Для установки плагина распакуйте файлы в любую отдельную папку. Щелкните правой мышкой на файле DjVuLite.us.inf, из контекстного меню выберите пункт "Установить". После установки щелкните левой мышкой на файле "DjvuReg.reg" и разрешите внесение изменений в реестр. Инсталляция закончена.

При работе с плагином учтите, что несмотря на наличие экзешника в папке плагина, с ним нельзя работать непосредственно, как с обычной программой.
Возможны следующие варианты просмотра файлов djvu:

1. Щелкнуть на файле djvu - откроется плагин в виде вьюера, без браузера.
2. Создать ярлык к файлу DjVuViewer.exe и мышкой перетащить файл djvu на него, откроется вьюер без браузера.
3. Щелкнуть на файле djvu правой мышкой и в контекстном меню выбрать
"Открыть с помощью...> DjVuViewer", файл откроется вьюером.
4. Перетащить файл djvu на открытое окно браузера, файл будет открыт в его окне.
5. Из браузера открыть файл djvu через меню "Файл > Открыть...", файл откроется в окне браузера.
6. В Интернете файл djvu откроется в окне браузера.

Если запускать файл DjVuViewer.exe, то появится окно с сообщением об ошибке, в меню DjVuViewer нет пункта "Открыть файл", поэтому такой способ не работает. Но вы можете перетащить файл на открывшееся окно вьюера, в этом случае файл djvu откроется нормально.


DjVu Browser Plug-in 6.0
Copyright (c) 2005 LizardTech, Inc.
All rights reserved

README File Contents

I System Requirements
II Installation Instructions
III Release Notes
IV Known Issues
V Reporting Problems
VI Licenses and Trademarks

I System Requirements
Minimum system requirements for the DjVu Web Browser Plug-in

-Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
-6 MB available hard disk space.
-64 MB of RAM
-IE 4 or later, Mozilla 1.0 or later-based browser
-Mouse or other pointing device

II Install DjVu Browser Plug-in
1. Close all DjVu documents and applications before installing.
2. Double click on the self-extracting executable to start
the install.
3. Review the license agreement and select Yes if you agree
with its terms.
4. Select Finish to complete the installation.

III Release Notes
Dual Page View
Overhaulled GUI
Dropped support for Leadtools, render new,
natively-implemented annotations
Unicode support in GUI
File / Print support from inside of IE.
Added dedicated application to host control
to view local files.
Minor fixes to COM events.
Add maintenance mode to installer
Add mousewheel support
fixes to COM interface
Bug fixes and enhancements to support hosting by Document Express Editor
Manual installer includes shell extension for DjVu Document Thumbnails
3rd party DLLs (LeadTools, OLEACC) are optional
Fixed panning performance issue
Marked control as safe for scripting
Extensive overhaul of ActiveX scripting interface
Updated GUI
"Shrink to Fit" (printing) now expands to "Scale to Fit"
Various bug fixes.
Improved Stability under Win98
Support for Document Outlines
"508" compliance
Support for new 4.0 version of annotations
Print v 4.0 Annotations
Fixed handle leak (see known issues below)
Fixed Win98 autoinstall issue (filenames now 8.3 compliant)

Fixed problem with version resource (binary version updated to 3.600.2)
Fixed display rotated text highlighting
Fixed multibyte issues with Save As file names.
Modified some default settings and made cosmetic changes to Print Dialog
Fixed problem saving Preferences
Fixed memory leak associated with incomplete deallocation of plugin
File caching uses browser settings.
Fixed aliasing problem when viewing rotated b/w images.
Corrected support for rotated images (created using Editor 3.5):
a. Annotations (highlight areas, hyperlinks) are rendered with correct orientation.
b. Images are printed with correct orientation.

Fixed Problem related to being unable to disable Save and Print tool buttons.

-Revised Help Documentation.
-Configurable Toolbar

3.5.200 & 3.5.100

-Feature update: Improved caching support for Internet Explorer.
-Feature update: The installer sets your default HTML browser to be the
default DjVu application without prompting you for a choice.
-Feature update: Stability improvements have been made to the ActiveX
control for DjVu.
-Feature update: Copy Image is supported for NT and Win2000.
-Feature update: The plug-in no longer displays error messages related to
"Stop" messages for child threads.
-Documentation update: To customize the default placement of the toolbar
use the or tags in the HTML text of the web page
as follows, TOOLBAR=top/bottom.
-Documentation Update: To set the default alignment of the DjVu file in
the viewing window type the or tags in the HTML text of the
web page using DOC_ALIGN="one of nine options".
-Documentation update: To set the default rotation of a DjVu file in the
viewing window type the or tag in the HTML text of the
document using ROTATE=180 degrees (90 for 90 degree, 270 for 270 degree).
The document rotates clockwise.
-Documentation correction: Zoom in increases from 5% to 25%, then
follows the settings from the Select Zoom drop down menu to 300%.
Then the increases occur by 100% to a maximum of 1200%. The reverse
occurs for Zoom Out.
-Documentation correction - Zoom selected area only pertains to
the Zoom in feature.
-Document correction - The "passive" attribute, used with the or
tags, has been changed to properly reflect that it is not a binary
attribute. To use the "passive" attribute, use "&passive" without the
"=yes/no" qualifiers.
- Documentation correction - The tag may not good for Win98/ME
in combination with IE5.x, as in the following example.

A better way to use object tag is:

However, both examples work properly on WinNT/Win2000/XP and IE6.x

IV Known Issues
The following known issues exist for the DjVu Web Browser Plug-in:
-Systems which use a "VGA" pallete/theme may observe
non-transparent backgrounds on the toolbar.
-IE 6 SP 1 has a known issue, Q818857, which prevents the
control from instantiating until the DjVu file it is
viewing has completely downloaded. A supported fix is
available from Microsoft. See http://support.microsoft.com/?id=818857.
-Occassional rendering problems. Observed symptoms include (a) Annotations
on the first page will not render (b) the image crops to the upper left
corner. The work around is to either reload the page, either
by reloading the document or by changing pages.
-When setting the "Page=" property using the CGI-bin type arguments, the
Page property must be set *last*. The problem does not occur when setting

V Reporting Problems
To report any comments, problems, or suggestions please see:

VI Licenses and Trademarks.

Copyright (c) 2005 LizardTech, Inc.
All rights reserved.
DjVu is a registered trademark of LizardTech, Inc.

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.