अस्तम्गते == when the sun sets
आदित्ये वर्छसा == with splendour of the sun
आदित्योदय संकाशैः == which were equal to sunrise
आदिदेवं == the original Lord@
आदिदेवः == is the primordial Lord@
आदिदेश == issued his commands
आदिभिः == by those@
आदिशत == (Ravana) dispatched
आदिशन == is ordered by
आदिश्टः == have been instructed
आदिश्टाः == as commanded
आदिश्य == offering
आदिष्ट == ordered@
आदिष्टम == as suggested
आदिष्टवान == accepted
आदिष्टवान् == (he was)commanded@
आदिष्टा एव == ordered
आदिष्टाः == assigned
आदिसेश == who guards Vishnu like a mosquito net. The fibre like sheath released by a snake will be beautiful for a look as it glitters with all the charms of a charming snake.
आदी पयिष्यामि == shall I consume
आदीपयताम == of men; setting
आदीपयामास == blazed up (overwhelmed)
आदीपयिष्यामि == I shall blaze up
आदीपिता == was set fire
आदीप्तम == was lit
आदीप्तान इव == as if they are blazing up.
आदीश्वर == the primeval lord, a name of Shiva@
आदृतः == having begun@
आदृत्य == so suddenly?
आदृश्यत == appeared
आदृश्यन्त == were seen
आदेक्ष्यावः == we will employ
आदेशम == (by way of) an order
आदौ == at the beginning@
आदौ एव == firstly, thus
आद्य == Now@
आद्य प्रभृति == from today onwards
आद्यं == original@
आद्यः पन्थाः == first, «in sky they fly in» path - level of flight
आद्ये == (Masc.loc.sing.) the first@
आधत्स्व == fix@
आधयः == because the
आधयः इव == as mental agonies cannot overwhelm his senses
आधर्मिश्ठम == the most wicked one?
आधर्षयितुम == to attack
आधातुम == to keep.
आधानम == to perform funeral rites
आधाय == by keeping@
आधारः == support or base@
आधारयत == donned
आधि राज्याभिशेकः == that I should be conscrated on the imperial throne
आधिक == addition, plus@
आधिक्य == surplus@
आधिक्यात == for superiority
आधिपत्य == overlordship@
आधिपत्यं == supremacy@
आधिराज्ये == for an empire
आध्यः == wealthy
आध्यात्म रामायण == etc., say them. For the elimination of Maareecha
आध्यात्मिकं == super-natural, spiritual@
आध्याय == placing
आध्यारोपयते == helped to mount
आध्वनि == along the way
आनः अपि च == leader / protector, shelterer, even, also.
आनघः == (May) the sinless
आनत पर्वणा == which was curved at its nodes.
आनतपर्वणा == having curved knots.
आनन == Face@
आननं == face@
आननम == face
आननम अन्तकम इव == verily, gaping, mouth, Terminator, as with.
आनने == in the face
आननैः == with their faces
आनन्तर्यम अभिप्रोप्सुम == who was eager to undertake what was to be done next
आनन्तर्यात == after a proper thought
आनन्द == happiness@
आनन्द अर्धनम == for the increase of her happiness
आनन्द घनः == you filled with delight
आनन्द रामयन == and the same is being given hereunder...
आनन्द रामायण == Thus, Goddess Lakshmi became Vedavati and Vedavati became Seetha of Ramayana, as such Valmiki calls his Ramayana
आनन्दः == joy
आनन्दजम == begotten of joy?
आनन्दजानि == born out of joy
आनन्ददान == give happiness.
आनन्दन == happiness@
आनन्दम == happiness
आनन्दमयः == full of great happiness@
आनन्दवर्धनम == and which would bring forward increased joy.
आनन्दो ब्रहम - आनन्दात एव खलु इमानि भूतानि जायन्ते == 6, Taittariiya Upanishad. Next,
आनपायिनी == without reduction.
आनम्य == bent
आनम्यमानस्य == sinking
आनय == Bring
आनयत == bring
आनयत न == another, is not there
आनयध्वम == be invited.
आनयन == brought
आनयने == to bring
आनयन्तु == lead them in.
आनयस्व == get them
आनयस्व नृप आज्ञया == invite them, by king's, orders.
आनया हीनः == losing Her
आनयांछक्रे == brought
आनयामास == brought
आनयितुम == to bring
आनयिश्यामहे सीताम == we will lead forth, Seetha
आनयिश्यामि == will fetch
आनयिष्यन्ति == and recover (Seetha).
आनयिष्यामि == I shall bring
आनयेयम == I would have brought.
आनर्छ == worshipped
आनाययित्वा == will be brought back
आनायित == was brought.
आनाय्य == on bringing
आनिन्युः == brought
आनीतः == was taken into
आनीतः त्वम इमम देशम उपायेन महर्षिभिः ।। ३-३०-३५ == Thus this sagacious Akampana is plotting to bring Seetha firstly, for whom Rama comes conquering Ravana, and then the demons on earth will be
आनीतम == being brought
आनीता == was brought
आनीता असि == you have been brought
आनीताः == those «guests» that are led forth «into hermitage»
आनीताम == brought
आनीय == brought
आनीयताम == be arranged
आनीयताम सीता == let Seetha be brought
आनीयमने तु == while being brought
आनु पूर्व्येण == later, earlier - on observing - observing eldership and younger-hood, sequentially»
आनुकूल्येन ययुः सम्वत्सरा दश == smoothly, elapsed, years, ten.
आनुद्धत मनाः == who has no arrogance in his mind
आनुपूर्व्या == in accord with their rank
आनुपूर्व्यात == as before, only
आनुपूर्व्यान == in order of precedence
आनुपूर्व्येण == (and) systematically
आनुपूर्व्येण वृत्तम == (rolled) in a circle from top to bottom
आनुव्रत == the follower
आनृशम्स्यतः == from pity
आनृशम्स्यम छ == the gentleness of
आनृशम्स्येन == due to kindness
आनेतुम == to bring her - to Lanka
आनेदुः छ == (they) cried out noises; (which burst forth)
आनेश्यति == brings back.
आनेश्यामि च == I wish to lead her in, also.
आन्तरदेशीय == within the country mainly for transaction??@
आन्तर्जालं == (n) internet@
आन्त्रैः == and their intestines
आन्ध्रान च == Andhra territory
आप == has obtained
आप गाभिः च == by water, goers «by rivers»
आप गाम == water, flowing «river»
आप गायाः == with waters, coursing - of river
आपः == the waters@
आपः तेजस लीयते == 'earth merges in waters, waters merges in fire...'
आपगा इव == as a river
आपगाः == rivers
आपगाः इव == as the rivers
आपगाः छ == rivers
आपगाभिः == by rivers
आपगाम == the River
आपणः == (m) shop@
आपणिकः == (m) shop-keeper@
आपणेषु छ == on shops
आपत == misfortune
आपतत == or appearing suddenly
आपततः == coming near him
आपतताम == approaching in order to attack (Rama)
आपतन्तः == coming quickly
आपतन्तम == advancing
आपतन्तम कुम्भकर्णम == to the dashing Kumbhakarna
आपतन्तीम == falling
आपतब्तन == coming and falling
आपतितः == suddenly
आपतिताः == coming forth
आपतेयुः == may rush into
आपत्न्तम == rushing towards him
आपत्सु == in distresses
आपत्सु न प्र कम्पन्ते == in calamities, will not, fluctuate.
आपत्सु रक्श को धर्मः == 'in difficulties which rightness safeguards?' is the ensuing dilemma.
आपद == danger
आपद धर्म सूत्र: न नर्म युक्तम अनृतम हि न अस्ति न स्त्रीशु राजन न विवाह काले == 'at the time
आपदम == accident.
आपदम शन्कमानेन == danger, misgiving
आपदां == dangers@
आपदितन == is created
आपद् == calamity@
आपद्यते == comes to distress
आपन्तन्तीम == the befalling
आपन्न प्रहर्षवशम == overpowered as I was by extreme joy.
आपन्नं == achieved@
आपन्नः == afflicted as he was
आपन्नः अमर्श्वा वशम == who gave way to wrath
आपन्नः क्रोध वशम == falling a prey to anger
आपन्नः यदि == If he has returned
आपन्नम == nearby
आपन्नह == Having got into
आपन्ना == obtaining
आपन्ना नु == she reached, in fact
आपन्नाः == were seized@
आपन्नान == getting
आपन्नानाम == ; those that seek the
आपन्नानाम परा गतिः == for woebegone, ultimate, course
आपन्नाम == getting
आपन्नाम छमूमिव == like an afflicted army
आपन्ने == having obtained
आपरेण निशितेन बाणाशनिना == with another sharp thunderbolt-like arrow
आपह् == water@
आपाण्डु == with very white - blanched
आपातयत == and felled it
आपातयश्छ == and threw down
आपादितः == was caused
आपान भूमि गमनम == liquor consuming, place, going to
आपानभूमिम == that bar
आपास्य == throw away
आपिन == Is there no
आपीडनकृतव्रणौ == (those arms had) wounds made by stabbing
आपीड्य == crushing
आपीड्यमानः == tormented
आपीत वदनम == with face in the color of gold
आपु पूरे == fully filled
आपुप्लुवः == were overwhelmingly jumping ahead
आपुप्लुवे == jumped
आपुर्यमाणं == always being filled@
आपूजयन == exalted
आपूरयन == filled the air
आपूरयन इव अभूत == filling up, as though, became «appeared to be.»
आपूरयान्निव == as though filling up
आपूर्य == covering@
आपूर्यत == was infused
आपूर्यन्त == started to fill - crammed.
आपूर्यन्ते == are filled
आपूर्यमाणः == filled
आपूर्यमाणम == he who is brimming over
आपृच्छ == take leave of@
आपृच्छ्य == on asking leave
आपृछ्छ्हस्व == take leave
आपृछ्छ्हे == I am seaking permission
आपृछ्छ्ह्य == after bidding farewell
आपृश्ट्वा == on asking «leave of absence»
आपेदिवान == got
आपेदे == obtained
आपोक्लिम == The 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses@
आपोवा इदगम सर्वम... == waters are everything...
आप् == to obtain@
आप्त दक्शिणाः == worthwhile, donations
आप्त दक्शिणैः == given are, the charities «liberal charities are given in rituals by him»
आप्त दक्षि णाः == proper gifts.«
आप्त पर्याप्तैः == who were trust-worthy and efficient.
आप्तः == helpful one «patron»
आप्तदक्षिणाः == where presents are received by officiating priest
आप्तदक्षिणैः == furnished with abundant gifts?
आप्तम == acquired
आप्तवादिनम == who spoke honestly.
आप्तु दक्षिणाः == appropriate gifts
आप्तुं == afflicts one with@
आप्तोपदेशिना == and could give credible instructions to them
आप्नुयां == may have@
आप्नुवन्ति == attain@
आप्नुहि == take
आप्नोति == will get@
आप्यते == is obtained.
आप्यम == can be obtained
आप्रवासी == (m) immigrant@
आप्रश्टम == to take leave.
आप्रिच्छ्य == having asked - bid farewell
आप्रुयाम == can I attain
आप्रोति == obtains
आप्लवन्त == sprining
आप्लवन्तः == by swinging
आप्लवन्तः सर्वतः == with their hopping, everywhere
आप्लावम == leaping
आप्लुतः == I leapt
आप्लुतवान == jumped
आप्लुता == immersed@
आप्लुत्य == and jumping
आप्लुत्य आप्लुत्य == leaping and bouncing
आप्लुत्य जवेन == springing forward with all speed
आप्लुत्यछ == and flew
आप्ल्य्त्य == bouncing forward
आबद्धम == and was tied
आबद्धे == tied on
आबध्य == on binding - on back
आबध्यमानाः == secured
आबन्धनार्थाय == for tying around waist
आबबन्ध == bonded
आबभाशति == spoke
आबभाषे == spoke thus.
आबभुः == shone
आबभौ == appeared
आबम भ्रमत == round and round, whirled
आब्द == year@
आब्दफल == yearly prognostication, also varshhaphala@
आब्रह्म भुवन लोकाः पुनर आवर्तिनो अर्जुन । माम उपेत्य तु कौन्तेय पुनर जन्म न विद्यते ।। == The worlds, Arjuna!- even Brahma's world-
आब्रह्मभुवनात् == up to the Brahmaloka planet@
आभः == golden, «mountain,» in sheen
आभभाषीछ == talked
आभरण == ornments
आभरण अभिः == with the lustre of jewels
आभरण जालानि == groups of jewellery
आभरण वस्त्राणि == jewels and raiments.
आभरण स्वनम श्रुत्वा == jewellery's «of female
आभरणं == ornaments@
आभरणजालानि == multitude of ornaments
आभरणम == a jewel
आभरणम् == (n) ornaments, jewellery@
आभरणानि == ornaments
आभरणानि च == and ornaments
आभरणानिछ == and jewellery
आभरणाभाछ == and the splendour of the ornaments
आभरणेषु छ == and jewels
आभरनम == ornament
आभराणि == jewellery
आभराणि छ == (nor) the jewels.
आभराणिछ == and ornaments
आभा == the effulgence@
आभाति == shining forth «he is nitid.»
आभाति द्वितीयम इव == looked like a second sky
आभाश्य == addressed
आभाष्य == addressed
आभाष्यछ == closely analysed
आभासं == the original source@
आभिरोछय == be pleased
आभूत == Ravana became - Ravana is deterred.
आभोगपुलिनाम == with expanse of small islands
आभोगे == (is pushed back) by a tide.
आभ्याम पादुकाभ्याम == by these wooden sandals
आम == that Lanka
आम परिघम == that very iron bludgeon
आम मीन अशनाः == uncooked «raw, fish, eaters
आमनस्क == the mind free from desire@
आमन्त्रयत == took leave of.
आमन्त्रयति विप्रान == invite, Brahman
आमन्त्रयामास == ordered
आमन्त्रयामि == I take leave of
आमन्त्रयितम == to bid farewell verbally
आमन्त्रये == I call attention of
आमन्त्रये त्वाम == I bid farewell, to you
आमन्त्र्य == (to) invited
आमन्त्र्य छ == on beckoning «Valmiki,» also
आमन्त्र्यितुम == taking leave.
आमन्यत == thought
आममन्थेव == stiring
आमय == disease@
आमर्शणः == and who is impatient
आमात्याः == ministers
आमिश अर्थी == of flesh, as a desirer
आमिशम आदाति पुश्कलम == This also is contrived as some tubers and fruits.
आमिशम इव == even as the meat
आमिशस्य अर्थे == for flesh, for the purpose of
आमीतः == has been brought in
आमीयताम धनम == «Let my wealth be brought.«
आमुक्त मणि कुण्डलम == with ear-rings made of gems
आमुछ्य == discharging
आमूल पुश्प निचितैः == with flowers spread till the roots
आमृश्टान == that have been invaded
आम्नायानाम अयोगेन == for want of repeated study
आम्र जम्ब्वसनैः == laden with flowers
आम्र फलम == mango, fruit
आम्रफलम् == (n) mango (the king of fruits)@
आम्रम == a mango tree
आम्रवण सम्छन्नाम == covered by mango trees
आम्रवनम == mango groves
आम्रित == , the ambrosial elixir emerged from the churning of Milk Ocean, and how Shiva contained the poison
आम्ल == sour@
आम्ल लवणोत्तं सैः == seasoned with sour and salty sauces
आम्लं == (n) acid@
आम्शवः == the rays of the sun; (dry up)
आय कर्मणि == getting income
आयः == income
आयण == 'one who conducts humans, say created
आयत अण्छित लाण्गूलः == duly stretching and curling up his tail.
आयत कान्त नेत्रा == broad, bright, eyed one
आयत ताम्राक्षः == with broad and red eyes
आयत तिक्श्ण शल्यान == with long and sharp points
आयत लोचना == wide, eyed one
आयत लोचना यत्र च == wide, eyed Seetha, where she is, also
आयत लोछनः == and with his eyes widened by surprise
आयत लोछनाः == large-eyed Queens
आयत श्रोणीम == one with - fatly «broad,» ample, pelvic girdle
आयत सन्त्रासाः == seized with terror
आयतः == as tall as
आयतनानिछ == and temples
आयतनामिछ == and sanctuaries.«
आयतनेषुछ == and in temples
आयतम == and extensive
आयतम रथघणमिव == looking like long apex of a chariot
आयतम् == (n) rectangle@
आयतलोछनम == having longish eyes
आयतलोछना == having large eyes
आयतलोछनाः == the large eyed
आयतलोछनाम == the wide eyed
आयता == lengthy
आयता पाङ्गे == O one with long cornered eyes
आयता विम्शद्योजनम == and a lenght of twenty yojanas (one hundred sixty miles)
आयताः सु वृत्ताः बाहवः == lengthy, spherical, too, are arms
आयताः, बाहवः, परिघाः == , whereas so far, dual number
आयताक्षाणि == having longish organs of senses
आयताङ्छित दीर्घाणि == their distended long curved
आयताभ्याम == with long
आयतिक्शमम == let that which is good for the future
आयतिस्थम == which has a mental restraint
आयतीमिव == (Seetha was) like expectation
आयतेक्शणा सिता == broad eyed, Seetha
आयतेक्षणा == having wide eyes
आयतैः == bright
आयतोउ == are long.
आयत्तम == dependent on
आयत्तम असाम == 'for us, which, enterprise is there,
आयत्ता == depends
आयत्या च == forthcoming - ensuing, also
आयद्भिः == returning
आयधानिछ == weapons
आयनय == having stretched
आयनांश == Precession of Equinoxes. Used to convert Tropical positions to Sidereal@
आयन्तम == to come
आयम == this Rama(too)
आयम अहम == this I
आयम्य == arched «the bow»
आययुः == arrived - all monkeys arrived.
आययौ == and arrived
आयस आभरणः == iron, decorations
आयसम == is made of iron
आयसम परिघम == an iron bar
आयसाः == steel
आयसीम गदाम == an iron mace
आयसैः == iron cudgels
आयसैः कण्टकैः चिताम == with iron, thorns, encrusted
आयसैः मुद्गरैरपि == with steel hammers
आयस्ता == having exerted
आयाग भूतम == that which is primarily worshipped in dhanur utsava-s, bow-and-arrow worship ceremony
आयाछत == asked to him
आयाछितम == prayer
आयातः == came (there).@
आयातन == abode, resting place@
आयातम == which arrived
आयाता == having arrived
आयाताः == , lengthily ones - they can be stretched to any extent, and on the other hand, anything can depend on them, as in
आयाति == comes
आयान्तम == arriving
आयान्ती == coming
आयाम विस्तारम == length, breadth - square
आयासः == weary
आयासम == anger.«
आयाससम्भवम == born of anguish
आयासिषम == I got into
आयासेन == by exertion
आयास्य == will come
आयाहि == come
आयुः == life span@
आयुः कीर्तिः च वर्धते == long life, reputation, also, enhances.
आयुः परि क्शयः भवति == longevity, completely, dwindle, it will be - death looms large on their longevity.
आयुः वेदमयः पुमान == Life, Science epitome of, «Aayurveda,» male personality
आयुक्ताम == which was unplucked.
आयुत == 'one thousand per unit...'
आयुतान्येव == tens of thousands
आयुतेन सहस्रेण == with aayuta-s, thousand of
आयुध ध्वजम == having ghoulish, skins, «shields» weaponry, flags
आयुध ध्वजान == which has - chariots, skins, «shields,» weaponry, flags
आयुध सहस्राणि == thousands of weapons
आयुधं == weapons@
आयुधजालानि == of collection of weapons
आयुधम == and weapons
आयुधम च आलभे == weapon, I am, on touching - oath on my weapon, too
आयुधम सम नि धाय == can mean in the three possible ways as said above.
आयुधस्वनः == rattling sound of arms
आयुधाः == have as weapons
आयुधात == from the bow
आयुधानां == of all weapons@
आयुधानि == his weapons
आयुधानि छ छित्राणि == and (other) strange weapons
आयुधिनाम == among armed warriors!«
आयुर वेद... == a highly righteous soul named Dhanvantari, with his arm-rest-stick and with his handy water-vessel, surfaced firstly, and also the Apsara-s with their remarkable elegance emerged later...
आयुर्वर्धनम == and prolong life.
आयुशः == acquired, longevity; 'Rama who acquired a longevity for eleven
आयुश्छ == and long life.
आयुश्मन == oh, boy blest is your eternality - oh, Rama
आयुश्मान == with longevity
आयुश्यम == endower of longevity
आयुश्यम अपरे प्राहुः == longevity, then, chanted
आयुश्या == to long life
आयुष्कारक == Significator of Longevity which is Saturn@
आयुष्मताम == if you who are long- lived
आयुष्यम == and longevity
आयूंषि == of age
आयूतम == which came
आयूम्शि == the life-span
आयूयजन == harnessed
आयोगः == (m) commision@
आयोजन शतात == end of yojana, hundred
आयोधनम == the battle-field
आयोधनेवा == in doing the battle.
आयोध्य == city of Ayodhya
आयोध्य पुरीम == to the city of Ayodhya
आयौः == long life
आय्रायाः == of the noble Seetha
आरक्शः == one that safeguards - the army at Janasthaana
आरक्षकः == (m) policeman@
आरक्षस्थाः == who were holding the position of guards
आरक्षिका == (f) policewoman@
आरण्य गोछराः == knowing the secret of forest
आरति == , with camphor burning
आरती == crying out of desperation for help, ritual@
आरब्धः == started (fight)
आरब्धत् == started@
आरब्धम == has been undertaken
आरब्धम् == started@
आरब्धुम == to commence
आरभत == started
आरभते == begins@
आरभध्वम == start off.
आरभसे == you launch
आरभस्तु == effort
आरभे == I started
आरभ्यते == is begun@
आरमैच == Seetha alone
आरम्भ == beginning@
आरम्भः == effort@
आरम्भशूर == one who shows active participation in the beginning@
आरम्भिकाः == beginners@
आरम्भे == while undertaking
आराः == venerable people
आरात == at close quarters
आराध यिश्णवः == worship, wishing to.
आराधनं == for the worship@
आराधयति == is propitiating
आराधितः == by your mother's service
आराधिताः == pleased
आराध्य == pleasable@
आराब्द्धैः == started
आराम == (m) garden@
आरामः == from rAma? source?@
आरामान == the gardens
आरामे == in groves.
आरामोद्यान सम्पन्नाअम == well- provided with gardens and royal parks
आरिन्दमः == Rama; the annihilator of enemies
आरिशु == in respect of his adversaries
आरुजताम छैव == as they tore up
आरुजन छ == shattering
आरुजम्श्च == and uprooting
आरुढ == The sign which is as distant from the lord as the lord is from the house concerned@
आरुरुक्षोः == who has just begun yoga@
आरुरुह == ascended
आरुरुहतुः == mounted
आरुरुहुः == ascended
आरुरुह्श्छ == ascended
आरुरोह == (he) ascended
आरुर्श == ascended
आरुह्य == (and) alighted@
आरुह्य छ == having mounted
आरूढ == mounting
आरूढः == (to be) mounted
आरूढम == one who mounted on
आरूढम्जनम == the passengers.
आरूढस्य == of one who has attained@
आरूढानि == being placed@
आरूढे == ascended
आरूढेषु == ascended
आरूधाः == ascended
आरूधान == mounted
आरूह्य == after ascending
आरेभे == and began
आरोक्श्यन्ति == will ascend
आरोग्य == health@
आरोग्य पूर्वम == «her» healthiness, regarding
आरोग्य वर्धनम == health, enriching
आरोग्यकरम == endowment of health
आरोग्यम == (about my)health
आरोग्यशास्त्र == hygeine@
आरोग्योता == there is health
आरोछत == that advice was agreeable
आरोछयत == intended
आरोज्ञअ वर्धनम == health, enriching
आरोढुम == to reach
आरोपः == (m) charges (judicial)@
आरोपणम कर्तुम == lifting for stinging, to make - to lift
आरोपणे == in bracing bowstring
आरोपय == step into it.«
आरोपय मैथिलीम == having made Sita to ascend (the boat)
आरोपयत == stringed the bow to take aim.
आरोपयति == to plant@
आरोपयामासुः == and made to ascend
आरोपयिता == put on «inwreathe»
आरोपयितुम न शेकुः == to string bowstring, not, capable.
आरोपित महा छापः == and a mighty bow placed on it
आरोपितः == planted
आरोप्य == arranging to place
आरोप्य तम भरतम == and placing that Bharata
आरोप्य माम एव == make me to ascend
आरोप्य सीताम == made Seetha to ascend
आरोह == Ascend
आरोहण == climbing@
आरोहणः च एव == to climb, also, thus
आरोहणम == staircase
आरोहणम प्रति == to ascend
आरोहणम प्रतिज्ञआतम == ascending, on promising
आरोहत == climbed
आरोहतछ == and ascended
आरोहति == to climb, to ascend@
आरोहन्तश्छ == ascended
आरोहयिष्यामः == «we shall make our way up
आरोहस्व == ascend(it)
आरोहे == in riding
आर्जव सम्पन्ने == who is endowed with honesty
आर्जवं == simplicity@
आर्जवम == and the straight forwardness
आर्जवम न == candour, no «place for, unfounded»
आर्जवम प्रति == about the sincerety
आर्जवसमायुक्तम == who was committed to sincerity
आर्जवेन == sincerely
आर्जितम == earned
आर्जितम ब्राह्मण्यम हि == acquired, Brahman-hood, indeed
आर्जितैः == (by things ) procured
आर्णवः == ocean
आर्णवः इव == like an ocean
आर्णवम == the sea
आर्णवम इव == like an ocean
आर्णवम कम्पयन्तः इव == as though making the ocean of tremble.
आर्णवमिव == like an ocean
आर्णवस्य == of the sea.
आर्णवे == in the ocean
आर्णवोदकम == like ocean water
आर्णाम == the ocean
आर्त == anguished one@
आर्त तराः == were disturbed
आर्त रूपः == anxious, in mien
आर्त रूपम == who is worried , in aspect
आर्त रूपाम == one agonised, in her aspect
आर्त वत == an anguished one, alike
आर्त शब्दः न भवेत इति == wailer's, yowl, shall not, be there, thus «misery's tears shall
आर्त शब्दम == crying sound
आर्त स्वर परिम्लाना == with sighing exhaustion to cries of pain
आर्त स्वरः == with painful, voicing - with piteous moan « fell down.»
आर्त स्वरम श्रुत्वा == grievous, voice «of yours,» on hearing
आर्तः == aggrieved one «Ravana»@
आर्तः तु == agonised, on his part
आर्तःछ == afflicted by
आर्तगीत महास्वनाम == the huge cries of the wounded
आर्ततया == in their agony
आर्ततराः == being more sorrowful
आर्तनादः == cry of distress
आर्तप्रलापन == painful words
आर्तम == afflicted
आर्तम दृश्ट्वा == in forlornness, on seeing
आर्तम शुनःशेपम उवाच == pitiable one, to Shunashepa, spoke.
आर्तया == with anguished
आर्तया गिरा विललाप == with woeful, words, bemoaned.
आर्तरूपम == appearing disturbed
आर्तरूपाम == and wearing a disturbed appearance
आर्तरूपेण == with a sorrowful temper
आर्तवम == seasonal
आर्तवात == as afflicted with disease
आर्तवानि == belonging to various seasons
आर्तस्य == depressed
आर्तस्य मम == anguished one, for me
आर्ता == agonised
आर्ता स्वयम आगम्य == sombrely, on approaching
आर्ताः == afflicted as they were with excessive fear
आर्ताः प्रजा == rueful, people
आर्तान == who were injured
आर्तानाम == ; those that are in anguish like
आर्तानाम अभिरक्शणम == sufferers, safeguarding
आर्तानाम सम श्रयः चैव == for agonised, a good, hospice
आर्ताम == afflicted with grief
आर्तायाम == (While) the afflicted
आर्तेन == one in agony
आर्तेन रामेण == by the unfortunate Rama
आर्तोवा == even if he is oppressed
आर्तौ == felt distress.
आर्थरूपः == became gloomy
आर्दयन == on pressurising
आर्दित == parched, dry@
आर्दिता == being tormented
आर्दिताः == tormented
आर्द्र == wet@
आर्द्र पट वाससः == wet, cloths, wearers
आर्द्रः == wet «with blood»
आर्द्रचित्ता == having emotional mind@
आर्द्रता == (f) moisture@
आर्द्रम == fresh
आर्द्रम शुश्कम इति == wet, dried, thus in them
आर्द्रवस्त्रेण == in his wet clothes
आर्द्रा == Sixth nakshatra@
आर्द्रे == Aardra, «Drencher»
आर्पयत == given, hit
आर्ब्धः == he began
आर्भस्व == begin with
आर्य == O noble brother!@
आर्य इति == O Noble one«
आर्य जटायोः == oh, dignified «fatherly,» Jatayu
आर्य दत्त == by Arya, given «by honourable Janaka given - Seetha»
आर्य पादुके == the wooden sandals of his elder brother
आर्य पादौ == as symbols of the feet of my noble brother
आर्य पुत्र == oh
आर्य पुत्र इति वादिनी == noble's, son, thus, while saying
आर्य बुद्धेः == who are distinguished for your intelligence
आर्य भाव पुरस्कृतः == by humbleness, by means of, reverential one «his humbleness is reverential or
आर्य भावः == dignity
आर्य मार्गम == to the path of elders.
आर्य मिश्राणाम == and the distinguished men.
आर्य रूपिणीम == though
आर्य लक्ष्मण == O esteemed Lakshmana!
आर्य सछिवः == the companion of our venerable father
आर्य सम्घाताश्छ == the whole body of noble men
आर्यः == O; Noble Brother!
आर्यः यदि == (If) the venerable
आर्यकम == the maternal uncle of his father
आर्यकवेश्मनः == your maternal grand father's house
आर्यकस्य == of his venerable maternal uncle
आर्यकह == grand father
आर्यगण सम्पन्नाम == enriched with the whole body of respectable men
आर्यजनस्य == worthy men
आर्यणाम == of its respected members
आर्यनन नेत्रसम्भवाः == from the face and the eyes of those venerable men.
आर्यपादौ == the wooden sandals of his brother (Rama)
आर्यपुत्रम्छ == and the noble prince
आर्यपुत्रस्य == an honorable man.
आर्यपुत्राः == sons of you; the
आर्यपुत्रेति हा नाथेति == «Ah my lord! Ah my husband!«
आर्यपुत्रौ == the two sons of venerable Dasaratha
आर्यम == (and) venerable
आर्यम एव == Rama alone
आर्यमा == Aryama
आर्यसण्ख़ाशः == resembling as noble
आर्यसमाज == Aryan group@
आर्यस्य == for a faithful man
आर्यस्वभावानाम == of noble nature
आर्यह == of my elder brother
आर्या == 'a venerable one, Seetha...'@
आर्या; भाया == kaantyaa
आर्याः == «Oh
आर्याः छ == and belonging to the country of AryaaVarta
आर्याछ == the venerable lady
आर्याम == the noble
आर्याम जहार == noblewoman, he abducted
आर्याम ताम == to that venerable Seetha
आर्यायाः == a venerable woman like you
आर्ये == O noble lady!
आर्येण == by a noble person
आर्येण एव == by honourable «you,» as if
आर्येत्येव == «O Noble One« only
आर्यैः == with engaged in thier respective duties
आर्यो अपि == even my elder brother
आर्श == : giving the bride after donating a cow and ox for the success of Vedic-ritual; 4»
आर्शः == «absolutely» traditional.
आर्शछरिते == who followed the conduct of the sages
आर्शभम छर्म == covered with the hide of a bull
आर्षभम छर्म == from a shield made of a bull's hide
आर्षभाणि == of oxen
आर्षम == and a lyric derived from the speech of a sage
आर्षेण विधिना == according to the rites prescribed by sages
आर्हति == ought
आर्हसि == you are fit
आर्हसी == be good enough
आर्हाः == deserving@
आर्ह्वास्य == consoling
आलकामा == and who has fallen in love
आलक्शितेषु == on all-visible
आलक्श्य == on foreseeing
आलङ्कृतैः == and ornamental
आलभन्ते == will be killed
आलभे == I touch
आलभ्य == touching
आलम == enough
आलम्ब == maintain@
आलम्बते == to recline@
आलम्ब्य == and laying hold of
आलम्भ्य == shored up
आलयम == abode.
आलयाः «आयताम == as their dwelling «extensive beings, as in some mms, thereby unsightly beings»
आलये == house
आललम्बे == and took hold of
आलश्य == sloth
आलसैः == enervated
आलस्य == idleness@
आलापम्छ == conversation
आलिंग्य == the words with clear-cut action, 'embraced, hugged
आलिखन्तम इव == as though scraping
आलिखन्तिम == scraping
आलिखन्तीमिव == as though touching
आलिङ्गति == to embrace@
आलिङ्ग्य == and embracing
आलिङ्ग्यछ आलिङ्ग्यछ == remained locked together
आलिङ्ग्या == hugging
आलिण्ग्य == embraced
आलिप्तैः == covered
आलीन नर वारणाम == abiding with crouched men and elephants
आलोकम ददृशुः == a seeable thing «luminescence,» they perceived.
आलोकमपि == even a glimmer
आलोकयन == seeing
आलोकयावः == we observed.
आलोकयिश्यामः छ == we shall see
आलोक्य == Seeing
आलोक्य च परस्परम == on seeing, at each other
आलोक्यतु == saw
आलोक्यलेखनं == graph@
आलोचते == to think, to contemplate@
आलोचय == (verbal stem) consider@
आलोड्य == duly stirred up
आल्यम == to his house
आळिताम == tied
आवन्द्य == saluted
आवपोथिताः == were crushed
आवयोः == on us two.«@
आवरण == a veil@
आवरणम == a thing that protects
आवर्जितजिह्मपक्शाः == with curved and bent wings
आवर्जितम == acquired
आवर्त शोभिताम == rendered beautiful by whirl pools
आवर्त स्वन निस्वनाम == the tumult the sound of its waters
आवर्तः == (m) whirlpool@
आवर्ततहि == pervaded
आवर्तते == revolves@
आवर्तयत == shed
आवर्तयन्त == shed
आवर्तिनः == returning@
आवर्ते == in a time of dissolution.
आवलि == (f) line, row@
आवलिः == the row
आववार == covered (them
आवव्रे == enveloped
आवस == Dwell
आवसत == is dwelling.
आवसथम == a dwelling
आवसधाश्छ == houses
आवसन्ति == dwelling on your boundaries.«
आवसम == dwelling place
आवसम तु == dwelling place, only
आवह == to drive
आवहम == lugging around.
आवहम इव == into battle, like
आवाक्छिरा == bowing his head
आवाप्य == having attained
आवाम == both of us
आवाम उभौ == we both
आवाम पुत्रौ दशरथस्य == we are, sons, of Dasharatha
आवारयद्भिः == covering
आवारयिश्यामि == will keep off
आवारित निशा करम == blocked, night, maker «moon»
आवारितः == covered with - engirded with, nested with
आवास परिग्रहम चक्रुः == sojourn, taking, they have done - they camped there
आवासः == (m) residence, living quarters@
आवासम == to the huts
आवासमात्रम == they are but a resting place
आवासयन्तः == perfuming the quarters
आवासयम == I lodged in my house
आवासाः बहु भक्श्याः वै == lodgings, with many foods, verily
आवाहनम चकार == welcome, made.
आवाहय == invite.
आवाह्य == having welcomed
आविकम == blankets of sheep's wool
आविकाजिनसम्वृतम == spread by sheep skin
आविक्षित == descendent of avikshit (i.e, marutta)@
आविग्न हृदयः == his heart agitated
आविद्ध अग्निछूर्णमिव == emitting (whirled) sparkles
आविद्धः == pierced
आविद्धम == curled
आविद्ध्य == twirling
आविध्य == Swinging
आविध्यत == «whirled and» bumped on ground.
आविर्भूतं == having taken a physical form or incarnation@
आविला == turbid.
आविवेश == befell
आविश == enter.
आविशत == entered
आविशतः == and are entering
आविशते == will have entered
आविशन्ति हि == they enter, indeed.
आविशसि == and enter
आविश्कृतम == commenced
आविश्टः == full
आविश्टः महता रोशेण == was enveloped by a great anger
आविश्य == Ravana, «stonehearted one, as with,» on holding - on possessing@
आविष् == to be possesed by@
आविष्कृत पराक्रमम == He manifested his prowess
आविष्टं == overwhelmed@
आविष्टः == wrapped as he was@
आविष्टा असि == you are possessed by an evil spirit
आविष्टाः == are engrossed
आविष्य == entering sky
आवृणोत == overspread
आवृणोशि == veiling yourself «now.»
आवृत == encircled@
आवृतं == is covered@
आवृतः == and along with@
आवृतम == covered
आवृतम अम्बुदैः == but screened by clouds
आवृता == covered@
आवृताः == abounding with@
आवृतानिछ == and turning round here and there
आवृताम == and surrounded
आवृते == extensive with
आवृत्त तोयाम == with water turning back
आवृत्तिं == return@
आवृत्य == and stopping@
आवृरित्तः न सन्करः == immoral, nor bastardised.
आवृष्टि == (fem) rain@
आवेक्शितम == looked after «kept up.»
आवेक्श्य == seeing
आवेक्ष्य == refelected again
आवेक्ष्यते == will enter
आवेगः == (m) impulse@
आवेदयन्ति == are informing (that)
आवेदयामासु == announced.
आवेदयिष्यसि == inform
आवेदितम == it was communicated
आवेद्य == and informing
आवेशयामास == caused to enter
आवेशित == fixed@
आवेश्य == establishing@
आवेहि == know
आवोयः == for both of us
आव्यग्रम == without hesitation
आव्रज == (and)return
आव्रजन्तम == coming
आव्रियते == is covered@
आव्हयति == to call@
आव्ड़िताअम == she is encompassed with
आव्ड़्टित्य == covering
आशंसते == desire
आशंस् == to wish, to hope, to desire@
आशण्कितम == that was apprehended.
आशनेः == to a thunder.
आशन्के == I am anxious
आशन्सन्ते == pray
आशम समानेभ्यः == who wish to receive the same.
आशम से == I hope
आशमसते == who swears
आशम्पेते मर्दितुम == to destroy
आशम्सए == and hopes
आशम्सते == desires
आशम्सने == not seeing
आशम्समानानाम == and seeking for alms.
आशम्सवः == declaring arrival of Rama
आशम्ससे == do you wish
आशम्से == I hope
आशय == (masc) resting place@
आशयस्थिताः == situated within the heart@
आशया == by hope
आशये == and hovering in my stomach
आशशम से == regained the hope
आशा == desire@
आशा अर्थम == 'for the purpose
आशाकृताम == and attended with expectation
आशाढीम == full moon day - pertaining to aaSaadha month
आशापाश == entanglements in a network of hope@
आशापिण्डं == AshA+pindaM, desire+lump(piNDaM also means rice-ball given@
आशाम == her hope
आशामिव == like hope
आशास्ति कछ्छित == wishing for
आशास्य == desiring
आशित == (a) Eaten, given to eat; satisfied by eating@
आशितं == eating@
आशिता == have (my) meal.
आशिन == old (also heard as aashiina)@
आशिशः न उक्ताः च == blessings, not, said, even.
आशिषः == blessings
आशिषति == to give aashirvaad@
आशी मुखात == from snake's, mouth
आशी विश उपमम == which has fang's, venom, in simile - venomous
आशी विश उपमैः == snakes, venomous, in similarity
आशी विश तुल्य बाणम == serpent, similar, arrow
आशी विशम == in fangs, with venom
आशी विशस्य वदनात == serpent, venomous, from mouth
आशीर्गेयम्छ == as well as blissful songs
आशीर्भिः == benedictions.
आशीर्वछन == hymns. To date this practice is continued where a Brahmin priest is commissioned to perform even a domestic ritual. In effect, it shall be construed
आशीर्वादान == blessings
आशीविश उपमान == with venomous snakes, like
आशीविशपमैः == resembling venomous snakes.
आशीविशम यथा == serpent «like arrow,» as with
आशीविशम सर्पम == lethally venomous, serpent
आशीविशैः == by the serpentine
आशीविशोत्तमैः == in the form of its terrible and most poisonous snakes
आशीविषः अन्केनेव == like a poisonous serpent in your bosom
आशीविषप्रख्यान == resembling serpents
आशीविषविषप्रख्यम == deadly as the venom of poisonous snakes
आशीविषविषोपमैः == which were like serpentine poison.
आशीविषसमम == like a venomous serpent.
आशीविषाकारम == having a serpent-like form
आशीविषैः == by serpents
आशीविषोपमम == and looking like a venomous snake
आशीविषोपमान == resembling poisonous snakes
आशीविषोपमाम == and the serpentine
आशीविषोपमैः == and looking like serpents
आशु == all at once.@
आशु इदम रूपम विहाय == forthwith, this, form, divested of
आशु गः गज इव == fleetly, going, elephant, as with
आशु जगाम == hastily, proceeded.
आशु दर्शिना == sharp, sighted
आशु पपात धरण्या == quickly, fell-down
आशु पर्वत उत्तमम महेन्द्रम जगाम == in a trice, to heavenly, mountain, to Mahendra, went away «vanished.»
