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How use offline dictionaries

We have tested StarDist software for tibetan dictionaries For now best it is GoldenDict. It is used the StarDict format and it is next version of original StarDict software. It is Windows, Macos and Linux version. You can download it here 
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OSBL DICTIONARY LIST Dunkar Tibetan dictionary Tibetan medicine dictionary Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary Dr. Negi Erik Pema Kunsang dictionary Jeffrey Hopkins dictionary Ives Waldo dictionary Jim Welby dictionary Melvin Goldshtein dictionary Lobsang Monlam dictionary Mahavyupatti  Alexander Csoma de Kőrös translation Nocolay Roerich dictionary Translation memory Russian Tony Daff dictionary Tibetan Tshig mDzod chen mo Sarat Chandra Dass Verbal Lexicon (2300 verbs) Yogochara Bhumi (Tibetan to sanskrit dictionary of time of Kanon translation)
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