संस्कृत-शब्द-विश्लेषकम् संस्करणम् 0.1

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Please note that
Machine CAN NOT handle the followings.
words with 'sandhi'
Verbs with upasargas,
karmaNi prayoga (passive voice)

It CAN handle
nouns/adjectives with vibhaktis,
verbs in active voice (kartari prayoga) in any tense etc. (lakaara)

Sample words are:
देवाय, भवति, गच्छामि, कृष्णाय

Choose an encoding and enter the word. See help for details of coding scheme.

Contact: Amba Kulkarni (ambaonwheels@yahoo.co.in)
Sheeba (siva_vict@yahoo.co.in)

(Supported by Satyam Computer Services Limited, Hyderabad)