आशु पुरीम जगाम == promptly, for city Ayodhya, set forth.
आशु प्रदक्शिणम चकार == immediately, circumambulations, performed.
आशु प्रययुः == promptly, started out.
आशु विक्रमौ == deftly, victorious ones
आशु विचेतव्यम == quickly, to be searched.
आशु विससर्ज == immediately, released - bid farewell.
आशु वेगेन == with quick, speed
आशुगम == moving quickly
आशुगाः == speedily
आशुगैः == which go fast
आशुपराक्रमः == of a quick prowess
आशुल्कं == (n) import duty@
आश्चर्य भूतम भवति == surprise, causing, it will be
आश्चर्य भूतानाम कथानाम == wonder, causing, of narratives
आश्चर्यं == surprise@
आश्चर्यमयं == wonderful@
आश्चर्यवत् == with wonder, surprise@
आश्चर्याणि == all the wonders@
आश्छर्य भूतान == surprise, causers of «they cause surprise with their unannounced arrival»
आश्छर्यन == a surprise
आश्छर्यम == a surprise
आश्छर्यम इति == amazing, is this saying
आश्छर्यमिव == with only surprise
आश्छापि == as also the deity presiding over the day-time
आश्नातु == of partaking
आश्म वृश्टिम == and bombardment of stones.
आश्मानम == a stone.«
आश्रम == a yoga centre or school@
आश्रम अन्तरम आजगाम == hermitage's, interior, arrived.
आश्रम कर्मणि == hermitage, works «construction»
आश्रम गतम == hermitage, on arrival at
आश्रम द्वारम आगम्य == hermitage, threshold, on coming to
आश्रम ध्वम्सनम्छ अपि == the destroyal of hermitages
आश्रम पदम == , the hermitage's threshold, a porch or portico minus its roofing.
आश्रम पदम कृत्वा == hermitage, on erecting
आश्रम पदम प्रविश्य == hermitage's, threshold, on entering
आश्रम मण्डलम == hermitages, cluster of;. sa Raghava
आश्रम वासिनम == living in a hermitage
आश्रम वासिनौ == «the same» hermitage, residents of
आश्रम सन्काशम == hermitage, semblable with
आश्रम स्थानम पश्यसि == hermitage, place of, you will see.
आश्रम स्थाने == «like» hermitage, in a place
आश्रमः == hermitage
आश्रमः दृश्यते == hermitage, it appears to be.
आश्रमः न अति दूर स्थः == hermitage, not, very, far, it is situated.
आश्रमपदम == hermitage.«
आश्रमपदम गत्वा == to hermitage's threshold «of Vashishta,» on going
आश्रमम == a hermitage
आश्रमम अवलोकयन == hermitage, on looking over
आश्रमम आगम्य == at hermitage, on coming
आश्रमम गत्वा == «Maareecha's,» to hermitage, on going
आश्रमम त्वरितः जगाम == to hermitage, speedily, advanced.
आश्रमम ददर्श == hermitage, Ravana saw.
आश्रमम दृश्य == hermitage, on seeing
आश्रमम प्रति == hermitage
आश्रमम प्रति याते तु == hermitage, towards, started, while
आश्रमम प्रविवेश == hermitage, entered.
आश्रमम प्रविवेश ह == hermitage, entered, indeed.
आश्रमम प्रविश्टः == into hermitage, «though» entered
आश्रमम्पति == to his hermitage
आश्रमश्छैव == the hermitage of Agastya
आश्रमस्थस्य == inside hermitage
आश्रमस्था == when in the hermitage
आश्रमस्थानम == site for a hermitage
आश्रमस्थानेशु == hermitages
आश्रमस्थेन == staying in hermitage
आश्रमस्य == of the hemitage
आश्रमस्य अस्मिन अविदूरे == of hermitage, not, very, far away
आश्रमाणाम == stages of life
आश्रमात == (that) from a hermitage
आश्रमात उपावृत्तम == from hermitage, strayed from
आश्रमात गन्तुम निश्क्रान्ता == from hermitage, to go, exited.
आश्रमान == these retreats
आश्रमान च == hermitages, also
आश्रमे == in hermitage - of ours
आश्रमेशु == of hermitages
आश्रमैः == hermitages
आश्रय == dwell
आश्रयः छ == the refuge
आश्रयत्व == dependence, leaning@
आश्रयम माम मनसि == and existing in my mind
आश्रया == sheltor@
आश्रयेत् == must come upon@
आश्रसि हि == console yourself indeed!
आश्रि == to take shelter@
आश्रित विरह अ-सहत्वम मार्दवम == 'impatience for the separation
आश्रितं == assuming@
आश्रितः == can take shelter@
आश्रितः योनिम == but belonging to the race
आश्रितः राजा == wrong, route, who relies on, that king
आश्रितम == and resting on
आश्रिता == Seetha who stays
आश्रिता इति == depending on him
आश्रिताः == are positioned@
आश्रिते == having recourse to
आश्रितौ == are resting
आश्रित्य == depending as they did@
आश्रित्य द्वारम == by taking recourse to the gate
आश्रेश == is the star of the day and when sun is rising.
आश्लेष == embrace@
आश्लेषा == Ninth nakshatra@
आश्वयुजे मासि == in aashviiyuja, month
आश्वस == cheer-up
आश्वसन्ति प्लवम्गमाः == resolved to, monkeys.
आश्वसि हि == console yourself
आश्वसिहि == tell me.
आश्वस्तः == healed
आश्वस्य == after regaining his breath
आश्वास यामासुः == and refreshed him
आश्वासनं == (n) assurance@
आश्वासमाने == was consoling
आश्वासय == and revive
आश्वासयट == reassured
आश्वासयत == consoled
आश्वासयन == cheering them up
आश्वासयन्तम == and who was assuaging
आश्वासयन्ती == consoled
आश्वासयानेव == even consoling
आश्वासयाम == shall console
आश्वासयामहे == let us restore to confidence
आश्वासयामास == consoled@
आश्वासयामि == shall cheer up
आश्वासयितुम अर्हथ == to solace, apt of you
आश्वासयित्वा छम्नुम == made the army to rest
आश्वासयिश्यामि == console
आश्वासयिष्यति खलु == can indeed console
आश्वासितः == consoled
आश्वासिता == consoled
आश्वासिता तु == consoled, but
आश्वास्य == and cheering them up
आश्वास्यमानम == He was being reassured
आश्विनी == First nakshatra@
आश्वीयुज == month, within a fifteen days of notice, as suggested by Hanuma. Then again when Lakshmana was furious we were summoned in
आषीविषविषोपमैः == with arrows tantamount to serpentine poison
आषु == very soon@
आष्रिताः == taking refuge
आसं == exist@
आसक्त == attached@
आसक्त मनः बभूव == interested, at heart, became.
आसक्तडिण्डिमा == with an instrument called Dindima near her
आसक्तम == devotedly
आसक्तमनाः == mind attached@
आसक्तानाम == lying upon that
आसक्तैः == suspened on walls
आसतः == was sitting
आसदत == approached
आसद्ग्राही == was not stubborn
आसद्य == after reaching
आसन == seating on a high seat@
आसनं == seat@
आसनम == a seat
आसनम अपि आहुः == to linger on, even if, «so to» speak
आसनम मुमोच == seat, released - got up from seat.
आसनवरम == great throne
आसनस्थम == sitting on a throne
आसनस्थम् == (lotus like-)posture-stood@
आसनात == from his seat
आसनात प्र छछाल छ == from seat «throne,» inordinately flustered, also.
आसनान == Asana trees «Terminalia alata tomentosa, Bandhuuka trees»
आसनानि == and seats
आसनानि छ == and seats
आसनास्थम == perched on his seat.
आसने == seat.@
आसने आस्ताम == in seat, be seated - please be seated on a high seat.
आसने उपाविशत == on seat, entered «sat»
आसने सु उपविश्टम == on throne, conspicuously, sitting
आसनेभ्यः == from seats
आसनेशु उपविश्टान == in seats, who are sitting
आसनेषु == seats
आसन्नः == are nearer
आसन्नम == in the proximity
आसन्नाः == wee approached
आसन्नाम == is coming close
आसमण्ज़स्य == to asamanja
आसमन्ज == oh, son of Asamanja
आसमात == from his seat
आसरयू तटात == extending upto Sarayu
आसवभाजनम == jugs of wine
आससाद == (Rama) reached
आससादम्छ == and regained
आसादय == (causative of aa+sad) resort to@
आसादयति हि == he is indeed attacking
आसादयम == I reached.
आसादयितुम == to approach
आसादितः == is obtained
आसादितम == forgathered
आसादिता == has been found
आसादितुम == reach
आसादितुम वापि == or approach (me)
आसाद्य == having arrived@
आसाद्य निधनम गताः == reached past destruction
आसाद्य समरम == while encountering a combat.
आसाद्या == on getting at
आसाम == the words of these women
आसित == there is.
आसित् == was/existed@
आसिन == by the weapon@
आसिनं == situated@
आसिनः == eaters@
आसिनोउ == sitting
आसिश्यसि == you settle down
आसीत == was there.»@
आसीत नौरिव == like a boat
आसीत पूर्णा == became filled
आसीत् == was@
आसीदति == drawing nigh.
आसीनः == sat@
आसीनम == he who is sitting
आसीनम सुग्रीवम == who is sitting, Sugreeva
आसीनस्त्वेव == still sitting like that
आसीनस्य == sitting
आसीना == sitting
आसीनाः == seated
आसीनाम == (Hanuma saw Seetha
आसीनौ == sitting
आसुरं == demonic@
आसुरः == demoniac@
आसुरनिश्चयान् == demons@
आसुरम अस्त्रम == missile presided over by demoniac forces.
आसुरम बाणम == arrow used by demons
आसुरी == demoniac qualities@
आसुरीं == atheistic@
आसुरीम == , when the analogy of 1
आसुरीम मायाम इव == demonic, maya
आसुरीम योनिम आपना मूढा जन्मनि जन्मनि... ग़ित १६-२० == . Tirtha.
आसुरीषु == demoniac@
आसुरेण अस्त्रेण == a missile presided over by demoniac forces
आसृजछ्छ == created
आसृजत == created
आसेततुः == they met
आसेदतुः == approached
आसेदुः == and reached
आस् == to sit@
आस्छर्य रमयन == , another version of Ramayana
आस्छर्य रामयन == , another traditional rendering of this epic, it is said that Rama, while staying at this hermitage when night advanced, went
आस्छर्यम == surprising
आस्त == kept herself
आस्तर == spread
आस्तरणमुख्येषु == on chief carpets.
आस्तरणामि == mattresses
आस्तरणेन == by mattress
आस्तरत == and spread it
आस्ताम == are there.
आस्तिकः == theist
आस्तिकम == which showed his belief in authority of Vedas; the other
आस्तिक्यं == religiousness@
आस्तितः == adopting
आस्तीर्ण पर्णानि == spreading leaves.
आस्तीर्णः == covered by
आस्तीर्य == spread it
आस्तु == quickly
आस्तृणन्तम == covering
आस्ते == is@
आस्त्रित्य == has taken shelter
आस्थया == yoked
आस्था == (f) confidence, interest@
आस्थातुम == in order to dwell
आस्थापयत == He placed
आस्थाय == (As he) mounted@
आस्थाय तत्त्वम == understanding the true principle
आस्थास्ये == I shall take resort to
आस्थितः == Having adopted@
आस्थितः हि == presided over - being conducted, isn't it.
आस्थितम == abiding
आस्थिता == took shelter
आस्थिता करुणम == is staying dejected
आस्थिताः == are abiding@
आस्थिते == am staying
आस्थितौ == and abiding
आस्थीर्णाम == covered
आस्पृशम == I touched you
आस्फोटयामास == clapped on his arms
आस्फोटयामासुः == clapped their hands
आस्फोटित क्श्वेडिता सिम्हनादैः == clapping of hands and leonine roars
आस्फोटित निनादामः च == sound from warriors due to clapping of arms
आस्फोटितक्श्वेलित सिम्हनादम == clapping of hands and leonine roars.
आस्माभिः == By us
आस्मासु == us
आस्मिन काले == this, time «timeframe»
आस्मिन कुले == In this race
आस्मिन लोके == in this world
आस्मुणहन == shed
आस्य == (m) mouth@
आस्यताम == take a seat «preside over.»
आस्यताम इति == to sit.
आस्यताम इति सः अब्रवीत == 'be seated', thus, he «sage,» said.
आस्यते == do we delay?
आस्यम == (Her) mouth
आस्यम छ == mouth too
आस्यस्य == of your brother
आस्याः == her
आस्यात == from mouth
आस्ये == mouth
आस्येभ्यः == from their months.
आस्व == stay
आस्वाद == tasting@
आस्वाद्य == eating
आस्वाद्येव == like after eating
आह == are casting@
आहत अन्गम च == hacked, limbs, even having
आहत राससः == clad in new raiment
आहतः == (even after) struck
आहतम == crushed
आहतम सस्यम इव == devastated, rich harvest, as with
आहता == being hit
आहताः == banging
आहताः इव == and felt as though they were struck
आहतानाम == sounded
आहतानाम भेरीणाम च == drumming, war-drums, also
आहति == striking, hitting@
आहतेन == hit down
आहत्य == hitting
आहना == in a day.
आहर == and bring
आहरत == was seized
आहरताम == while bringing
आहरयेत == 'getting' wrath or sadness,
आहरिश्यति == will accomplish.
आहरिश्यसि == you derive.
आहरिश्यामि == I shall seize hold
आहरिष्यामि == I will procure
आहर्ता राज सूयाश्व मेधानाम == he who performs Rajasuya and Ashvamedha sacrifices
आहर्तारम == he used to bring
आहर्तुम == to fetch
आहर्तृ == (m adj.) a performer@
आहव शूरस्य == valiant in battle
आहवनीय अग्नि == Invocation Fire. These three are lit day in and day out, symbolising that the fire in living beings has continuity. Wherever a Vedic
आहवम == to the battle.
आहवशूरस्य == valiant in battle
आहवे == (the monkeys) in the battle-field@
आहवे दारुणम == in fight, a ghoulish one
आहवे प्राप्तम रावणम == on battlefield, chanced
आहवे मया अपकृश्टम == in battle, by me, easily hauled «on ground»
आहवे योद्धुम किम पुनः == in battle, «ability» to battle against, why, again.
आहवे राक्शसम रावणम निहत्य == in war, demon, Ravana, on killing
आहवे रावणम हत्वा == in battle, Ravana, on eliminating
आहवे वालिनम हत्वा == in combat, Vali, on eliminating
आहवे शक्र हन्तारम == in battle, Indra, «who can become» eliminator
आहवोन्मुखः == and with an inclination to fight
आहवोन्मुखम == readily inclined; to fight
आहार == Diet@
आहार कान्क्शिणः == for food, one awaiting for
आहार वीर्येण == food, by the might of «dietetically mighty»
आहार सम्रोधात == food, deprived of
आहारः == eating@
आहारः च == ailment, also
आहारम == a good
आहारयत == exhibited
आहारयामास == invoked
आहारयिश्यति == entertain
आहारस्य == my eating.
आहाराः == eating@
आहारार्थम == have sought their nourishment
आहारे वा == in either food
आहारेण बिभर्ति == with food, he is sustaining.
आहित अग्नीनाम == of fire-worshippers
आहित अग्नेः « == to those who practices amid five Ritual-fires
आहितम == employed
आहिताग्निना == by one who tends the sacred fire.
आहुः == (the wise men@
आहुः खलु == people indeed tell
आहुः हि == indeed speak
आहूताः == those that are invited»
आहूय == call
आहूय आहूय == calling, calling
आहूय छ == called
आहूयमाने == was being invoked
आहृ == to eat@
आहृतम == brought
आहृता == has been brought
आहृताः == and were captivated
आहृतानाम == brought
आहृतानि वै == (that have been)brought
आहृताभिः == brought
आहृताम == abducted (by you)
आहृतैः == brought
आहृत्य == being
आहृत्य च == on collecting, also
आहो == or@
आहोस्वित == or else
आह्ना == day
आह्निकम == daytime tasks
आह्नेन == day
आह्वय == you invite.
आह्वयत == (he) invoked
आह्वयति == and invites
आह्वयमानेन == competing with
आह्वयस्व इति माम उक्त्वा == invite «Vali,» thus, to me, on saying «encouraging»
आह्वयाम छक्रिरे == invoking, the made.
आह्वये == I invoke
आह्वान निमित्तम == for invitation, sake of
आह्वानम == inviting you - for duel
आह्वान्यन्त इव अन्योन्यम == inviting, as though, mutually «with their swinging branches»
आह्वे == in the struggle
आज़्ज्ञापय == and arrange
इ विध्त्व == do
इउन == with a half 'n' nasal is matched with Sanskrit
इउन्गिते मनुस अन्ते पेच्तुस == 'fold your hands in front of you...' This last sentence is the - you, plural
इउन्गिमुस मनुस अन्ते पेच्तुस == 'we join or
इउन्गेरे == and if
इउन्गेरे मनुस == 'to join hands...' We can say
इउन्गेरे मनुस अन्ते पेच्तुस == 'to join hands in front of
इउन्गो मनुस अन्ते पेच्तुस == 'I fold my hands...'
इऋतम == was done
इक्शु कण्ड रस उदकाम == sugar cane, juice, water, is like.
इक्शु समुद्रम च == salt ocean, also»
इक्शुकाण्डरसोपमम == with a taste of sugar cane.
इक्शुमतीम == River Ikshumati «with sugar-cane juice like waters»
इक्शून मधून तथा लाजान == sugar-cane «and its dishes,» honey «and its dishes,» like that, cornflakes, «rice-flakes etc.,»
इक्शूम्श्छ == with sugarcane
इक्श्वकूणाम अति रथः == among Ikshwaku kings, top-speeded, chariot-warrior
इक्श्वाकः तु प्रसादेन == by Ikshvaku, but, by the grace of
इक्श्वाकम == to Ikshvaku's «legatee of, Dasharatha»
इक्श्वाकवः == descendants of Ikshvaaku
इक्श्वाकवे == to Ikshvaku
इक्श्वाकवे नृपायैः == of Ikshwaku dynasty, to king
इक्श्वाकु कुल जातानाम == in Ikshvaaku bloodline, born in
इक्श्वाकु कुल दैवतम == Ikshvaku, for bloodline, godlike
इक्श्वाकु कुल नन्दनः == the son of Ikshvaku race
इक्श्वाकु कुल नन्दनम == who is a delight to Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकु कुल नाशश्छ == (about) the destruction of Ikshvaaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकु कुल मानार्थी == for the respect of Ikshvaaku dynasty.
इक्श्वाकु कुल वर्तिनः == who is a follower of the Iksvaaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकु कुल वर्धन == oh, Ikshvaku's, dynasty, furtherer
इक्श्वाकु कुल वर्धनः == Ikshvaku, dynasty, enhancer
इक्श्वाकु कुल विख्यातिम == the fame of Ikshvaku dynasty.
इक्श्वाकु कुलनन्दनः == who delights Ikshvaaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकु कुलनन्दनम == the joy of Ikshvaku dynasty.
इक्श्वाकु कुलनन्दिनी == Seetha who gives happiness to Ikshvaaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकु कुलनाथस्य == the lord of Ikshvaku dynasty?
इक्श्वाकु दायादः == Ikshvaaku's, legatee
इक्श्वाकु नन्दनम == Ikshvaaku dynasty, delight of
इक्श्वाकु नाथस्य भरतस्य == Ikshvaku-s, king, Bharata's
इक्श्वाकु नाथेस्य == the Lord of Ikshvaku race
इक्श्वाकु पालिताम == ruled by the kings of Ikshvaku
इक्श्वाकु राज्यश्रीः == the glorious kingdom of Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकु वम्शः प्रभवः == Ikshwaku, dynasty, as his birthplace «emerged from Ikshvaku dynasty»
इक्श्वाकु वम्शश्छ == in Ikshvaku race
इक्श्वाकु वर इशुणा हतम == Ikshvaku-s, best one from, by arrow, eliminated
इक्श्वाकु वरयोधानाम == belonging to the illustrious warriors the descendents of Ikshvakus
इक्श्वाकु वरस्य == Ikshvaku dynasty, best one from
इक्श्वाकु वर्धनः == Ikshvaku dynasty, enhancer of
इक्श्वाकु शार्दूल == oh, Ikshvaaku, tigerly
इक्श्वाकु शार्दूलः == in Ikshvaku dynasty, tigerly one
इक्श्वाकु सछिवः == who is helping that descendant of Ikshvaaku
इक्श्वाकुः == Ikshvaku
इक्श्वाकुः मनोः सुतः == Ikshvaku is, Manu's,
इक्श्वाकुकुल जातेन == born of Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकुछमूः == royal army of Ikshvaku race
इक्श्वाकुनन्दनम == to Rama; a celebrity of Ikshvaku dynasty.
इक्श्वाकुनाथम == the lord of Ikshvaku dynasty Rama
इक्श्वाकुनाथस्य == of Dasaratha the Lord of Ikshvaku dynasty.
इक्श्वाकुनाथेन == of Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्श्वाकुभिः == descendants of ikshvaaku
इक्श्वाकुभ्यः == kings of Ikshvaaku clan.
इक्श्वाकुवरम == best in Ikshvaku dynasty.
इक्श्वाकूणाम == among Ikshvaku-s
इक्श्वाकूणाम कुले == in Ikshvaku's,
इक्श्वाकूणाम कुले जातः == in Ikshwaku, dynasty, born «are you»
इक्श्वाकूणाम कुले जातौ == Ikshvaku, dynasty, born in
इक्श्वाकूणाम निवेशने उशित्वा == Ikshvaku's, in residence, on residing
इक्श्वाकूणाम वम्शस्तु == Ikshvaku's dynasty
इक्श्वाकूणाम विदेहानाम == of Ikshvaku-s, of Videha-s
इक्श्वाकोः == Ikshvaku's
इक्श्वाकोः तु == to King Ikshvaku, on his part
इक्श्वाकोः वत्स == oh, Ikshvaku-s, progeny, «oh, Trishanku»
इक्श्वाकोः सुतः == Ikshvaaku's, son
इक्श्वाक्नाम == in Ikshwaku
इक्षुः == sugarcane@
इक्षुमतीम == Ikshumati river
इक्ष्वकूणाम == of Ikshhvaaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकम == to Dasaratha who was born in Ikshvaaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकवे == unto King Iksvaku@
इक्ष्वाकु कुलनन्दनः == and a rejoice to Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकु कुलम == to Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकु जनः == men and women of Ikshvaku race
इक्ष्वाकु नन्दनः == Rama; who was a
इक्ष्वाकु नन्दनम == delight of the Ikshvaakus.
इक्ष्वाकु भयनाशनम == which removed the fear of Ikshwaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकु सिम्हावगृहीत देहः == its body having been overthrown by a lion in the shape of Rama.
इक्ष्वाकुकुल वर्धनः == the promoter of Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकुकुलनन्दनम == the delight of Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकुगुरुम == Vasista; the preceptor of Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकुपालितम == ruled by the descendents of Ikshvaku.
इक्ष्वाकुपालिताम == where Ikshvaku used to reign
इक्ष्वाकुपुर वासिनः == the citizens of Ayodhya;( the capital of Ikshvaku)
इक्ष्वाकुवम्श प्रभवेस्य == who was born in Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकुवरः == Dasaratha the best of Ikshvakus
इक्ष्वाकुसुतम == born in Ikshvaku dynasty
इक्ष्वाकू णाम कुले == In this Ikshhvaaku race
इक्ष्वाकूणाम == Ikshvakus; vimalaH- is purely
इक्ष्वाकूणाम कुले == in the race of Ikshvaku
इक्स्वाकूणाम कुले जातः दशरथ आत्मजः == in Ikshvaku, dynasty, born, Dasharatha's,
इग्धाङ्गी == With body smeared
इङ्गते == waver@
इङ्गितज्ज्ञः == Rama; who was acquainted with the gesture of another
इङ्गितज्ज्ञाश्छ == and and skilled in interpreting internal sentiments by external gesture
इङ्गितज्ञअः छ == adroit ones, also
इङ्गितानाम == their intentions
इङ्गितानि == gestures
इङ्गितैः == intent expressed «in body language»
इङ्गितैः छ == conducting yourself, also
इङ्गुदि क्शोदम == a cake of Ingudi pulp.
इङ्गुदिपिण्याकं == a cake of Ingudi pulp?
इङ्गुदीमूलम == the foot of Ingudi Tree
इङ्गुदीवृक्षः == the sacred fig tree
इङ्गुदीवृक्षम == sacred fig tree.
इच्च्छ्हसि == are desiring
इच्छ == desire@
इच्छतः == who desires
इच्छतः च == one who is expectant also
इच्छता == and desiring
इच्छताम == who are inclined
इच्छति == wishes to; by such@
इच्छथ == do you wish
इच्छन == seeking
इच्छन् == present participle of ishh, to wish@
इच्छन्तः == desiring@
इच्छन्ति == they are aspiring for
इच्छन्ती == she who wished
इच्छवः == while desiring for
इच्छसि == to over, ride - steal off, «if,» wish to; such you@
इच्छसि यदि == you desire, if
इच्छा == desire@
इच्छा मरणम == 'death at his wish...' but he is not yet dead, believably, for he is
इच्छामहे == (We are) desiring
इच्छामहे गन्तुम == we wish to, go
इच्छामि == I seek.@
इच्छेयम == I wish to
इच्छ् == to wish@
इच्छ्हत == intended to.
इच्छ्हति == is desiring
इछारय == think of
इछ्छति == he desires
इछ्छसि == wish
इछ्छाम == the desire
इछ्छामः हि == we desire
इछ्छामि == I want
इछ्छ्हता == desiring
इछ्छ्हता इव == is only desired; mayaa by me
इछ्छ्हताम == eager
इछ्छ्हति == (He) wants
इछ्छ्हथ == (you) want
इछ्छ्हन == wishing
इछ्छ्हन्ति == desire
इछ्छ्हमि == I desire
इछ्छ्हयम == desire
इछ्छ्हसि == are you wishing
इछ्छ्हसि यदि == If you wish it so
इछ्छ्हसियदि == If you wish
इछ्छ्हसीव == desire
इछ्छ्हा == will
इछ्छ्हाताम == and who covet for
इछ्छ्हामहे == wish
इछ्छ्हामि == I bid
इछ्छ्हावः == we want
इछ्छ्हे == wish
इछ्छ्हेत == (we) desire(him
इछ्छ्हेयम == I desire
इछ्हतः == who is willing
इछ्हताम == who were eager to triumph.
इछ्हन == and desirous
इछ्हसि == do you desire
इछ्हसि इति यत == that which you wish
इछ्हसिवा == you desire
इछ्हामि == I wish
इछ्ह्छ्हसि == you want
इज्यते == is performed@
इज्यया == by worship@
इज्याम == a sacrifice
इडा == the channel on the left of the spine@
इड्यं == worshipable@
इण्गुदि पिण्याकम == a ball make of Indugi pulp
इण्ग्म्दि पिण्याकम == the crushed pulp of Ingudi Tree
इत एव == from this very place
इत ह == from here
इतः == form here.@
इतः अध्यर्थ योजने == from here, after one and half, yojana-s
इतः उत्तिश्ठ == from here, arise.
इतः एहि == come here
इतः कम देशम वा गता == from here, to which, place, or, she has gone
इतः क्शिप्रम == from here, immediately
इतः क्शिप्रम सिद्धिम गताः == from here, quickly, deliverance, on going into - on getting
इतः च इतः च == here and there
इतः ततः == from here, and there
इतः दिवम आरूढा == from here, to welkin, lifted up.
इतः देव लोकम न आरोहे == from here, gods world «heavens,» not, ascended
इतः द्वि योजन == from here
इतः नन्दिग्रामात == from this Nandigrama
इतः पर्वतस्य == on this side, of mountain
इतः प्रति गतान == from here, back, on going
इतः शीघ्रम गच्छ == from here, quickly, get going
इतः शीघ्रम निश्क्राम == from here, quickly, start
इतम == before
इतम कृतम == this has been done
इतर == Other@
इतर राक्शसान == other, demons»
इतरः == common@
इतरः कः सहिश्यति == other man, who, withstands.
इतरः मृगः इव == (seeks) other animal (to eat).
इतरत == something else
इतरम == the other (upper garment)
इतरान == others (who are devoted to sense-enjoyment)
इतराम सादयति पीडयति इति निशाद == thus: Oh! Ravana
इतरे == other
इतरे जनाः व्यसनम प्राप्नुवन्ति == other, subjects of kingdom, distress, they derive.
इतरेतर == mutual, each-other@
इतरेतर सम्वादात == and as a result of mutual talks
इतरेतरम == each other
इतरेष्वपि == eventhough others
इतरैरपि गुरु शासने सति अविशन्कया धर्म्यम अपि तद उक्तम अवश्यम कर्तव्यम इति सूचितम - धर्माकूतम == hence, Rama cannot be heedless of the words of both his father and teacher.
इतरौ अपि == and even other acts (instrumental to injustice and non-value)
इतश्छ इतरतश्छ == hither and thither.
इतस्ततः == from here and there@
इतह == from here
इताम == this
इति == thus he said.@
इति अनुज्ञआतः == thus, when permitted
इति अब्रवीत == thus, said.
इति अब्रवीत च == thus, said «challenged,» also.
इति अर्थम == for this reason
इति आह == thus, he said.
इति इव == thus, this way
इति इव उक्त्वा == thus, in this way, having said
इति इव ब्रुवन्तम == thus, in this way, about him who is speaking so
इति इव विलपन == thus, this way, on bewailing
इति उक्तः == this way, said
इति उक्तः महाबलः लक्श्मणः == thus, said, great-mighty, Lakshmana
इति उक्तः सः == thus, spoken, he that Rama
इति उक्तवा ते राज्ञआ सर्वे == thus, said, to them, by king, to all
इति उक्तवा ते राज्ञा सर्वे == thus, said, to them, by king, to all
इति उक्तस्य यथा न्यायम रावणस्य जटायुषा । क्रुद्धस्य अग्नि निभाः सर्वा रेजुः विम्शति दृष्टयः ।। == 'thus
इति उक्ता == this way, she is who is spoken
इति उक्ताः == thus, they are spoken «by Hanuma»
इति उक्त्वā == thus, on saying
इति उक्त्वा == having thus spoke
इति उक्त्वा त्रिदिवम गतः == thus, on saying, to heavenward, went.
इति उक्त्वा देवी वैष्णव्या शक्त्या तद गताया सह । जग्राह वैष्णवम चापम विनयेन च लीलया ।। == 'oh, Devi Parvati, saying so Rama took away the
इति उक्त्वा मुनि शार्दूलः == thus, saying, saint, tiger
इति उक्त्वा लक्श्मणम == thus, saying, to Lakshmana, also
इति उक्त्वा वचनम == thus, said, sentence
इति उक्त्वा वि निश्क्रम्य == thus, said «thinking,» verily, exiting «from hermitage, coming out»
इति उक्त्वा हनुमान तत्र == thus, on saying, Hanuma, there
इति उच्छैः == thus, sharply
इति उत == thus, this way - said
इति उवाच == this way, said.
इति ऊचुः == thus, said.
इति ऊछुस्छ == said
इति एतत वचनम श्रुत्वा == thus, that, sentence - of Fire-god, on listening
इति एमाम == in this way
इति एव == in that way, only
इति एव विश्रुतम == thus, that way, renowned
इति एवम == this way
इति एवम अब्रवीत == thus, that way, said «shouted.»
इति एवम उक्तः == thus, that way, one who is spoken to - Dasharatha
इति एवम उक्ता == thus, that way, said «by Rama»
इति एवम उक्त्वा == this, way, on saying
इति एवम उक्त्वा वचनम == thus, that way, on saying, words
इति एवम कपि राजेन सन्दिश्टः == thus, this way, by monkeys king, ordered
इति एवम चिन्तयन == thus, in that way, persistently thought
इति एवम बहुशः उक्त्वा == thus, in that way, in many ways, saying - lamenting
इति एवम वचः श्रुत्वा == thus, that kind of, words, on hearing
इति एवम वाक्यम उक्त्वा == thus, that way, sentence, on saying
इति एवम वाक्यम वदति == this, way, sentences, while saying
इति एवम विलपन == thus, that way, worrying
इति करिश्ये == this deed/way, will be done - effectuated
इति करुणम वाक्यम उक्तः == in this way, in dreary, words, one who is spoken to - Sampaati
इति कर्तव्यम == this task, be done this method
इति काश्यपः माम अब्रवीत == thus, Kashyapa, to me, told.
इति ख्यातः == thus, known as
इति गर्जन्ति == were roaring thus
इति च == thus, also
इति च अब्रवीत == in this way, also, said.
इति चिन्तयन == thus, thinking
इति चिन्तयामि == thus, I think
इति चिन्तये == thus, it is being thought - by me.
इति छ == and so forth.
इति तत्त्वतः त्वया वक्तव्यम == thus, truly, by you, should have been told
इति तत्र सम्छोदितः == thus, there, directed by
इति तदा अभ्युवाच == thus, then, reiterated.
इति तम महा अर्णवम उवाच == thus, to him, to vastly, ocean, he spoke.
इति तस्मत == thus, therefore
इति तान अभ्य चोदयत == thus, them, verily, motivated - sent them off.
इति तारया == in that way, by Tara
इति ते == in this thought
इति तेन मुनिना उक्तः == thus, by that, sage, one who is said
इति तौ अब्रवीत च == thus, to them two, said, further.
इति नः श्रुतम == thus, for us «by us, the legend is» heard.
इति निश्छयः == such is the ascertainment of the sacred scriptures.
इति निश्छितार्थः == with an assured feeling that
इति परुशम वाक्यम उक्त्वा == thus, harsh, words, on saying
इति पुनः पुनः == thus, again, again
इति पृच्छन्तीम == thus, questioning
इति प्र अह == thus, clearly, said.
इति प्रति उवाच ह == thus, in turn, spoke «replied,» indeed.
इति प्रति समादिश्य == having instructed thus
इति प्रति समादिष्टः == thus directed; (by Rama)
इति प्रशस्ता == thus, praised
इति बुधिस्तु == following thought
इति बृवन्तं == so speaking
इति ब्रुवति काकुथ्से == thus, when said, by Rama
इति ब्रुवन == thus, saying
इति ब्रुवाणः == thus, telling
इति ब्रुवाणम == thus, speaking
इति ब्रुवाणम कृतान्जलिम == thus, who is speaking, with his palms-adjoined
इति ब्रुवाणस्य == in this way, while speaking
इति ब्रुवाणाम == thus speaking
इति ब्रुवाणाम कैकेयीम == thus, speaking «nagging,» at Kaikeyi
इति ब्रूयात == thus says
इति भर्तारम लक्श्मणम च == thus, to husband, to Lakshmana, also
इति भर्तुः शम्सत == thus, to «my» husband, you inform.
इति मधुरम वाक्यम अब्रुवन == thus, sweetly «benignly,» sentence «lines of greetings,» while speaking - they approached.
इति मन्यते == thus, he deemed.
इति मम मतिः == thus, my, inference.
इति मय कृतः == thus « thinking,» by me, not done.
इति मया याचितः == thus, by me, when begged
इति महा आत्मना वसिश्ठेन उक्तः == thus, by great-souled, Vashishta, is spoken to «Vishvamitra»
इति माम आह == thus, to me, said.
इति मुनि वछनात == thus, sage Vashishta's, words
इति मुहूर्तम ध्यात्वा == thus, briefly, thinking
इति मे दर्शन == thus, my, opinion
इति मे निश्चितम == thus, my, resolve is.
इति मे बुद्धिः उत्पन्ना बभूव == thus, my, concept, came up, became.
इति मे मतिः == this, my, belief.
इति यत == that which topic is there»
इति यत माम उवाच == thus, which, to me, spoke
इति यत वाक्यम == thus, what, words - message
इति रघु नन्दनः तान आह == thus, Ragu's legatee,
इति राघवम अब्रवीत == thus, to Raghava, said.
इति राजानम अब्रवीत == thus, to king, said.
इति राम अभि अनुज्ञआतः == thus, by Rama, well, permitted - countenanced in
इति रावण == 'one who abducted Rama's wife from woodlands...' In another way it is
इति रुदन == thus, wailing
इति वक्श्यति == thus, they say «denounce»
इति वचः श्रुत्वा == this kind of, words «that particular request of Rama,» on hearing
इति वछः == the (following) words
इति वछः अब्रवीत == thus, word, said «avowed.»
इति वाक्यम == the following words
इति वाक्यम उक्त्वा == thus, words, on saying
इति वाक्यम ऊचतुः == thus, sentence, said.
इति वाक्यविदाम वरः == thus, sentence maker the best
इति वाचम विमुच्य == thus, words, on releasing - uttering this mcuh
इति वि स्रुतः == by name, thus, well
इति विख्यात == thus, renowned as
इति विलपति == thus, bewailing
इति वैश्रवणः राजा == thus, by Vaishravana, «Kubera,» the king
इति व्यवस्थाम विधाय == thus, set-up, on assigning
इति व्याजहार ह == thus, «reflexly» uttered, indeed
इति शक्रः गर्भम अभि अभाशत == thus, Indra, to foetus, said - coaxed
इति शङ्के == I doubt»
इति शेशः == ellipted 'by me...'
इति श्रुतम == thus, heard «reputed»
इति श्रुति == thus
इति श्रुतिः == thus, we hear from scriptures «Veda-s.»
इति श्रुत्वा == thus, on hearing
इति श्रूयताम == «Let this be heard«
इति सः च मे प्रेशयामास == thus, he, even, me, started to urge.
इति सः मरीछम व्यजहार == thus, he, to Mareecha, said cursed.
इति सम चिन्तयित्वा == thus, on well, thinking
इति सम भाश्यमाणः तु == thus, while conversing, but
इति सम्चिन्त्य == thus, on thinking over
इति सम्छित्य == thus thinking
इति सम्छिन्त्य == thinking thus
इति सर्वाणि भूतानि गणशः == thus, all of the, being, in throngs
इति सुग्रीवः प्रहृश्ट वत राघ्वम वाक्यम उवाछ == thus, Sugreeva, rejoicingly, to Raghava, sentence, said.
इति सुराणाम एतत वछनम श्रुत्वा == this way, of the gods,
इति सूतम अचोदयत == thus, at charioteer, drove «him crazy.»
इति सेशः == 'excepting Rama...' ellipted. Thus, Rama is
इति सौमित्रिम अब्रवीत == thus, to Soumitri, said.
इति हृदय मनः वि दारणम == this way, heart, mind, explicitly slitting
इति ड़ामाय == thus, to Rama
इति- == thus
इतिकर्तव्यम == that which is to be done.«
इतियत == It has been said
इतियत्नियतः समुदाछारः == because she conducts herself well with restraint
इतिवा == Thus
इतिहास == history@
इतिहास( == ः) (itihaasa(H)) history; epic@
इतिहासम == epic
इतीव == Having so said
इतीव किम साधु वाक्यन == as to what good words
इतीव मन्ये == thus, I think.
इतीव वाछः == as aforesaid.
इत्थं == like that@
इत्थम == in this way
इत्यः == changeless
इत्यादि == with these and other
इत्युत == thus it is said@
इत्येतानि == iti+etAni, thus+ these@
इत्येव == because
इत्येव वक्श्यन्ति == will speak thus
इत्येवं == knowing thus@
इत्येवम == Thus
इत्येवम उक्त्वा == thus speaking
इत्येवम वदन == thus speaking
इत्वेन == thus
इत्वेवम == thus
इदं == this@
इदनीमपि == even now
इदम == this kingdom.
इदम अण्गम == this body
इदम अति अद्भुतम श्रुत्वा == this, greatly, amazing, on hearing
इदम अनम == of this forest.
इदम अन्नम == this is, food
इदम अपरम वाक्यम == , this, best, sentence
इदम अब्रवीत == this
इदम अब्रुवन == this, said.
इदम अम्हः == this, sacrilege
इदम अरण्यम वि चरामि == in this, forest, am freely moving.
इदम अर्थ्यम == by these meaningful words
इदम असम्बद्धम भयम == did this unknown danger
इदम आख्यनम == this, rendering
इदम आख्यानम सम्यक श्रूयताम == this, legend «ballad», keenly, be heard
इदम आतिथ्यम == this hositality fitting for a guest
इदम आयुः चिरम == this, life, long «till the end of this life»
इदम इन्द्रात इति == this «food is,» from Indra, thus
इदम इह == It is here
इदम उत्तमम == this excellent
इदम उत्तमम वन जातम == here is, best, in forest, produce «fruits, tubers, victuals»
इदम उत्तरीयम == this, upper cloth
इदम उवाच == this, said.
इदम उवाच ह == this, spoke
इदम ऊचुः च == this, said, also
इदम एक पत्नी व्रतम == this, single, wifehood, vow - one-man-one-wife principle of mine
इदम कपि राज्यम च == this, monkeys, kingdom, also
इदम कर्म == this task
इदम कस्य आश्रम पदम == this is, whose, hermitage's, threshold
इदम काम वृत्तम == this sort of, independent behaviour - self-seeking
इदम कारणम == this reason; yena by which
इदम कार्यम == this act (of pursuit of sensuous pleasure)
इदम कार्यम अल्प शेशम == there is only a little that remains to be done
इदम कार्यम एवम कृत्वा == this, stint, in this manner, on carrying out
इदम काव्यम == this poetical compositon
इदम काव्यम अगयताम == this, epic, sung.
इदम किम == this is, what «why so?»
इदम किम नु == this is, what, really
इदम कुलम == this, clan of - body of
इदम गन्गा अवतरणम == this, Ganga's, alighting
इदम गिरि वरम == this, mountain, the best
इदम गीतम == this, song
इदम च उवाच == this, also, said.
इदम च ब्रह्मणा दत्तम == this one, also, by Brahma, beneficed
इदम छ == is there
इदम छत्रम == this, regal-parasol
इदम छत्रम प्रतीच्छस्व == this, «regal» umbrella, you accept.
इदम छरिओत == this chariot
इदम जगत == throughout this world
इदम जनस्थानम एव == this, Janasthaana, alone
इदम ज्ञेयम == this is to be known
इदम तथ्यम तु == this truth.
इदम तव वनम == your garden of this
इदम तस्य आश्रम पदम == this one, his Agastya's, hermitage.
इदम तावत == even if this
इदम तीर्थम == this, watery foreshore
इदम तु == this as to
इदम ते क्शमम यदि == this is, to you, worth while, if
इदम तेजः == this strength
इदम दारुणम वचः == this, tart, word
इदम दुःखम == this grief
इदम दुर गम वनम कश्टम == this, impassable, forest, is causing difficulties
इदम दुर्गम वनम प्रछरन्तौ == this, in forest, impassable one, moving about
इदम दुश करम कृतम == feat, this, impossible, deed, is done
इदम दृश्ट फलम कर्म कृतम == this, eventual, fruition, deed with, is done - accomplished
इदम देव कार्यम == this, god's, mission
इदम देवतानाम प्रियम == this «act,» for gods, select «act, process.»
इदम धनुः == this bow
इदम धनुः वरम == this, bow, supreme one
इदम न ग्राह्यम == this, not, to be understood «undertaken»
इदम नः अर्घ्यम == here is, our, hand-wash
इदम नः पाद्यम == here is, our, foot-wash
इदम नः मूलम == this is, our, tuber fruits
इदम नगर द्वारम == this one, city's, gateway
इदम परमम वछः == the following excellent words.
इदम पश्य == this, you see
इदम पाद्यम प्रतिगृह्यताम == here is, water, receive it
इदम पायसम त्वम गृहाण == this, dessert, you, take.
इदम पायसम प्रतिगृह्णीश्व == this, dessert, you receive.
इदम पुण्यम इदम रम्यम == this, is holy, this, is delightful
इदम पुरम त्वत अधीनम == this, city, on you, dependent.
इदम प्र आह == this, clearly «enquiringly,» said.
इदम प्रति उवाच == this, in turn, said «replied.»
इदम प्रश्रितम वछः == this, humble, words
इदम प्रहुल्लम इति == this one, well bloomed, thus «assessing»
इदम प्रायोपवेशनम कार्यम खलु == this, self-immolation, is to be undertaken, is it not.
इदम प्रीत्य == this affection
इदम प्रोवाच == this, said
इदम फलम == is a bitter consequence (of your perversity).
इदम बभाशे == this, spoke
इदम बहु मृग द्विजम == this «has,» many, animals, birds
इदम बिलम सहसा प्रविश्टाः == this, cavity, readily we entered,
इदम ब्रह्मम इदम क्शात्रम शापत अपि शरात अपि == 'here is Brahma-hood and here
इदम भयम == is this fear
इदम भूशणम == these ornaments
इदम मम दुःखाया == this has become cause for my pain
इदम मम शृणु == this, mine «from me,» you hear
इदम मय == this «incident,» by me «for me»
इदम महत आख्यनम उत्पन्नम == this, highly revered, epic, originated.
इदम महत वैरम == this huge enmity
इदम महा वनम == this, great forest
इदम माण्डकर्णिना == this one, by Mandakarni
इदम माया मृग रूपम कृतम == this, wily, Golden-Deer, form, is made - he assumed.
इदम मृग रूपम == this, deer's, form
इदम मृश्टम == this one, pure
इदम यत कृतम == that which was done
इदम युधि हतः == in this, fight, felled
इदम रक्शः == this, demon
इदम रक्शामि भवनम == this, safeguarding, mansion
इदम राज्यम == this kingdom
इदम राज्यम छ == this kingdom
इदम राज्यम तव यथा == this, kingdom, yours, as good as.
इदम रूपम == this, form
इदम रूपम दृश्ट्वा == this, look, on seeing
इदम रौद्रेण धनुशा समान सारम == this one has, with Rudra's, longbow, identical, in essence «efficacy.»
इदम लङ्का == this Lanka
इदम वचः == this, word - advise
इदम वचः उक्तम त्वया == this, word, is said, by you
इदम वचः उवाच == this, word, said - King Ambariisha said.
इदम वचः ऊचुः == this, sentence, they spoke.
इदम वचः कर्म च मे अनुरूपम == this «sort of,» word, deed, also, to me, befitting.
इदम वचः त्वया एव उक्तम == this, word, by you
इदम वचः ब्रूयाः च == this, word, be told, also.
इदम वचनम == this, sentence
इदम वचनम अब्रवीत == this, sentence, said.
इदम वचनम अब्रवीत च == this, word, said, also.
इदम वचनम अब्रैइत == this, sentence, said, uttered.
इदम वचनम च अब्रुवन == this, word, also, they spoke.
इदम वचनम जगाद == this, word, said «to Kabandha»
इदम वचनम वक्तुम आरेभे == this, sentence, to tell, started.
इदम वछः == by the words
इदम वछनम == the following words
इदम वछनम अब्रवीत == this, sentence
इदम वछनम च == these words also.
इदम वछनम्छ == te following words.
इदम वछम == the following words:
इदम वनम == this forest
इदम वनम दुर गम == this, forest, difficult, to enter - impenetrable.
इदम वनम प्रयाता नु == this, thicket, went to, really
इदम वसनम == this cloth
इदम वाक्यम == (that you have spoken) these words
इदम वाक्यम अब्रवीत == this, sentence, said.
इदम वाक्यम अब्रवीत छ एव == this, sentence, spoke, also, thus.
इदम वाक्यम उवाच ह == this, sentence, said, indeed.
इदम वाक्यम च उवाच ह == this, sentence, also, said, indeed.
इदम वाक्यम छ == the follwing words:
इदम वाक्यम जगाद == this, sentence, said.
इदम वाक्यम बभाशे == this, sentence, spoke
इदम वि कृतम च == this, wrong, deed «quandary,» also
इदम विमानम == this aerial car
इदम विशम गृहाण == this, poison, you take.
इदम वैश्णवम धनुः == this, Vishnu's, longbow
इदम शयनम == this, «death» bed
इदम शरीरम == this body
इदम शुभम == this, auspicious
इदम श्लक्श्णम वछनम == these gentle words
इदम श्लक्ष्णम == these smooth
इदम सत्यम == this truth
इदम समीरितम == these words
इदम सरः == this, lake is «called»
इदम सर्वम == all this
इदम सर्वम अरण्यम == this, entire, forest
इदम सर्वम जगत पश्यामि == thi, whole, universe, I am seeing
इदम सर्वम दुःखम == this, all, sadness
इदम सर्वम वानरम बलम == this, all, vanara, force
इदम सिद्ध आश्रमम == this, Siddha «Accomplished» hermitage
इदम सुर कार्यम == this, god's, task
इदम सुर कार्यम कृतम == this, god's, deed, done - I have accomplished a task of gods
इदम स्वादु == this one, delicious
इदम हृदयम == this heart
इदमेव == on just this
इदम् == this
इदयम == these words.
इदानीं == now@
इदानीम == as of now
इदानीम अपि == even now
इदानीम अस्मिन अर्थे == now, in this, import / topic
इदानीम किम तु करिश्यामि == as of now, what, but, can I do
इदानीम छ == now
इदानीम तु == now, but
इदानीम मारीचः असि == from now, you are, Maareecha
इदानीम वृद्धः == presently, an aged one
इदामिम == now
इदामीम == now
इदामीम एव == now itself
इदीनाम == now - so far
इदृक् == as it is@
इदृशी यथ == in the same such manner
इद्रजितम == Indrajit
इन ओथेर म्म्स - यथा पुरम == as earlier - where puram is a rare word»
इन ओथेर म्म्स: गत आयुशा == gone
इन ओथेर म्म्स: त्यक्त क्रोधः प्रमादः च == discarding, fury, frenzy, also»
इन थे ओथेर वोर्ल्द. तेन == For that reason
इनङ्गितानि == facial expressions
इनुदुना इव == as by the moon
इन्गित == may be an extended expression for the body language.' This word is for the voice muted facial expressions, given
इन्गितम च == body language «lingua persona,» even
इन्गितानि अनुपलक्शये == «when their» body language, on gauging by
इन्गुदी मूलम == foot of Ingudi Tree
इन्दीवर श्यामः == having a dark complexion as that of a blue lotus
इन्दीवर श्यामम == blue-lotus, blue-black one «in complexion»
इन्दीवरश्यामं == who is having the complexion of black lotus
इन्दु == moon@
इन्दु निभम == moon, similar
इन्दु पूर्ण प्रतिमान नेन == whose countenance resembles a full moon
इन्दुप्रतिमम == like moon
इन्दुमिव == resembling in the moon
इन्दृशस्य == in this condition
इन्दोः == moon
इन्द्र अनुजम चैव == Indra's, brother «Upendra,»
इन्द्र अनुजोयथा == even as Lord Vamana (the younger brothre of Indra)
इन्द्र अशनि हतः == by Indra's, Thunderbolt, eliminated
इन्द्र अशनिः == Indra's, Thunderbolt
इन्द्र आज्ञअया विश्णुम यथा == Indra, by order of, Vishnu, as with - to fetch Vishnu as per Indra's order
इन्द्र आयुध स वर्णेन == Indra's, weapon «Rainbow,» equal, in tinge
इन्द्र इव == Indra, as with
इन्द्र उपमम == Indra, in simile
इन्द्र कर्मणा == one who has exploits like that of Indra
इन्द्र कल्पस्य == to Indra, one matching to
इन्द्र कोपात == Indra, by ire of
इन्द्र धनुष्प्रभम == having the splendour of a rain-bow
इन्द्र ध्वज उस्तव == , festival of Indra's flagstaff will be undertaken after the sixth
इन्द्र ध्वज वत == Indra's, flagstaff, like
इन्द्र नील उत्पल श्रवाः == Indra, Blue «sapphirine in hue,» «bloomed» blue-lotus like, ears
इन्द्र नील मणि == , shines brilliantly when studded in silver ornaments, rather than in golden ones. Gold is no match to that blue stone. So also, Seetha's
इन्द्र पुर प्रकासम == that formerly possessed; the splendor of of the capital
इन्द्र प्रतिमान वीर्यः == having a prowess equal to that of Indra
इन्द्र बाहुभ्याम == with two hands of Indra
इन्द्र लोक == . Those that conduct warfare unhappily thinking that death is the only result of war they get
इन्द्र लोक गता == Indra's, in world, are there
इन्द्र लोक... == 'abode
इन्द्र लोकम == in Indra's, heaven
इन्द्र लोकम गतः == Indra's, abode,
इन्द्र वैवस्वत विष्णुरुद्र साध्याः अह == Indra; Yama; Vishnu; Rudra; Sadhyas (a
इन्द्र शत्रुम == that Ravana the enemy of Indra the Lord of celestials
इन्द्र समः == Indra, one who is equal to «Rama»
इन्द्र सूर्य इव == moon, sun, as it were
इन्द्र, वायु == «Air,
इन्द्रः == Indra@
इन्द्रः इव == as Indra the Lord of celestials
इन्द्रः छ == Indra
इन्द्रः छ विधिवत दत्तः == «oblations addressed to» Indra, as ordained, having given
इन्द्रः जहार ह == Indra, stole «impounded,» indeed
इन्द्रः तु == Indra, on his part
इन्द्रः द्विजातिः भूत्वा == Indra, Brahman, on becoming
इन्द्रः वर्शम == Indra, rain
इन्द्रःछ == a nd Indra
इन्द्रकर्मा == perform action for Indra the lord of celestials
इन्द्रकल्पः == equal to Indra the lord of celestials
इन्द्रकल्पस्य == who was equal to Indra
इन्द्रकीलप्रतिमाः == as sapphires
इन्द्रकृतम यथा == as trapped by Indra
इन्द्रकेतुप्रतिमम == and imitating Indra's banner.
इन्द्रकेतूनिव == like Indra's flag posts.
इन्द्रक्शय सन्निभम == equal to the residence of Indra (Amaravati
इन्द्रचाप == (m) rainbow@
इन्द्रजानुः कपिः == Indrajaanu, «named» monkey
इन्द्रजिछ्य == Indrajit
इन्द्रजित == Indrajit
इन्द्रजित तु == Indrajit for his part
इन्द्रजित न अपरे जनाः == nor Indrajit and others
इन्द्रजित राक्षसेन्द्रात्मजः == Indrajit; the son of Ravana
इन्द्रजित वा == or Indrajit
इन्द्रजितः == of Indrajit
इन्द्रजितः वदने == in Indrajit's face
इन्द्रजितः वधम == of Indrajit's killing
इन्द्रजितम == Indrajit
इन्द्रजितम नाम == by name; Indrajit
इन्द्रजितम प्रति == towards Indrajit.
इन्द्रजितमेव == Indrajit alone
इन्द्रजिता == Indrajit
इन्द्रजितो == O Indrajit!
इन्द्रजित्छ == and Indrajit
इन्द्रजित्तु == Indrajit
इन्द्रजित्नाम == is called Indrajit
इन्द्रजिद्वधम == about the killing of Indrajit
इन्द्रत्व == 'Indra-hood.' So all the oblations in rituals shall
इन्द्रदत्तम == which had been given by Indra the lord of celestials
इन्द्रधनुः == (m) rainbow@
इन्द्रधम्षा == and shot with (a vivid) rainbow.
इन्द्रध्वजोप्तमौ == resembling flag staffs(raised in honor ) of Indra.
इन्द्रनीलमहानीलमणिप्रवरवेदिकम == with platforms made of sapphires and emeralds.
इन्द्रपुरोगमैः == Indra and others
इन्द्रबल सादनः == the destroyer of Indra's host
इन्द्रम == Indra
इन्द्ररिपुः == Indra's adversary
इन्द्ररिपुम == Indrajit
इन्द्ररिपोः == of Trishira the enemy of Indra
इन्द्रलोकम == the abode of Indra the lord of celestials
इन्द्रलोकादिव == as from the world of celestials
इन्द्रवज्राभिहताः == struck by Indra's thunderbolt.
इन्द्रविवस्वतोः == of Indra and the sun.
इन्द्रवीर्यः == and having Indra's prowess
इन्द्रशत्रुः == the adversary of Indra
इन्द्रस्य == (wife) of Indra (become mistress of all worlds
इन्द्रस्य अमरावती यथा == Indra's,
इन्द्रस्य अमरावतीम यथा == like Indra's city of Amaravati
इन्द्रस्य इव अमरावतीम == of Indra's, like, Amaraavati.
इन्द्रस्य एव छतुर भाग == Indra's, thus, fourth, part
इन्द्रस्य पाप्मानम == Indra's, sin
इन्द्रस्य पुरी == a city of Indra
इन्द्रस्य भार्याम शचीम अपहृत्य == Indra's, wife, Shaci, on abducting
इन्द्रहस्तगताम == from Indra's hand
इन्द्रात == for Indra
इन्द्रानश्वान अपि == eve Indra's horses
इन्द्रारि बाणाभिहतः == who is struck by Indrajit's arrows
इन्द्रार्थम == for Indra; the lord of celestials
इन्द्राशनयः == thunderbolts
इन्द्राशनि सम स्पर्शम == which invaded like a thunderbolt
इन्द्राशनिप्रख्यैः == equal to Indra's thunderbolt
इन्द्राशनिसम्प्रख्यम == shining like Indra's thunderbolt
इन्द्रिय == organ of sense or action@
इन्द्रियः == senses@
इन्द्रियगोचराः == the objects of the senses@
इन्द्रियग्रामं == the full set of senses@
इन्द्रियजय == mastery of the senses by controlling the desires@
इन्द्रियतापनम == sense agonizing
इन्द्रियस्य == of the senses@
इन्द्रियस्यार्थे == in the sense objects@
इन्द्रियाणां == of the senses@
इन्द्रियाणि == senses@
इन्द्रियारामः == satisfied in sense gratification@
इन्द्रियार्थान् == sense objects@
इन्द्रियार्थेभ्यः == from the sense objects@
इन्द्रियार्थेषु == in the objects of their senses.@
इन्द्रियेभ्यः == more than the senses@
इन्द्रियैः == with senses@
इन्द्रियैः कृश्यसे == by senses, being drawn «distracted.»
इन्द्रियैरेव == by those very senses.
इन्द्रीयाणाम == of the senses
इन्द्रे छ == at Indra
इन्द्रेण == by Indra
इन्द्रेण इव अमरावति == by Indra, like, Amaravati.
इन्द्रेण स्वल्पम कृतम हि == by Indra, trivial «deed,» done, indeed
इन्द्रैवैवस्वत भास्करान वा == or to the ten regions
इन्द्रो == the Lord Indra@
इन्द्रो अपि == Indra
इन्द्रोपमम == looking like Idnra
इन्धन == fuel@
इन्धनानि च == fuel, even
इप्रद्रुताः == scattered
इभवेत == may
इमं == (from idaM) this@
इमन == these
इमनि == this
इमम == about this
इमम अछलम == this mountain
इमम अभिषेकम == this coronation function
इमम अर्थम == for this sake
इमम आश्रमम == at this hermitage.
इमम आश्रमम आगमिश्यति == to this, hermitage, will come
इमम आश्रमम आगम्य == to this hermitage, having come
इमम आश्रमम उत्सृज्य == this one, hermitage, shedding
इमम कालम == during this period
इमम कैकेयीम == this Kaikeyi
इमम क्रोधम == this, anger
इमम जटाभारम == this burden of matted locks?
इमम जनम == at this, creature «that is me»
इमम त्यागम प्रति == towards Rama; for having repudiated you
इमम देशम == this place
इमम देशम अनुप्राप्तः == to this, area, arrived
इमम देशम अनुप्राप्तौ == to this, province, you chanced.
इमम देशम आनीतः == to this, countryside, you are brought.
इमम देशम कथम प्राप्तौ == this, country-side, how you arrived.
इमम देशम भूशयन्तौ == this, province, they are embellishing
इमम निहत्य == him, on killing
इमम पाप्मानम == this, sin
इमम पुरिम == this city
इमम पृत्वीम पालयन == this, earth, while ruling
इमम पृथिवीम == this earth
इमम प्रासादम विध्वम्सयामि == will cause this mansion to crumble down
इमम भारम == this burden;( of kingship)
इमम मणि श्रेष्ठम == excellent jewel
इमम मणिम == this jewel
इमम मुहूर्तम == during this very moment.
इमम रामम == this Rama
इमम वनवासम == about my exile to the forest
इमम वनोन्कसम == and this monkey.
इमम वरम == this boon
इमम विभीषणम == this Vibhishana
इमम शोकम == this grief.
इमम स सागर वनाम == with, oceans, forests
इमम सर्व लोकम == all this entire world
इमम सालम विदारयिश्यति == this, sala tree, will rip
इमम स्तवम == this hymn
इमम्छ == in this world
इमम्मुहुर्तम == within this moment
इमाः == here they are@
इमाः ताः दिशः == these, they, directions
इमाः प्रजाः == these people
इमाः प्रजाः पीडयन्तौ == distressing, these, beings «of this forest»
इमाः रक्शसराज भार्याः == as these wives of the king of rakshasas.
इमाः वाचः == 'these words...'
इमाः सन्गताः == had been together as these women.
इमान == them.
इमान महा उत्पातान == these, awful, auguries
इमान यूथपान सर्वान == these, «monkeys» commanders, all of them
इमान राक्शसान अपि == these, demons, but
इमान लोकान == these, worlds
इमान लोकान अनुचरन्तु == these, «mortal» worlds «in them,» they wander about.
इमान वधिश्यामि == these «demons,» I wish to eliminate.
इमान सप्त सालन == these, seven, sala trees
इमानि == on these
इमानि आसन मुख्यानि == these, seats, important «thrones»
इमानि नलिनानि शुभ गन्धीनि == these, blue lotuses, propitiously, fragrant
इमानि रत्नानि च == these, jewels, also
इमानी == these
इमान् == these@
इमाम == Her
इमाम अवस्थाम नीता == this sort of, situation, led into.
इमाम कथाम विस्तरेण श्रोतुम इच्छामि == this, episode, extensively, to listen, I am interested
इमाम छिन्ताम == this anguish
इमाम तु एवम विधान भावान == these, but, this, kind of, mansion
इमाम देवीम == (that) this princess
इमाम नदीम == for this river
इमाम नदीम शोभयन्तौ == this one, the river, make to shine
इमाम नाशय == get them destroyed
इमाम निशाम == in the night
इमाम पुरीम == this city
इमाम पृथिवीम पर्यटन == this, earth, while roving
इमाम प्रजाः == these people
इमाम प्रतिज्ज्ञ्याम == this propostion
इमाम फुल्लाम शुभ अक्शणाम गज पुश्पीम == these, bloomed, beautiful, in their aspect, gaja, creeper
इमाम बुद्धिम पुरस कृत्य == this kind of, determination, confiding in
इमाम मन्दाकिनीम नदीम == this, Mandaakini river
इमाम महीम == let this earth
इमाम महीम धारयन्तम == this, earth, which is bearing
इमाम महीम यथा == as to this earth
इमाम मातरम == this mother
इमाम मानुशीम == this, human female
इमाम राक्शसीम == this, demoness be
इमाम राजानम == this king
इमाम रात्रिम == in that night
इमाम वसुधाम == this earth
इमाम वाछम == these words
इमाम विपुलाम श्रियम च == this, immense, prosperity, too
इमाम विशालाक्षीम == this wide-eyed woman
इमाम वृद्धाम भार्याम अवश्टभ्य == her, old one, wife, tenacious of
इमाम वेलाम == at this, time
इमाम सीताम == this «lady,» Seetha
इमे == (when) these guards of the grove@
इमे कुशध्वज सुते == these, Kushadhvaja's,
इमे खराः == these, mules
इमे जाम्बूनदमयाः पादपाः == these, completely golden, trees
इमे तव किन्कराः == these are - here are, your
इमे दण्डकाः == these, Dandaka forests
इमे दशरथस्य पुत्राः == these, Dasharatha's «four» sons
इमे द्वे == these, two
इमे द्वे दिव्ये गाथे == these, two, divine, songs «hymns»
इमे धनुशी == these, bows
इमे नयने == these eyes
इमे पादपाः च सम भग्नाः == these trees, also, completely destroyed
इमे पादुके छ == these sandals
इमे पुरुश व्याघ्राः == these, manly-tigers
इमे मम शराः == these, my, arrows
इमे मृगाः == these, animals
इमे वर पादुके == these excellent wooden sandals
इमे वानराः == these, vanara-s
इमे शराः == these arrows
इमे शूराः छ == these, braves ones, also
इमे सप्त विपुलाः सालाः == these, seven, enormous, sala trees
इमे सम्सिक्त मधु गन्धिनः == these, wetted, with nectar, fragrance
इमे सर्वे == all these
इमे स्म == here, we are
इमे हरयः == These monkeys
इमोउ == these
इमौ == them@
इमौ कुमारौ == these, youngsters
इमौ च एव == these, also, thus
इमौ जनपदौ == these, inhabitations
इमौ जनपदौ स्फीतौ == these, habitats, will be resourceful places
इमौ पक्शौ अग्नि दग्धौ == these two, wings, by fire, burnt
इमौ पापौ == these two miscreants
इमौ मुनी पार्थिव लक्शण अन्वितौ == these two, saints, kingly, features, possessing
इम्परित्य == which, imparity is there
इम्प्रिन्तेद मम हृदयानि == in my heart.
इम्मम == this
इय == she
इय विवक्षा == a desire to tell
इयं == this@
इयन भवेत == is it the impending
इयम == this»
इयम अ ज्ञआता विपत्तिः == this, not, known, catastrophe
इयम अक्शौहिणी == this, akshauhini «unit of army»
इयम अत्मा == this body
इयम अनसूया == this Anasuya
इयम अन्गना == this woman
इयम अन्या == this is another woman
इयम अशोक वनिका == this Ashoka garden
इयम असित ईक्शणा == (in the same way is) this black-eyed one's appearance.
इयम अस्य आत्मा == she is, his, soul
इयम आकाश गन्गा == this, empyreal, Ganga - is there.
इयम कृत्स्ना वसुन्धरा == this, entire, earth
इयम गतिः == such is the destiny
इयम गन्ग == this, Ganga
इयम गन्गा == this, Ganga
इयम गन्गा च == this, Ganga, also
इयम गिरि गुहा रम्या == this, mountain, cave, is heart-pleasing
इयम गोदावरी == this
इयम च == this one, also - this Tara, also
इयम छ == this Seetha
इयम छिन्ता == let this worry
इयम तु == she is, but
इयम थिस == «alone.»
इयम दक्शिणा दिक == this, southern, quarter
इयम दहन कर्मा == this fire
इयम दिक शरण्या == this, region, liveable
इयम दृश्यते == here is seen
इयम देवलोकः == this is the aboard of Devas
इयम देवी == this princess; Seetha
इयम धर्शयितुम == this, to assail
इयम धार्मिकी बुद्धिः आगता == this kind of, virtuous, thinking, has come
इयम नगरी == this city
इयम नदी == this river
इयम नलिनि च == this one, lotus-lake, also
इयम नलिनी च == this pond also
इयम पार्थिवानाम == this is, for kings
इयम पुरी == this city
इयम प्र हृश्टा == she, well, gladdened
इयम प्रिथ्वी कीर्णा == this, earth is, overspread.
इयम बुद्दिः == to his mind
इयम बुद्धिः == this intension
इयम बृसी == this is, Darbha-mat
इयम भगिनी == 'this my sister'
इयम भूमिः == this, earth
इयम मतिः == this thought
इयम मम == she is, mine
इयम मम दयिता भार्या == this is, my, dear, wife
इयम महती == this, great «complicated»
इयम मही == this land
इयम यादृशी ते == thus shown by you
इयम रात्रिः == this, night
इयम लङ्का == (this) Lanka
इयम लङ्का दग्धायदि == if this Lanka has been burnt
इयम लङ्का पुरी == this City of Lanka
इयम लण्का == this Lanka
इयम वसुमती तेशाम पुरा आसीत == this, earth, theirs, earlier, was there.
इयम व्युश्टिः प्राप्ता == this, result, obtained.
इयम व्युष्टिः == this evil result
इयम शक्तिः == this spear
इयम शुभा == (in as much as) this blessed woman
इयम सीत == was the only intention of yours when lifting that bow...
इयम सीता == this Seetha
इयम सीता मम सुता == as some ignoramus and insignificant dullards
इयम सेना == is this army
इयम स्वर्गः == this is heaven
इयाम गोदावरि == this, Godavari is
इयेष == desired to (travel in)
इरवत == , the Elephant of Indra
इरावत == Iravata «the Elephant of Indra»
इरावतीम नाम सुताम == to Iravati, named, daughter
इरिण सम्निभम == arid land - burial ground, alike
इल्वलः == Ilvala
इल्वलः महता स्वरेण वदन == Ilvala, with loud voice, shouting
इव == 'alike, seemingly, as though' is to be ellipted to all the expressions given by Rama, as@
इव उरगः == like, a snake's moult «like
इव सुमहान तोयदः == like a vast cloud.
इवम == thus
इवम अर्थम == this matter
इव्या == one who pertains to heaven - heavenly
इशत् == a little@
इशाचर == oh, nightwalker «Khara»
इशित्वा == having dwelt
इशीकाम == a blade of grass; called Ishika
इशुणा == by arrow
इशुणा अभिहतम == by arrow, shot down
इशुधी == quivers
इशुभिः == by means of his arrows
इशुभिः अनु बद्धान इव == by arrows, followed closely - tracked down, as though
इशुभिः हतान == with arrow, on skewering
इशुसम्धान सादिताः == were destroyed by the arrows aimed at them
इशोः पातात == from arrow's, falling of
इश्ट चेश्टः सः ळक्श्मनः == agreeable, by his deeds «to Rama,» that, Lakshmana
इश्ट देवता दर्शन मात्रेण - गतः == 'that sin - just by the chance of seeing my choicest deity Goddess Lakshmi - it has gone...'
इश्ट दैव == 'most cherished god...' God Shiva, who burnt down the Love-god... and if
इश्ट बन्धु जनः == loved his own kinsfolk
इश्ट भार्या अपहारिणम == chosen, wife's, with the stealer
इश्ट यज्ञअः == having completed, Vedic-ritual
इश्टः हेमन्त ऋतुः == pleasant, pre-winter, season
इश्टका बहु सहस्री == bricks, many, thousands
इश्टकाः कारिताः == bricks, are made
इश्टपूर्त वधम भूयात == «to the merits of» Vedic rituals, doom, it becomes
इश्टभागिनम == a beloved young man
इश्टम == dear ones
इश्टम फलम च == cherished, fruits
इश्टम हि == is indeed cherished
इश्टम्छ == sacrifice
इश्टवत == and wishes.
इश्टवान == performed
इश्टाः == favourites.
इश्टापूर्त == rituals, in which digging wells, lakes and other social facilities will be undertaken.
इश्टाभिः == and agreeable
इश्टाम == cherished one
इश्टिका छयन == , where each brick is to be consecrated with hymns. On completion of the layering of bricks to the
इश्टिम विधानतः करिश्यामि == ritual, procedurally, I will conduct.
इश्टैः क्रतुभिश्छ == and performing sacrifices
इश्ट्याम तु वर्तमानायाम == ritual, but, while being conducted - during its performance
इश्ट्वा == after performing
इश्ठ्वा == on performing
इश्यध्वम == 'be servitors...'
इश्वस्त्रेशु == in the science of archery.
इषवः == arrows
इषीकाभिः सन्निकर्षात == by proximity to Ishhiika grass.
इषुजालानि == a net-work of arrows
इषुणा == by an arrow
इषुधाराभिः == with floods of arrows
इषुपदम == aim of arrows
इषुभिः == with my arrows@
इषुमान == and arrows.
इष्ट == of all desirable things@
इष्ट बन्धुजनः == who is having his beloved relatives
इष्टं == holy ceremonies (have been performed)@
इष्टः == liked
इष्टः भ्राता == your beloved brother
इष्टदार == O lover of your consorts!
इष्टभागिनम == who was blessed with the fulfillment of his desire.
इष्टम == (and) beloved
इष्टम लाभमिव == seeing their dearest wish gratified;
इष्टम सुतम == beloved son?
इष्टवान == have worshipped the Lord
इष्टा == the beloved
इष्टाः == palatable@
इष्टान == as desired
इष्टान् == desired@
इष्टाम == who was dear to her husband
इष्टाम भार्याम == His dear wife
इष्टाम सुताम == dear daughter
इष्टामि == as desired by me
इष्टिका == (f) brick@
इष्टेन == by the act of sacrifice.
इष्टो वा यदि वा द्वेष्यो मूर्खः पण्डित एव वा । सम्प्राप्ते वैश्वदेव अन्ते सो अतिथि स्वर्ग सङ्क्रमः ।। == May he be dear one or despised, stupid or scholar, one who comes at the end of
इष्ट्वा == worshiping@
इष्वस्त्र वर सम्पन्नम == who is furnished with the most excellent arrows and darts
इष्वस्त्राणाम == the use of bows
इष्वस्त्रे == in archery.
इस्टाः == was loving
इस्शूपलयन्त्राणि == ballista capable of hurling darts and stones
इह == in here@
इह अद्य एव == here, now, only
इह अद्य बाल्यात == in this matter, now, childishly
इह अनुछिन्तय == think here of
इह अभ्यागतम == at here, arrived
इह अभ्युद्गत मानसः == with my mind setting out to come here.
इह अवाम हन्तुम इच्छति हि == now, us, to finish off, wishes, indeed.
इह अव्यग्रम उपभुज्यताम == now, relaxedly, be dined on.
इह आगतः == hither, he came.
इह आगतः महातेजाः == here «to Ahalya's place,» one who came, great-resplendent
इह आगतम == 'to here, he who came...'
इह आगतम तम सुग्रीवम == to here, who came, that, Sugreeva is
इह आगतान == here, those that have come
इह आगतेन == to here «at Ahalya's
इह आगतौ == here, they have come.
इह आगन्तुम == here, to come
इह आनय == here, you fetch.
इह आनये == to here, I fetch
इह आनेतुम == to here, be fetched.
इह आनेश्यन्ति == bring him, hither.
इह आश्रमे == in this, hermitage
इह इच्छसि == now, you fancy
इह उपयातः == came here
इह उपयाति == here, he comes
इह उवास == here, resided.
इह एव == here, alone
इह एव प्रायम आसिश्ये == here, only, fast unto death, I will sit out
इह एव श वैदेह्या == here, only, with Vaidehi
इह एव सीताम अन्वीक्श्य == here, only, Seetha, we search out
इह एव स्थीयताम इति == here, only, stay, thus
इह कान्तारे वासः च == here, in thick of forest, living, also
इह किम न पश्यामि == now, why, not, I see.
इह किम निमित्तम त्वम आगता वा == here, what, for, you, came, either
इह कुर्वन्तु == now, to be performed.
इह कृत अभिशेकैः == here, on performing, holy baths
इह केनचित == now, in the least
इह गन्धर्वा न गच्छन्ति == here, gandharva-s, not, they go - arrive
इह घोरम युद्धम बभूव == here, a deadly, clash, occurred.
इह तव आश्रमे == in this; you hermitage
इह तिश्टतु == here, let it sit tight
इह तिश्ठतः == here, sitting; for me
इह तिश्ठन्तम == here, staying - standing
इह तिश्ठन्त्या == now, staying on - at hermitage; to you
इह तिष्ठति == sands here
इह ते स्थानम == here, your, staying
इह त्वत सकाशम == here, to your near
इह त्वम वस्तुम न अर्हसि == here, to live, you, not, suitable for you «inapt of you»
इह त्वाम त्यक्तुम न उत्सहे == now, you, to leave, not, I dare.
इह देव नमस्कृत == here, by gods, one who is worshipped
इह देशम कथम आगतौ == now, to country-side, how, you reached.
इह न आगतः == to here, not, I have come
इह न वस्तव्य == here, not, to live
इह नः == here, to us
इह नः अध्वनि == here - halfway, to us, on the way
इह निवर्तध्वम == now, return.
इह पर्वते == this, on mountain
इह पुण्ययोः सरितः मध्य == here, meritorious, rivers, in the between of
इह पुनः एत्य == to here, again, on coming,
इह प्र हृश्टम दृश्यते == now, highly, enchanting, is appearing.
इह प्राप्नुयात == to here, reaches
इह भवितव्यम हि == now / here in mortal world, ineluctable, indeed
इह भूम्याम == here, on earth
इह मया सह रमस्व == here, me, along with, delight.
इह मे गुरūṇāम वचनāत == now, on my, teacher's, advise
इह मे गुरूणाम वछनात == now, on my, teacher's, advise
इह मे गुरूणाम् वचनात् == now, on my, teacher's, advise
इह यथावत आश्रम पदम कर्तुम अर्हसि == here, traditionally, hermitage, to erect, apt of you.
इह युद्धम इच्छसि यदि == now, fight, you desire, if
इह राक्शोगृहेषु == was at this house of Ravana.
इह लोके == in the world.
इह लौकिकम शुभम कर्तव्यम हि == in here, worldly things, auspicious ones, are to be done, indeed.
इह वक्तुम == in this matter, to talk - to debate
इह वत्स्याम सौमित्रे == here, we reside, Soumitri
इह वनम == for this garden.
इह वने छरमि == here about, in forest, I am moving
इह वर्तमानाम == to be living here
इह वसाम == here, we stay
इह वस्तुम वनम आगतः == here, to live, to forests, I came.
इह वा == here, either
इह वासपरः == here, staying
इह वासिभिः == here, living - held up
इह वि चिन्तय == in this matter, you clearly think.
इह शक्यः == in this world, it is possible
इह श्रूयताम == now, I will narrate.
इह सन्गतः == here, arrived «or, encountered Ravana»
इह सम्युगे == in this battle-field
इह सुग्रीव वछनात == now, by Sugreeva's,
इह स्थः == here, staying
इह स्थः वा == here, he is there, or
इह स्थाने == at this, place
इह स्थास्यामि == here, I will stay
इह स्थित्वा == in this «position of foremost god,» staying at it - applying yourself to that
इहछ == and even on earth.«
इहम == here
इहस्थः == from here itself; I
इहस्थाम == are here
इहस्थे == being here
इहैव == and here itself@
इहैव तावत == here itself
इफ़ इत इस विन्नित == a benign one»
इफ़(दोचुमेन्त.लोचतिओन == «http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/2612/Ramayana1.htm«)
ईएशान == god of bliss : Northeast. The governance of all these deities is Indra's function, since he is the presiding deity of Heaven.
ईक्शतः == look
ईक्शते == who sees
ईक्शस्व == see me off
ईक्शितुम == to see
ईक्श्वकुनाम राजऽआम वम्शे == Ikshvaku, kings'
ईक्षण == seeing@
ईक्षणं == eyes@
ईक्षती == looking at
ईक्षते == (1 ap) to see@
ईक्षमाणः == gazing
ईक्षसे == by perceiving
ईक्षस्व == look at
ईक्षितुम == to see
ईक्ष् == to see@
ईक्ष्यन्तः == on beholding
ईछ्छ्हन == If I wish
ईछ्छ्हन्ति == desire
ईजे == propitiated the Almighty
ईतदेव == only about this.
ईदम == this
ईदृग्विधैः हरिभिः == of such monkeys
ईदृशं == of this nature@
ईदृशः == endowed with such qualities like
ईदृशः उपक्रमः == in such an exploit
ईदृशः क्व गमिश्यसि == this kind «of a wingless eagle,» where, you wish to go
ईदृशः त्वम पतिः == this kind of you, «abominable one» is the husband
ईदृशः बन्धुः दुर्लभः हि == this kind of, friend, impossible to get, indeed
ईदृशम == like this
ईदृशम अलीकम कृत्वा == this kind of, misdeed, on doing
ईदृशम कर्म == such an act
ईदृशम कृत्वा == this sort of deed - killing, on accomplishing
ईदृशम गर्हितम कर्म == this kind of, deplorable, deed
ईदृशम परुशम वदसि == this way, ill-advisedly, you are babbling.
ईदृशम पापम == with such an evil destiny.
ईदृशम पुनः == moreover; on such an occasion?
ईदृशम प्राप्तव्यम शन्के == this sort of «scourge,» «I am» liable to get, I deem
ईदृशम बुद्धि लाघवम == this sort of, mental, ineptness
ईदृशम यत ते शौचम च == this kind of, which, your, purity «plainness,» also
ईदृशम वाक्यम == this kind of, words
ईदृशम सः == are you as such
ईदृशाः == such
ईदृशान == this kind of
ईदृशानाम == for this kind of
ईदृशी इयम == this kind of, this
ईदृशी शिबिकाम दृश्ट्वा == such sort of, palanquin, on seeing
ईदृशीम == such
ईदृशे == in such
ईदृशैः == suchlike «that efficacious»
ईदृषं == like this@
ईद्ड़्ड़्शम == such words
ईन्द्र == , Lord of Heaven - East, 2
ईन्द्रः जनयामास == Indra, procreated
ईन्द्रजित == Indrajit
ईप्सनम == to execute that command
ईप्सितः == desired
ईप्सितम == is desized
ईप्सितम घोरम व्यसनम == what is desired, terrible, problem «punishment is given.»
ईमे हयश्छापि करिष्यन्ति यदि == If these horses too can do
ईयतुः == went
ईयम == Here is
ईयुः == got
ईयुशः == while coming
ईयुषः == who met
ईरितम == spoken
ईरितम वाक्यम == voiced, words
ईरिताः == spoken
ईर्ष्या == (f) jealousy@
ईर्ष्यारोषौ == impatience and anger
ईश == God@
ईशं == Lord Siva@
ईशः भगवान रुद्रः इव == all-controlling, god, Rudra «Shiva in fury,» like
ईशत == and slightly
ईशत कार्यम == is a trifling, deed.
ईशत पत्र आढ्यम == with some, leaves, covering
ईशत्कार्यम == and was completed with only a small effort
ईशसः छ == and also the master
ईशात == a little
ईशान == The God.
ईशावास्यं == inhabited or manifested by the Master@
ईशावास्योपनिशद == , at hymn 15
ईश्टे == he - Rama - desires to - he expects to, as a kind of guard of honour.
ईश्वर == controller@
ईश्वरं == the Supersoul@
ईश्वरः == Indra@
ईश्वरः अपि == lord, may be
ईश्वरः अपि च न == lord «not a controlling entity of others,» even, also, he is not
ईश्वरतरा सती == even though with
ईश्वरप्राणिधान == attentiveness to god@
ईश्वरम == the Lord
ईश्वरवत == as a king
ईश्वरस्य == the ruler
ईश्वरस्य कृत == or through the will of god
ईश्वराः == gods
ईश्वरायुध सम्काशान == which are like the weapons of Ishvara the lord destruction.
ईश्वरी == mistress
ईश्वरेण हरीणाम == and Sugreeva the lord of monkeys.
ईश्वरेणापि == eventhough capable
ईश्वर्स्य == who are a lord of all
ईषत == a little
ईषत बाष्प परिप्लुतः == was shightly overwhelmed with tears
ईस्वरैः == by Devas
ईहते == he aspires@
ईहन्ते == they desire@
ईहा == wish@
ईहामृगमुखाश्छापि == and wolves
ईहामृगसमायुक्तैः == decorated with images of wolves
ईहामृगैश्छ == by artificial deer
ईह् == to wish@
उ == , Lakshmana, or any other adherer. A lengthy account of this trilogy is provided in Aranya Kanda, Ch.
उ त्तिष्ठः == raise up
उअभः == the sky.
उओअस्थितः == (he) approached
उक्त कारिणा == one who does whatever said to him - by Rama, namely Lakshmana; such a
उक्त वाक्यम == on who has the words spoken, Vali
उक्त वाक्यम तु == spoken, word - one who spoke thus, Trishanku, but
उक्त वाक्ये == said so, sentence
उक्तं == said@
उक्तः == Having been hold@
उक्तः तु == he who is spoken to by her, «i.e., Lakshmana, though she said a lot to him,» he on his part
उक्तः रावणः == he who is spoken thus, Ravana
उक्तः सन == having been spoken
उक्तः हनुमान == one who is spoken to, Hanuma
उक्तम == a word
उक्तम अन आदृतम == spoken, not, considerately
उक्तम वाक्यम अ कुर्वतः == said «promised,» word, not, doing
उक्तम्हि == It has been indeed told
उक्तवतः == spoken
उक्तवति == spoken
उक्तवती == spoke
उक्तवन्तः == was told
उक्तवन्तम == and who spoke
उक्तवाक्यम == by whom the aforesaid words were spoken
उक्तवान == (He) spoke
उक्तवान असि == you spoke
उक्तश्छ == was spoken
उक्तस्य == It has been spoken
उक्तस्सम == having been spoken
उक्ता == (the words) spoken
उक्ताः == after spoken@
उक्तानि == said to be
उक्तानृतम == who spoke untruth.
उक्ताम == (which was) spoken
उक्ताव == spoke
उक्ते == having spoken
उक्तेन == by telling
उक्तेसति == were spoken
उक्तैः == spoken
उक्तोउ == having been spoken
उक्तौ == told
उक्त्वः == having been spoken
उक्त्वा == (after) uttering@
उक्त्वा तथेति == saying; «so it be«
उक्त्वा तु == spoke
उक्त्वा वचनम == said, sentence
उक्त्वाः == having been spoken
उक्त्वान == said.
उक्थ्यम == , and the next one performed on third day is called
उक्शितः == dampened
उक्षण सन्निधौ == near a bull
उगर भोगकल्पौ == looking like coils of serpents
उग्र == powerful, noble@
उग्र तपसा दीप्तम == by intense, asceticism, radiant one
उग्र तपाः == of intense, ascesis
उग्र तसः == with severe penance
उग्र तेजसम == one with violent, vigour
उग्र तेजसाम रक्शसाम == flaring, fieriness, demons of
उग्र तेजा == intensively, resplendent one
उग्र तेजाः == with a terrible energy
उग्र तेजाः सन्नपि == (although) of terrible energy
उग्र दर्शनकर्माणः == of fearful aspect and deeds
उग्र पौरुशम == furiously, vainglorious
उग्र प्रतिग्रहीतारम == as one who accepts terrible gifts
उग्र वीर्यवान == having a terrible power of penance
उग्र वेगम == of terrible velocity
उग्र शक्तिः == of formidable energy
उग्रं == terrible@
उग्रः == was angry@
उग्रकर्माणः == engaged in painful activities@
उग्रते जाः == Dadhimukha endowed with terrible energy
उग्रत्वम == cruelty
उग्रध्वनिभिः == with horrifying voices
उग्रन वज्रामिव == like powerful thunderbolt
उग्रम == a terrible
उग्रम तपः सम आस्थितम == rigorous, ascesis, verily, abiding in
उग्रम पाप कर्माणम == Ravana who is with - ferocity, with iniquitous, activities
उग्रम ब डबामुखाभम == which shore like a terrific submarine fire
उग्रम मुखम == his terrific mouth
उग्रम वानर सैन्यम == ferocious army of monkeys
उग्रम शरम प्रगृह्य च == terrible «electrocuting one,» arrow, clasping, also
उग्रम सु व्रतम आस्थाय == rigorous, supreme, devoutness, taking hold of
उग्रमहाबलाः == terrible in might
उग्ररूपः == fierce form@
उग्रविवृत्त दम्श्ट्र == with its terrible curved tusks
उग्रवीर्याः == and were endowed with terrible energy
उग्रवेगम == in a terrific velocity
उग्रवेगेन == of terrible speed.
उग्रशक्त्या == with his powerful javelin.
उग्रा अव्यवस्था भवति == there was a terrible confusion (as to who would win ultimately).
उग्राणि == severe
उग्रासन == the posterior stretch posture@
उग्रीवस्य सु भाशितम वचनम श्रुत्वा == Sugreeva's,
उग्रे ण दङ्डेन == by your stern scepter.
उग्रेण == a right
उग्रेण तपसा == by rigorous, ascesis
उग्रेण तपसा जितम == by arduous, ascesis, won over
उग्रेण तपसा तोशितः == by stern, ascesis «of yours,» «I am» gladdened
उग्रेण तपसा युक्ताम == one who is - rigorous, sacrament, unified with
उग्रैः == which are ferocious@
उग्रौजसः == who are with extraordinary energy
उचित == worthy
उचिता इव == is as though accustomed
उचिते सलिले == in choicest - holy, waters - of Ganga
उचुः च == they said, also
उचुḥ च == they said, also
उच्च अवचान == verily, diverse
उच्चार == pronunciation@
उच्चारयति कल्याणीम वाछ == speaks, propitious, words
उच्चार्य == having uttered or pronounced@
उच्चावच ताम्र चूडा == «those with» towering, with red, tiaras
उच्चावचम वक्तुम == variously, to discuss
उच्चावचैः शस्त्रैः == many kinds of, weaponry
उच्चैः == aloud@
उच्चैः वदता == loudly, who shouted
उच्चैः स्वरेण छुक्रोश == in high-pitched voice, screamed.
उच्चैःश्रवसं == Uccaihsrava@
उच्चैःश्रवा हय श्रेश्ठः == Uccaishravaa, horse, the best one
उच्छ == Exalted Planet@
उच्छब्द == loud sound (masc)@
उच्छाट्टाल ध्वजवतीम == bastions, flags she has
उच्छावछम == and of various kinds
उच्छिन्न राज्य अ सन्देहम == about disrupted, kingdom, not, doubting - doubtless of the kingdom which once was disrupted from his control
उच्छिष्टं == remnants of food eaten by others@
उच्छोषणं == drying up@
उच्छ्रयते == enhances
उच्छ्रितं == high@
उच्छ्रितः == standing straight.
उच्छ्रितम == high
उच्छ्रितम महागिरिम इव == peaking, huge mountain, as with - who is like
उच्छ्रितान द्वेश्टि == functionary deities of cosmos, he is hating
उच्छ्रितैः भवनोत्तमैः == with its best mansions
उच्यताम == let it be said
उच्यते == said to be «as good as.»@
उच्यमानो अपि परुशम न उत्तरम प्रति पद्यते == 'though harsh words are spoken to Rama he does not rebut them...' This is evident when Khara, Duushana, Trishira, Vali, and other opponents
उछतुः == said.
उछते == is said (to be)
उछयताम == and tell
उछावछैः == various kinds of
उछितः == are habitual
उछितम == right
उछितव्ड़्ड़्त्ताः == having proper conduct
उछितस्य == one who is accostomed to
उछिताहि == It is indeed appropriate
उछुः छ == they said, also
उछोयते ह == is surely called
उछ्छ == of high
उछ्छम == high
उछ्छरितः == emitted
उछ्छवछ स्वरान == in various types of noises
उछ्छवाछान == many kinds
उछ्छाभिः == (and) which were elevated
उछ्छावछम == many kinds
उछ्छावछान == lot of
उछ्छैः == from above
उछ्छैः गोपुरैः == with its towering City-gates
उछ्छैः ननाद छ == and made loud noise.
उछ्छैः प्राकार तोरणाम == with its elevated arched door-ways
उछ्छैःस्वरेण == in loud voice
उछ्छैश्रवः प्रख्यम == similar to Uchchairshrava
उछ्छ्हवछ गुणाः == having manifold qualities.
उछ्छ्हवछान आकरान == of both large and small shapes
उछ्छ्हाद्य == after massaging their body with oil.
उछ्छ्हितमेघरूपमम == having the appearance of a cloud
उछ्छ्हिश्टम्वा == who has not rinsed his mouth after finishing his meal
उछ्छ्हैः == loudly
उछ्छ्ह्रित ध्वज मालिनीम == and decked with rows of tall flags .
उछ्छ्ह्रित लाङ्गूलानि == and with their tails lifted up
उछ्छ्ह्रितम षष्टियोजनम == having a height of sixty Yojanas
उछ्छ्ह्वसन्तम == sighing his breath
उछ्छ्ह्वस्य == sighed
उछ्छ्ह्वासवातेन == from the air of breath.
उछ्छ्ह्षोयति == is drying up
उछ्यताम == tell me what to do.
उछ्यते == and stated
उछ्यन्ताम == be told
उछ्यमानः == after being told
उछ्यमानम == the thing to be stated
उछ्यमानम मया == my advice
उछ्यमानह अपि == spoken by others.
उछ्यमाना == while they were consoling
उछ्यमानाम == uttered; (by me)
उज्घितप्राणे == has given up his life
उज्ज्वल == radiant@
उज्झितप्रभम == with relinquished radiance
उज्झितायाः == abandored
उज्वल स्कन्धः == with superb branches
उज्वलिथः == flared up «tongues of fire»
उटज स्थानम == cottage's, in places
उटजम छ == and a (small) hut made of leaves nearby
उटजात == from cottage
उटजान == huts
उटजे == in the hut
उडुराडिव == like a moon; the king of
उड्डाययति == to fly@
उड्डियान == a fetter or binding involving the raising of the diaphragm@
उण्छेन == by gathering grains fallen on floor ?
उत == and; (wherefore)@
उत अग्र सत्त्वाः == those with - up, risen, might - ebullient in sprit
उत ऐक्शत == up, stared.
उत कृत्य == up, lifting - rip to pieces
उत क्रान्त जीवितः == took wings, who has his life - whose life took to flight
उत तारिताः == up, sailed through.
उत धर्तुम अर्हसि == to up, root, apt of you.
उत धूतम == up, shoved - gushingly, she goes
उत नदन == loudly, shouting at
उत प पाताम == started to up, verily, fall - started to fulminate - from Mt. Mandara
उत पतद्भिः == up, falling «put to flight»
उत पतन्तम == up, falling - jumping up
उत पतन्तम इव == to upside, falling «springing,» as though; he saw
उत पति श्यन्तम एव च == falling up «ascent on northern side,» even, also
उत पतित पद्म आभः == «like» up, rooted, lotuses, in shine
उत पतिश्यन्ति == up and about - they can fly high.
उत पथम == on high, road «to self-ruination»
उत पपात == hopped up, got down - tottered.
उत पाट्य == out, pulled «pulled out, extricated»
उत पात == up, heaved - swung.
उत पीड == up, pent «pent-up with rapids»
उत पेततुः == to up, flew - cropped up.
उत प्लुत्य == up, hopped
उत बबर्ह == out, pulled - extricated.
उत भवन्ति == there, they will be
उत वीक्श्य उत वीक्श्य == up, seeing, up, seeing- craning and seeing
उत वेपिभिः करैः == with extremely, doddery, hands
उतथाय == on getting up
उतलमिव == water-lily
उतेक्षिप्य == lift up
उत्कङ्ठितुम == repent
उत्कट == fierce@
उत्कटाः == big
उत्कटासन == the the hunkering posture@
उत्कण्ठया == (instr.sing.) feelings@
उत्कण्ठाम == anxious
उत्कण्ठितम == look anguished
उत्कन्ठिता == is regretted
उत्कम्पी == that can flutter
उत्कर्शन्त्याम्छ == and I was pulling
उत्कर्षतः == even while Mahodara was extracting
उत्कृत्य == rending
उत्कृत्यमान == one who is cut up@
उत्कृश्ट किण वक्शसम == when gored, blotched, chest.
उत्कृश्टकिणवक्शसम == who bore on his breast scars of wounds
उत्कृश्टम == released
उत्कृष्ट == excellent@
उत्कृष्टम == a great
उत्कोचः == (m) bribe@
उत्क्रान्तम == and who was jumping
उत्क्रान्ति == evolution@
उत्क्रामति == gives up@
उत्क्रामन्तं == quitting the body@
उत्क्शिप्य == raised «to throw into grave»
उत्क्शिप्य उत्क्शिप्य == repeatedly lifting
उत्क्शिप्य बलेन == raising up, by might
उत्क्षिप्य == lifting up
उत्क्षिप्य भुजौ == with her arms thrown up
उत्क्ष्प्य ऊर्ध्वबाहुम == who rushed with uplifted arms towards them
उत्तङ्गता == greatness@
उत्तम == exceptional@
उत्तम अधम मध्यमः == as good; bad or mediocre.«
उत्तम अन्ग च्युता == best, of body part i.e., head, or, from her best, body,» fallen
उत्तम अन्गैः च == with best, body part «heads,» also
उत्तम चन्दनस्य == for best, «red» sandalwood paste
उत्तम दक्षिणेन == with his auspicious right
उत्तम धर्मकः च == supreme, among righteous ones, also
उत्तम धार्मिकः == supreme among the righteous souls, because you have helped Sugreeva without any personal greed...' A person who undertakes and does a deed only
उत्तम धार्मिकः च == 'you are the 'only' supreme Dharma, or you alone is
उत्तम नाग मूर्धनि == on the head of an excellent elephant.
उत्तम पर्वतम मेरुम == unique, mountain, to Mt. Meru
उत्तम पुष्कलम == which were excellent and holistic
उत्तम पौरुशः == who was foremost in valour
उत्तम बाण छाप धृत == wearing excellent arrows and a bow
उत्तम राक्षसान == chiefs of demons.
उत्तम राज कन्यया == with best «irreproachable,» king's, daughter
उत्तम लोक प्रापक == superior, realms, endowing»
उत्तम वाक्यम == and excellent message
उत्तम वारणानाम लीलासु चैव == of best, elephants, frolicking, also thus
उत्तम वाससा == best cloth
उत्तम विक्रमः == with the best courage
उत्तम स्त्रीणाम == choicest, women
उत्तम स्त्र्रिनाम == best women
उत्तमं == transcendental@
उत्तमः == an excellent@
उत्तमः छरः == the excellent spy
उत्तमः हि == are indeed excellent
उत्तमम == ' the best'
उत्तमम अस्त्रम == their excelletnt missiles.
उत्तमम इदम गिरि शृन्गम == admirable, mountain's, peak
उत्तमम इदम वाक्यम प्रोवाच == best, this one, the sentence, spoke - advised.
उत्तमम इदम सुखम प्राप्य == excellent, this, comfort «of kingship,», on getting
उत्तमम एतत == this excellent act
उत्तमम कल्याणम कुरु == the most suitable, merited deed, you make happen - to deal with Emperor Bali.
उत्तमम गन्ग सलिलम == holy, Ganga's, water
उत्तमम गो दानम == in grand «way,» cow, donation «samaavartna, snaataka, initiatory rituals»
उत्तमम घोरम तत आग्नेयम अस्त्रम == matchless, deadly, that, Fire, missile
उत्तमम छैत्य प्रासादम == the lofty palatial mansion of the sanctuary
उत्तमम ताटक वधम करिश्यामि == best «primary duty,» Tataka's, elimination, I wish to undertake
उत्तमम देशम ददृशुः == a best, place, they saw.
उत्तमम धनुः == his excellent bow
उत्तमम नलिनी == to superb, lotus lake
उत्तमम न्यासम प्रादात == best «trustworthy,» as trust, handed over.
उत्तमम प्रयत्नम == a best effort
उत्तमम बलिम == excellent tribute
उत्तमम ब्राह्मण्यम लब्ध्वा == supreme, Brahman-hood on getting
उत्तमम भन्धुम == to a best relative
उत्तमम यज्ञअम यजते == unsurpassed, Vedic ritual, is performing
उत्तमम युद्धम == an excellent battle
उत्तमम रथम == choicest, chariot
उत्तमम राक्शसावासम == the best residence of Rakshas
उत्तमम वछनम == (the following) excellent words
उत्तमम वरम ददौ == choicest, boon, he gave.
उत्तमम विप्रियम == a great harm
उत्तमम विमानम == a best plane
उत्तमम विशम पीतवान == best «deadly,» poison, gulped
उत्तमम विस्मयम जग्मुः == «they,» inordinate, astonishment, have undergone.
उत्तमम वैरम == archly, animosity
उत्तमम वैवाह्यम कृत्वा == best, marriage, on making happen
उत्तमम शरम चिक्शेप == nonpareil, arrow, shot off.
उत्तमम श्वभ्रम अखनत == deep, pit, dug
उत्तमम समयम कृत्वा == best, resolve
उत्तमम सलिलम कृत्वा == best, water-oblations, on performing
उत्तमम सुतम कान्क्शन्ती == a best, son, desirous of
उत्तमम हस्त आभरणम ददौ == excellent, hand's, ornament, gave.
उत्तमवससा == by a best cloth
उत्तमविदां == of the great sages@
उत्तमशाखिनाम == of excellent trees
उत्तमश्रुताः == excellently learned
उत्तमसम्विग्ना == highly agitated
उत्तमसान्त्ववादी == speaking best consolating words
उत्तमस्त्रीविमृदितौ == massaged by the best women
उत्तमा == an excellent «woman»
उत्तमा प्रीतिः == a great delight
उत्तमाः == (to the) Melodious
उत्तमाः स्त्रियः == best women
उत्तमाङ्गेन == by the head
उत्तमाङ्गैः == heads@
उत्तमाण्गानि == the heads
उत्तमाधम मध्यमाः == namely; the foremost; the middle
उत्तमाधम मध्याः == either good; bad or mediocre
उत्तमान == excellent
उत्तमानाम == excellent
उत्तमानि == excellent
उत्तमाम == a great
उत्तमाम गतिम == highest destiny
उत्तमाम गतिम गतः == sublime, on avenue, he departed.
उत्तमाम मतिम चकार == noble, mind, made up - took a decision.
उत्तमाम मतिम विधत्स्व == best, mind - you make - treat both of them with equal compassion
उत्तमाम विशालाम पुरीम == about prominent, Vishaala, city
उत्तमासि == you are the best
उत्तमासिपर श्वधम == with excellent axes shaped like swords
उत्तमे == the blessed
उत्तमेन == most
उत्तमेषुम == which was the foremost
उत्तमैः == excellent
उत्तमैः पज्ञ्छभिः इन्द्रियार्थैः == with the excellent five objects of the senses.
उत्तमैः भूषनैः == excellent ornaments
उत्तमोउ == the excellent men
उत्तमौजाः == Uttamauja@
उत्तर कान्ड == of Ramayana, when Ravana becomes impatient to meet Vali immediately.
उत्तर क्रियाः == 'rites of death
उत्तर द्वारम == the northern gate
उत्तर पर्वतम जगाम == to northern, mountains «Himalayas,» set out.
उत्तर बाद्र == , containing stars in the wing of Pegasus, each of which will have two stars, and all the four
उत्तर रमयण == seventh book. Thus
उत्तर वेदि == , posterior platform; 3»
उत्तर ड़मयन == is also suggested.
उत्तरं == covering@
उत्तरः पय्साम निधिः == north, waters, treasure trove of - vast of Northern Ocean is there
उत्तरकार्याणि == and duties to be done later
उत्तरतः == on northern side
उत्तरदायित्वं == (n) responsibility@
उत्तरद्वारम == at the northern gate
उत्तरन == in reply.
उत्तरम == a great
उत्तरम अन्तम == the northern shore
उत्तरम अब्रवीत == replied
उत्तरम उवाछ == replied
उत्तरम कार्यम किम == next, to be done, what.
उत्तरम कालम == for the rest of his exile
उत्तरम तीरम आसाद्य == north side, bank, on arriving at
उत्तरम द्वारम == the northern gate
उत्तरम न प्रपद्यते == he did not respond to
उत्तरम नगर द्वारम == the northern gate; yatra
उत्तरम नगरद्वारम == at the northern gate
उत्तरम पर्वतम == northern, «Himalayan mountain»
उत्तरम पारम == the northern shore
उत्तरम पार्श्वम == norther side
उत्तरम प्रति == and the northern end
उत्तरम वक्तुम न उत्सहे == reply, to say, not, I venture
उत्तरम वचः उवाच == in reply, words, spoke.
उत्तरम वचनम चैव == later words - counter-reply «by Lakshmana,» also thus
उत्तरम वछनम == of the following words.
उत्तरम वाक्यम == (the following) words in reply.
उत्तरम समुद्रम च == to northern, ocean, also; I ran towards
उत्तररूपं == having it in the northern direction@
उत्तरस्याम == at the norhtern
उत्तरा कुरवः इव == northern, Kuru province, like
उत्तरा दिक == in northern, direction
उत्तरा फल्गुनीहि == northern planet of Phalguni
उत्तराः कुरवः == northern, Kuru - is there
उत्तराणि == to be done
उत्तरात == from the northern sea.
उत्तरान कुरून == and uttara kuru the country of Eternal Beatitude.
उत्तरान्तात == from the northern direction
उत्तराफाल्गुनि == Twelfth nakshatra@
उत्तराभाद्रपद == Twenty-sixth nakshatra@
उत्तराम दिशम == northern direction.
उत्तराम दिशम उद्दिश्य == northern, side, intending to
उत्तराम दिशम तु == northern direction
उत्तरायणं == when the sun passes on the northern side@
उत्तरारणिम == and the upper wood (which is rotated at great spped; on to lower
उत्तराषढा == Twenty-first nakshatra@
उत्तरीयम == that the upper garment
उत्तरीयाणि == outer garments; (and wearing garments made of bark)
उत्तरे == as Uttara Ramayana, the events occurring after his crowning, Seetha's departure to forest, birth of
उत्तरे जाह्नवी तीरे == which is there at - northern, Ganga's,
उत्तरे तीरे == at the northern shore
उत्तरे दिवसे == 'on best day...'
उत्तरे प्रति वक्तव्ये == in replying, or rebutting
उत्तरेण == which is northward
उत्तरेण द्वारेण == of the northern gate
उत्तरेभ्यः कुरुभ्यः == from the tearitory of northern Kuru's
उत्तरैः == by responsive
उत्तरोत्तरयुक्तौ == in showing series of strategies
उत्तरोत्तरयुक्तौ छ == by replies and rejoinders.
उत्तरोत्तरवादिनम == to him who was talking further and further (without interruption).
उत्तस्थुः == rose up.
उत्तस्थौ == rose(from the coach)
उत्तान == an intense stretch@
उत्तानिकाम नदीम == uttamika river
उत्ताय == got up
उत्तिश्ठ == get up
उत्तिश्ठ उत्तिश्ठ == awake, arise
उत्तिश्ठत == rise
उत्तिश्ठतः == rising up
उत्तिश्ठते च == is rising, also.
उत्तिश्ठन्तौ महा भागौ == while rising «when they tend to rise,» highly, propitious ones «sun and moon
उत्तिष्ठ == get up@
उत्तिष्ठ उत्तिष्ठ == stand up
उत्तिष्ठ जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान निबोधत । क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुर अत्यया दुरम पथः तत कवयो वयन्ति ।। १-३-१४ कठोपैशद == 'Arise Awake, resort to best teachers to know 'That...' it is a walk on the razor's edge, difficult
उत्तिष्ठत == (Verb Imp.II P.pl.PP)get up; stand up; rise; arise@
उत्तिष्ठते == rose up
उत्तिस्ट == rise
उत्तीर्य == after crossing
उत्तुङ्ग == tall@
उत्त्माअस्तरण अस्तीर्णे == and overspread with an exquisite covering.
उत्थं == produced of@
उत्थस्थुः == bounced
उत्थाअप्य == after raising up
उत्थातुम == to raise up
उत्थानम रावणस्य च == upsurge, of Ravana, also
उत्थापयन्ति स्म == started to lift up, they have «taken her away.»
उत्थापयाम आस == lifted up
उत्थापयामासुः == started to raise her up.
उत्थापयित्व == lifted up ; tam Bharata
उत्थाप्य == lifted up
उत्थाप्यताम == it can be taken out
उत्थाप्यमानः == while being raised
उत्थाप्र्य == having awaken
उत्थाय == bounded
उत्थाय छ == got up
उत्थायोत्थाय == on rising
उत्थास्यतिछ == will wake up
उत्थित == stretched@
उत्थितः == becoming visible
उत्थितः युग अन्त अग्निः इव == flared up, era, end of, fire, like
उत्थितः युगान्ताग्निः इव == like the fire risen at the time of dissolution of the world.
उत्थितः युगान्ताग्निरिव == like rising fire at the end of the world.
उत्थितम == and which rose
उत्थितम कोपम == their elevated anger
उत्थितम वर्शामेघमिव == and appearing as a rising rainy cloud.
उत्थितश्छ == and in readiness
उत्थिता == (She) rose up@
उत्थितान == uprisen - cropped up
उत्थिताम == produced
उत्थितोउ == who had got up
उत्थितौ महामेघाविव == like two huge clouds risen.
उत्पततन == leaping
उत्पतद्भिः == in flight
उत्पतन == flying
उत्पतन अपि == climbing up
उत्पतन्तम == (that Hanuma) flying upwards
उत्पतन्तम युगान्ताग्निम == the fire shooting up at the time of dissolution of the world.
उत्पतन्ति == appear.
उत्पतन्तिस्म == bounced
उत्पतिताम इव == as though flying
उत्पतितैरिव == as though flying
उत्पतिष्यताम == are trying to rise up
उत्पतिष्यति == will come out
उत्पतिष्यन == About to fly
उत्पत्ति == production@
उत्पत्तिः == my birth
उत्पत्तिः कीर्तिता == «my» birth, is narrated
उत्पत्य == after jumping up
उत्पत्य उत्पत्य == getting up, getting up «with hustle and bustle»
उत्पत्योत्पत्य == bounding again and again (to have a glimpse of it)
उत्पत्स्यति == will be born
उत्पत्स्यतिहि == will be born
उत्पथम == in that wrong course
उत्पद् == to obtain@
उत्पद्यते == will appear
उत्पन्नं == produce@
उत्पन्नः == arose?
उत्पन्नम == has arisen
उत्पन्ना == arose
उत्पन्ना हि == occurred indeed
उत्पन्नाः == born
उत्पपात == (Hanuma) sprang up
उत्पपातम == flew
उत्पपातह == jumped up.
उत्पल पत्राक्शि == with eyes like black lotus petals
उत्पल पत्राक्षीम == whose eyes resembled the petals of a lotus
उत्पल पत्राभाः == and with a lustre of black lily-petals
उत्पलपत्रहस्ताः == with lotus petals held in their trunks
उत्पलानि च == blue lotuses, also
उत्पलैः == black water lilies
उत्पाटयामास == and tore off
उत्पाटयामासुः == uplift
उत्पाटयामि == shall drive away
उत्पाटयित्वा == uplifting
उत्पाटिन् == (masc) puller-up@
उत्पाट्य == and having plucked up
उत्पाट्य वा == (indeed by) plucking it out.
उत्पातकृतत्साहम == possessed of energy to jum up
उत्पातय == (causative of ut+pat) produce@
उत्पाताः == portents
उत्पातान == bad omens
उत्पाताश्छापि == even bad portents
उत्पादक == producer@
उत्पादजम == comet like things
उत्पादन == production@
उत्पादयसि == you are causing
उत्पादशुल्कं == (n) excise@
उत्पादितः छ == is produced given birth, also
उत्पादितम == has created
उत्पादिता == was brought forth
उत्पीठिका == (f) table@
उत्पीडम == flesh above heart
उत्पुत्य == and vertically
उत्पेततुः == jumped up into the air.
उत्पेतुः == (and) flew
उत्पेतुश्छ == hovered high
उत्प्रपातः == (m) cliff@
उत्प्रवासी == (m) emigrant@
उत्प्लवते == to jump@
उत्प्लुत्य == flew
उत्फुल्ल लोछना == with her wide-open eyes
उत्फुल्ल लोछनाः == with their eyes distended
उत्फुल्लनयना == her eyes wide open
उत्बन्धनम वापि == or get hanged
उत्सङ्गम == lap
उत्सङ्गे == in his lap
उत्सन्ग == 'heart of hearts...' these noblemen's hearts of hearts are covered with such necklaces and lockets.
उत्सन्गेन एव == by lap, thus
उत्सन्न == spoiled@
उत्सव == festival@
उत्सव( == ः) (utsava(H)) (Masc.Nom.sing.) festival@
उत्सवः छ महान असीत == festivity, also, great, is there.
उत्सवक्षये == raised at the end of a ceremony.
उत्सवाश्छ == festivals
उत्सवेषु == celebrations
उत्ससर्ज == released
उत्ससर्ज छ == released (the arrows).
उत्ससर्जछ == and released
उत्सहते == are able
उत्सहते हि == is indeed capable
उत्सहसे == you are competent
उत्सहे == I enthuse - capable of.
उत्सहेयम == I venture to
उत्सहेयम हि == I venture to, indeed.
उत्सादनम == about the extermination
उत्सादनार्थं == for the sake of causing annihilation@
उत्सादयत लोकान्म त्रीन == torturing, worlds, three
उत्सादयति == is vandalizing.
उत्सादयन == extirpating «Kshatriya lineages»
उत्सादयिश्यामि == can distroy
उत्सादयिष्यामि == shall destroy
उत्सादितम == has been destroyed
उत्सादितम ईदृशम देशम == destroyed, this kind of, to province
उत्साद्य == after killing
उत्साद्यन्ते == are devastated@
उत्सारणम कारयामास == began to disperse the people
उत्सारयन्तः == dispersing
उत्सार्य माणानि == dispersed
उत्सार्यमाणान == them being dispersed on all sides
उत्साह == enthusiasm@
उत्साह मात्रम आश्रित्य == with vehemence, alone, taking hold of
उत्साहः == perseverance
उत्साहः बलवान == vehemence, is a mighty one
उत्साहयुक्ताः == endowed with energy
उत्साहवन्तः नराः == spirited, men
उत्साहवन्तः पुरुशा == vehement, men
उत्साहस्य == strength; endurance and
उत्साहात परम बलम नास्ति == than vehemence, superior, might, is not there
उत्साहे == I am active; aavastum - to receive
उत्सीदेयुः == would be put into ruin@
उत्सुक पत्नीमिव == like restless kine
उत्सुकः == eagerly
उत्सुकस्य == who are enthusiastic
उत्सुकान == anxious.
उत्सृज == release@
उत्सृजत == and shed
उत्सृजता == in that you spurned
उत्सृजन == emitting
उत्सृजस्व इति == to give up
उत्सृजामि == send forth@
उत्सृज्य == abandoning@
उत्सृज्य काकुत्स्थौ == release, Kakutstha-s
उत्सृश्टम == dropped
उत्सृश्टाः == hasten away (on seeing you)? (of course)
उत्सृष्ट दङ्डम छ == like a horse set at liberty.
उत्सृष्टुम == to release
उत्सेकम == impudence
उत्सेकेन == with vanity
उत्सेधिनी == indented
उत्स्मयित्वा च == reticently smiled, also
उत्स्मितः == out smiled
उत्स्म्यमानः == smiled
उत्स्रश्टुम == to let loose
उत्स्रिज्य एनम प्रमदाम == leave off, this, lady
उत्ख़ृष्टपणकमलाम == with torned out leaves and lotuses
उत्ख़्ड़िष्टम == drawn out
उथितम दीप्त्वम अग्निम इव == uprisen, blazing, fire, like
उथिता == rose up
उथिताम == risen up.
उथीर्य == having crossed
उद आयुधम == one with upraised, weapon
उद कुम्भ शतानि == hundreds of pitchers of water
उद घाटैः == heaps of
उद घुश्ट नादिताम == up «highly,» screaming, sounded «much» by.
उद द्वेश्टुम == to flatly refute «irrefutable appearance»
उद धतयोः == up, heaved
उद नदन्तः च == highly, blaring, also
उद भ्रमते == highly, delusional «he becomes»
उद भ्रमन == up, to fly, «flying-flutterer»
उद वीक्श्य == up, on seeing - seeing on raising head
उदक == (n) water@
उदक तीरम == northern, shore
उदकम == (oblations with) water
उदकम इव == as water
उदकम उपस्पृश्य == water, on touching
उदकम कर्तुम == doing ceremony of offering water to his demised son.«
उदकम कृत्वा == performred the ceremony offering water to his dead son
उदकम क्रियताम == let the traditonal libations of water be offered
उदकम चक्रतुः == water «oblations» they did «offered.
उदकम प्र दास्यामि == waters, verily, I oblate.
उदकमिव == like water
उदकाकुलम == which is (again) full of water.
उदकानि == water
उदकेन छ == with water
उदग्र छित्रायुधछित्र कार्मुकम == with his marvelllous weapons and picturesque bow
उदग्र पौरुशम == one with towering, bravery
उदग्र विक्रमम == uprisen «recalcitrantly» vengeful
उदग्रः == who shines brightly over there
उदग्रकायम == with highly elevated
उदग्रम == elevated
उदग्राणि == the cruel
उदङ्गुमुखः == towards norhern direction
उदङ्मुखम == facing the north
उदतिश्ठत == rose up
उदतिश्ठत «उत अ तिश्टत == to up, came
उदतिष्ठत == left off
उदत्ताभिताशिषा == uttering benedictions in a loud voice
उददिश्छ == the ocean too
उदधः तलम == him the bottom of the sea.
उदधह == of the ocean
उदधि == sea@
उदधिः == the god of Ocean
उदधिः इव == like an ocean
उदधिराजस्य == of the ocean king.«
उदधेः == of the ocean
उदधेः दक्शिणम पारम == (reaching) the southern shore of the ocean
उदन मुखम == north, facing
उदन्तम रश्मिमन्तमिव == like a rising sun
उदपद्यत == born.
उदपानान == wells
उदपाने == in a well of water@
उदम सागरम == as waters, ocean «ocean with soft water
उदय == rise@
उदय स्थरविप्रभम == with a splendor of the sun shining on Udaya Mountain
उदयः == untill morning
उदयत अभि उदितम शशान्कम दृश्ट्वा == from eastern mountain, just, risen, moon, on seeing
उदयत् == rising@
उदयन्तम दिनकरम दृश्ट्वा == dawning, Sun, on seeing
उदयम == at dawn.
उदयम पर्वतम == Udaya - Sun-Rise, mountain
उदयम पर्वतम प्राप्य == Udaya «Sunrise,» mountain, on attaining at
उदयम रवेः == for sun rise
उदयस्थम == behind an eastern mountain.
उदयात == from Mt. Udaya «Mt. Sunrise»
उदये == and with rising
उदर == bellies@
उदर स्थः == in stomach, staying
उदरनिमित्तं == for the sake of the belly/living@
उदरम == stomach
उदरम प्र जघान ह == belly, forcefully battered, indeed.
उदरम् == (n) stomach@
उदरम्छ == stomach
उदरे मुखम == in paunch, who has mouth
उदा हृतम == spoken
उदाकारः == to carry water
उदात्त दन्तानाम == having huge teeth
उदात्तम == majestic one «Rama»
उदान == the vital air controlling the intake of food and air@
उदायुधैः == by those bearing raised weapons
उदार == generous@
उदार अर्थम == with salutary, meaningful «words»
उदार दर्शनः == of a broad out look
उदार धीः == benevolent, minded «magnanimous sage»
उदार बल विक्रमम == imposing, by might, by valour - Sugreeva
उदार वीर्यम == worthily, valorous one
उदार वृत्त अर्थ पदैः == free-flowing, prosody, semantically, yielding meanings
उदार शीला == 'well-mannered' Seetha... for she did not bother me for such a frolicking when we were in Ayodhya, and
उदार सत्त्व अभिजनः == exceptionally, mighty, high-born one
उदारः == a bountiful - mountain
उदारजुष्टं == who is possessing the best of virtues.
उदारधीह == the sagacious Bharata
उदारसत्त्वः == the generous minded
उदारस्य == who was noble
उदारस्य नृ वीरस्य == benevolent, king, valiant one
उदारा श्रीः == bounteous, goddess of triumph
उदाराः == magnanimous@
उदावसोः तु == from Udaavasu, on his part
उदासीन == neutrals between belligerents@
उदासीन जनस्य == and neutral people.
उदासीनः == spiritlessly.@
उदासीनतया == unemotionally
उदासीनवत् == as neutral@
उदासीनेशु अस्मासु == unprejudiced ones, in respect of us
उदासीनोउ == and being immobile
उदाहर अपि == express - you blurt out even.
उदाहरण == example@
उदाहरणाय == for example@
उदाहरथ == you spoke
उदाहरिश्यामि == can speak
उदाहरेत == who talks
उदाहृतं == exemplified@
उदाहृतः == is said@
उदाहृतम == spoken
उदाहृताः == spoken
उदाहृताम == uttered
उदाहृत्य == illustrating@
उदिक्ष्य == Seeing
उदित आदित्य सम्काशाम == equaling the Sun at sunrise
उदित उग्र तेजसा == up surged, fiery, with flare of
उदितः == by a rising
उदितः प्रतिसूर्यः इव == like a second rising son.
उदितः बाल चन्द्र इव == uprisen, baby, moon, «new moon,» like
उदितः महान सूर्य इव == arisen, great «sizzling,» sun, as with
उदितः लोहित अन्ग == up-shot, copper, coloured bodied one - Mars
उदितः शशी इव == like a raising moon;(not dropping off)
उदितछन्द्र पूर्ण कान्तम == and which was charming like the rising full-moon
उदितम == rising
उदितम पूर्ण चन्द्रम इव == arisen, full, moon, like
उदितम पूर्णछन्द्रम इव == looking like a rising full moon
उदितम पूर्णछन्द्रमिव == like a rising full moon.
उदितम सूर्यम == uprisen, sun
उदितह == was spoken (as follows)
उदितहः == has risen
उदिताः == sprang forth
उदितान == indicated
उदिताभिः == rising up
उदिते == after rising
उदिते रवि मण्डले == risen, is Sun, in solar orbit
उदितेन == appear
उदितैव == as though rising
उदितौ छन्द्र सूर्याव इव == like the rising sun and the moon.
उदितौ छन्द्र सूर्याविव == like fully risen sun and moon.
उदीक्शन्तम == who was seeing
उदीक्शितुम == to raise eye and see
उदीक्श्य == seeing
उदीक्श्ये == seeing
उदीक्षमाणाः == and looking up
उदीक्ष्य == seeing
उदीक्ष्यतु == looked round
उदीची == (f) north@
उदीचीम दिशम == northern, quarter
उदीछीम दिशम == towards the northern direction.
उदीछ्याः == (Let) those living in the north
उदीरतह == moved up
उदीरयत == spoke
उदीरयन == increasing
उदीरयम == I spoke
उदीरयान == raising
उदीरयेत == will increase
उदीरितः == raised
उदीरितम == spoken
उदीरितम वाक्यम == spoken, word - promise
उदीरिता == came from my mouth
उदीर्ण गम्भीर महा रवाणाम == having whooping, profound, great, having sounds - booms
उदीर्ण वेगम कोपम == tiding, quickly, anger
उदीर्ण वेगस्य सागरस्य == of an impetuous ocean
उदीर्णवेगाः == with a missile-like speed
उदीर्णसम्रम्भतमोवृतानना == having her face covered by the darkness of extreme anger
उदीर्णस्य रावणस्य == the egoistic Ravana.
उदीर्णानाम रक्शसाम == domineering, demons
उदूदशा == Vinshottari Dasha@
उदैक्शत == aimed at
उदैक्षत == looked towards
उदैक्षत कोपेन == he cast angry looks; (at Sugreeva)
उदैरयत == employed
उदैरयन == spoke
उद्.द्रोहः == (m) uprising@
उद्गच्छता चन्द्रेण मार्गः अपि प्रकाशः कृतः == just arising, by moon, the way, even, to brightness, it is made «way is lit by moonlight
उद्गच्छति == to overflow@
उद्गछ्छ्हमानम == rising up
उद्गछ्ह मानम == who was rising up
उद्गतछेतने == obtained consciousness
उद्गतपावकम == and emitted flames
उद्गतप्राणम == that the king had lost his life
उद्गतानीव == as though their lives are gone.
उद्गतैः पक्शैः == emerged, wings
उद्गमः इव == like aflight
उद्गात == , to whom the king has to donate his inner core properties like wives, lands etc. By practice a king has to marry four wives.
उद्गात्रे उदीछीम == to udgaataa, northern side gave away
उद्गार == expression@
उद्गुष्टम == the sound
उद्घाट == . It means a heap
उद्घाटयति == to open@
उद्घुश्टम == a sound
उद्घुष्टम छ == the loud noise
उद्दालकाः == Gordia myxa trees
उद्दालकान == Uddalaka
उद्दिश्टाः == intended (to fight)
उद्दिश्य == aiming at@
उद्दिष्टे == After having been decided
उद्दीपनेनछ == by burning also
उद्दृत्य == uplifting
उद्देशतः == as examples@
उद्देशे == place
उद्द्योतयामासुः == illuminated
उद्द्वेश्टुम अ+शक्यम == 'irrefutable appearance of a
उद्धत प्रभः == possessed of greatest splendor
उद्धतम == raised
उद्धतान == (that had) risen up
उद्धर == uplift@
उद्धरत == killed
उद्धरति == to draw up (water from a well)@
उद्धरम == drew out
उद्धरस्व == Raise
उद्धरितम == raising
उद्धरिश्यति == he redeems.
उद्धरिश्यामि == I shall uproot out
उद्धरिष्यति == will pluck
उद्धरेत् == one must deliver@
उद्धर्तुम == to lift up
उद्धर्तुम इच्छति च == to extricate, desiring, also, «through you.»
उद्धर्षणम == pleasing
उद्धामम == fiercely
उद्धारण == lifting up@
उद्धितह वेगिनः == which are raised swiftly; muulaiH:by their roots
उद्धुतम वनमिव == like an exalted garden
उद्धूत इन्द्र ध्वज इव == thrown down, Indra's, flag, like
उद्धूतः == is shoved up
उद्धूतः वायुः == as a rocking wind
उद्धूतम == and raised
उद्धूताः == hoisted.
उद्धूतेन पीतेन च वस्त्रेण == by upheaved, yellowish «ochreish silken sari, rather, blazing hue of silk sari,» also, by cloth «upper fringe of sari»
उद्धूतैः == scattered here and there
उद्धूयमानस्य == lashed
उद्धृतं == that which had been lifted@
उद्धृतः == was taken out
उद्धृतम == raised up
उद्धृतेन == taken out.«
उद्धृतोन == pulled out of water.«
उद्धृत्य == drew out
उद्धृत्य खड्गम == taking up «drawing,» sword
उद्ध्वहन्ती == she who is bearing or carrying the load@
उद्ध्हृत पन्नगा == whose snakes were uplifted
उद्बध्य == by tying my neck
उद्बन्धिनी == used for hanging up.
उद्बिलैः == coming out of their holes
उद्भवं == produced@
उद्भवः == generation@
उद्भूत पुलिनाः == mixed, sand dunes - will be there.
उद्भूतैः == born
उद्भेदैः == as from its crevices
उद्भ्रान्त इव == Even if Rama were to be 'god' on earth, for his fate of taking a human incarnation he is
उद्भ्रान्त छित्तः == with a distressed mind
उद्भ्रान्त छेतनः == with dismayed, vitality
उद्भ्रान्त छेतसः == in a whirled state of mind.
उद्भ्रान्त हृदयः == got agitated at heart
उद्यत == uplifted@
उद्यत अन्जलिना == with upraised, folded palms
उद्यत अशनिः == one with - upraised, Thunderbolt
उद्यत असेअरेः अपि == raised, sword, of enemy, even «even an enemy, after raising his sword.»
उद्यत आयुधः == one with lifted up, weapon
उद्यत कार्मुकम == having his bow uplifted.
उद्यतः == I am ready.
उद्यतधनुः == with his raised bow
उद्यतम == lifted off (the ground)
उद्यतम तत अस्त्रम दृश्ट्वा == uplifted «for launching,»
उद्यतस्य == embarked
उद्यतह == tried
उद्यता == are bent upon
उद्यताः == lifting up@
उद्यताम == and arranged
उद्यतायुध धारिभिः == with raised weapons.
उद्यतायुध हस्तानाम == carrying uplifted weapons in their hands
उद्यतायुधौ == with our weapons in our hands.
उद्यतासी == with their swords upraised.
उद्यतास्त्रः == who stands with his weapons uplifted
उद्यतैः शैलैः == with the mountains raised
उद्यदम == which has just flared up
उद्यन == at the rising
उद्यनः == and lifting
उद्यन्तम == a rising
उद्यन्तम इव सोमम == arising, like, moon
उद्यम == industriousness@
उद्यम उद्यम्य छ अपि == heaving and heaving, also, even
उद्यमः क्रियताम == raise up for the occasion
उद्यमनेन छ == and exertion
उद्यमय == rasing
उद्यमेन == (msc.instr.S) effort; exercise@
उद्यम्य == , on lifting up - brandishing as if it is a magic wand@
उद्यम्य उद्यम्य == were made use of again and again
उद्यान == garden@
उद्यान आम्र वन उपेताम == gardens, mango, brakes, surrounding it
उद्यान भूमिम आगम्य == park, lands, arriving at
उद्यान वन शोबिताम == splendid with pleasure gardens
उद्यान वन सम्पन्नम == pleasure, gardens, abundant in
उद्यान वनम इव == to park, lands, as though
उद्यान सन्निभाह == look like parks
उद्यानपालकः == (m) gardener, mali@
उद्यानम == a garden
उद्यानम् == (n) garden@
उद्यानानि == gardens
उद्यानानि च शून्यानि == gardens, also, empty
उद्यानानि छ == gardens also
उद्यानाम्रवनोपेतान == adorned with gardens and mango orchards
उद्यानेशुच == or in gardens
उद्यानैः == with gardens
उद्युक्तम == is ready for war
उद्युक्तान सर्व राक्शसान == rebellious, all «fourteen,» demons
उद्युक्त्वान == (he) was ready
उद्योग समयः == striving, time
उद्योगः तु == endeavour, on its part
उद्योगम == a war-effort
उद्योगम वा == «his» striving, or
उद्योगिन् == industrious@
उद्योजयामास == kept ready
उद्योजयामासुः == assembled
उद्योजयिष्यन == excited to put forth
उद्योजयेत == can incite
उद्योतितान इव == are illuminated, as though.
उद्वमन == and vomiting
उद्वमन्तम == who spread
उद्वर्त == plentiful@
उद्वर्तित महाग्राहः == with huge crocodiles caused to come out
उद्वर्ते == at the time of destruction
उद्वह == in galaxies
उद्वहति == carries out
उद्वहन == carrying
उद्वहन उचितैः शूरैः == to carry, suitable, gritty ones
उद्वहन्तः == carrying
उद्वहन्तौ == honouring
उद्वहस्व == bear
उद्वाह == (m) marriage@
उद्विक्ष्य == saw
उद्विग्न छेताः == agonised at heart
उद्विग्न मानसः बभूव == distraught, at heart, he became.
उद्विग्न हृदयः == distressed, at heart
उद्विग्नः == anxious as he was
उद्विग्नः शन्कितः == disconcerted, sceptical
उद्विग्नम == depressed
उद्विग्नम गुरुम == his worried brother
उद्विग्ना == am distressed
उद्विग्नान == to the worried
उद्विजते == are agitated@
उद्विजन्ते == (People) fear
उद्विजेत् == become agitated@
उद्विद्धैरिव == that seem to project upwards
उद्वीक्शमाणा == perceiving
उद्वीक्श्य == seeing
उद्वीक्ष्य == looking at
उद्वुइक्ष्य == looked up
उद्वृत्त गङ्गाप्रतिमम == like the agitatd river of Ganga.
उद्वृत्त सिताग्रदम्श्ट्रम == with his protruding and sharp teeth
उद्वेग कारणात == with an element of turbulence
उद्वेगः == fear
उद्वेगम == an anxiety
उद्वेगैः == and anxiety@
उधृत्य नियत इन्द्रियः == took up, one with controlled senses
उन मथितम == highly, ravaged
उन मुखाः == forward, faced «pioneers»
उन्दुलतिओन - अ रोल्लेर == a long swelling wave
उन्नत विक्रमाः == with superior, having valour
उन्नतः == elevated
उन्नतगामिभिः == bearing themselves bravely
उन्नतम == (looking) prominent
उन्नताः == and determined
उन्नतिः == (f) improvement@
उन्नदन == which was making noise
उन्नदन्तः विस्वरम == roaring with discordant notes
उन्नम्य == lifted
उन्नयति == to lift@
उन्नसम == prominent nose
उन्मज्जकाः == neck deep in water «they perform ascesis»
उन्मत्त == madman
उन्मत्त इव == as one who has lost his wits
उन्मत्त इव लक्श्यते == madman, like, appearing to be.
उन्मत्त भूताः == became inebriated
उन्मत्तः == like one who has lost his wits
उन्मत्तः इव == like a mad man
उन्मत्तया == by you who are mad
उन्मत्ताः इव == as though frenzied.
उन्मत्ते == oh, mad woman
उन्मत्तेव == like a mad one
उन्मत्तोयथा == as a mad man
उन्मथनम == the thrown-down piece
उन्मथनम कृत्वा == throwing down
उन्मथ्य == on drubbing
उन्मनी == samadhi@
उन्ममाथ == (he) uprooted
उन्ममाथ निकुम्भम == treated Nikumbha with blows.
उन्माद == maniacal state
उन्माद लक्शणः == which is a symptom of madness
उन्मादज == born out of madness?
उन्मार्गजलोगामिनि == carrying water by a wrong way
उन्मिषन् == opening@
उन्मीलित == unfolding@
उन्मूलम तरुम इव == uprooted, tree, like
उन्मूलयति == to pull out, uproot@
उन्मूलिताम == debacled?
उन्मेषः == as the opening of your eye-lids
उन्म्खैः == eagerly waiting
उन्रेअलित्य अन्द देअथ. == Then a real being Swayamprabha, with her own self-luminosity appeared and gave them the real food, saved them from mortality
उप == , but in the course of time the idea of 'nearness or proximity' are lost@
उप आ गच्छत == near, coming, gone - arrived, had to wend her way.
उप आ वर्तितुम == to return
उप आख्यान-स == 'sub-episodes' of Ramayana are incorporated in it and in detail. In detailing these episodes of Ramayana, that epic Maha Bharata has became more voluminous than this one.
उप आगतम == came by.
उप आगमत == nearby, came
उप आगम्य == to his near, on coming - seeking his presence
उप आलक्श्य == closely, on watching
उप आवर्तत वै == back, he came, really «returned to hermitage.»
उप आवर्तितुम अर्हथ == nearby, turning back, you shall «you shall return»
उप आवृत्तम == return, returning
उप आसितुम == nearby «along with you,» to sit
उप उप विश्ट == 'the ministers are sitting near him, and are in attendance upon him...' by the
उप उप विश्टम == nearly, nearby, seated
उप उपवेश्टुम == to sit nearby of «death, self-immolation»
उप कच == will be dangling. This set of braid's ornamentation is said to receive the solar energy to whole of the spine. So goes on and
उप क्रान्तम == to his nearby, stepping in - who is approached at his nearby
उप गच्छन्ति == at heel, they are going - following him.
उप गतायाः == nearby, arrived - took shelter under you
उप गीतः च असि हि == nearly, singing, also, it is, indeed - because honeybees are singing in chorus at its nearby, that
उप गुह्य == nearly, concealed «on completely closeting him in her embrace»
उप गूढानि सर्वतः == well, embracing, wholly.
उप चितौ == butting «rubbing each other»
उप तिश्ठन्ति == nearby, sit tight - as in seated worship - they will worship
उप दिशः च == intermediary, directions
उप नीतानाम पशूनाम इव == to nigh, led in, animal, like «tantamount to»
उप पीठ == , secondary seating. This is compared with human body as: Item 1» to human pate with hair-locks; 2» eye - on right and nose on left «for humans have one-eyed vision of God, where God is
उप भुक्तम वासः यथा == used up, cloth, as with
उप यातु == near, you go - approach; thus Sugreeva said and
उप रक्त आदित्यः इव == less, coloured «shineless, while being eclipsed,» sun, as with
उप रमम == paused
उप रुद्धम == as one coming into, conflict
उप लक्शण == for blooms and then, 'trees garlanded with its own blooms and twigs...'
उप लक्श्ण == for all worlds. This is in consonance with the scripture's saying,
उप लक्श्य == closely, marking
उप वाह्यः == and not to be conveyed away
उप शृण्वन्तु == closely, hear
उप शोभितम == embellished with
उप शोभितानि == shining forth.
उप शोशम गमिश्यति == dry out - wither, gets into.
उप सम प्राप्तौ == to nigh, well, on reaching
उप सम श्रित्य == nearby, well, sheltered - dependent on, put my faith only in my husband
उप सम्हितान == who were transformed by bribery and other things
उप स्थितः == for kings, came to the fore.
उप स्थितम == nearby, staying «staying at his side, flanker»
उप स्पृश्टम == closely, touched - we took a holy bath in this lake»
उप हिम्सथ == you outrage us.
उप+शं == to extinguish@
उप... == Thus tautology is same everywhere.
उपकरण == means@
उपकर्ताछ == the person who helps
उपकर्शितः == Emaciated
उपकल्पते == is ready at hand
उपकल्पना == (f) hypothesis@
उपकल्पित सर्वान्नम == well-prepared eatables of every description
उपकल्पितः == Arrangements have been made
उपकल्पितम == arranged by
उपकल्पिता == made
उपकल्पितैः == procured
उपकल्प्यताम तत सर्वम == let all of it be arranged
उपकार == benefit@
उपकार अर्थम == succour, for purpose of
उपकार कृतम == help, who has rendered - Rama»
उपकार फलम == helpfulness, as resultant fruit
उपकार फलम मित्रम == helping, fruit of, is a friend
उपकारक == beneficial@
उपकारज्णः == He knows how to do good
उपकारम == favour»
उपकारम च == requital, also
उपकारिणाम मित्राणाम == to helpful, friends
उपकारे वर्तताम च == in helpfulness «in your restitution,» «we who will be» following «comply with»
उपकारेण == good thing
उपकार्यः क्रियन्ताम छ == royal palaces «guest houses,» be built, also.
उपकार्याम जग्मुः == to visitatorial-palace, went to
उपकृ == to do a favour@
उपकृतानि == services
उपक्रमः == an exploit; (may be possible)@
उपक्रमितव्यानि == are considered to have commenced
उपक्रमेत == is to be initiated
उपक्रोशम == disrepute
उपक्लुप्तम == arranged
उपक्शितुम == to disregard
उपक्शीणाम == vanished.
उपगछ्छ्हताम == coming
उपगत समास सन्धि योगम == included, compound, conjunctions, conjugations
उपगतम == coming near
उपगन्तुम छ नैराश्यम == getting into hopelessness too
उपगमिश्यति == will come near (to you)
उपगम्य == approached
उपगम्य वाक्यम अब्रवीत == nearing him, sentence, spoke.
उपगुह्य == of his embracing
उपगुह्या == hugging
उपगूडाः == adorned a lot
उपगूह्य == pressing him to her bossom
उपगृह्य == clinging
उपग्रहः == (m) satellite, spacecraft@
उपग्राय == smelled
उपघातेन == for the injury
उपचक्रमे == readied himself.
उपचय == Houses of earning (3,6,10,11)@
उपचारः == (m) remedy, treatment@
उपचारिका == (f) nurse@
उपचारेण युक्तम च == etiquette, inclusive of, also
उपछक्रम == to ask questions.
उपछक्रमः == started
उपछक्रमुः == started
उपछक्रमे == (Hanuma) began
उपछर्तव्यः == be obeyed
उपछिताः == and (their strength) augmented
उपछिन्तय == and focus
उपजगाम == he approached
उपजग्मतुः == they got.
उपजप्तः == bribed
उपजल्पन्तः == whispering
उपजल्पितम == spoken (by Seetha)
उपजायते == takes place@
उपजायन्ते == are born@
उपजिघ्रेथि == would have indeed smelled
उपजिविभिः == by dependent
उपजीवति == is dependent on
उपजीवनः == the servants
उपजीवनम == dependent on him
उपजीवनाम == among dependents
उपजीवन्ति == were dependent
उपजीविनः == the dependents
उपजीविनः इव == is bestwoed with dependent servants.
उपजीविनाम == are living in dependence
उपजीविनाम्छ == dependants.
उपजीविनाम्छैव == and dependents
उपजीविभिः == by men dependent upon
उपजुह्वति == offer@
उपतः स्थिरे == nearby, stood.
उपतप्तोदकाः == were with lot water
उपतप्यते == suffers pain
उपतस्थतुः == drew nigh of.
उपतस्थिरे == and approached
उपतस्थु == adored «stood by them.»
उपतस्थुः == and arrived
उपतस्थे == (he) seated himself near
उपतिश्ठताम == abide
उपतिश्ठतु == reach you
उपतिश्ठते == faces
उपतिश्ठन्त == flowed
उपतिश्ठन्ति == are attending on
उपतिष्ठति == was waiting on me
उपतेश्ठन्ते == worship
उपदर्षिता == have been shown
उपदानं == (n) gratuity@
उपदिश्टः == taught.
उपदिश्टार्थः == and having received their counsel
उपदिष्टम == imparted
उपदेक्ष्यन्ति == they will initiate@
उपदेश == advice@
उपदेशः == advice@
उपदेशयति == giving advice@
उपद्रष्टा == overseer@
उपद्रुतम == visited by calamities
उपधातीतान == who are incorruptible
उपधानम् == (n) pillow@
उपधाय == (after making) as a pillow
उपधारय == consider it@
उपधारयन == contemplating over
उपधारये == (But) I am experiencing
उपधार्यताम == should be assumed
उपधावति == running after.
उपधास्यामि == can I make as pillow
उपधिः == my consent to the substitute
उपधिना == by a cheating
उपनगरम् == (n) suburb@
उपनाम == alias@
उपनिधाया == making as pillows
उपनिन्युः == brought
उपनिमन्त्रय == invite
उपनिर्हारम == any destroyal.
उपनिविव्श्टाः == stood besiezed
उपनिविश्टः == halted near
उपनिविश्टस्य == which is beseiged
उपनिविश्टाः == took up position on them
उपनिविश्टैः == who reached
उपनिशेवते == who stis
उपनिषत् == says the «upanishat.h»@
उपनिषद् == the philosophical parts of the Vedas.@
उपनीताः == having been obtained
उपनृत्तम छ == they are dancing near by, also
उपनेत्रम् == (n) spectacles, glasses@
उपन्यस्तम == by letting go
उपन्यस्ते == rounded up
उपन्यासकः == (m) lecturer@
उपपत्तिषु == having obtained@
उपपत्य == by reason
उपपद == The sign which is as apart from the 12th lord as the latter is from the 12th house@
उपपद्य == of obtaining
उपपद्यतात == be present
उपपद्यते == is adequate@
उपपद्यन्त == became
उपपद्येथाः == would fall to your share.
उपपन्नं == arrived at@
उपपन्नः == accompanied with
उपपन्ननाम == who attained
उपपन्नभिः आशीर्भिः == with suitable blessings.
उपपन्नम == are suited for the occasion
उपपन्नम च युक्तम च == conclusive, also, coherent, also.
उपपन्नश्छ == and endowed with
उपपन्नाः == together
उपपन्नानाम == who came to your fore «for your shelter»
उपपन्नेशु == with reference to their esteemed
उपपन्नैः == by adequate
उपपश्यामि == I am seeing
उपपादय == act
उपपादयन == offering
उपपादयन कारणैः == for the following reasons.
उपपादयेत हि == surceases, indeed.
उपपादितम == has been accomplished
उपपादिता == was established
उपपादिभिः कारणैः == on logical grounds.
उपपाद्यताम == be done
उपपेदिरे == came
उपपेदिवान == obtained
उपप्रदानम == an act of giving away
उपप्लुतः == overshadowed
उपप्लुतम == are submerged by
उपबन्धः == (m) provision@
उपब्रुवन्ते == were disputing with
उपभुक्तानि == devoured.
उपभुज्यते == beneficed.
उपभुज्य्ते हि == is indeed experienced (in one's life).
उपभुण्जाना == enjoying
उपभोक्तुम == to enjoy
उपभोक्श्यते == can eat
उपभोक्श्ये == souled
उपभोग == consumption@
उपम == of Seetha's pearly strings of a pendant to River Ganga may
उपमं == compared to@
उपमर्दः == spoliation.
उपमस्य == in simile - Sugreeva's
उपमा == is the analogy (applied to you)@
उपमान == Time's, lead «shaft,» in simile
उपमानानि == in similitude
उपमासु == having similitude with
उपमिक्षिप्य == desposited in the vicinity
उपययतुः == approached
उपययौ == reached
उपयातः == arrived.
उपयातम == as having come near
उपयाता नर व्याघ्रः == arrived are, oh, manly tiger
उपयातानाम == and approaching towards
उपयाति == is coming
उपयातौ == neared him.
उपयान == riding
उपयानम == about our going near
उपयानापयाने == arrival and retreat
उपयान्ति == come@
उपयायिनः == which was approaching
उपयास्यति == come here.
उपयास्यामि == I can obtain
उपयुक्तम == and used
उपयुक्तोदकाम == its water spent
उपयुज् == use@
उपयोग == use@
उपयोगिता == Utility@
उपरक्त आदित्यः इव == eclipsed / after sunset, sun, like
उपरक्तम == eclipsed
उपरतं == ceased@
उपरतः == and stopped
उपरतम == resting
उपरताः == will have fallen silent
उपरते == and retired
उपरन्जितैः == splendid, resplendant@
उपरमते == cease (because one feels transcendental happiness)@
उपरमेत् == one should hold back@
उपराशकृशाः == emaciated through fasting
उपरासश्छ == fasting also
उपरि == above@
उपरि अम्बरे च == up above, on sky, even
उपरिष्टात == is proclaiming as it were
उपरिष्टात शरीरेण == with His body on the above
उपरुणतिसिहि == you are indeed afflicting
उपरुद्धाम == molested
उपरुध्यते == he was debarred
उपरोद्धुम == besiege
उपरोधकः == for besieging
उपर्युपरि == higher and higher over
उपर्युपरि सागरम == continuously over the ocean
उपल उपचिते == stones, spread over
उपलक्शये == bidding fair.
उपलक्शिता == It was understood by implication
उपलक्श्यते == was seen
उपलक्श्यते हि == are being seeing indeed
उपलक्षये == am seeing
उपलप्स्यसे == you, derive.
उपलब्धानि == as obtained
उपलब्धायाम == has been procured
उपलभन == and obtained
उपलभेत == be obtained
उपलभ् == to obtain@
उपलभ्य == deriving
उपलभ्य च == securing «a thought,» also
उपलभ्य छ प्रवृत्तिम == after getting the news (of her whereabouts).
उपलभ्यछ == received
उपलभ्यते == can be perceived@
उपलभ्यैव == after obtaining
उपलिप्यते == mixes@
उपलैः सम्छन्ना इव == with shingles, covered, as with
उपवण्छिताः == disappointed in our hopes
उपवन == fringe lands
उपवन खण्डेशु == in parts of groves
उपवनानि == parks
उपवनानि च == woodlands, also
उपवनानि छ == and gardens
उपवनानिछ == and gardens
उपवनेशु == and in the gardens
उपवनेषु == and groves
उपवर्तन्ते == are returning
उपवस्तव्या == can be fasted
उपवस्तु == (n) by-product@
उपवास == by dieting
उपवास कृशाम == emaciated due to fasting
उपवास परिश्रान्ता == thoroughly fatigued due to fasting
उपवासं करोथु == do fasting
उपवासकृशः == who was emaciated through fasting
उपवासकृशाननाम == with her face emaciated by fasting
उपवासकृशाम == who is emaciated by fasting
उपवासम == fasting
उपवासयितुम == to get the fasting performed
उपवासेन == due to fasting
उपवासैश्छ == and painful voes.
उपवाहन्नत == by bringing here
उपविधिः == (m) by-law@
उपविवेश == sat
उपविशत == he sat
उपविशति == to sit@
उपविशत् == sat down again@
उपविश्ट == having seated
उपविश्टम == and seated
उपविश्टम महाबलम == sitting, great mighty
उपविश्टान == sitting there
उपविश्टान हरीन दृश्ट्वा == those who sat down, monkeys, on seeing
उपविश्टाय धीमते विश्वामित्राय == to one who is sitting, courageous one, to Vishvamitra
उपविश्टौ == while seated «having assumed high seats»
उपविश्य == seated@
उपविष्टम == sitting
उपविष्टस्य == while sitting
उपविष्टे == occupied his seat.
उपविष्ठ == seated@
उपविस्श्टा == sat down
उपवेशनम == advising Rama to approach
उपवेशयत == sat on.
उपवेश्य == and placing
उपशण्कितम == with a suspicion
उपशान्त वणिक्पण्या == in which the business of the trading class had come to a stand-still
उपशान्तम अनलम इव == quenched, fire, like
उपशिता == stood
उपशृण्वतः == is hearing
उपशोभितः == and is studded
उपशोभितम == brightened with
उपशोभिताः == as also graced with
उपशोभिताम == (city of Lanka was) shone
उपशोभिते == shone
उपशोशम == dried up.
उपश्तितोन == the presence
उपश्रुत्य == hearing
उपसंदिष्टः == as advised
उपसङ्गम्य == approaching@
उपसद == ritual too, those Brahmins performed customarily all of those other rituals, incidental to the main one, scripturally.
उपसन्गम्य == approach
उपसन्नाः == at the approach
उपसम्गम्य == approaching
उपसम्गृह्य == bowed down by touching the feet
उपसम्ग्रहे == in foregathering
उपसम्देष्टुम == to advise well
उपसम्पदे == reached
उपसम्पन्नः == will be familiar
उपसम्पन्ना == You have become
उपसम्पन्नाम == and laden
उपसम्पादयामास == procured together
उपसम्पेदे == decided
उपसम्प्रैति «उप सम प्र एति == to nearby, well, easily
उपसम्हर == draw together
उपसम्हार अस्त्र == -s is given which can be used to nullify the enemy’s missiles. In the endnote of this chapter some verses describing the nature of
उपसर्ग == Prefix@
उपसर्गः == a great calamity
उपसर्पति == drew
उपसर्पतु == let her come
उपसर्पद्भिः मयूखैः == though spreading around, are sunbeams
उपसर्पेताम यदि == approach softly into our trap
उपसीनः == sitting beside me
उपसृ == (root) go near@
उपसृत्य == approached
उपसृष्टम == who is attacked
उपसृष्टानाम == eclipsed
उपसेवते == enjoys@
उपसेवितम == rendered fragrant
उपसेविताः == served
उपसेवितुम == to drink
उपस्कराः == gadgets
उपस्करान == decorations and ornaments.
उपस्कृतः == stand corrupted
उपस्तीर्णा == spread out
उपस्था == to stand near, to stand by@
उपस्थातुम == to reach
उपस्थानम == at nearby place
उपस्थापय == bring
उपस्थापयत == gather
उपस्थापयितव्याः स्युः == be gathered
उपस्थापिताम ताम शिबिकाम दृश्ट्वा == nearby, positioned, that, palanquin, on seeing
उपस्थाप्य == brought
उपस्थाय == bring
उपस्थास्यते == and submit before
उपस्थास्यसि == will serve
उपस्थित क्रमः == arranged in order
उपस्थितः == approached
उपस्थितः अपि == eventhought present
उपस्थितज्वरः == got enraged
उपस्थितन == and who was standing nearby.
उपस्थितम == (Ravana's house)waited upon
उपस्थिता == has arrived
उपस्थिताः == and approached
उपस्थितान == having arrived.
उपस्थिताम == come nearer
उपस्थिते == comes
उपस्थितौ == reached
उपस्थुः == took their position
उपस्थे == on the seat@
उपस्थेयैः ईदृशैः विप्रैः == those that are to be served, this kind of, «eminent» Brahamnas
उपस्नेहः == (m) lubricant@
उपस्नेहेन == getting wet
उपस्पर्शन कालेतु == at the time of taking bath.
उपस्पृशन == bathing
उपस्पृश्य == having touched
उपस्पृश्य उदकम == on touching, water
उपस्पृश्य जलम == sipped water from the palm of the hand
उपसṃदिṣṭअḥ == as advised
उपहत == overpowered@
उपहता == is effected
उपहन्यां == would destroy@
उपहरिष्यामि == I will take him
उपहसिश्यन्ति == will mock at you
उपहारः == (m) gift@
उपहारम == oblations
उपहारश्छ == offering
उपहिम्सन्ती == destroying
उपहिम्सन्तीम == to destroy
उपहिम्साम == injury
उपहृतम == was offered
उपहृतानि == were brought near
उपहृतैः सर्व कामैः == arranged around, with all, desirables «paraphernalia»
उपहृत्य == after offering
उपाकुरु == give
उपाक्रमन्ते == were falling upon
उपाक्रामत == began
उपागतः == approached
उपागतम == (and) who had come
उपागतम हि == came near «faced with,» indeed.
उपागता == (She) came to
उपागताः == arrived near - they are already at the Fire-Altar.
उपागतैः == who assumed
उपागतौ == came
उपागमत == (and) meditated
उपागमत मोहम == and fainted
उपागमन == they derived.
उपागमम == I experienced
उपागमात == reached
उपागम्य == approaching
उपाघ्राय == and smelling
उपाज == gave way
उपाजग्मुः == poured
उपाजिघ्रन == smelled
उपातयत == threw down
उपातिजग्मुः == went crossing
उपात्त == obtained@
उपात्त धन धान्यानि == their wealth and foodgrains removed
उपादातुम मूलानि च फलानि च == to obtain, tubers, even, fruits, too
उपादाय == having brought
उपादाय प्रजपतिम == starting from, Prajapati
उपाद्रवन == marched ahead quickly
उपाधाय == who used as a pillow
उपाधि भेद... == Hence Vishnu has become another entity than Rama... Or, his valour is selfsame to Vishnu's valour because
उपाधिः == (f) title@
उपाधिना == «by his resorting to» disguises
उपाध्याय == preceptor
उपाध्याय वचः श्रुत्वा == he Sagara, religious-teachers, words, on hearing
उपाध्यायः == preceptor
उपाध्यायम == your teacher
उपानयत == offered
उपानयत सम्निकर्षम सीताम == brought Seetha to the vicinity
उपानयन == and carrying me away to
उपानही == with «wooden» sandals
उपानीतम मृश्टम अन्नम च == brought «for him,» delicious, food, also
उपानृत्यन्तु == started dancing in the presence
उपामन्त्र्य == summoning
उपाम्शु दण्डेन == by mysterious, punishment
उपाय == ; 3» Dedication in Him,@
उपाय कुशलम == skilled in ways and means of aggravating a disease
उपाय ज्ञआनान == ideation, knowers of
उपायः == strategy
उपायः कः == idea, what is
उपायः निरपायः अयम == a plan, not harmful, this one
उपायकुशलः एव == one who is skilled in stratagem only
उपायज्ज्ञः == knew the ways and means of
उपायत == reached
उपायतः == has arrived@
उपायनम == as a gift
उपायनानि == as gifts
उपायम == that trick.
उपायम कर्तुम अर्हसि == idea, to make, apt of you.
उपायम वा == ideation, or
उपाययुः == reached
उपाययौ == got (to)
उपायातः == came.
उपायाति == is coming
उपायान == strategies viz. sowing dissension; negotiation and bribery
उपायेन == and intelligence
उपायैः == at the strategy.
उपायैस अपि == strategies too
उपारमन्ते == were playing with
उपारुथत == and ascended
उपारुधत == cast away
उपारुहत == mounted
उपारूढाः == climbed
उपारोह == Ascend
उपारोहत == ascended
उपार्जन == earning/acquiring@
उपार्जितम == earned
उपालब्धोऽपि == even when scolded
उपालभते == to reproach@
उपालभ्य == having regained
उपालम्भभयात == with a fear of censure
उपालम्भम == the reproach
उपावरितितुम न अर्हथ == to return, not, fit - impossible to return
उपावर्तत == neared
उपावर्तयितुम == to bring back
उपावर्तामहे == Let us lie down
उपावर्तामि == I shall return
उपावर्तितुम == to return
उपाविशत == sat
उपाविशन == sat
उपावृत्ता == rolling on ground
उपावृत्ते == having returned
उपावृत्य == having rolled herself
उपाश्रयन्ते == were leaning against
उपाश्रि == to take shelter in@
उपाश्रितः == leaning against
उपाश्रिताः == took shelter@
उपाश्रित्य == taking shelter of@
उपासकानाम कार्यार्थम ब्रह्मणो रूप कल्पना == 'he does not need any
उपासत == waiting upon
उपासतः == worshipped
उपासते == accomplish@
उपासने == while practicing
उपासन्ते तान == helped, them.
उपासाज्ञ्छक्रिरे == attended on
उपासाम चक्रतुः == nearby, they moved - patrolled close to the Altar of Fire
उपासिता == He honours
उपासितुम == to be honoured
उपासिनः == being served
उपासिन्नाः == sitting
उपासीनः == worshipping
उपासीनम == sitting nearby
उपासे == sitting close - living through.
उपास्ते == employs
उपास्थितम == approach
उपास्थिता ही- == approaches
उपास्य == having performed worship
उपास्य पश्चिमाम सन्ध्याम == worshipping, western, sunset
उपास्यताम वै == be reverently attended to, indeed.
उपास्यमानः == waited upon
उपास्यमानाम == who was attended upon
उपास्व == following
उपाहर == bring
उपाहरत == brought
उपाहरन == (they) brought
उपाहारगृह == restaurant@
उपाहारगृहम् == (n) restaurant@
उपाहृतः == was brought
उपाहृतम == that are brought in
उपेक्शतः == are ignoring
उपेक्शितः == (If) neglected
उपेक्शितुम == for a non-observance - marginalize
उपेक्शितुम कथम शक्यम == to be lenient, how, possible.
उपेक्शितुम न अर्हति == to avoid me, not, aptly of her - she would not avoid me
उपेक्षणीयम == to be overlooked
उपेक्षतः == if he is neglected
उपेक्षसे == are you looking at
उपेक्षा == disregard@
उपेक्षितुम == to disregard
उपेक्षेछापि == ignored
उपेक्षेत == neglects
उपेतः == together@
उपेतः त्वरया == with haste
उपेतम == consisting of
उपेतम खलु == has indeed reached
उपेतम वरासनैः == furnished with excellent seats
उपेताः == and furnished with
उपेताम == consisting
उपेत्य == and approaching@
उपेत्य «उप एत्य == near
उपेन्द्रः == the Divine Dwarf (the younger brother of Indra)
उपेन्द्रम इव दुस्सहम == Upendra, like, intolerable «in war»
उपेयाताम == arrive (here)
उपेयिवान == come nigh of - approaching.
उपेयिवाम == got
उपेयुषः == who got
उपेय्न्षः == having approached
उपै == to go to@
उपैति == approached him@
उपैतिहि == and indeed obtains
उपैष्यतः == obtain
उपैष्यति == can obtain
उपैष्यन्ति == they will obtain
उपैष्यसि == you will attain@
उपोढम == (Then) began
उपोपविश्ट... उप विश... == originally must have meant 'to sit near'. In course
उपोपविश्टः == approached and sat near
उपोपविश्टः तु == took his place in his presence
उपोपविश्टम == sitting nearby
उपोपविश्टैः == sitting nearby
उपोपविष्टैः == closely sat
उपोह्य == and wielding
उप्कारः == (m) cess@
उप्तम == being said
उप्त्वा == planted
उप्पगमत == reached
उभय == both@
उभयतः कूलम == On both the banks
उभयतः पार्श्वम == on its both the sides
उभयत्र == at both places@
उभयम == both
उभयम छैव == two (my words and their words)
उभयम महा दोशम == this pair, has a flaw
उभयोः == between theses two princes@
उभयोः पुत्रयोः == from both, from sons
उभयोः पुत्रयोः एव == both, from sons, that way
उभयोः श्रोत्रयोः मध्ये == both, ears, in between
उभाभ्याम == by both of you
उभावपिछ == both of us
उभे == both@
उभे सन्ध्ये == during both the twillights
उभे सुते च ख़ुशध्वज == both, daughters, also, of Kushadhvaja
उभोउ == both
उभोउ सुग्रीव लक्ष्मणह == both Sugriva and Lakshmana
उभोन छरणोउ == both the feet
उभौ == Both@
उभौ अपि == both «in the pair,» even
उभौ च एव == the two also, thus
उभौ तस्मात गुरुतरौ == than, from the two above, weighty «worst.»
उभौ तौ == both, of them
उभौ तौ रज पुत्रौ == those two princes
उभौ दृष्ट्वा == both of them seeng
उभौ भ्रातरौ == both, brothers
उभौ मुनि वरौ == to both, saints, eminent
उभौ मृगौ == «only these» two, «are the divine» deer.
उभौ वीरौ == those two warriors
उभौ व्रजतुः == both of them went
उभौ शोणितदिग्धाङ्गौ == both with their bodies stained in blood
उमया सह == Uma, along with
उमया सह अहम == Uma, along with, I
उमा == parvati the consort of Shiva@
उमा देवी च == Uma Devi, also
उमा नाम == Uma, renowned as
उमा पतिः पशु पती == Uma's, consort, animal's, god of, «god Shiva»
उमा सम्हित == is cited as reference, where Vishnu himself says:
उमाम च शिवम चैव == Uma, also, Shiva, also thus
उमायाः बहु मतम भविश्यति == to Uma, in many ways, pleasurable, it will be
उम्भकर्णः == Kumbhakarna
उरः देशेशु == on chest, place
उरः विवृत्य == with his breast bared (to the fury of the attack)
उरग == reptiles, kimpusha-s, siddha-s, vidyaadharaa-s, uraga-s
उरग गन्धर्वैः == or the uragas (the serpant-demons) and Gandharvas (Celestials musicians)
उरग ध्वज दुर्धर्शम == inviolable; with a flag bearing an ensign of snake
उरगः इव == like a serpent
उरगः यथा == as a serpent
उरगम == (jolts) a snake.
उरगराजस्य जिह्वेव == like the tongue of Vasuki (the lord of serpents)
उरगाः इव == like snakes
उरगान् == serpents@
उरगामिव == as serpents are dragged.
उरगेशु छ == or among Uragas the semi-divine serpents
उरगो यथा == as a serpent
उरपि == at the center of the formation.
उरशि == at chest
उरसः क्शत्रियाः तथा == from chest, Kshatriya-s, likewise
उरसा == by his breast
उरसि == chest
उरसि दीप्तेन आस्येन == in chest, infernal, with mouth
उरस्थम कन्ठगम == in chest, in throat
उरस्थल == place on the chest@
उरु == thighs@
उरु वश्टि == 'muchly,
उरु विक्रमः == highly audacious one
उरुक == (n) pant@
उरुतेजसा == of great splendour
उरुबलः == to the mighty
उरुबलम == of immense power
उरुविक्रमः == of great prowess
उरुवेगेन == with great strides
उरोगतेन == on his chest
उर्जितं == glorious@
उर्ध्वकः == (m) tabla@
उर्व काले महाबाहुः == once, upon a time, oh dextrous one; Raaghava
उर्वयाम == on earth
उर्वारुकं == (Masc.Acc.S)water melon ; melon@
उर्वी == the earth
उर्वीछ == earth also
उर्वीम निर्वानराम == by making the earth bereft of monkeys
उर्व्याः प्रदरे == in earth's, in pit
उर्व्याम == on the bare earth!
उलूकः == by an owl.«@
उलूखलम == a wooden mortar
उल्का == a meteor
उल्काः == the torches
उल्काः च अपि == meteors, also, even
उल्काभम == resplendent like a meteor
उल्काभिः == with flames of fire.
उल्काभिरिव == as flaming torches
उल्काभ्याम == with flaming torches.
उल्कालनीव == like a meteor
उल्काशत विदीपितम == with a blaze of hundreds of meteors
उल्काशतमिव == like hundreds of meteors
उल्काहस्तैः == with torches in their hands
उल्काहस्तौ == with torches in their hands
उल्बणम लवण अम्भ इव == highly «bitter,» salt, water, like
उल्बेन == by the womb@
उल्मुकानि == meteors
उल्लः == to shine@
उल्लसितं == shining@
उल्लाभिः == with fire brands.«
उल्लिखन == by goring
उल्लिखन्तम इव == as thought scraping
उल्लिखन्तौ == tore
उल्लिखन्निव == like scratching the moon
उल्लोल == a large wave@
उवāच == spoke
उवच == Rama spoke.
उवछ == spoke
उवछा == spoke
उवसन्नेशु == dying
उवाच == has «already» said@
उवाच प्रश्रितम वाक्यम == spoke, amiable, sentence.
उवाच प्रीणयन्न इव == spoke, pleasing them, as though
उवाच राघवम == spoke to, Rama.
उवाच वचनम == said, sentence.
उवाच वाक्यम == said, sentence.
उवाच ह == he said, indeed.
उवाछ == spoke(as follows)
उवाछ छ == he talked also
उवाछ वाक्यम == said, sentence.
उवाछ वै == spoke
उवाछ ह == (and) spoke
उवाछ ह माम == and told me
उवाछः == spoke
उवाछम == and spoke
उवाछह == and spoke
उवाछेव इति == was as though saying thus
उवाछ्ह == spoke
उवास == and stayed (there)
उवास सुखितः == resided, comfortably
उशना == Usana@
उशनाछ == the planet of Venus
उशसि == at dawn
उशिताः == stayed
उशिताम सर्व शिल्पिभिः == lodged with, all, craftsmen
उशित्वा == having spent time
उशित्वा स सुखम == resided, with, happiness
उशीर कृत मूर्धजान == cuscus grass, made, as their head-hair - treetops
उशीरबीजम == and the mountain called Ushirabija
उश्ट्रखरान == to camels and mules
उश्ट्रान == camels
उश्ट्रैः == camels
उश्ट्वा == having spent
उश्ण आढ्यस्य ओदनस्य अपि == heat, rich in «steamy,» foods, even
उश्णगे == in a hot season.
उश्णम == and hot
उश्णम च == and hot
उश्णम वि निःश्वस्य == scorchingly, severely, suspiring
उश्णाम तीव्राम प्रभाम == scorching, intense, radiation
उश्णेन == hot
उश्य == having stayed
उश्यताम == you stay.
उषितम ताम रात्रिम == who having reposed during the previous night
उषिता == residing
उषिताः == spent
उषिताः स्म == « we have stayed
उषित्वा == having stayed@
उषीरैः == with a kind of grass
उष्ट्र == a camel@
उष्ट्र गोश्व बलैह == camels; bullocks; horses; and mules
उष्ट्रः == (m) camel@
उष्ट्रपक्षी == (m) ostrich@
उष्ट्रासन == the camel posture@
उष्ण == summer@
उष्णगे == in summer.
उष्णम == heatedly
उष्णम छ == and hot
उष्णमापकम् == (n) thermometer@
उष्णम्छ == and warmly
उष्णरक्षकम् == (n) thermos flask@
उष्णान्ते == at the end of summer.
उष्णार्दिताम == tourched by separation from Sri Rama
उष्णीषम् == (n) turban@
उष्णेन == by heat
उष्णैःअश्रुभिः == by burning tears
उष्त्रेण छ == by a camel
उष्मपाः == the forefathers@
उष्य == stayed
उससर्ज == released
उसुकाः == longing
उह्यमानाम ताम शिबिकाम == being carried, that litter
उह्यमानौ == being carried (on their shoulders)
ऊक्तम == It has been told
ऊचिवान == spoke
ऊचुः == addressed.
ऊच्छबल == Exaltation strength part of Shad Bala@
ऊछतु == spoke
ऊछुः == (and) spoke
ऊछुतुः == spoke
ऊछुशेह == (they) spoke as follows
ऊछुश्छ == and spoke
ऊछुश्छः == spoke (as follows):
ऊछ्यताम == let it be spoken
ऊढा == was wedded
ऊत्तिष्ठ उत्तिष्ठ == arise; arise
ऊद्दिष्टम == It was mentioned
ऊद्यम्य == raising
ऊधसः == from udder
ऊन द्वादश वर्शः == Or
ऊन शोडश वर्शः == less than sixteen years, has evoked a spate of commentaries in deciding the age of Rama at this juncture
ऊन शोडस वर्शः == ' 'less than sixteen years.' Here Maareecha
ऊन शोदश वर्शौ; न युद्ध योग्यतम अस्य अपश्यामि == in Bala Kanda. Shuurpanakha that way tells Khara 'brother Khara... these two Rama and Lakshmana are boyish you need not care them, '
ऊप हताः == we are afflicted
ऊपागत == After reaching
ऊपायजङ्अः == you; who knew the
ऊयते == to weave@
ऊरु == , meaning 'the thigh.' The mother of this sage hid him under her thigh
ऊरु वेगेन == by my thigh's, speed
ऊरुः == 'from thighs...' and this word is defined as
ऊरुपार्श्व कटीपृष्टम == to thighs; sides; waist
ऊरुभ्याम == with his thighs
ऊरुभ्याम जज्ञइरे वैश्याः == from two thighs, came out, Vyasya-s
ऊरुवेगात == by the impetus of the thighs
ऊरुवेगेन == by the rapid movement of the thighs
ऊरुवेगैः == by the jerks of their thighs
ऊरुवेगोत्थिताः == held aloft by the force of thighs
ऊरुवेगोन्मथिताः == uprooted by the force of (Hanuma's) thighs
ऊरू == her thighs@
ऊरूः == (m) thigh@
ऊरून == thighs
ऊर्जा == (f) energy@
ऊर्जितःखलु == is indeed mighty.
ऊर्जितम == mightiest
ऊर्जितम चैत्य प्रासादम == a lofty temple
ऊर्जितम धनुः == very powerful, bow
ऊर्णनाभः == (m) spider@
ऊर्णा == (f) wool@
ऊर्थ्व रेतः == is that the yogi-s of a very high practice of pure yoga called
ऊर्थ्व वासिनः == high-peak, dwellers
ऊर्थ्वम == heavenward
ऊर्धवम == high
ऊर्धवम छ == up
ऊर्ध्व == raised@
ऊर्ध्व छक्षुषाम == having their eyes looking up
ऊर्ध्व पथम गत्वा == upper, way on going - billowing upwards
ऊर्ध्व बाहवः == with uplifted arms.
ऊर्ध्व बाहुः == upraised, arms
ऊर्ध्व रेताः == with upward, semen - meaning whose semen is not lost
ऊर्ध्व लोमाण्छित तनुम == his limbs covered with down which stood on end
ऊर्ध्वं == upwards@
ऊर्ध्वप्रसारितएकपादासन == balancing forward posture@
ऊर्ध्वबाहुम इव == as it were with uplifted arms
ऊर्ध्वम == above
ऊर्ध्वम उत्पात्य == upwards, he volleys
ऊर्ध्वम छ == upwards
ऊर्ध्वम प्रणिहितेक्शणः == With eyes raised up
ऊर्ध्वम मासात == after a month
ऊर्ध्वम वि राजितः == to up - upraised «tail,» verily shining forth
ऊर्ध्वमुख == face upwards@
ऊर्ध्वमूलं == with roots above@
ऊर्ध्वम्छ == and upwardly.
ऊर्ध्वरेतः == a celibate intending to control(upward) the semen@
ऊर्ध्वहस्तत्तनासन == the up-stretched arms posture@
ऊर्ध्वात् == from above@
ऊर्ध्वाम == on earth
ऊर्मयः == like waves
ऊर्मि == wave@
ऊर्मि कलिलावर्ताम == having whirlpools covered by waves
ऊर्मि मन्तम == wave, container
ऊर्मि मालिनीम == wreathed with waves
ऊर्मिजालानाम == series of waves
ऊर्मिभिः == by ripples
ऊर्मिमन्तम == tide-ripped
ऊर्मिमालिनम == with now of waves
ऊर्मिमिव == like a wave
ऊर्मिलया सह सीता == Urmila, with, Seetha
ऊर्मिला == Urmila
ऊर्मिला तनया == Urmila's, daughter
ऊर्मिलाम == Urmila
ऊर्मिलाम लक्श्मणाय वै == Urmila, for Lakshmana, for sure
ऊर्वम == once
ऊर्वशी इव == Uurvashi, as with
ऊर्वोः छ == at his thighs.
ऊशतुः == resided.
ऊशरे उप्तम बीजम इव == in wasteland, seeded, seed, like
ऊष्य == Having dwelled
ऊह == discrimination of pros and cons - 5» speculativeness
ऊहुः == and carried
ऋइतं == truth@
ऋक् == the Rg Veda@
ऋक्श == bears
ऋक्श कोटि सहस्राणि == bears, two million, thousands «millions and millions»
ऋक्श पार्थिवः == the king of Bears
ऋक्श बिलम नाम == Riksha, cavity, known as
ऋक्श राजः == bears, king
ऋक्श राजः सुतः == the son of Riksharaja (sprung from the yawn of Brahama)
ऋक्श वनौकसाम == of bears and monkeys
ऋक्श वानर गोपुच्छैः मार्जारैः च == with bears, monkeys, baboons, wildcats, also
ऋक्श वानर मुख्याः == bears, monkeys, chiefs
ऋक्श शार्दूल सेवितम == bears, tigers, adored by «frequented by»
ऋक्श सिम्ह मृग द्विपान == bears, lions, predators, elephants
ऋक्श; विद्याधरीशु ==
ऋक्शरजः नाम == Rikshaja, known as
ऋक्शरजः नाम्नः == Risharaja, named
ऋक्शरजसः == of Riksharajasa
ऋक्शरजसः पुत्रः == Riksharaja, son of
ऋक्शरजेन == by Jambavan; the king of Bears
ऋक्शराजः == the lord of the bears
ऋक्शराजम == Jambavan the king of the bears
ऋक्शवतः प्रस्थान उपतस्थु == Mt. Riskshavat, on ridges, are staying
ऋक्शवन्तम == called Rikshanvanta.
ऋक्शवानर रक्शसाम == bears; monkeys and demons.
ऋक्शस्य बिल दर्शनम == Riksha's cave, seeing
ऋक्शाः == bears
ऋक्शाः च == bears, also
ऋक्शाः सृमरा व्याघ्राः सिम्हा == bears, antelopes, tigers, lions
ऋक्शाः सृमराः चमराः == bears, Srimara-s, a kind of antelopes, yak like oxen
ऋक्शान == bears
ऋक्शान्छ == and bears
ऋक्शाम च == bears, also
ऋक्शीशु किन्नरीशु छ == in female bears, kinnaraa-s, also
ऋक्ष पुण्गवः == the foremost among bears
ऋक्ष राजसा == by Riksharajas
ऋक्ष वानर मुख्यैः == leaders of bears and monkeys
ऋक्ष वानर राक्षसाम == among bears; monkeys and demons.
ऋक्षः == bears
ऋक्षपतिः == Jambavan
ऋक्षपतिना == the lord of bears
ऋक्षपतिश्छ == Jambavan
ऋक्षपते == O lord of bears!
ऋक्षबलम == army of bears
ऋक्षमुख्याः == the leaders of the bears
ऋक्षयूथपः == the chief of bears
ऋक्षराज बलम्छैव == also the army of Jambavan
ऋक्षराजः == Jambavan
ऋक्षराजम == the king of bears
ऋक्षवानर वीराणाम == of warriors
ऋक्षवानर शार्दूलैः == consisting of excellent bears and monkeys
ऋक्षवानर सैन्यानाम शूराणाम == among the gallant bear and monkey-warrior
ऋक्षवानरसम्घवाम == of crowds of bears and monkeys
ऋक्षश्छ == bears
ऋक्षाः == the bears
ऋक्षाणाम == of bears
ऋक्षाम्श्छ == bears
ऋक्षाश्छ == and bears
ऋक्षेण == by a bear
ऋक्षैः == bears
ऋग्यजुः सामपारगः == the master of the three Vedas (Rik
ऋचः == the Rig Veda@
ऋचीकः तु == Riciika, on his part
ऋचीकम सम ददर्श ह == at Sage Raiciika, well, he has seen, indeed.
ऋचीकस्य वचः श्रुत्वा == Riciika's, words, on hearing
ऋचीके == to Riciika «son of Bhrigu»
ऋचीके प्रतिपादिता == to sage Ruchika, proposed to «given in marriage.»
ऋच्छति == one attains@
ऋछ्छ्हति == obtains
ऋजु पर्वाणः == with straight, egress
ऋजु बुद्धितया == straight, at mind straightforwardly
ऋजुः == straightforward man@
ऋजुभिः == with no distortion
ऋजुम == who is honest
ऋजुविक्रमौ == those two honourable fighters.
ऋज्श वनौकसाम == bears and monkeys
ऋण == debt@
ऋणपत्रं == (n) debenture@
ऋणात == from the debt
ऋणान मुक्ता == from debt, freed
ऋणानि == obligations
ऋतं == truth@
ऋतधाम == RRitadhaama (one whose abode is Truth or the Divine law)
ऋतवः == The seasons
ऋतवश्छैव == seasons
ऋतिकर्ता == the source of the seasons
ऋतु == season@
ऋतु कालम न प्रतीक्शन्ते == seasonal «conceiving,» time, not, watch out for
ऋतुमत == at the right time
ऋतुमुखम == the onset of the season
ऋतुस्नाताम == who bathed after her course of menstruation( and so prepared for sexual intercourse
ऋतूणाम शट सम अत्ययुः == seasons, six, well, passed by
ऋतूनां == of all seasons@
ऋतूनाम == of the seasolns
ऋते == except for - those two@
ऋत्विक परम सम्पन्नः == ritwik, priest, very, wealthy in knowledge
ऋत्विक पुरोहिताछार्यान == the appointed priests; knowing the rules of the funeral rites.
ऋत्विगुपाध्यायैः सह == together with preceptors and teachers
ऋत्विग्भिः == Priests
ऋत्विग्भिः उपदिश्टः == by Vedic scholars, advised
ऋत्विग्वृतस्सन == along with the priests and the king's counsellors
ऋत्विजः == ritual scholars
ऋत्विजः अपि == administrators of Vedic-ritual, even
ऋत्विजः च == hymnodists, also
ऋत्विजश्छ == the priests
ऋत्विजा सह == that, Vedic scholar - her husband, along with
ऋत्विजौ == Vedic ritual-authorities
ऋथा अट्या च == wasteful wandering, also
ऋद्धं == prosperous@
ऋद्धम् == enriched@
ऋद्धि विशेशा दृश्यन्ते == opulence, elements of «grandiose,» are conspicuous
ऋद्धिम == property.
ऋद्धिमत == and sumptuous
ऋद्धिमताम == of the rich.
ऋद्धिमान == the man of fortuen
ऋद्धिम्छ == and prosperity
ऋद्धैः == in riches
ऋपूणामपि == even towards enemies?
ऋयुः == and just
ऋशभ स्कन्धम == and Rishabhaskandha.
ऋशभः == Rishabha
ऋशभः इव == resembling the most excellent of elephants
ऋशभः नाम == Rishabha, named
ऋशभः नाम पर्वतः == Rishabha, named, mountain; is there.
ऋशभम छ == Rishabha
ऋशभशरभ मैन्द धूम्र नीलाः == Rishabha; Mainda
ऋशभाः == of a bull.
ऋशभेण == together with RRiShabha
ऋशमूकात तु == from Mt. Rishyamuka
ऋशयः == sages
ऋशयः च == sages, also
ऋशयः छ == Sages, too
ऋशयः देव गन्धर्वाः == sages, gods, gandharva-s
ऋशयश्छैव == even sages
ऋशये == to Sage
ऋशरभः वानरः == Rishabha, vanara
ऋशराज वछः == the words of Jambavan the king of Bears
ऋशशयः केछित न == sages, anybody, no
ऋशि == the Sage
ऋशि कन्टकम तम अहम निहन्याम == for sages, thorny, him, I can, eliminate.
ऋशि गन्धर्वाः स रुद्राः स अप्सरसाः गनाः == with sages, with gandharva-s, with rudra-s, apsara-s, groups of
ऋशि दत्ताम == sage, given by
ऋशि पुत्र == by Sage's
ऋशि पुत्र वछः शुत्वा == Sage's son's words, on hearing
ऋशि पुत्र शतम == sage, sons, hundred
ऋशि पुत्रः == Sage's son - Rishyasringa
ऋशि पुत्रस्य तत वाक्यम श्रुत्वा == of sage, son's, that, sentence, on listening
ऋशि पुत्राः तु == sage's, sons, on their part
ऋशि पुत्रान च == sage's, sons, also
ऋशि मध्ये == sages, amidst «staying»
ऋशि मध्ये अभ्यभाशत == sages, amidst «their observance,» said «proclaimed.»
ऋशि मध्ये न्यवेदयत == sages, among
ऋशि माअम्स अशनः == sage's, flesh, eater
ऋशि माम्सानि भक्शयन == sage's, fleshes, while eating
ऋशि मुख्यत्वम ददामि == among sages, supremacy, I bestow.
ऋशि वाटाः च == sages', cottages,
ऋशि सत्तमम अगस्त्यम द्रक्श्यथ == Sage, the eminent, Agastya, you shall see.
ऋशि सत्तमम वसिश्ठम == sage, sagaciously mighty one, Vashishta
ऋशि सन्घ अनु छरितः == sage, groups, well, moving about
ऋशि सन्घाः == sage,
ऋशिः == sage Valmiki
ऋशिः अभवत == a sage, was there.
ऋशिः असि == sage, you are - you have become
ऋशिः इव == like a sage; (was seen going to)
ऋशिः कात्यायनः == sage, Kaatyaayana
ऋशिः तु दृश्ट्वा माम == sage, on his part, on seeing, me
ऋशिगणम == to that group of sages
ऋशिगणाः == the assembly of sages
ऋशिणा शरभन्गेन == by the sage Sharabhanga
ऋशिणाम == in the sages
ऋशिणाम छ == and the sages
ऋशिभाशितम == the words uttered by sages
ऋशिभिः == by the sages.
ऋशिभिः नियुक्तम शाश्त्रः == by sages, arranged,. as per scriptures.
ऋशिभिः वालखिल्यैः च == with sages, Vaalakhilyaa-s, also
ऋशिभिः सह == sages, along with
ऋशिभिः सार्थम तप्यन्तम == «other» sages, along with, performing ascesis
ऋशिभिः सार्धम == along with sages
ऋशिम == the sage
ऋशिम प्रदक्शिणम कृत्वा == to sage, circumambulation, on performing
ऋशिम प्राप्तम == sage's, entry «into hermitage»
ऋशिवर्यम == the foremost of sages.
ऋशिवाक्येश्छ == by the words of sages
ऋशिवाक्यैश्छ == and by the words of the sages.
ऋशिशु न == among sage, no.
ऋशिसत्तम == the excellent sage
ऋशिसत्तमः == Atri; the excellent sage
ऋशीणाम == by the sages
ऋशीणाम अभयम दत्तम == to sages, protection, accorded
ऋशीणाम कृत्स्नम आश्रम मन्दलम == of the sages, entire, hermitage, habitats
ऋशीणाम छ == sages
ऋशीणाम छ द्विजातीनम == of sages, also, of scholars
ऋशीणाम तु नियोगेन == by sages, but, assigned
ऋशीणाम परि पालनम == of sages', safeguarding
ऋशीणाम प्रसादेन == of sages, by compassion
ऋशीणाम सन्निधौ == of «other» sages, presence of
ऋशीन == sages
ऋशीन चैव == to sages, also thus
ऋशीन यक्शान स गन्धर्वान असुरान == sages, yaksha-celestials, with, gandharva-celestials, demons
ऋशे == oh, Brahma-sage
ऋशेः पुत्र्स्य == Sage',
ऋशेः भीताः == of that sage, afraid of
ऋशेः सुतः == Sage's, son «Rishyasringa»
ऋशेभश्छ == Rishabha
ऋश्टये == to visualise, «that which is beyond you.»
ऋश्टीः == daggers
ऋश्यम == Risya
ऋश्यमूक आलयम == Mt. Rishyamuka, residing «taking shelter on»
ऋश्यमूक इति ख्यातः == Rishyamuka, thus, renowned
ऋश्यमूकः गिरिः == Rishyamuka, mountain
ऋश्यमूकः तु == Mt. Rishyamuka, on its part - it is there.
ऋश्यमूकम == Mount Rishyamuka
ऋश्यमूकम उपाश्रितः == Rishyamuka, depended upon - took shelter.
ऋश्यमूकम पर्वतम आसाद्य == Rishyamuka, mountain, on reaching
ऋश्यमूकम प्र दुद्रुवे == to Rishyamuka, immediately, fled to.
ऋश्यमूकम महा गिरिम == into Rishyamuka, great, mountain
ऋश्यमूकस्य == shailasya of Rishyamuka mountain.
ऋश्यमूकस्य गमनम च == to Rishyamuka, going, also
ऋश्यमूकस्य पृश्ठे == on the top of RRishyamuka mountain
ऋश्यमूकस्य सम्मेप छारी == Rishyamuka mountain, nearby, one who moves about
ऋश्यमूकात == from Rishyamuka
ऋश्यमूकात इह प्राप्तम == from Mt. Rishyamuka, here, I reached
ऋश्यमूके == in Mount Rishyamuka
ऋश्यशृङ्ग आदौ == Rishyasringa, others
ऋश्यशृङ्गः == Rishyasringa
ऋश्यशृङ्गः वनछरः == Rishyasringa, forest-dweller
ऋश्यसृन्गम अब्रवीत == to Rishyasringa, said
ऋश्यसृन्गम पुरस्कृत्य == Rishyasringa, keeping at helm of affairs
ऋश्यसृन्गस्य छ == of Rishyasringa, also
ऋश्यसृन्गाय मुनये वशिश्ठाय छ धीमते == to Rishyasringa, to Sage Vashishta, also, enlightened
ऋश्यस्रिन्ग इति ख्यात == Rishyasringa, thus, renowned
ऋश्शिभिः == from sages
ऋषणेन == by Sugreeva the chief
ऋषभः == full.
ऋषभः वानरः == Let the monkey called Rishabha
ऋषभम == bull
ऋषभम छैव == Rishabha
ऋषभश्छैव == and Rishabha
ऋषभोनाम == named Rishabha
ऋषयः == Sages@
ऋषये == to the ascetic
ऋषयो अपि == Even sages
ऋषयो यथा == as sages
ऋषि निषेविताम == and frequented by sages.
ऋषि मुखात == from the mouth of the singer of sacred hymns
ऋषिः == the sage@
ऋषिणा == by the sage Bharadwaja.
ऋषिणाम == sages
ऋषिदानवदैत्याश्छ == the sages; demons and giants
ऋषिन् == great sages@
ऋषिभिः == sages@
ऋषिम == sage
ऋषिम्यथा == as a sage
ऋषिसम्घैः == by the groups of sages
ऋषे == to a sage
ऋषेः भीतः च == by Sage, «Vibhandaka,» dread, also
ऋष्भः == Rishabaha
ऋष्यमूकः == Rishyamuka
ऋष्यमूकगिरिम == Mount Rishyamuka.
ऋष्यमूके == in Mount Rishyamuka
ऋष्यशृन्गम == Rishyasringa
ऋस्यसृन्गम पुरस्क्रित्य == Rishyasringa, keeping ahead of
ऋख़्शाः == bears
ए जी - ओ जी - एमन्डी - एन्नन्गो - शुनिये == so on. To cite one such ceremony it is 'naming
एअकः == singly
एअतु == these
एअतेर्स काम रूपिभिः == them, thus, guise-changers
एक == also means 'unique' and thus his complexion, facial, physical structures@
एक अग्रः == one, targeted «determinedly, or decidedly»
एक अग्रम == and closely attentive.
एक अग्रा == single-mindedly concentrative
एक अग्राः == single, pointedly «alertly»
एक अयने == for single «person,» passable - on pathway
एक अह्ना == in one, daylight
एक इशुणा हृतम == by single, arrow, evanished; «gist in vividness.»
एक उत्पातेन == by one single leap.
एक एकः == each, every - prince
एक एकम अनुरक्तैः च == one, another, doting upon, also
एक एकम अलन्कृतः सम == one to each post, decorated, they are.
एक एकम योजनम == one «each
एक एकशः == one, after other
एक एकशः उद्धिश्य == each, to each «of four sons,» intended for
एक एव == alone.
एक चरान == elephantine, in oneness, moving
एक छिन्तनम == devoting thought alone
एक दश आत्मकः शम्भुः == one, ten «an embodiment of eleven selfsame» Souls «eleven Rudra-s, or, eleven souled god,» Shiva
एक दश आहम अतीत्य == one, ten, days, «eleven days,» when elapsed
एक दुःखसुखाः == owning the same sorrows and joys.
एक पत्नी व्रत शील वन्तः == an abider in the syndrome of 'one-man-one-wife.'
एक पत्नीत्वम == a faithful wife
एक पदे == in a trice
एक पादकाः च == single, footed beings, also
एक पादेन भक्शयित्वा == with one, foot, having consumed
एक पादेन स्थास्यामः == on single, foot, we stay «here»
एक पुत्र == the only son
एक पुत्रायाः == my only son
एक मनसः अपि == having but one thought
एक मनाः == in single, mindedness
एक मनाः शृउणु == that, single, minded «attentively,» you listen.
एक वस्त्र धरः == one, cloth, wearing
एक वाली एव निहतः == singly, Vali, alone, is killed
एक विम्शत अरत्नयः == having one and twenty, cubits - elbow to fingertip measure in height
एक विम्शत यूपाः ते == one and twenty «twenty-one,» posts, they are
एक विम्शद्भि वासोभिः == with twenty-one, cloths
एक वेगेन == in one shot
एक वेणी धरा == wearing a single braid of hair
एक वेणीधरा == with your locks unfound.
एक वेणीधराम == wearing only a single braid of hair
एक शृङ्गः == with a single tusk
एक हस्तेन == with his single hand
एक हस्तैक पादाश्छ == with a single hand and those with single foot
एकं == one@
एकः == I by myself@
एकः अदक्शिणः बाहुः == one left arm
एकः अमात्यो. अपि == even one minister
एकः च == lonesomely, also; daNDaka araNye in
एकः दिवा रात्रम == for one, day, night
एकः नाश्नापि कस्छित == you alone do not eat
एकः वि जने दूरे वने == lonely, devoid, of people «desolate,» in deep, forests
एककर्णाम छ == and (another) with a single ear
एककर्णाम्श्च == those who had one ear
एकछरः == who wanders alone
एकछित्तगतम == with singleness of mind
एकजटा नाम == named Ekajata
एकतः == by the side
एकतम रावणस्य == loosed by Ravana alone
एकतमेदेशे == in a part
एकतरम == any one of the two acts
एकताम == to a consensus
एकताम अगमन == to one side, arrived at - allied themselves
एकत्वं == in oneness@
एकत्वेन == in oneness@
एकदंतं == one who has a single tusk@
एकदंताय == to the one-tusked@
एकदा इह ब्राह्मण घ्नौ == once, here, Brahmans, killers of
एकदेशम इव == looking like a part
एकदेशेन == with a portion
एकन मया तु == by one, me, but
एकपत्नीव्रतस्याछ == who has taken a vow of marrying a single wife
एकपदम == in the word
एकपदी == foot-path (will go)
एकपादीम छ == and one with a single foot
एकपार्श्वेन == lie down on one
एकपुत्रम == who had only one son
एकपुत्रा == who had only one son
एकपुत्राछ == who has only one son
एकबुधिनाम == one, minded, «in league with»
एकम == a small man
एकम अवधी == one Ravana
एकम एकम == every single
एकम एकेन == one with one
एकम एव == only one
एकम काम मोहितम == one, passion, filled, i.e., Vali
एकम गवाम सहस्रमपि == even one thousand of cows
एकम दश च == one, ten, also - eleven
एकम दश शतम अस्मात सहस्रम अयुतम ततः परम लक्षम । प्रयुतम कोटिम अथ अर्बुदम वृन्दे खर्वम निखर्वम च । तस्मात महा सरोजम शन्कुम सरिताम पतिम त्वत अन्तम । मध्यम पराधम आरूह्य अथ उत्तरम दश गुणम तथा ज्ञएयम ।। == 'one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, one lakh,
एकम दृश्ट्वा == single one, on seeing
एकम निपातम == the falling of this one unit
एकम पुत्रम राज्याय नियुज्य == one, son, for kingdom, on bidding
एकम रामम == lone one, Rama, «who was coming to forest all alone»
एकम शरम चिक्शेप == one, arrow, darted.
एकम शृन्गम कान्चनम == one, summit, is golden
एकम श्वेतम राजतम च == one, whitish, silver, also
एकम सहस्रम == one, thousand «servitors»
एकम सालम विनिर्भिद्य == one only, sala tree, if completely ripped
एकम सुतम == one, son
एकमक्षरं == pranava@
एकमेवाद्वितीयं == one without a second@
एकया == single@
एकया नील नाग आभया == with the radiance of a single black serpent
एकयाम अवशिष्टायाम == with three hours of night yet remaining
एकवचनं == singular@
एकविम्शतिरेवछ == twenty one
एकवेणी == single plait
एकवेणीधरा == putting on a single braid of hair
एकवेणीम == single braid of
एकवेनीधरा == wearing a single braid
एकशल्याम्श्छ == fishes called ekashleya
एकशिलाः == like a single pile.
एकस्तु == alone
एकस्थ हृदया == with a single heart
एकस्थं == in one place@
एकस्थानगताः == are stationed at the same place
एकस्मिन अन्तरे कले == between this period
एकस्मिन रामे हते == only one, Rama is, eliminated
एकस्मिन् == in one@
एकस्य == for each
एकस्य अपराधेन == of single soul's, by felony
एकस्य अपि विछिन्तनम == lonely, even though, thinking over
एकस्य कृते == by an individual, done - perpetuated wrongdoing
एकस्य ते अग्रतः स्थातुम == lone one, you, before, to stand
एकस्य ते का शक्तिः हि == for lone one, to you, what, capability, indeed
एकस्य बहोः == of one hand
एकस्य रामस्य == of Rama alone
एकस्य विमर्दः == of a single «combatant's,» combat
एकस्य हेतोः == for the sake of a single demons.
एकस्याः == of only
एकस्यैव == all alone (for the encounter)
एका == for one
एका कथम न बिभेशि == a lonely one, how, not, you are scared.
एका दश रुद्रा-स == eleven Rudraa-s? Or, because Air can circulate here, do you belong to any of the forty-nine
एकाः == one@
एकाकिनम == who are either alone
एकाकिना == all alone.
एकाकिनि == solitary woman@
एकाकी == alone@
एकाक्शान == those who were one-eyed
एकाक्शीम == (Ravana ordered) one with a singe eye
एकाक्षरं == the one syllable@
एकाग्र == one-pointed@
एकाग्रं == with one attention@
एकाग्रः == un disturbed
एकाग्रम == who had acquired undivided attention
एकाग्रेण == with full attention@
एकाग्रैः == attentive
एकादश रुद्र-स == , and the god of gods Brahma who is surrounded by Brahma-Sages, will be sojourning on that Mt. Soma.
एकादश रुद्र-स, == who are twenty-one in number
एकादश रुद्रा-स == 'eleven Rudra
एकादशानाम कोटीनाम == for eleven, crores «of monkeys»
एकान्त == in privacy
एकान्त गत मानसम == privacy, gone in, with a heart
एकान्त विन्यस्ते == arranged alone at a side.
एकान्तं == overly@
एकान्तम == at a solitary place
एकान्तम आश्रित्य == at lonely place, abiding
एकान्तम आश्रित्य तस्थुः == lonely «aside,» stood aside.
एकान्तम आश्रित्य तस्थौ == loneliness, contingent on, stood aside.
एकान्ते == at a solitary place.
एकान्ते वृक्श मूले == at a lonely, tree, at its base
एकाम == a woman living alone
एकाम कोटिम == one, crore «ten millions»
एकाम रजनीम अवसत == one, night, she resided with that horse that flew away.
एकाम शिम्शुपाम == one shimshupaa tree
एकार्णवन == into a single ocean.
एकावली मध्यगतम == and hanging in the middle
एकाह दर्शएनापि == even by seeing for one day
एकाहम == for a day
एकाहमपि == even for a day
एके == some@
एकेकैन == each with one arrow.
एकेन == alone@
एकेन आह्ना == on that single day
एकेन इशुणा निरस्तम == with single, arrow, reneder him ineffective
एकेन कपिना == by one monkey
एकेन करेण == in one hand.
एकेन कर्णिना == with an arrow with an ear-shaped top
एकेन पाणिना == with one hand
एकेन पादेन उद्यम्य == by one, foot, lifting
एकेन बाण मोक्शेण == with single, arrow, on releasing
एकेन बाणेन == by a single arrow
एकेन बाणेन दारिताः == with one, arrow, ripped
एकेन बाणेन निर्दारयेत == with one, arrows, if rends
एकेन बाणेन शिरसि == only one, with arrow, on head
एकेन ब्रह्म दण्डेन == with only one, Brahma's, baton
एकेन मह इशुणा == with one, great, arrow
एकेन राक्षसेन == by one demon
एकेन रामेण == by lone, Rama
एकेन रामेण हतम == by lone one, by Rama, as annihilated
एकेन वेगेन योजनम चिक्शेप == in a single, flick, to a yojana length, hurled.
एकेन शतेन == with one, hundred
एकेन शरेण == by a single arrow
एकेन शरेण निजघान == with one, arrow, eliminated.
एकेन सायकेन == with one, arrow
एकेशणा == by a single arrow
एकेषणा == with each arrow
एकैकं == one by one@
एकैकम == each
एकैकमक्षरं == each and every word@
एकैकमेव == every single one
एकैकशः == one by one.«
एकैकस्य == to each one of
एको रसः करुण == ...' for Valmiki it is pathos, shoka.
एकोत्पातेन == by one single leap.
एकोदयम == their purpose rsolutely
एकोऽपि == even alone
एकोऽहं == I the one single being@
एक्कर्थम == with a single meaning
एक्वेणीधरा == wearing a single plait (as a mark of desolation)
एतत == this (of your purpose
एतत अनयोः राज पुत्रयोः दर्शय == this one, to two of them, king's, sons «princes,» you may show.
एतत अर्थम == all this, drift
एतत अल्पम कारणम न हि == all this, with trivial, reason, not, isn't it.
एतत अस्त्रम == and by whom this missile (is presided)
एतत अस्य भग्नम धनुः == this one is, his, fragmented, bow
एतत अस्य शरावरम == this one, his, armour
एतत अहम श्रोतुम इच्छामि == all this, I, to listen «from you,» wish to
एतत आश्रम पदम == this, hermitage's,
एतत आश्रमम == this, hermitage
एतत उक्तम == all this, is said «by me»
एतत एव == on account of all this
एतत एव जीवितम हि == this, alone, life «alter ego,» actually.
एतत एव सर्वस्वम हि == this, alone, for me, everything, really,
एतत एव हि == this, alone, indeed.
एतत एव हि मे धनम == this, alone, truly, for me, wealth «treasure»
एतत एवम == It is like this
एतत काननम == this forest
एतत कारणम == for this, reason
एतत कार्मुकम सज्यम कृत्वा == this, bow, with bowstring, on making
एतत किम नु == this, what, really
एतत किम नु इति == saying to one another; «what (miracle) is this?«
एतत गतिम == all about, cruising
एतत च == this «perpetuity,» also
एतत च अन्यत च परुशम == this much, also, other, also, sharp «saying exacting words»
एतत च अन्यत च बहुशः == this, also, other, also, a good many topics
एतत च वचनम श्रुत्वा == them, also, words, on hearing
एतत छिर निर्वृत्तम अपि == all this, long-ago, happened, though
एतत तत == this, that - such a
एतत तत एव इति == this «place,» that «place,» only, thus «marking them»
एतत तव वछनम == these words of yours
एतत तु == all those
एतत तु दृश्यते == here is seen
एतत ते प्रतिजानामि == this, to you, I promise
एतत तोयम == (May) this water
एतत दर्शय == that «bow,» show
एतत दारुणम वनम == this, wretched, forest
एतत दारुणम वनम यस्य == this one, wretched, forest, whose is.
एतत दृश्यते == here is seen
एतत देवानाम वयः नित्यदा भवति किल == this alone, for gods, age, constantly, remains, they say; «elliptic: for they are immortals and they will be ever young.»
एतत धूम अग्रम == this, smoke's, vertex
एतत न अस्ति == all this, not, is there «feigning»
एतत नः कार्यम == this much, our, work «here in cavity»
एतत निमित्तम च == in this, respect, only
एतत नील पीतम तु == all this, bluish, yellowish, also
एतत पुरा मया श्रुतम == all this, earlier, by me, heard
एतत प्रियम == this pleasant news
एतत प्रियम वाक्यम == this, pleasant, word
एतत बिलम इति श्रुतम == this one, cavity «Black Hole,» thus, heard «by you from Lt. Tara»
एतत बुद्ध्या == all this, keeping in view
एतत मधुवनम == this Madhuvana
एतत मधूकानाम महत वनम आलक्श्यते == this, Madhuuka «bassia latifolia, flowers of which are used to distil liquor» trees, great, forest, that seen
एतत मनओहरम == this sort of, heart-stealing nature
एतत महत वैर अनुकथनम == all this, notable, enmity, account of
एतत महतायोधनम == this great battle-field
एतत माय विहितम == created out of his magic
एतत मुहूर्ते तु == at this, moment, only
एतत यज्ञः च्छिद्रम == this one - the happening, in
एतत यत्र == here is where
एतत युश्माकम प्रत्यक्शम == that is, to you all, obvious
एतत राज्यम == this kingdom
एतत राम आश्रम पदम == this, is Rama's, hermitage's, threshold
एतत रामस्य == this is, Rama's
एतत वचः उवाच == these, words spoke.
एतत वचः श्रुत्वा == all this, words, on hearing
एतत वचनम नैश्ठुर्यम == all these, sentences, derisive
एतत वचनम श्रुत्वा == all that, but, sentence «wording,» on hearing
एतत वछः == these words
एतत वछः श्रुत्वा == all those, words, on listening
एतत वछनम == these words
एतत वनम सर्वम == this, forest, entirely
एतत वर्जयन्ति == this hermitage, they forbear
एतत वाक्यम == all these, sentence - advisory words
एतत वाक्यम उवाच ह == this much, sentence, spoke to, indeed.
एतत वाक्यम तु == all, words, but
एतत वि दारणे == all this «Black Hole» by far, to split apart
एतत विद्या द्वये लब्धे == these, teachings, two of them, on receiving
एतत विनापि == even without this destruction
एतत वीर्यम मया प्रकाशितम == all this, his vitality, by me, apprised
एतत वैरम समुत्स्रृज्य == all this, enmity, completely leaving off
एतत व्यसनम == this danger.
एतत शुभम वाक्यम == these auspicious words
एतत शेषम == he is all that is left
एतत श्रम नाशनम आश्रमम == this, weary, removing, hermitage
एतत श्रुत्वा == all that, on hearing
एतत श्रुत्वा तु == all that, on hearing
एतत श्रुत्वा सूतः == all this, having heard, charioteer, Sumantra
एतत समवेक्श्य == all thius, on
एतत सम्यक कार्यम == all this «entirely,» exhaustively, performable «translatable into deeds of ritual»
एतत सर्वम == All this
एतत सर्वम कर्ता == everything, completely, he will be doing
एतत सर्वम ते आख्यातम == that, all, to you, is narrated.
एतत सर्वम भविश्यति == this, all, will happen
एतत सर्वम विचेतव्यम == all these «provinces,» in entirety, are to be searched
एतत सु महत अन्तरम हि == in this, very much, difference will be there, isn't it.
एतत सुनीतम == this has been conveyed well
एतत हि == this indeed
एततृशः == similar to this
एतत् == it@
एतत्वछः == these words
एतत्वाक्यम == these words
एतद == this
एतदर्थम == with this end in view
एतदेव == this
एतद्धि == this
एतद्वछः == these words
एतन निमित्तम == for this reason
एतन् == this@
एतन्निमित्तम == for this reason
एतम == him
एतम उत्तमम मणिम == this excellent jewel
एतया == with the same
एतयोः == between these two armies@
एतस्मात == for this reason
एतस्मात इशुबन्धनात == from those arrows that paralyse them.
एतस्मिन == (while) he
एतस्मिन अनन्तरे == in the mean while
एतस्मिन अन्तरे == In the mean-time
एतस्मिन आश्रमे चिरम वासम न समर्थये == in this, hermitage, for a long, staying, not, befitting «thus I deem.»
एतस्मिन एव == in this, only
एतस्मिन एव काले तु == in this, only, time, but
एतस्मिन कले एव == in the mean, time, only
एतस्मिन काले एव तु == during, time, alone, but
एतस्य == his@
एतस्य कार्यस्य == of this, task
एतस्य कालस्य == of this, time
एतस्य मृग रत्नस्य == that this «such a,», deer, gem of a
एतस्य वा अ क्शरस्य == How a single being can do all
एतस्य शब्दम श्रुत्व == this bird's, calling, on hearing
एतस्य सदृशी न भवेत == to this, matching, not, it becomes
एतस्याः == of this
एता == these «above mentioned»
एतां == this@
एताः == these
एताः तिस्रः == these, three - rivers
एताः नार्यः == these women
एतान == the following
एतान इदम वचनम अब्रवीत == to all of them, this, sentence, spoke.
एतान कथम तारयेयम च == them, how to, cross over «them from this mortal bindings of heaps of ashes,» also
एतान प्लावयेत == them «sons of Sagara,» drifts - to heavens
एतान बहून == these many
एतान महाभागैः दूतैः == them, highly illustrious ones, through envoys
एतान हन्या हि == them «demons,» you can eliminate, for sure
एतानि == (all) these@
एतानि ज्योतीन्शि च == all these, stars, also
एतानि मृग यूधानि == these, deer, mobs of
एतानि शिखराणि == these, crags
एतानि सर्वाणि == all these
एतानि सर्वाणि अस्त्राणि == these, all, missiles
एतान् == all these@
एताभ्याम माता पितृभ्याम == by both my mother and father
एताम == (this woman)
एताम नैरृतीम दिशम == this one, south-west, towards quarter
एताम बुद्धिम कृत्वा == thus having made up her mind
एताम बुद्धिम चक्रुः == this kind of, thinking, they made
एताम बुद्धिम समास्थाय == such a, thinking, abiding by
एताम यातनाम == all this suffering.
एताम लङ्काम पुरीम == the city of Lanka
एताम लण्काम == this Lanka
एताम सत क्रियाम तु == all these, good, works «hospitalities,» on their part
एताम सर्वान == all those
एताव देव == only this much (of army)
एतावत == of such extent
एतावत एव == thereunto, only
एतावत एव शक्यम == thereunto, only, is possible
एतावत वचनम उक्त्वा == this much, sentence «of curse,» on saying
एतावत वछनम == words only thus far
एतावत व्याहृतम मया == all this, retold, by me
एतावता == by that much «endeavour»
एतावत् == this much@
एति == comes@
एतु == appear
एते == all these@
एते कपयः माम रक्शन्ति समन्ततः == these, monkeys, me, guarding, from all over
एते काम रूपिणः == these are, by wish, guise-changers
एते च == they, also
एते चत्वार == these, four
एते जल चारिणः == these, water, movers
एते तव सचिवा == these all, your, ministers «are lamenting»
एते तिष्ठन्तु == let these monkeys stay here
एते ते शैल राजस्य == these, they two, mountain, king's - Himavan's
एते दुरात्मनः यदि == If these evil minded demons
एते दूताः == these messengers
एते दृश्यन्ते == here are seen
एते देवाः == these, divinities «the kings»
एते दोषाः == these faults
एते द्रुमाश्छ == as also these trees
एते द्विजाः == these, Brahmans
एते पन्च शैल वराः == these, five mountains, best ones
एते पोउराः == these citizens
एते प्रकाशन्ते == all these «where these trees, are» shining forth
एते बलिनः == these strong monkeys
एते महा मृगा == all these, burly, animals
एते महावीर्या द्वादश == these, fiendishly atrocious «demons» twelve are
एते मुनयः छ == these ascetics too
एते मृगाः प्रशमयन्ति == these, animals' «behaviour,» mitigable «betokening as»
एते राक्षसाः == these demons
एते वयम == (these) we
एते वानर मुख्याः च == these, Vanara, chiefs, also
एते वृक्शाः == these, trees
एते शराः == these arrows
एते सर्वे == all these demons
एते सर्वे सुर गणाः == these, all, gods', assemblages of
एते हरियूथपाः == the chiefs of monkeys-troops
एतेः == by the following
एतेछ == here
एतेन == (by hearing) this@
एतेन उपमानेनैव == by this example itself (of Indrajit)
एतेन काल्यम सम्ग्रामम करिश्यसि == with him, in early hours / or at appropriate time, fighting, you can do
एतेन कृत्येन वयम आगताः == by this, escapade «for water,» we all, have come
एतेन भावेन == this intention
एतेन महात्मना == by this great souled demon
एतेन मारीचेन == by such, Maareecha
एतेन वा == to send Rama to exile.
एतेशाम == (that) their
एतेशाम सर्वे आश्रयाः == of these beings, all of the, dwelling places
एतेशु त्रिशु == out of these three
एतेषां == of the Pandavas@
एतेषाम == these
एतेषु दत्त औरस व्यतिरिक्तानाम पुत्रत्वे परिग्रः कलौ निषिद्धः । चन्द्रिक स्मृति अर्थ सार आदौ कलि युग धर्म मध्ये परिगणनात - इति; == And the verse 20 says that Anjana
एतैः == along with them@
एतैः अश्वैः == by these horses
एतैः गुणैः वि वर्जितः == with these, merits, bereft of
एतैः च अन्यैः च == with these, also, with others, also «suchlike»
एतैः दोशैः वि वर्जिताः == with these, stigmas, devoid of
एतैः दोषैः == because of these faults
एतैः महात्मभिः == by these, great souls
एतैरपि == Also by these
एतोउ == these
एतौ == them.
एतौ आस्ताम == these, were there.
एतौ नृपात्मजौ सम्प्रेक्श्य == those two, king's
एतौ महाभागौ == these two illustrious Mainda and Dvivida
एतौ वलि प्रणिहितौन ध्रुवम == by Vali, dispatched, definitely
एतौ शुद्ध आत्मनौ यदि == these two, clean, at heart, if
एतौ स्निग्धौ पादौ == these two, delicate, feet «of yours»
एतौभ्रातरौ == these two brothers (Rama and Lakshmana)
एत्त == this particular»
एत्य == approached
एत्य कपिरूपम == assuming the form of a monkey
एत्येवम == thus
एथैः == these virtues
एदम == and peerless
एधते == (1 ap) to grow@
एधते हि == indeed prosper
एधांसि == firewood@
एधितः == by flared-up
एधितुम == to enhance
एन == by that noise
एन एव बाणेन मे प्रियः हतः == which, alone, with arrow, my, dear one, is killed
एनं == this@
एनः == sin - is in the shape of»
एनः मयः == sin, full with
एनम == Sugreeva
एनम अधिरोहति == on that, climbs
एनम अन्गदम पश्य == at this, Angada, have a look at.
एनम आनय == that one «deer,» bring round
एनम आश्रमम आयान्ति == at this, hermitage, will be arriving
एनम क्शिप्रम आनय == this one, quickly, be brought
एनम तपोधनम == who was rich in this asceticism
एनम न अभिपद्यसे == him «Rama,» not, reaching at «now.»
एनम न पर्यवारयन च == him, not, circumscribed, also.
एनम परमाम गतिम == him, as ultimate, course
एनम प्रमाणम सम्स्थाप्य == him, as archetype, on instituting
एनम प्रिश्टतः अभ्येति == him «Rama,» behind «Rama,» rushes after.
एनम मम भ्रातरम == him, my, brother
एनम मोहयित्वा नयति == him, on baffling, taking away
एनम राक्षसोत्तमम == about this foremost of demons.
एनम राघवम == him, that Rama
एनम राजानम == this king
एनम रावणम उवाच == to him, to Ravana, said
एनम रावणात्मजम == on this Atikaya
एनम रुद्रम == to him, to Rudra
एनम वधिश्ये == him, I eliminate.
एनम वाक्यम अब्रवीत च == to him - to Amshuman, sentence, spoke, also
एनम वैदेह्या सीतया सह == him along with Seetha the princess of Videha kingdom
एनम शिरसा अभिवाद्य च == him, with head «head-bent, bow down» on hailing, also
एनम सम्चोदयामि == him, I will motivate.
एनम सूर्यः न प्रतपति == him, sun, will not, parch
एनान == them
एनाम == her
एनाम अन्वैक्शत == at her «at Rambha,» stared.
एनाम अभितः == after her nearby
एनाम जहि == her, you eliminate.
एनाम नि हन्तुम == her, to completely, eliminate
एनाम प्रलोभय == tempt her
एनाम भार्याम परित्यज्य == this, wife, on discarding
एनाम महतीम विभीशिकाम == this giant toy
एनाम मैथिलीम == at her, at Maithili
एनाम यक्शीम == this, yakshii be
एनाम यशस्विनीम मैथिलिम == this illustrious Seetha
एनाम सीताम == at her, Seetha
एनाम हन्तुम न उत्सहते हि == her, to eliminate, not, I attempt, really
एनेम रामेण == by Rama single-handed
एनेम्य सुब्जुगतोर... == 'elimination of demoness
एन्तेरेद अत्यन्त सुख सम्वृधाम == immense, in comfort, comfortably brought up
एन्त्रेअत्य. तस्मात == Therefore
एन्त्विनेद. स्यन्दनैः चन्दनैः नीपैः == Syandana, Sandalwood, Niipa
एन्थुसिअस्त सुग्रीवस्य वशम प्राप्तः == Sugreeva's, control, you obtained - you have gone in
एभिः == these@
एभिः कारणैः == due to these, reasons
एभिः नः बाहु प्रयुक्तैः == by these, by our, arms, projected - launched by our might
एभिः प्रकृतैः हरिभिः == with these common monkeys?
एभिः मुख्यैः वानरैः सह == these, with important, vanara-s, along with
एभिः मुनि सत्तमैः सह == these, saint, eminent ones, along with
एभिः मुनिपुन्गवैः सह == by these, eminent sages, along with
एभिः रक्शोभिः == by these female-demons
एभिः राक्शसैः == by these demons
एभिः वन रक्षिभिः == by these guards of the grove
एभिः सछिवैः सार्थम == with your ministers
एभिः हरि यूथपैः सह == along with these leaders of monkeys
एभ्यः == to these demigods@
एयिवान == I obtained
एलाधाने == at Eladhana village
एलेफन्त्स == and horses
एल्लिप. माम भेतुम नशक्या == you cannot scare me away from such a Rama.
एल्लिप्त. परन्तप == oh
एल्लिप्त. मत कृते == because of me»
एल्लिप्त. सर्व गुण समिश्टि रूपम पुरुशम == all, merited endowments, composite, in form - about such a man.»
एल्लिप्त: अग्नि सम ओजसम == fire, equalling
एल्से इफ़(दोचुमेन्त.लोचतिओन == «http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/2612«)
एव == again@
एव अभि अद्रवत == quickly, to him «Rama,» towards, bolted.
एव अस्मिन लोके यथा शास्त्रम कर्म कुर्वन तिष्ठतीति अर्थम।। धमाकूतम == Hence Rama said in this concept also that - 'my father is though 'dead', but 'born' again in you, Lakshmana.'
एव च == like that, also
एव तथा == thus, then
एव मे मतिः == this is my opinion.
एव सम्भ्रान्ता == just, perplexed
एव ड़मः छ == thus, also, Rama
एव । इतः परम वक्ष्यमाणम अखिलम धर्म्यम एव वदति इति अवगतम : धर्माकूतम- == Whatever spoken by Vali earlier is without proper knowledge of dharma, and whatever said hereafter is in conformity
एवं == thus@
एवं व्रथसंपन्नम == as he was adorned with disciplined life
एवंगते == goes like this
एवंविधः == such type@
एवंविधाः == like this@
एवन == thus
एवम == who had thus
एवम अनुशास्य == that way, on bidding
एवम अन्ग अधिपेन एव == thus, Anga country's, king «Romapaada.» thus
एवम अन्योन्यम सम्भाशमाणौ == in this way, one-to-one, while conversing
एवम अब्रवीत == this way, said.
एवम अस्तु == may it be so.«
एवम अस्तु इति == thus, it will be, thus
एवम आदि == so on, so forth
एवम आदिभिः == such type of trees as
एवम उक्तः == in that way, he who is spoken - Angada
एवम उक्तः तु == that way, when he is said to
एवम उक्तः तु जनकः == thus, addressed, but, Janaka
एवम उक्तः तु ब्रह्मर्शिः == thus, spoke to, on his part, Brahma-sage
एवम उक्तः तु मुनिना == thus, said, by sage
एवम उक्तः तु रामेण == thus said, but, by Rama
एवम उक्तः तु सुग्रीवः == thus, said to, on his part, Sugreeva
एवम उक्तः दश ग्रीवः == thus, said to, ten, faced «ten-voiced, ten-headed» one «Ravana»
एवम उक्तः मुनिवरः == that way, who is spoken to «Vishvamitra,» saint, the best
एवम उक्तः रामेण == thus, who is said, by Rama
एवम उक्तः विश्वामित्रः == thus, one who is spoken, Vishvamitra
एवम उक्तः सौमित्रिः तु == thus, who is said so, that Sumitra's son, on his part
एवम उक्तवतः == that way, when he said
एवम उक्तवा == thus, saying
एवम उक्तस्य == that way, of the one who is spoken to «cursed, Indra's»
एवम उक्ता == that way, when she is said «by Air-god»
एवम उक्ता तु == thus, said «by me», though
एवम उक्ता वैदेही तु == thus, spoken to, Vaidehi, on her part
एवम उक्ता हनुमता == thus, she is addressed, by Hanuma
एवम उक्ताः == thus, addressed - gods
एवम उक्ताः सुराः सर्वे == thus, spoken, gods, all
एवम उक्तौ == that way, those two who are said
एवम उक्त्वा == saying so
एवम उक्त्वा दनुः == thus, saying, Danu
एवम उक्त्वा विरराम == that way, on saying, took respite
एवम उत्क्वा तु == thus, saying, only
एवम एक आयन गताः == thus, to one, course, reached out
एवम एतत == in this way «as I detailed,» all this «earth»
एवम एव == in the same manner
एवम कथमानम == who was thus narrating
एवम कथयमानः == thus, saying Rama
एवम कथयमानस्य == that way, while narrating
एवम कृत सम्कल्पम == who thus formed a resolution.
एवम खनन्तः == this way, while digging
एवम गतम == this way «dire straits,» gone in «deteriorated»
एवम गता == despise(my husband?)
एवम गताम == such as I am
एवम गते == in this way
एवम गुण गणैः युक्त्वा == this kind of, virtue, varieties of, having
एवम गुण सम्पन्नम == who is endowed with this wealth of virtues
एवम च अविश्वसनीयम अन्गदम अपहाय विश्वसनीयो हनुमति बिश्ष्युअ पुरस्कारादिकम युक्तम एव ।- == 'still
एवम चकार == that way, made, rendered.
एवम छ == thus
एवम छेत == if it happens thus.
एवम जवेन एव धावसि == this way, speedily, thus, you are fleeing
एवम तया सन्गम्य == thus, with her, having copulated
एवम तस्मात पितामहात == thus, from him, the Forefather
एवम तान सर्वान विसृज्य == thus, them, all, on dispersing
एवम तेशाम मुखात च्युतम वचनम श्रुत्वा == this way, from their, mouth, fel, words, on hearing
एवम दत्त्वा == thus, having given
एवम न वक्तव्यः == this way, not, speakable - addressed
एवम न शोछ्यन्ते == there is no occasion to grieve
एवम निश्चयम कृत्वा == in this way, decision, on taking
एवम निश्छयम == this ascertainment
एवम परिचचार == in this way, rendered services.
एवम पानम प्रशस्यते हि == this way, drinking, not, appreciable, isn't it
एवम पापम == this type of, sin
एवम प्र रुशितः == this way, one who is highly, infuriated
एवम प्रभāवस्य == this kind of, effectual king
एवम प्रभारम == with such power
एवम प्रभावस्य == this kind of, effectual king
एवम प्रभावाणाम == with this kind of, potentiality having
एवम प्रशश्यमानौ == that way, being appreciated
एवम प्रस्थितस्य == in this way, who started out - Hanuma
एवम प्रायाणि == are like this
एवम बभूव == thus thought
एवम ब्रुवतः == thus, having said
एवम ब्रुवतीम तारा अधिप निभ आननाम == stars', lord's «moon,» in shine, faced one
एवम ब्रुवत्याम == this way, while still speaking
एवम ब्रुवन्तम राजानम == in this way, «obliquely» speaking, to king
एवम ब्रुवन्त्यः सर्वाः == thus, speaking, all of us
एवम ब्रुवाणम == this way, to him who is saying - to Vashishta
एवम ब्रुवाणम काकुत्स्थम == this way, who is speaking, Kakutstha Lakshmana
एवम ब्रुवाणम रामम == 'to Rama who saying
एवम ब्रुवाणम हनुमन्तम == thus, who is saying, to that Hanuma
एवम ब्रुवाणस्य == in this way, who is speaking
एवम ब्रुवाणौ == this way, who are speaking
एवम भयम == such a peril
एवम भवतु == so it be
एवम भविष्यति == will come to be.
एवम मत्वा == thus thinking
एवम मनसा निश्चित्य == thus, in heart, on deciding
एवम माम अपि == this way, me, even
एवम माम परिभाशन्तम == this way, to me, talking
एवम माम वक्तुम न अर्हथ == this way, to me, to speak, not,
एवम मुक्तः अस्मि == thus, released, I am
एवम मुनिश्रेश्ठम उक्त्वा == that way, to sage the best, having said
एवम यथा == as so
एवम रक्शसाम मध्ये आधर्शितः == this way, demons, among, disparaged
एवम राम प्रयुक्ताः तु == thus, by Rama, spearheaded, though
एवम रुदती == am crying in this way
एवम रूपा नारी == this kind of, featured, woman «earthly female»
एवम वचने उक्ते == this way, sentence, while being said
एवम वचने उक्ते सति == that way, words «enunciation,» after saying «on asseverating,» while being so
एवम वयम न मृश्यामः == thus, we, not able to tolerate
एवम वर्श सहस्रम == this way, years, thousand
एवम वादिनम == who was thus peaking
एवम वानर रूपिणः पुत्रान == accordingly, monkey, in appearance, sons
एवम वि नाशितानि सम्हत्य नित्यशः == this way, are ruined, together, always.
एवम वि भाशितुम == this way, truly, to speak.
एवम वि शन्कसे == in this way, you are - verily, mistrusting; by that
एवम विक्रमम == such a, valour
एवम विछित्राः पतगा == that kind of, very amusing, birds
एवम विधः == in such a manner
एवम विधः चेत == ' like me sinners, if they become...'
एवम विधः स्वप्नः == (when) such a dream
एवम विधम == in this manner.
एवम विधम कर्म कृत्वा == this, sort, deed, having done
एवम विधम नरम == «about» this, kind of, man
एवम विधम पापम रावणम == this, kind of, sinner, Ravana
एवम विधया == with this type
एवम विधाः == in this manner
एवम विधाः नृपति सत्तमाः == this, kind of, by kings, the best
एवम विधानि == such type of
एवम विधे == (having commenced) in this way
एवम विलपतीम == that way, who is wailing
एवम विलपन == in this way, lamenting
एवम विह्हूदयित्वा वान्न सैन्यम रामम्छ लक्ष्मणेन सह == Thus causing the army of monkey along with Rama and Lakshmana to become despondent
एवम वीरम राक्षसम == of this valiant demon
एवम वीर्यः == this sort of, with enterprise
एवम वैक्लव्यम त्यज्यताम == this sort, perplexity, ward off, thus
एवम शक्ति युक्तस्य == that kind of, energy, having - to energetic one
एवम शुभम वाक्यम उक्त्वा == this way, auspicious «commonsensical,» words, on speaking
एवम श्रुत्वा हृश्टः == thus - these words, on listening, gladdened
एवम श्रेष्ठगुनैः == with these good virtues
एवम सम्चोदिताः == this way, well-motivated
एवम सम्बोधितः == thus, addressed «by Lakshmana»; tatra then
एवम सम्यक उक्तः == this way, thoroughly, when said
एवम सीता वचः श्रुत्वा == in this way, Seetha's,
एवम सौमित्रिम == to this Lakshmana
एवम सौम्यम वचः उक्त्वा == thus, gracious, words, on saying
एवम स्तुतस्तु == this way, when eulogised
एवम स्निग्धम ब्रुवाणम == this way, politely, while I was saying
एवम- == thus
एवमपि == yet
एवमादिविलापार्तम == while he was feeling distressed through grief as aforesaid.
एवमे एव == so
एवमेव == so are
एवम् == this way
एवम् प्रभावस्य == this kind of, effectual king
एवम्गत == while it happened like this
एवम्प्रकाराः == in the way
एवम्विधम == in this manner
एवापि == also@
एवेमेव == in the same way
एश == this
एश अनुजः मे भ्राता == he is, younger one, my, brother
एश अन्गदः == this, Angada
एश अहम == this, I am
एश अहम गच्छामि == this, I am, going
एश इमाम पुरीम == in this, city
एश उद्योग समयः प्राप्तः == this is, for endeavour, time, has chanced
एश कार्य विदाम नयः == this is, task, master's, byword
एश कालस्य निश्चयः == this is, «befitting to» time's, decision.
एश कुशिक आत्मजः == this, Kaushika's, son «sage Vishvamitra»
एश तार आत्मजः == this, Tara's, son - Angada
एश दात्यूहकः == this, gallinule bird
एश दाशरथी == he that, Dasharatha's, Rama
एश धर्म सनातनः == this is, custom, age-old
एश धूमः प्रदृश्यते हि == this, smoke, is apparent, indeed.
एश नः समयः == this way, our, accordance is
एश नारीणाम स्वभावः तु == this sort of «using grandiloquence,» for womenfolk, is the nature of, on its part
एश नित्यम धर्मः परः == he is, always, in righteousness, obliged with
एश निशाचर == this one, night-walker
एश नूनम अगस्त्यस्य भ्रातुः आश्रमः == this, definitely, Agastya's, brother's, hermitage
एश पक्शी == this, bird
एश पन्था नर व्याघ्र == this is, the way, manly-tiger
एश पन्था मया उद्दिश्टः == that, route, by me, is proposed.
एश पुश्प वहः वायुः == this, «fragrance of » flowers, carrying, breeze
एश प्रसवणः शैलः == this is, Prasravana, «named» mountain
एश बद्धः महान मुश्टिः == this, clenched, great, fist
एश बालः अपि == he is, a boy, even if
एश बाश्पः == these, tears, hold back
एश बाहुः प्रसारितः == here is, arm, is extended
एश बुध्या == he is, by intellect
एश मनोरथः महान == this, aspiration, is sublime
एश महात्मनः वामनस्य == this is, of great-souled one, of Vaamana
एश महान मनोरथः == this, high, ambition
एश मुनिः == this, sage Vishvamitra
एश मुनिः तथा विधः == this, sage is, of that, nature.
एश मुश्टिः == this is, «my fist»
एश मृगः == this, deer
एश मृगः अद्य न भविश्यति == this, deer, now, not, will be there - survives.
एश मे कनीयान भ्राता == he is, my, younger, brother
एश मे जीवितस्य अन्तः == this way, my, life's,
एश मे परः वरः अस्तु == this, mine, other, boon, let it be.
एश मे प्रथमः कामः == thus, my, prime, longing
एश मे श्वशुरः == he is, my, father-in-law
एश मे सम्क्शेपः == this, is my, brief account
एश यत साधु इति ब्रूयात == by her, which, proper, thus, is said
एश राजा == this, king is
एश राजा कुशध्वजः == this, king, Kushadhvaja
एश लक्श्मणः == this one, Lakshmana
एश लोक स्वभावः एव == this is, world's, disposition, only
एश वा सम्रे मम मृत्युः == 'he is my death in combat...'
एश वानरः == this, monkey Sugreeva
एश वाली == this, Vali
एश विग्रहवान तपः == he is, embodiment of, ascesis
एश विग्रहवान धर्मः == he is «Vishvamitra is,» an embodiment of, virtue
एश विधिः == this, method
एश विधिः भवति == this way, fate, is happening «in an interrogative»
एश विविधान अस्त्रान वेत्ति == he, various, missiles, is in know-how
एश विस्तरः == this way, vividly - told
एश वीर्यवताम वरः == he is, among venturesome, matchless
एश वीर्यस्य परायणम == he is, for fortitude, dwelling house stonghold.
एश शैलः == this, mountain
एश शोकः परि त्यक्तः == this, distress, is completely, cast-off
एश सताम हिते नित्यम रतः == he, in respect of sagacious ones, always, interested
एश सनातनः धर्म == this is, age-old, duty
एश सेतुः विधरण एशाम लोक नाम सम्भेदाय... == He is propitious because
एश सौमित्रिः सम्प्रप्तः == this, Saumitri, has come - down on
एशः == (In) this
एशः अग्निः == this fire
एशः अहम == this, me
एशः कुम्भकर्णः == this Kumbhakarna
एशः तु == However
एशः पङ्छ शाखः == this five-branched
एशः परिपालनम == this protection
एशः भरतः == for this Bharata
एशः मया गुप्तः == he is, by me, protected
एशः मृगः == such a sort of, «other» deer
एशः यदि == if he
एशः राघवः == Dasaratha
एशः राम रूपेण == this, in Rama's,
एशः रामः == this Rama
एशः वरः == this boon
एशः श्रीमान == this beautiful jewel
एशः सुग्रीवः == this Sugreeva
एशः हि == this indeed is
एशह विभीषणः == this Vibhishana
एशा == this
एशा अस्माकम प्रकृतिः == this is, our, nature
एशा गतिः == this is, the method.
एशा गदा == this, mace «of yours»
एशा गोदावरी == this, Godavari
एशा दक्शिण विनिर्मिता == this way, donation, built «stipulated».
एशा धर्मतः मम == this «cow,» as a rule, mine - belongs to me.
एशा नियतिः श्रेश्ठा == this, course of fatality, is the choicest
एशा नौः == this, boat
एशा पूर्वा दिक उच्यते हि == this, eastern, quarter, is said, indeed.
एशा बुद्धिः == this kind of, thinking
एशा मम == this, is my
एशा मम अतुला ह्रीः हि == this, for me, immense, shame/dishonour, indeed.
एशा मही == this, earth
एशा माया हि == this is, phantasm, truly
एशा मारीचस्य तु माय == this is, Maareecha's, but, trickery
एशा यक्शी == this, yakshii
एशा यमस्य राजधानी == this is, of Yama, capital city
एशा राक्शसस्य माया इति == this is, demon's, wizardry,
एशा रोहिणी == This goddess Rohini
एशा लक्श्मणेन समुत्पाट्य == this, by Lakshmana, on plucking out
एशा वध्यताम == she, be destroyed
एशा वने त्वाम अभिगच्छती == she, in forest, you, following
एशा शिखिनी == this, peahen
एशा सीता इह यथा रमते == this, Seetha, here, as to how, she takes delight
एशाः निश्छयः त्यज्यताम == let this design be abandoned
एशाम == in them
एशाम अश्रु प्रमार्जनम करोमि == 'their tears I
एशाम तपस्विनाम == these, of the sages
एशाम तुल्यः == to them - kings of dynasties, comparable king
एशाम द्रुमम == among them, one tree
एशाम पक्शान == their wings
एशाम मध्ये == in the middle
एशाम महात्मनाम भस्मनि == these, of great-souls, ashes
एशाम रक्शसाम == these, of demons
एशाम लौकिकम सलिलम दातुम == to them, mundane «obsequial water-oblations,» to offer
एशाम वन ओकसाम राज्यम == this one, forest, dwellers, kingdom
एशाम सन्ख्या न विद्यते == whose, count, not, known; such of those
एशाम सर्व सन्ग्रहणम == of which hymns, total, comprehending
एशिभिः == by wishers
एशु == in their case
एशु लोकेशु दृश्यते == in this, world, it is obvious.
एशैव == He alone
एश्टव्याः == are to be desired
एश्यति == come
एश्यति कछ्छित == will indeed come
एश्यन्ति == will reach
एष == this
एष कारण्डव पक्शी == this, partridge, bird
एष पन्था नरव्याघ्रः == meaning that 'this is the only recourse,
एषः == He@
एषः अहम == I shall hasten
एषः कपिः == (let) this Hanuma
एषः छैव == he alone
एषः दीप्तः आश्रमः == here is the shining hermitage
एषः पन्थाह == this path
एषः बाणः == this arrow
एषः राक्षसः == this demon
एषः राक्षसेन्द्रः == (Let) this chief of demons
एषः रावणः == this Ravana
एषः रावणात्मजः == this Indrajit
एषः लक्ष्मणश्छ == Let this Lakshmana
एषः वरः == this boon
एषः वानरः == let this monkey
एषः विशते यदि == even if he enters
एषः वै प्रभुः == this sun; the lord alone
एषः शुकः == let this Shuka
एषः हरिः == this Vanara
एषः हि == «This is indeed
एषह दृश्यते == here is seen
एषा == It@
एषा कथा == this story
एषा दीना विवशा == this miserable and helpless lady
एषा दृश्यते == here is seen
एषा नगरी == this city
एषा परा == this great
एषा प्रीतिः == (shall I enjoy) this happiness.
एषा माधवसय महिषी == she is, the consort, of Maadhava
एषा शक्तिः == this spear
एषा सीता == this Seetha
एषां == of them@
एषाः अहम तु == this I ; for one
एषाम == (when) these (asuras)
एषाम मध्ये == towards the middle of those monkeys
एषाम रथवाजिनाम == to these horses of the chariot
एष्टव्यम == is required
एष्यति == comes@
एष्यसि == you will attain@
एष्यामः == we shall fall
एष्यामि == I shall come
एस्शः मन्युः == (let) this anger (or ill feeling)
एहि == come here
एहि एहि == «come
एहि पश्य == come and see
एहि रम्स्यावहे == come, let us romance
एह्हा == this
ऐकमत्यम == consensus
ऐकमत्यम उपागम्य == unity, coursing through
ऐकमत्ये == even after a consensus.
ऐकान्तिकस्य == ultimate@
ऐकेन == one
ऐक्य == unity@
ऐक्यम == A friendship
ऐक्शत == and looked towards
ऐक्श्वाकः == legatee of Ikshvaku's
ऐक्श्वाकौ == two Ikshvaku-s
ऐक्ष्वाकः == Dasaratha
ऐक्ष्वाकम == to Rama
ऐक्ष्वाकसुतः == son of Dasaratha(a scion of Ikshvaku
ऐक्ष्वाकाध्युशितम == occupied by Ikshvaku kings.
ऐच्छत् == desired@
ऐणेय मेण्याः चर्माद्यमेणः ऐणम उभे त्रिशु == Thus it conveys the meaning aiNeya, the best deer belonging to doe, and aiNa, belonging to buck Some take this praveNi as a separate breed whose dictionary meaning is completely different
ऐणेयम == antelope's meat
ऐणेयम माम्सम == bring meat of the antelope
ऐतम == inimical things
ऐतरेय ब्राह्मण वीइ-१४ == wherefore the several nations who dwell
ऐन्द्रम == Indra
ऐन्द्रम चक्रम == Indra's, disc
ऐन्द्रम शरम == an arrow spelled with a missile presided over by Indra the lord of celestials
ऐन्द्रम शरासनम == Indra's, great bow
ऐन्द्रम्छ == Indra the god of celestials; missiles presided over by Indra the god of celestials
ऐन्द्रशिरान == born in Indrasira mountain range
ऐन्द्राग्निदैवतम == presided over by the gods Indra and Agni (the god of fire
ऐन्द्रास्त्रेण == with a missile presided over by Indra the lord of celestials
ऐन्द्रेण == by his missile presided over by Indra the lord of celestials.
ऐरावत निषेविते == served by Airavata
ऐरावत महाद्वीपम == Airavata (Indra's elephant) for a large island
ऐरावत महापद्म सार्वभौम भयावहाम == and which frightened the elephants supporting different quarters like Airavata; Mahapadma and Sarvabhauma.
ऐरावत विशाण अग्रैः == Airavata - elephant of Indra, with tusks, prongs of
ऐरावत विशाणाग्रैः == inflicted on his by Airavata (the elephant who carries Indra; the Lord of
ऐरावतं == Airavata@
ऐरावतकुले जातम == born in Airavata-race
ऐरावतम == Airavata; the elephant
ऐरावतमिव == like on Airavata
ऐरावतविषाणाग्रैः == from the pointed edges of tusks of Iraavata
ऐरावतसमान == equalling Iraavata
ऐरावतह == Airavata; Indra`s elephant
ऐरावतात == of Airavata
ऐरावतान == of Airavata race
ऐर्हेअद == non-depression
ऐशीक == missile is dried blade of grass, which by invoking with hymns will become a projectile weapon. Rama uses on Kakasura. In Mahaa Bharata
ऐशीकम अपि == aiSiika, Grass-Blade-missile, even
ऐशीकम च अपि == Ishiika, also, even
ऐश्वरं == divine@
ऐश्वर्य == desire for power@
ऐश्वर्य कामम छ == seeking kingly power
ऐश्वर्य कामाम == who is covetous of power
ऐश्वर्य मद मत्तः == of one's supremacy; with excited arrogance
ऐश्वर्यम == and the kingdom
ऐश्वर्यम कथम अभिसम्प्राप्तः == affluence «kingdom,» how, you attained - amassed.
ऐश्वर्यम प्राप्य == a fortune, on getting - on making «for lavish living»
ऐश्वर्यम वापि == even sovereignity
ऐश्वर्यम्छ == sovereignty
ऐश्वर्यम्छ अपि == and even the prosperity
ऐश्वर्यस्य == of sovernignity
ऐश्वर्येण वि हीनस्य == of prosperousness, one who is devoid of
ऐषीकम == an arrow made of cane
ऐस्वर्येण == by wealth
ऐहहौकि कपारक्यम == in this and in the other world
ऐहिक आमुश्मिक भोगाः == 'earthly and heavenly enjoyments...'
ऐहिक सौख्यम == . My sister's
ओउत्पातिकान == portents
ओउत्सुक्यम == and their perturbation.
ओउपयिकम == as befitting
ओउपवास्यम == to fasting.
ओउपवाह्यम == fit for driving
ओउपवाह्यस्य == on which the monarch rode
ओउपाअह्यः == which was fit to be mounted by kings
ओउरसः सुतः == an own son
ओउरसान पुत्रान इव == the children born of his lions
ओउर्ध्वदेहनिमित्तार्थम == for the infinitive spirit relating to the state after death
ओउर्ध्वदेहिकम == ceremony performed in honor of the dead
ओउशधम == (as not accepting) a medicine
ओउशधानि == herbs.
ओउषधिपर्वतम == called Oushadhi Mountain
ओघः इति == to be one ogha
ओघबलाः == having the strength of an ogha* of elephants
ओघसहस्राणाम == thousand oghas
ओङ्करासन == the OM posture@
ओचेअन्स सर्वान == all over the
ओजस == concentrated psychic power@
ओजसा == and by luster@
ओजसा दीप्यमान इव == with his own vitality, resplendent, as though
ओजस्करम == and endowment of splendor.
ओजस्विनः == of dynamic one - of Rama
ओथेर म्म्स वानरः अपि सन == even if he is a monkey»
ओम्कारः == the mysitic syllable «OM'
ओर सौम्यम माम == gentle, me»
ओर, युद्धेन अस्मि जिता त्वया हि == by combating, I am, conquered, by you - Really? Or
ओर, श्री इव रूपिणी == prosperity, as though, personified
ओविन्ग तो थे फ़ौल्त ओफ़ थेइर किन्ग. वं-श्रुत्वा == hearing
ओवेर सु नि विश्टाम == well, in, set,
ओवेस... == as Virgil would say. So slain by
ओशधयः == herbal plants
ओशधीः फल मूलम च == medicinal-herbs, frits, tubers, also
ओशधीभिः == and herbs.
ओशध्यः न == herbal plants, not
ओश्ठ कर्णकाः == lips, as their ears
ओश्ठम == his lip
ओषति == (1 pp) to burn@
ओषधयः == herbs
ओषधि == herb
ओषधिपर्वतम == herbal mountain
ओषधिम == herb
ओषधीः == herbs
ओषधीनाम == for the herbs.
ओषधीम == with a herb
ओष्ठम == his lips
ओह भद्रे == O; my good lady!
ओफ़ ड़म «बेफ़ोरे == very eyes of Rama»
औतःपुर गताः == in the gynaecium
औतम == cessation
औत्कण्ठत == ; 12»
औत्पातिकान == auguries
औदुम्बरीम == plank of audumbarii tree wood
औद्योगिक == industrial@
औनपानैः छ == foods and drinks
औपकार्याम == to
औपम्येन == by comparison@
औपयिकम == it is suited
औपैकी == suitable
औरस == , in one's own wife but by other supernatural entities,
औरसः पुत्रः == direct-descendent, son
औरसम पुत्रम इव == your own, son, as if
औरसम सुतम == who is the son
औरसान पुत्रानिव == like to their hereditary sons
औरसीम == with daughter
और्णम छ == ram's wool
और्ध्व देहिकम == upward, subtle-body-journey rites «funeral ceremony»
और्ध्व दैहिकम == funeral, rites - service to the dead
औशध == medicine@
औशध्यः == herbs
औश्ण्यम == sultriness
औषध == medicine@
औषधं == medicine@
औषधम् == (n) medicine@
औषधसूची == (f) syringe, injection@
औषधिवन == medicinal garden@
औषधीः == vegetables@
औस्पिचिओउस ख़ौसल्य! अनिन्दिते == the irreproachable one
क == what( use) is the@
क इत्था वेदा == 'who knows
क प्रत्यय == , though used in the verse, will be read as singular. There is another shade of wording
क ळत्रवति == having a lady to protect
कāśयपम == Kaashyapa
कāमम == my desire
कं == whom@
कंकन == bracelet@
कंच्न == anyone (or someone)@
कंटः == (Masc,Nom.sing.) throat@
कंठं == neck@
कंठे == in yhe neck@
कंथा == rags?@
कंपयामासतुः == caused to shake
कंस्य == bronze@
कः == (to) what@
कः अत्र प्राप्तः त्वया गुणः == other mms use
कः अन्यः == who else
कः अपि == whosoever, even
कः अयम एवम महा वीर्यः == who, is he, that kind of, highly intrepid individual
कः अयम बालिशः == who is, this, child-like «reckless one.»
कः अर्थः == and for what purpose
कः इछ्हति == who would feel inclined
कः एश द्युतिमान रथे == who is, such, a resplendent one, on chariot.
कः कस्य अनुशोच्यः अस्ति == who, for whom, lamentable, is there.
कः कुतः किम == who, wherefrom, what for - for which purpose
कः कोप वशम गच्छे हि == who, in anger's, control, enters «submits himself,»
कः क्रीडति == who is playing
कः गुणः त्वया प्राप्तः == what, merit, by you, achieved.
कः च एक प्रिय दर्शनः == who, also, uniquely, goodly, to look to.
कः छारित्रेण च युक्तः == who is, conduct-wise, also, blent with «good conduct»
कः तेजस्वी पुमान == which noble man
कः त्वया न नन्दति == who is, not, happy «with you, for he is giving such a self-ruinous advise.»
कः धर्मम अव मन्यते == who is, probity, not, regarding
कः धारयिश्यति == who, will bear
कः ध्रुवम समाचरेत == who, for sure, undertakes.
कः न अपराध्यति == 'who errs not...'
कः न सन्तिश्ठति == who is, not, abiding by
कः नाम == who, in name
कः नाशयितुम इच्छति == who, to despoil, wishes to.
कः नु == what, really is
कः पाप कृत == which, sin, who has done - reprobate
कः पुमान == which man
कः पुमान नु == which, man, really
कः पुमाम == what man
कः पुरुशः == which person
कः प्रति सहिश्यति == who, in turn «inevitably», sustains
कः ब्रवीति == who, says
कः मोचयेत == who will, emancipate.
कः लीलया अन्गुलि अग्रेण तुदति == who, for sport, by finger, tip, poking.
कः लोभः == what is, decoy.
कः वा == who, or
कः विचारः अस्ति == what, hesitancy, is there
कः विद्वान == who is, an adept one
कः विश्वसेत == who, believes
कः समरे कुलम व्यपदिशन == who, in wartime, his lineage, while speaking about
कः समर्थ == who is, capable
कः सर्व भूतेशु हितः == who is, in «respect of» all, beings, a benign one
कः सामर्थ्ये सति == whoever, having capability, that being so
कः सुखी भवेत == who, complacent, can be.
कः स्थाता == who, stands.
कः स्थितः == who, is there
कः हि == who indeed
कःअयम == who is he?
ककविरि == where
ककुत्थ्सः == Rama
ककुत्थ्सम == Rama
ककुत्थ्सस्य छ == to Kakutstha
ककुत्थ्से == while Dasaratha
ककुत्स्थ == Rama
ककुथ्स == oh, Kakutstha Rama
ककुदम == the foremost
ककुदि == hump of an ox@
ककुद्मान == with large hump on its back
ककुद्मानिव == like a high humped ox
ककुभ ऊरुम == about Kakubha-tree «its trunk like,» one who has such thighs - about Seetha with thighs like Kakubha tree trunk
ककुभः == Kakubha tree
ककुभैः == Arjuna trees
ककेय्या == Kaikeyi
कक्शगतेनैव == under arm pit
कक्शगेन == and reaching arm pits.
कक्शे == in a section of forest - a brushwood»
कक्शेशु == the dry wood.
कक्श्या == by a rope.
कक्श्या बहुलम == doors «houses / chambers,» many - having
कक्श्याः == gateways
कक्श्याभिः == entrances
कक्श्याम == enclosure
कक्षम यथा == like dry wood
कक्षायाम == on a rope with which it is tied
कक्ष्याः == gates
कक्ष्याम == inner apartment
कङ्क गृध्ह्रा बाढ्याश्छ == surrounded by groups of herons vultures and crows
कङ्क पत्रिणः == adorned with plumes of heron
कङ्क वाससः == arrows tied with the plumes of an eagle
कङ्ककाकमुखानपि == those of buzzards and crows
कङ्कगृध्र बकानाम छ == to vultures; eagles
कङ्कपत्राः == furnished with heron's feathers
कङ्कपत्रिणा == furnished with heron's feathers
कङ्कपत्रैः == like wings of an eagle
कङ्कालः == (m) skeleton@
कङ्छकोष्णीषिणः == demons wearing jackets and turbans
कङ्टकम्छ == who are a thorn
कच्चित == I hope.
कच्चित कुर्याः == something, you do isn't it
कच्चित् == whether@
कच्छप == tortoises@
कच्छित == I hope that
कछिछित == I hope
कछित == I hope you
कछ्छित == I hope
कछ्छित कुरुते == I hope he is doing
कछ्छित तारयिश्यति == and will he liberate
कछ्छित ते क्रियाः == are your acts
कछ्छित प्रतिपद्यते == Is he (equally) aware of
कछ्छित लभते == Is he getting
कछ्छित वात्सीः == did you pass
कछ्छित विधमिश्यति == will indeed destroy
कछ्छित व्याधि न परिबाधते == I hope that no ailment afflicts
कछ्छित शोकेन == suffering from pain
कछ्छित सन्त्यजन्ति == (and) do they lay down
कछ्छिद्धारयते राजा == Is the king alive
कछ्हित == I hope
कजृशिरे == were full of joy.«
कज्जल == lamp black@
कज्ष्मणः == Lakshmana
कञ्चुकः == blouse@
कटः == (m) carpet@
कटक व्याख्य == kaTaka's commentary.
कटकटाय्य छ == grinding his teeth
कटम == «other» mats
कटाक्ष == glance@
कटि == hip@
कटिः == waist@
कटिकासन == the front-stretching posture@
कटिवस्त्रम् == (n) underwear@
कटी == waist@
कटु == (m) pungent, hot@
कटुकोदयः == sour-smell
कट्याम == the waist
कठकालापाः == of katha and kalaapa branches; of Yajurveda
कठितम == narrated
कठिन == tough@
कठिनकाजम छ == shovel and a basket
कठिनम्छ == of hard make
कठिने == on the hard
कण == small bit@
कणत्व == particularity@
कणिकापीता == a little droplet, drunk@
कणीय == particulate@
कण्क सारसा सेविताम == herons visited for its geese
कण्कपत्रैः == having wings
कण्टकम् == (n) thorns@
कण्टकाक्रमणक्लान्ता == exhausted through the thorny undergrowth.«
कण्टकिनश्छैव == bambooes
कण्ठ == throat@
कण्ठ गतम == neck, enwreathing
कण्ठ सक्तया लतया == at neck, laced, by creeper-garland
कण्ठः == throat@
कण्ठभूषा == (f) necklace@
कण्ठम == neck
कण्ठहारः == (m) necklace@
कण्ठे == around your neck
कण्ठे कुरु == around neck, you make you «place.»
कण्ठे बद्ध्वा == by neck, fastening
कण्ठे शिलाम अवसज्य == at neck, boulder, arraying - like dress material
कण्ठे समासज्य == around neck, bracing
कण्ठेन == by lamentation
कण्डुः नाम == Kandu, known as
कण्डूना == and by Kandu by name
कण्डूयति == to scratch@
कण्डोः == of Kandu
कण्डोलः == (m) a wooden basket@
कण्तकिन == with prickles
कण्थे == on her neck
कतकताय्यछ == grinding
कतमः == as to which
कतरत् == which@
कतरस्मिन देशे नः आश्रमः सम्मतः भवति == in which, place, to us, hermitage, agreeable «to our liking,» it will be
कतरेण == by which of the two routes
कतिछित == how many
कतिपय == Some@
कतुकानि == and pungent
कत्त == who
कत्थनात == by of boasting themselves
कत्थनेन == 'by broaching...'
कत्थसे == do you boast yourself
कत्याम == to his waist
कथ अन्ते == episode, at the end of
कथ आन्ते == episode, end of «at end of the exchanging greetings»
कथं == tell@
कथंछित == even by
कथताम == episode
कथन == how
कथन्चन == in anyway
कथन्चन न च वक्श्ये == in anywise, not, also, going to be said.
कथन्त == howness@
कथम == How
कथम अपराध्यसि == how, you are offensive.
कथम अपि == how is she, even
कथम अभिधास्यति == how, he exclaims
कथम आगतः == what for, you have come
कथम आसीत == how, it was - when abducted
कथम इत == as to how
कथम इह आगतः == how, to here «to other world, heaven» have come; by that you Rama, you
कथम करिष्यामि == what should do
कथम कामयेयम == how, can I lust after - long for - as husband.
कथम कार्यम == how, to do «vault»
कथम गता == how, she reached.
कथम च इदम वनम दुर्गम == how, also, this, forest, impassable
कथम छ == why
कथम छ नाम == how
कथम छन == in any way
कथम छित == somehow
कथम जीवेयम हि == how, I can live, indeed.
कथम तापसयोः युवाम छ == how, saintly, you are,
कथम द्रक्शेत == how, leers at.
कथम धारयती == how, she exerts.
कथम धारये == how, live on.
कथम न == how
कथम न कुप्यसि == why are you not getting enraged
कथम न त्राता == how, «she is» not, saved
कथम न लज्जसे == how, not, ashamed you are.
कथम न हन्यात == how, not, kills.
कथम नाम == How
कथम नाम कुर्यात == how, in name, will be made
कथम निपातितः == how, he is felled.
कथम नु == How
कथम नुनाम == how indeed
कथम परामृशेत == how, he touches - lay hands on
कथम प्रति कर्तव्यम == how to, retaliate.
कथम प्रमाणाः == of what, size
कथम प्रशम्ससि == how, you are praising.
कथम भविश्यति == how, she, will be - what becomes of her.
कथम मत्स्याः च सौवर्णा == how, fishes, also, are golden
कथम रमते == how, can she be happy.
कथम राजा भविश्यसि == how, as king, you thrive.
कथम रूपः == what is, his form
कथम वर्तयेत हि == how can, «she,» comport, indeed
कथम वा == How
कथम वि जानीते वै == how, very-well know, indeed.
कथम विद्रवसीति == «why are you running away?«
कथम वीर्यः == what is, his stamina
कथम वृत्तः == of what behavior
कथम शक्तः == how, I am capable.
कथम शक्या == how is, possible.
कथम शक्शे == how, I am capable «how can I stand.»
कथम शक्श्यसे == how, is it possible for you.
कथम समारभेत हि == how, initiates, indeed.
कथम स्नातः == how, you take bath «singly.»
कथम स्यात == how will
कथम स्यामः == how, we shall be - how to thrive
कथम स्वित == how
कथम हि == «How indeed
कथमेछन == by any method
कथम् == how
कथम्चन == by any means.
कथम्चन शक्ताः == in which way, capable.
कथम्चित == somehow
कथम्चित एवम मुक्तः अस्मि == somehow, this way, released, I am
कथम्चित जीवतीम वैदेहीम पश्य == somehow, surviving, at Vaidehi, see.
कथम्चित मुक्तः == somehow, when exempted
कथम्चित मुक्ता == somehow, let off.
कथम्चित हतम == somehow, killed
कथम्छन == by any count
कथम्छित == Somehow or other
कथम्छिदेव == any how
कथम्नु == how
कथम्वा == how
कथम्हि == how indeed
कथय == Narrate@
कथयतः == was talking@
कथयतः श्रुताम == as narrated, as I heard
कथयताम == narrating.
कथयताम इव == as though telling about
कथयति == (10 up) to narrate, to tell@
कथयति इव == heralding, as if.
कथयते == (10 up) to narrate, to tell@
कथयन == thus speaking
कथयन्तः == chatting themselves about@
कथयन्तम == who was thus narrating
कथयन्ति == they discuss
कथयन्ति हि == they are indeed telling
कथयन्तीव == as though speaking
कथयन्तु वै == they «ministers will» inform, indeed
कथयन्त्या == speaking
कथयन्त्याः == while telling
कथयन्नास्त == used to converse with
कथयसेस्महि == were indeed telling
कथयस्व == tell
कथया == by the narration
कथयामास == and narrated
कथयित्वा == talked
कथयिष्यन्ति == converse@
कथयिष्यसि == can you proclaim
कथयिष्यामि == I will tell@
कथा == report@
कथा अन्ते == story, at end «of discussions»
कथाः == (recitation of ) stories
कथान्ते == who had completed their report.
कथाप्रियैः == story-lovers
कथाभि == with «myths and» legends
कथाभिः == narrating (words
कथाम == story
कथाम प्रति नन्द्य == at the story, in turn, praised it
कथामृत == Gospel@
कथामृतं == Gospel@
कथायाम == in narration
कथाशीलाः == and those who frequently narrate stories
कथित == told@
कथितः == which was already narrated
कथितम == It was told
कथितम भवेत == being told
कथिता == was told
कथुम्नु == how
कथ् == to tell@
कथ्यताम == let it be said
कथ्यते == being said; that
कथ्यमानम त्वद्वछः == your narrated words
कदछित तत्र == at one time, there
कदनम == a blood-shed
कदनम कृत्वा == destroying
कदनम छक्रुः == made a slaughter
कदनम छक्रे == destroyed
कदम == how
कदम्ब == oh, Kadamba tree
कदम्ब पुश्पाणि पिबन्ति == Kadamba, flowers, quaffing.
कदम्ब प्रिया == Kadamba «flowers,» a lover of
कदम्ब शाखासु विलम्बमानाः == Kadamba trees, branches of, drooping «languishing»
कदम्ब सर्जा अर्जुन कन्दल आढ्या == with Kadamba, Sarja, Arjuna, Kandala trees, plentiful in
कदम्बाः == Kadamba trees
कदम्बाः च == Kadamba trees, also
कदर्यया == through mean mindedness
कदलिफलम् == (n) banana@
कदली == banana@
कदली गृहकम गत्वा == banana, boscage, on going
कदली यथा == like a plantain tree
कदली वृतः == plantain trees, surrounded by
कदली वृतम == banana plants, surrounded with
कदलीतैलं == banana oil@
कदलीम यथा == like a banana tree
कदल्य अटवि सम्शोभम == with banana, orchards - plantation, gleaming with
कदल्या सम्वृता == by banana plants «grove,» lapped in
कदळी यथा == like a plantain tree
कदा == at any time@
कदा अपि == never, even
कदा खलु == when
कदा चन == in any way - come what may
कदा श्रोश्यामि == when, can I hear.
कदा हि समेश्यामि == when, really, I reunite.
कदाचन == any time «hereinafter»@
कदाचन न आभूत == earlier, nor, it was there; Rama
कदाचन न च वक्श्ये == anytimec«from now,» not, also, will speak
कदाचन् == never@
कदाचित == at one time
कदाचित न याति हि == anytime, not, goes, indeed.
कदाचित् == at any time (past, present or future)@
कदाछन == Never at any time
कदाछन एकान्त विजयः == has ever been exclusively victorius
कदाछित == at any time
कदापि == 'never' and some@
कदाम == when
कद्रुकाम अपि == Kadruva, even to
कद्रूः == «lady» Kadru
कद्रूः च पन्नगान == Kadru, also, to «ordinary» serpents.
कद्रूः च सुरसा स्वसा == Kadru, also, Surasa's, sister; I will narrate.
कन दर्प == is one who is carnally, prideful, i.e., he who takes pride in arousing lecherousness. And
कनक == gold@
कनक अन्गदम == one with golden, bicep-lets
कनक अन्गदम चापम == that has golden, fillets, a bow
कनक कुम्भेशु == in golden, flasks
कनक पट्ट आभम == with a shine like a golden plate
कनक पुन्खैः == with golden, finned ones
कनक प्रभः == golden, in glitter
कनक प्रभम कौशेयम == golden, in glitter, silk sari «upper fringe»
कनक प्रभम कौशेयम उत्तरीयम == golden, in hue, silk sari, upper cloth
कनक प्रभाः वानराः == golden, in hue, which of those vanara-s have that hue
कनक प्रभाः शालयः == golden, in lustre, paddy fields
कनक भुषितम == decorated by gold
कनक भूशणैः == with golden, ornaments
कनक भूशितैः == adorned with gold
कनक भूषणैः == decked in gold
कनक मालया == with golden, pendant
कनक वर्ण अन्गी == of golden colour
कनकत्सरून == with gold hilts
कनकबिम्दवः == some particles of gold
कनकभूशणम == adorned with gold ornaments
कनकभूषणान == decked with gold
कनकवर्णाभाम == and with a radiance like golden colour
कनकविमलहारभूषिनाङ्गी == with body decorated by gold colored; pure garlands
कनकसम्काशैः == which resembled gold
कनकाङ्गदः == wearing golden armlets
कनकाण्गदम == to that valiant Angada
कनिष्यसि == should act
कनीनिका == (f) eyeball@
कनीयसम पुत्रम अपि == youngest, son, either
कनीयसा == by younger
कनीयसोः == who are younger
कनीयान == the younger son
कन्क गोमायु गृध्राः च == vultures, jackals, eagles, also
कन्क पत्र प्रतिच्छन्ना == eagle's, feathers, tied with
कन्क पत्रान == eagle, feathered
कन्क पत्रिणः == eagle, feathered ones
कन्क पत्रै परि च्छन्नाः == with eagle's, feathers, tied with as fins
कन्कणम == Kankanam named Rod
कन्कालम मुसलम तथा == Impeller, Crowbar, like that
कन्चनीम निःस्वनम == golden cincture's, tintinnabulation
कन्चित कालम == for some, time «for a good while»
कन्ज किन्जल्क सन्निभः == lotuses, fibril, similar to - flanks
कन्ठ == at throat. A real speqker of his mind has to generate his speech in these three areas, without rendering any lip service. Again this is the rule of Vedic@
कन्तुहलम == curiasity
कन्तूहलात == by curiosity.
कन्थः == throated man@
कन्द == a knot, the place where the three main nadis join@
कन्दः == (m) root@
कन्दमूलफलम == (a mass of) roots; fruits and others
कन्दर उदर कूटवान == caves, at midriffs, with peaks
कन्दरः इव == He is like Manmadha; the Lord of love
कन्दराणि == «house-like» caverns
कन्दराणि च == glyphs, as well
कन्दरात == from cave
कन्दरातीर्णः == full of caves
कन्दरान्तर सम्स्थानाम == dwelling in the midst of the caves
कन्दरेशु वनेशु च == in caves, in forests, also
कन्दर्प इव मूर्तिमान == 'he has
कन्दर्प दयितम मादनम == Manmadha's, dear missile,
कन्दर्प वश गः == Love-god's, control, on going into
कन्दर्प सदृश प्रभम == Love-god, similar, in his brilliance
कन्दर्प सम रूपः च == Love-god, similar, in semblance.
कन्दर्प सहितः == Love-god, along with
कन्दर्पः == Love-god@
कन्दर्पसम रूपिणम == who is charming like the god of love?
कन्दासन == the upward ankle-twist posture@
कन्दुक == (m) a ball@
कन्दुकवत == like a ball
कन्दुना == by Kandu
कन्दुवत == like a ball
कन्य रत्नम ददौ == girl, gemlike, gave.
कन्यया == who was unmarried girl
कन्या == brides@
कन्या कामयेत रूपम == 'girls cherish charming ones' 'They fall after girls only with their
कन्या दान == 'bestowal of bride ' because your
कन्या द्वयम == daughters, pair of
कन्या द्विजातीनाम == to virgins and brahmanas?«
कन्या धनम == bridal, riches
कन्या वरयते रूपम माता वित्तम पिता श्रुतम बान्धवाः शीलम इच्छन्ति सूप अन्नाम इतरे जनाः == 'a bride cherishes charming mien, a prince-charming, rather... mother
कन्या शतम == daughters, hundred
कन्या शतम ददौ == daughters, hundred, gave - married.
कन्या शुल्कम == meaning 'some bounty, property or money
कन्याः == maidens
कन्याः विसृज्य == girls, leaving them
कन्यापित समोऽपि == even though the father of an unmarried girl be like
कन्याभिः == by virgins
कन्याम वरयते रूपम == Women's first criterion towards a man
कन्याम शन्ताम अस्मै यथा विधि दत्वा == bride, Shanta, to him, customarily, on giving
कन्याम शान्ताम विधिना प्रयच्छ == girl «daughter,» Shanta, procedurally, you give «in marriage.»
कन्यालक्शणिकाः == those who interpret the marks of youthful maidens
कन्यासु == girls
कन्वस्य ऋषे == of a sage called Kanva
कन्शेयतन्तवः == silk threads
कपः == Hanuma's
कपटयोगः == (m) intrigue@
कपटिक == cunning, scheming@
कपतं == (n) plot, conspiracy@
कपयः == monkeys
कपयः नित्यम अ स्थिर चित्ता हि == monkeys, always, not, consistent, at will, isn't it
कपाट तोरण वर्ती == gateways, archways, surrounded with
कपाल == forehead@
कपाल मोक्श == 'breakage of cranium...' and from then
कपाल शिरसा सह == in company of Shiva (attaining final emancipation)
कपालः == (m) human skull@
कपालपाणिः == with a wooden bowl in his hand
कपालभति == a process to clear the sinuses@
कपाल्नल == fire in the forehead (??? again perhaps wrong)@
कपि == also means 'Sun...'@
कपि इन्द्र == monkeys, lord's «Vali's»
कपि ईश्वरः == monkey's, lord «Vali»
कपि कुङ्इजरः == elephant among the monkeys
कपि कुज्ञरः == The elephant among monkeys (Hanuma)
कपि कुज्ञ्जर == O best among vanaras!
कपि कुण्जराः == foremost of monkeys (were there).
कपि कुन्जरः == monkey, elephantine - straightforward one among monkeys
कपि कुन्जराः == monkey, elephants
कपि गण ईश्वरः == monkey, troops, lord - Sugreeva
कपि पत्न्या == of monkey «Vali's,» wife
कपि मुखान अपि == with their fruit in the colour of the snout of a monkey
कपि मुख्य == O chief among vanaras
कपि मुख्यनाम == of the excellent of monkeys
कपि मुख्यस्य ऋक्शस == to the chief among monkeys Riksha
कपि मुख्यानाम == of excellent monkeys
कपि राक्शसैः == by monkeys and demons
कपि राज पत्नीम == monkey, king's, wife
कपि राज हितं करः == performer of good deeds for the king of monkeys
कपि राजः च == monkey's, king, also
कपि राजस्य तत मुखम == monkey, king's, that, face
कपि राजस्य वचन कारिणः == monkey, king's, word «order,» executives «bound»
कपि राजस्य शासनात == monkey, king's, by command of
कपि राजाय == to the king of monkeys
कपि राजेन == by monkeys, king Sugreeva
कपि राजेन सन्गम्य == with monkey, king, joined - met with Sugreeva.
कपि राज्यम दृढम धारयितुम शक्तः == monkey, kingdom, unquestionably, to sustain, capable.
कपि राज्यस्य == of monkey, kingdom's
कपि रूपम परित्यज्य == monkey's, semblance, cast-off; Hanumaan
कपि वरः सुग्रीवः == monkey, the best, Sugreeva
कपि वायु समीरितम == set in motion by the wind (from the movement) of Hanuma
कपि वाहनी पतिः == of monkeys, army's, king
कपि वृद्ध मतेन च == of monkey, elders, by choice, also
कपि वृशः == monkey, the bullish one - foremost monkey - Sugreeva
कपि श्रेश्ठा == among monkeys, champions
कपि श्रेष्ठः == best among monkeys Hanuma
कपि ष्रेष्ठः == Hanuma
कपि ष्रेस्ठः == Hanuma
कपि सत्तम == oh, monkey, the best
कपि सत्तमः == monkey, the best - said
कपि सत्तमाः == oh, monkeys, outstanding ones
कपि सिम्ह नाथाम == who has monkey, lion, as her husband
कपि सिम्हानाम == monkeys, lion like ones
कपि सिम्हे == monkey, the lion
कपि सेना पतीन == monkey, army, commanders
कपि सैन्य मध्य == amidst the monkey-forces
कपि सैन्यम == army of monkeys
कपिः == Angada@
कपिः तु == Hanuma for His part
कपिः प्र वीरः == monkey, very, heroic
कपिः मुखस्य == eminent monkey
कपिः शठ बुद्धितया == monkey, with incredulousness, in mind,.
कपिः हनुमन == the simian Hanuma
कपिः हनुमान == Hanuma; the monkey
कपिकुङ्जरः == Sugreeva
कपिकुङ्जरम == and the foremost among monkeys.
कपिकुङ्जराः == eminent monkeys
कपिकुङ्जरान == the foremost of monkeys
कपिकुङ्जरैः == by the foremost of monkeys
कपिकुन्जरः == best among monkeys
कपिगणभयम == fear to the troops of monkeys.
कपित्थश्छ == Kapitha
कपित्थस्य == and also in the colour of a wood-apple
कपित्वम == apishness.
कपित्वम च प्रदर्शितम == naughtiness of a monkey, also, exhibited.
कपित्वे == with monkey-hood
कपिध्वजः == he whose flag was marked with Hanuman@
कपिना == by Hanuma.
कपिनिवहैः == by the multitude of monkeys
कपिनिशाछराः == the monkeys and the demons
कपिपीडितः == tormented by Hanuma
कपिप्रवरः == Hanuma
कपिप्रवीणेन == by Kesari; the valiant monkey
कपिप्रवीरस्य == from Hanuma
कपिभिः == by the monkeys
कपिभिः व्याप्ताम == with monkeys, spreading throughout
कपिभ्याम == by two monkeys (Hanuman and Angada)
कपिम == Hanuma
कपिम छारिकः इति == saying that Hanuma was a spy.
कपिमुख्याः == and the foremost of the monkeys
कपिमुख्येन == the leader of the monkeys
कपिमुख्येशु == on the foremost of monkeys.
कपिमुख्यौ == those principal monkeys Mainda and Dvivida
कपिमूर्धानि == on the head of Hanuma.
कपिमूर्ध्नि == on Hanuma's head
कपिरक्शसाम == monkeys and demons
कपिरक्षोभिः छ == and with the apes and titans
कपिराक्शसानाम == of monkeys and demons
कपिराक्शसाम == monkeys and demons
कपिराक्शसौ == the monkeys and the demons
कपिराक्षसानाम == of monkeys and demon
कपिराक्षसाम == between monkeys and demons
कपिराक्ष्सैः == by monkeys and demons
कपिराज वाहिनीम == towards the army of Sugreeva
कपिराज हितंकरः == desiring the benefit of the king of Vanaras
कपिराजः == Sugriva; the king of monkeys
कपिराजस्य == of Sugreeva the king of monkeys.
कपिराजेन == by Sugriva
कपिराजेन्द्र == O; king of monkeys!
कपिराज्यम == kingdom of monkeys
कपिराज्यम छ == kingdom
कपिरूपम == the firm of a monkey
कपिरूपेण == in the form of a monkey!
कपिल रज बलम == army of Sugreeva
कपिलः == of yellowish brown colour
कपिलः तेशाम तत वचनम श्रुत्वा == Kapila, their, that, sentence, on listening
कपिलम == in sage Kapila's form
कपिलाः == the tawny coloured one
कपिलाघव विस्मितः == surprised at the agility of the monkey
कपिलीकृताम == made brown in colour
कपिवरः == Hanuma the best among the monkeys
कपिवरम == best among monkeys Hanuma
कपिवरस्य == the best among Vanaras
कपिवरोत्तमम == the jewel among the foremost of monkeys
कपिशार्दूलः == Hanuma
कपिशार्दूलाः == those foremost of monkeys
कपिशार्दूलान == excellent monkeys.
कपिशोणितदिग्धाण्गम == and with his body smeared with the blood of those monkeys
कपिशोणितैः == with the blood of monkeys.
कपिश्छ == Hanuma
कपिश्रेश्ठ == O the best of monkeys!
कपिश्रेष्टः == Angada; the chief of monkeys
कपिश्रेष्ठम == the foremost of monkeys
कपिसत्तम == O best among Vanaras
कपिसत्तमः == the best among Vanaras
कपिसत्तमः छ == Hanuma; the jewel among monkeys; too
कपिसत्तमम == Hanuma
कपिसत्त्मम == Hanuma the foremost among the monkeys
कपिसम्निधौ == and before the presence of the monkeys.
कपिसिम्हाः == let the best of monkeys
कपिसिम्हानाम == of the lions among the monkeys
कपिसेना == the army of monkeys
कपिसेनाम == troops of monkeys
कपिसेनायाः == of the monkey troops
कपिसैन्य जिघाम्सवः == with an intent to kill the monkeys
कपिसैन्य पालः == the commander of the army of monkeys
कपिसैन्यानि == the armies of monkeys
कपीन == the monkeys
कपीनाम == of monkeys
कपीन्द्र == oh, monkeys, king
कपीन्द्रम == Hanuma
कपीन्द्रस्य महाअत्मनः सुग्रीवस्य सछिवः == monkey's king's,
कपीवर्तीम == the river kapivati
कपीश्वर == oh, king of monkeys
कपीश्वरः सुग्रीवः == monkey-king, Sugreeva
कपीश्वरान == monkey, chiefs
कपीश्वरालयम == to the place of Sugreeva
कपीस्वर == oh, monkey's, lord
कपे == Angada!
कपेः == by Hanuma's
कपेः परम भीतस्य == the monkey, very much, frightened
कपेः भवनम जगाम == of monkey - Sugreeva 's, to palace, proceeded.
कपेः शिवम == about the welfare of Hanuma
कपेः हनुमान == monkey, Hanuma
कपोत == pigeon, dove@
कपोत अन्ग अरुणः == pigeon, body's,
कपोताः == pigeons
कपोताण्गारुणः == with the hue of a pigeon's neck
कपोतासन == the dove posture@
कपोलः == (m) cheek@
कप्त्वम == apishness
कप्पीनाम प्रकृतिम == simian nature
कप्रिम == Hanuma
कबंधी == build@
कबन्ध दर्शनम च एव == Kabandha, the demon, is seen, also, thus
कबन्ध वछनात == according to the advice of Kabandha
कबन्ध सदृशः == trunk, alike
कबन्धः == Kabandha
कबन्धः च == Kabanda also
कबन्धः तु == Kabandha, on his part
कबन्धः वाक्यम अब्रवीत == Kabandha, sentence, said.
कबन्धदर्शनम छैव == the sight of Kabandha
कबन्धम == at Kabandha
कबन्धम इव == a trunk, torso, like
कबन्धम नाम == Kabandha by name
कबन्धम नाम राक्शसम == Kabandha, named, demon
कबन्धश्छ == as also Kabandha
कबन्धस्य == Kabandha
कबन्धाङ्काम == which was covered with headless trunks
कबन्धाण्कः == in a headless trunk in its lap
कबन्धानि == the headless trunks
कबन्धेन == by Kabandha
कबन्धेन दर्शितम == by Kabandha, shown
कबलान == the morsels of food (they had taken into their mouths
कम == lust; k
कम अन्यम == whom else
कम अपकारम == «What harm
कम देशम ह्रियन्ती == towards which, country, while being abducted
कम नरम == what sort of man
कम लोकम == which world
कम वरम इच्छति == what, boon, wanted.
कमनीयकरं == desired hands@
कमन्डुलु == 'handy
कमल == Lotus@
कमल आकराः == lotus, lakes
कमल ईक्शणे == oh, lotus-petal eyed one
कमल उत्पल शोभिताम == red-lotuses, blue-lotuses, beautified with - is that Pampa Lake.
कमल पत्र अक्शम == lotus-petal-eyed one - Lakshmana
कमल पत्र अक्शीम == lotus, leaves, eyed one
कमल पत्राक्शः == has his eyes resembling the petals of a lotus
कमल पत्राक्शम == with his eyes resembling lotus-leaves
कमल पत्राक्शीम == with eyes like louts petals
कमल पत्राक्षः == having eyes like lotus leaves
कमल पत्राक्षम == and whose eyes resembled the louts-petals.
कमल पत्राक्षीम == lotus-eyed
कमल लोचन == is indicative of redness of lotuses, thus his eyes are reddening by his wailing.
कमल लोचनः == lotus, eyed one
कमल लोछन == O;Rama
कमल लोछनम == to the lotus-eyed
कमल लोछने == O Seetha having lotus-eyes!
कमल वर्णिनी == oh, «black» lotus, coloured one
कमल स्रजः == the garlands of lotus-flowers
कमलपत्र == Lotus leaf@
कमलपत्राक्शम == that lotus-eyed
कमलपत्राक्शि == with eyes like lotus petals
कमलपत्राक्ष == O lotus-eyed one@
कमलपत्राक्षः == having eyes resembling lotus leaves
कमललोछना == Seetha with eyes like lotuses
कमला == saraswati@
कमलानि == the red
कमलासनस्थं == sitting on the lotus flower@
कमात == why
कमाद्वापि == by or desire
कमार्थकोविद == who understands legitimate interest and desire!
कमाहन == any
कमेलपत्राक्षीम == the lotus-eyes
कम्कतान == combs
कम्चित अ पश्यती == none, not, seen
कम्चित कालम न्यवसत == for some, time, he resided there.
कम्छ == and in the sky
कम्छन == a certain
कम्छन प्राकृतम == with any common warrior
कम्छित == any one
कम्छित कालम == for some time
कम्छित गुणम == any merit
कम्छित दोषम == any fault
कम्पते == is trembling@
कम्पनः == Kampana
कम्पनम == Kampana
कम्पम == tremble
कम्पमानम == beating
कम्पमानैः == in the form of waving
कम्पमानैः शिखरैः == with its shaking summits
कम्पयति == to shake@
कम्पयन भूमिम == quaking, earth
कम्पयन्निव == appeared trembling
कम्पयन्निव पर्वतान == causing the mountains to tremble as from an earthquake.
कम्पयम == to shake.
कम्पयितुम == to upset
कम्पिताः == shaken
कम्बलधावकाः == weavers of blankets and other wollen goods
कम्बळान == woolen clothes
कम्बु ग्रीवः == neck like a conch-shell
कम्बुग्रीवः == has a shell-like neck
कर == hand of lover@
कर अन्त मित मध्या == hand, inside, limitable, waisted - a palmful is your waist
कर पीडितम धनुः च == by hand, clasped, bow, also
कर विभूशणम == that ring; adorned
कर वीर कृत अन्तराः == with middle regions of karaveera trees
करं == the cause of@
करः == (m) tax@
करकांश्छ == vases
करकात == hail «pellets on eating»
करकैः == with vessels
करग्रैः == by his nails
करणं == the means@
करणाम == which were pitiable
करणाय == to do@
करणीयं == to be done@
करणेन == by means of any weapon.
करणेशु इह == in affairs, here, «so said the king to Vedic scholars»
करणैः == (furnished) with tools
करतलभिक्षा == alms in the palms@
करतलम् == (n) palm@
करतलोदरीम == with stomach that can be held by a palm of the hand
करदीपः == (m) torch, flashlight@
करभोरु == fair-limbed@
करम प्रति सम्हरते == trunk, in turn, backs away «taking back.»
करम्भ्यश्छ == and wide-mouthed dishes.
करर्माणः == in rituals
करलं == terrible@
करवाणि == I will compose
करवाल == sword@
करवावहै == may we do@
करवीर == red oleanders
करवीर कृत स्रजः == with garlands tied with Oleander flowers
करवीरकरम == Karaveerakaram
करवीरांश्छ == Karaviras
करवीरैः च पुन्नागैः च == red oleanders, also, Punnaaga «Rottelara tinctoria»
करस्थाः == obtaining(literally standing) in his very hands@
करांशुकम् == (n) full-sleeved shirt@
कराग्र घातैः == and with blows of fingers.
कराग्रैः == by nails
करात == from my hand
कराभ्याम == from the hands
कराभ्याम उदरम हत्वा == with both hands, on paunch, hitting
कराभ्याम गृह्य == by both hands, on gripping
कराभ्याम्छ == arms.
कराम == and the trunks
कराल == dreadful@
करालं == horrible@
करालः == (in the from of) frightful
कराला == and ugly
कराला निर्णतोदरी == despicable, one with slouching stomach
करालानि == terrible@
करालाम == karaalo daMture tunge daaruNe api ca
करालीम == huge «overblown, i.e., of a woman's beauty etc., past its prime,
कराळस्य == for Karaala's house
कराळा == crooked
कराळाः == those with high teeth
कराळान == those who had horrible appearances
कराहस्य == of Karala
करि कर उपमान == elephant's, trunk, similar
करि कर उपमौ == elephant's, hand «trunk,» akin to
करिकरोपमौ == resembling the trunks of an elephant
करिणाम == of sea elephants
करियादः == (m) hippopotamus@
करिश्यति == and make
करिश्यति कोपम == will get angry
करिश्यसि == do you
करिश्यसि किम == 'will you make
करिश्यसि यदि == do - make for, if
करिश्यामि == I render.
करिश्यामि हि == I wish to render, indeed
करिश्ये == I will render.
करिष्यतः == can do
करिष्यति == will do@
करिष्यति हि == will indeed do
करिष्यन्ति == (and) will make
करिष्यसि == can you act on@
करिष्यसि यदि == if you shalldo it
करिष्यामः == shall make
करिष्यामहे == shall do
करिष्यामि == I shall do
करिष्यामि इति == telling simply �I shall do'
करिष्ये == I shall do@
करीव == like an elephant
करीशैः == of deers
करुण वेदित्वात == compassion, haunting him
करुण वेदिनम == leniency, heartfelt «a lenient one»
करुण वेदिना == compassion, knower of «compassionate Rama»
करुण वेदी च == mercy, mindful of, also
करुण शोक रस प्रथान == . If it is to be penned the writer too shall have heart that can outpour that mood. So when Valmiki is at the river banks, Rama, say
करुण स्वनाः क्रोशन्त्यः == in pathetic, tone, wailing
करुणः == kindly@
करुणतरम == more pitiably
करुणम == as a woeful one
करुणम इदम अब्रवीत == piteously, this, said «poured scorn on Ravana.»
करुणम एवम ब्रुवाणस्य == woefully, this way, while saying
करुणम च == pitiably, also
करुणम रुदन्ती == pitiably, weeping
करुणम वाक्यम अब्रुवन == sympathetically, words, spoke.
करुणम विललाप ह == lamentably, lamented, indeed.
करुणम विलापम == lamenting pitifully
करुणा == the sentiment of sorrow@
करुणा वाचः विलपन्ती == with pitiable, words, who is bewailing
करुणाः == which were compassionate.
करुणाकरं == the one induces compassion@
करुणाम == compassion
करुणाम गिरम == with piteous, utterances
करुणार्णवं == the ocean of «karuna» (compassion)@
करुण्तम == pitiably.
करुनैः == looking miserable
करेण == hand
करेणवः इव == like female elephants crying
करेणु परिवारिताः == surrounded by female elephants
करेणु मातङ्ग रथाश्व सन्कुलम == full of female and male elephants; chariots and horses
करेणु शिशुकल्पैः == excellet horses
करेणु सम्घस्य == of a troop of female-elephants
करेणुः == she-elephant
करेणुभिः == by female elephants
करेणुभिः सह == she-elephants, along with
करेणुमिव == a female elephant
करेणुहस्तप्रतिमः == equal to an elephant's trunk
करेणूनाम == female elephants
करेणूनाम हि यथा == as indeed (there is no shelter) for female-elephants
करैः == by the rays
करोति == (He may) do@
करोति कछ्छित == is hopefully maintaining
करोतीति == is doing.
करोतु == build
करोमि == I can fulfil@
करोमि महीम == I shall cover the earth (so fully)
करोमि यद यत सकलम पर्स्मै नारायणायेति समर्पयामि... == 'Whatever is done,
करोषि == you are promoting
करोसि == you do@
करौ == arms@
करौ पत्रिभिः छिछेद == both arms, by arrows, mutilated.
कर्क == The Zodiacal sign Cancer@
कर्कट लग्ने == - Jupiter in conjuction with Moon is ascendant in Cancer, and when day is advancing, Queen Kausalya gave birth to a son with all the divine attributes like lotus-red eyes,
कर्कटि == (f) cucumber@
कर्कटे लग्ने == in Cancer «of Zodiac»
कर्कतकलग्ने == of auspicious time of cancer.
कर्करोगः == (m) cancer@
कर्कशः == 'brutal' to enemies, not to adherents, therefore he is:
कर्कशम == heartless one
कर्कशैः == inebriated
कर्ज्ञ्जूम्श्छ == Karanja
कर्ण == ear, also KarNa from Mahabharata@
कर्ण आनन्द अनुभव == . Maheshvara Tirtha.
कर्ण नास अपहारेण == ears, nose, due to stripping off
कर्ण नास स्तनम == one ear, nose, one breast
कर्ण नासा विनाशनात == for having lost the ear and the nose.
कर्ण नासा विहीनः == bereft of his ears and nose
कर्ण नासानाम भक्षनैः == biting off their ears and nose
कर्ण नासे निकृत्ते == ear, nose, when cut off
कर्ण प्र आवरणाः == ears, verily, covered ones «ears covered over, i.e., with invisible ears, or without ears like snakes»
कर्ण ललाटाम्श्छ == ears eye-brows
कर्ण वेश्टौ च == earrings
कर्ण सुखाम == pleasant for the ears
कर्णं == Karna@
कर्णः == Karna@
कर्णग्राहवतीम == and having a helmsman in it
कर्णधार समाहिता == furnished with a pilot
कर्णनासे == her ears and nose.
कर्णनेत्वाणि == the ears and the eyes
कर्णपिडासन == the ear-press posture@
कर्णप्रावरणाम == one with ears as covering
कर्णवन्ति == which are endowed with ears
कर्णसुखाः == which were comforting to ears
कर्णाभ्याम छैव == and ears.
कर्णावसक्तग्रथितान्त्रमालः == and wreaths of tangled viscera hung over his ears
कर्णिक == various kinds of earrings with dangling cups, to which trinket bells dangle
कर्णिकार == oh, Karnikaara tree@
कर्णिकार प्रियाम == Karnikaara-flowers, a lover of
कर्णिकार वनम सेवसे == Karnikaara «trees with flowers,» in boscage, you glorying in
कर्णिकारस्य == of Karnikara tree
कर्णिकारांश्छ == Karnikaras
कर्णिकाराः च == Karnikara, also
कर्णिकारान अशोकान च चूताम च == Karnikaara, Ashoka, also, Chuuta, also
कर्णिकारानि ततः ततः == of Karnikara, there, there
कर्णिकारैः == Karnika
कर्णिकारैः च == Karnikaara trees, also
कर्णिकारैश्छ == karnikara
कर्णिकार्नैशेह == Karnikara
कर्णिना == with rudder-like «helm/tiller of a rudder of a ship,» suchlike arrow
कर्णिशल्य विपाठैः छ == Karni (an arrow provided with ear-like protuberances on both sides
कर्णे कर्णे == into each and every ear
कर्णेभिः == through the ears@
कर्णोयोः == into his ears
कर्णौ == ears
कर्त == subject to eliminate - himself; and the object, or
कर्तā == performer
कर्तम == to excente
कर्तयति == to cut@
कर्तरी == (f) scissors@
कर्तवम == obligation
कर्तव्य == should be done@
कर्तव्यं == prescribed duty@
कर्तव्यः == are to be
कर्तव्यः हि == indeed is to be done
कर्तव्यम == (is the) act
कर्तव्यम खलु == Is it not necessary
कर्तव्यम तु == procedure «preventive measures,» alone «be effectuated.»
कर्तव्यम नु खलु == to perform the duty
कर्तव्यमेव == indeed needs to be done.
कर्तव्यम्छ == be executed
कर्तव्या == is to be done
कर्तव्याः == are to be kept
कर्तव्यानि == should be done.@
कर्तव्ये == in what ought to be done.
कर्ता == a doer of an act@
कर्ता अस्मि == I am the doer
कर्तारं == the father@
कर्तारम == he was the doer
कर्ताऽसि == are the doer@
कर्तुं == to perform@
कर्तुम == do
कर्तुम अर्हति == to make it to happen - you have to achieve, apt of you.
कर्तुम अर्हसि == to bestow, apt of you.
कर्तुम उत्सहेयम == to make, I am capable
कर्तुम एव == only doing
कर्तुम काल विप्रकर्षः == to delay
कर्तुम कृत प्रतिकृतम == to return blow for blow.
कर्तुम तपः विघ्नम == to effectuate, in ascesis, hindrance
कर्तुम न अर्हसि == to do «to show,» not, apt of you
कर्तुम रुजम == to afflict any injury
कर्तुम शक्यम == is to be able to do
कर्तुमर्हसि == kartuM + arhasi:to do + deserve (You are entitled or you should)@
कर्तृइणाम == the agents
कर्तृत्वं == proprietorship@
कर्तृत्वे == in the matter of creation@
कर्त्वयम इति == what is being done
कर्त्व्यम खलु नु == indeed to be done?
कर्दमः प्रथमः == Kardama, the first one
कर्दमलिप्ताङ्गी == with body smeared with dirt
कर्न-षल्य सम्वाद == 'the debate of Karna and Shalya...'
कर्पुर == camphor@
कर्म == A (great) act@
कर्म अन्तरे == rituals, in interludes
कर्म अन्तिकान == supervisors
कर्म कारी == deed, «wrong» doer
कर्म कालः == ritual, time
कर्म कुर्वन्ति विधिवत == works, performed, customarily
कर्म कृतवान == deed «exploit,» you have done «as an infringer»
कर्म च == capabilities, also
कर्म छक्रुः द्विजर्शभाः == works, commenced, Brahmans, eminent ones.
कर्म फल अनुशन्गान == of deed, fruits, incidental events
कर्म फल त्यागि == . For now, show me a place to dwell in this forest like an ordinary human being - «Implicit meaning according to Govindaraja.»
कर्म फल स्वीकार == 'receiving of the fruits of
कर्म भूमिम == terrestrial globe (the realm of action)
कर्म यावत प्रवर्तते == ritual-deeds, until «only after that,» will continue.
कर्म योग == deals with the same subject
कर्म योगार्थ